June 7th, 2011 | 751 Entries

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751 Entries for “forgetting”

  1. Theres a peace in forgetting things.Being oblivious to everything that has happened in the past. Maybe thats part of the great things of being human. Maybe it’s a survival technique. I don’t think that anyone who can’t forget would neccesarilly survive that long. God knows i wouldn’t. God knows i barely can.

    By Dom URL on 06.07.2011

  2. I’m here forgetting how much You miss me

    By Aimee Jones on 06.07.2011

  3. I keep forgetting to eat lots and lots of pudding in the fridge that is right next to my vacuum cleaner. If I were a bird I would fly places and burn things with my fire breath. Its at a time like this when you aren’t even thinking you realize how messed up your mind is. The End.

    By Justin Allen and Dallas Dixon on 06.07.2011

  4. not able to remember

    By michelle on 06.07.2011

  5. All you do it forget. You forget every moment we have together. You force me to relive our lives together. I wish you would stay here with me, let me go on a break for a while, take care of my mind.

    By TCO on 06.07.2011

  6. As you get older you forget many things. Forgetting what it’s like to jump in puddles, or just to while away time staring at the night sky. Too many problems, not enough money. Children. Memories. Freedom. Forgotten.

    By mariesdaly on 06.07.2011

  7. i keep forgetting to go to the post office at 3. I usually end up showing up around 330 and then my boss yells at me. Last week simple truth excited mermaids in teh desert of doctor pernasus

    By Ezz Meralda on 06.07.2011

  8. I wish I could, the smell of your on my pillow lingers through countless nights of empty solitude and all I can think about is the way you smiled behind your guitar and in that moment you made me feel so insecure and at the same time so confident I could wrestle the world down to the dirt and make something of myself.

    By Conor Ferguson URL on 06.07.2011

  9. what was i supposed to do?
    things always are passing me by. like a story where i forgot the most important detail.
    i wonder if elephants ever forget. i heard their memory is amazing. was it elephants?

    By Chelsea on 06.07.2011

  10. i just want forget that i love you. that i wanna feel you every night. i want to forgot your smell and your perfection. ……………………..

    By ieva on 06.07.2011

  11. Forgetting things that are not good to remeber. Why is that so diffcult?

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 06.07.2011

  12. I forgot what it was like to be a happy, little, kid. A kid that only care about what color crayons to use. A kid that wants nothing more then to get one of the good swings at the playground.

    Then I met Michelle.
    My younger sister.

    By Sam on 06.07.2011

  13. forgettin is a good thinkg sometimes
    others not so good
    some of the most important things can be beforegotten and some of the worst things
    its hard for people to forget or let go
    cause they have a constant need to remember and live through past experiences
    when it is not so
    forgetting can be a good thing
    other times not a very good thing

    By leticia gomez on 06.07.2011

  14. forgetting. something i seem to be so good at. i remembered during math class that i owed lauren 50 cents. i mostly cant remember much. it sucks and i wish that i could remember more but whatever. its kinda what makes me, me.

    By Lily Lashway on 06.07.2011

  15. Marisa kept forgetting that she had pledged to forever be mean to Katy. It was hard not to smile at her in the hallway as she passed, or to send her a quick IM when she was online. It was hard to change your habits with someone who used to be your best friend.

    By Melanierin URL on 06.07.2011

  16. forgetting lots of things lately. I’m forgetting to do the things I said I’d do. I’m forgetting to forget the things that make me angry like I said I would. Forgetting isn’t always bad, but it isn’t always good either. I wish I could forget about the moving line at the bottom of the screen, but it’s distracting to me. I forget how much time I have to finish this though, and I’m not sure about the purpose other than to write… which isn’t at all a bad thing.

    By Megan Harris on 06.07.2011

  17. Cant remember what the word is? What was it again? I know its at the top of the page but I cant be bothered to look while im typing, I just remembered that time is running out, time, no time to look at the word just keep typing. What was I saying? Ah yes, forgetting, that illustrious word. I dont even know if I spelt that right. Seemed appropriate I dont know why. Illustrious. Illustrious. AH I remember Im meant to b typing. haha!

    By D-Man on 06.07.2011

  18. I keep forgetting that school is almost out, that my high school career is ending and that therefore my entire life will soon be changing. I keep forgetting that the mom I havn’t appreciated enough will no longer have me home to care for and serve with her whole heart, i want to stop forgetting.

    By Kathleen on 06.07.2011

  19. forgetting you is what I want to do, each time your face cross my mind try my best to forget the times we spent together,
    Forgetting you is what I want the most now that you are gone.

    By Hafsa on 06.07.2011

  20. im definitely missing something. no way that ive gone through this day doing everything i was supposed to. but maybe thats the way its destined to be. that this mistake leads to tomorrows treasure. maybe everything works that way. or maybe im just forgetting

    By Charles King URL on 06.07.2011

  21. i try forgetting things i dont like to think about and remembering things i DO like to think about but it always happens the other way around.. why i don´t jnow maybe its because forgetting makes it better. even though i want to remember.

    By sofia URL on 06.07.2011

  22. I am always forgetting things. My keys, my wallet, my badge. Everything. I wonder when i get old, how many things i will forget? what happens then? will i forget everything and everyone? Will i be able to make it out of the house fully dressed? will i remember that i have children?

    By Jessica on 06.07.2011

  23. oh the bliss of forgetting – that the city is wrinkled, the sewers are leaking, my friend wants to move in with us, another has lost 4 friends in the folded TV building collapse downtown. And each morning it comes back to me, if not when I wake up, when I cycle through the aftermath of the quake.

    By Valerahahaha URL on 06.07.2011

  24. Forgetting the past is more complicated than anything you will ever have to do. Nothing is easy already. Just imagine…imagine how easy it would be to forget. So carefree. So amazing. But now, just imagine how different you would be if you could forget. Yeah, it hurts, doesn’t it?

    By Hannah Danielle URL on 06.07.2011

  25. Forgetting you is what I want to do the most, the way you used to flash your brightest smile my way when ever our eyes would meet.
    Forgetting the way your lips tasted, the sin your tongue was when ever I carved for more.

    By hafous URL on 06.07.2011

  26. Than is always forgetting her car keys.

    By Jasmine on 06.07.2011

  27. You often think how NICE it would be. Just let it all go. Not remember any shit that has happened in your life. You’d just live without knowing what you’ve done. But we can only dream. We’ll never forget everything.

    By elina URL on 06.07.2011

  28. its what im always doing. the one thing i can count on being good at. and i hate it. thank you, chemo brain, for making me feel and look stupid to everyone i meet.

    i never used to be like this.

    By jenny santiago on 06.07.2011

  29. Forgetting is the act of unconsciously disregarding something that may or may not be important. It could be a moment that shaped our lives or simply made us choose one cereal brand over another. It could be moving on or letting go or simply neglecting to care anymore about our old crush’s favorite shoes.

    By Kaitlin Hodgepodge URL on 06.07.2011

  30. The best way I know of forgetting everything is just live long enough. It seems that first you forget what you just did and only remember what you did years ago, and then you forget that, too. I wonder what I had in mind when I started writing this thing.

    By Will Wilson URL on 06.07.2011

  31. is a hard thing. Not for the one doing it but for those left behind. All of the stored memories and values, knowledge and shared experiences just vaporized. This is nirvana for the one and a reminder of death for the other.

    By jaime19683 on 06.07.2011

  32. I am forgetting what to write about this word. This word has 10 letters. I am very used to using this word since I keep forgetting things all the time and explaining that to people. I hate it when I forget stuff. What the forgetting all! Oh my God. Help. Me.

    By Akshat on 06.07.2011

  33. I have completely been forgetting what completeness was.
    When my plane landed to the airport and he was running to get me, the feeling surfaced again.
    Like never before.

    By Thinh Tran on 06.07.2011

  34. once it is so clear in my head and then it dies.

    By Valen URL on 06.07.2011

  35. Forgetting the past, forgetting the future. I don’t want to remember here, but I’m sure I will. Never forget. Never forget. Never forget. Young and free, forget the wasted youth, you’ll do it impulsively, but never forget young forever.

    By Amanda on 06.07.2011

  36. Forgetting can be both a good thing, and a bad thing. It can help you let go of the past, but ultimately it leaves a hole in you. It’s up to you to choose if that’s what you want or not.

    By SN on 06.07.2011

  37. Jeremy sighed. Abigail kept forgetting to return the band t-shirt he had borrowed weeks prior, and he was starting to miss it. As the thought crossed his mind, he felt a towering presence behind him, and he could only guess who it was. “Still brooding over that shirt, Rem?” Abigail asked with a smirk. Jeremy felt as if he could hit him.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 06.07.2011

  38. I’m always forgetting my car keys. I never remember where i misplaced them.

    By Jasmine on 06.07.2011

  39. I can’t forget… I can’t forget past events which will haunt me for the rest of my days. I don’t want to remember anything anymore, yet I’m unfortunate enough to be cursed with perfect memory.

    By Victor URL on 06.07.2011

  40. Wish I could; wish I couldn’t. the process of aging is a process of circular reasoning, where I am reborn every day and every day I remember the past lives of my life. It’s a series of colors and tiny lines connecting all my thoughts back to what I loved, to what I lost.

    By Irina URL on 06.07.2011