August 25th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “force”

  1. Just the force that kept the world together forced everyone to panic as soon as everything started to weaken. These forces didn’t allow for love or hatred. They allowed for everything to just fall apart. Such is the force of the world.

    By josephwinlove URL on 08.25.2011

  2. I am now forcing myself to go on, forcing myself to be happy and forcing myself to think that it would all be all right in the end…even though I don’t see that silver lining right now.

    By Cindy URL on 08.25.2011

  3. Luke needed to overcome his fears. Obi Wan repeatedly told him to use the force but he couldn’t find it anywhere in him. His motivation was gone. Finding out that Lord Vader was his father destroyed his life.

    By charlene URL on 08.25.2011

  4. I forced her to eat her food
    i forced her to sing
    i was forced to do my homework
    She forced me to watch tv
    He forced me to go to the party
    I forced myself to get on stage

    By evadne URL on 08.25.2011

  5. i will force u to eat something
    my parents force me to do stuff
    i am forced to eat brocoli
    i hate being forced to do stuff
    i force my brother to do things
    i force my sister to do things
    i like being forced
    i m always being forced to do things
    force is a weird word
    force is a cool word
    force is a scary word
    force is a rude word
    force is a cruel word
    force dumb word
    force is a smart word

    By J-Wang on 08.25.2011

  6. May the force be with you.
    There are 4 major forces of motion.
    The force of the explosion pushed her into the wall.
    Forces are very powerful.

    By Katie B URL on 08.25.2011

  7. Force. There are different types of forces. I can use force to hit people. I can use force to push and pull. It is interesting to see how force can be used. I can also use force to open an umbrella.

    By Nikki URL on 08.25.2011

  8. May the force be with you. Don’t force me to eat cats. The doctor forced the monkey eating monster dog to eat yellow shoes. Force is spelled F-O-R-C-E. I am forced eat lima beans. Feed bees with force. I forced my sister to dunk her head into pie. G-Force. Forcefully eating people is bad.

    By Celine URL on 08.25.2011

  9. The force is strong the force is ninja the force can be powerful but forces are like police, they are very forceful. I am the force, you are the force, we are all the force in our mind and heat. Forces are so ninja that they are gonna fly and force around because they are the force. I can feel the force of chlorophyl in you thats why you are the force because I feel your force. Im not sure if its possible to fell force. Thats right, yeaaa.

    By Craig URL on 08.25.2011

  10. i will force you to jump off this bridge.
    i will force you to eat veggies all day.
    force is a scientific term.
    i will force u to be fiends with this person..

    By Lilly Quinlan URL on 08.25.2011

  11. I was forced to eat my vegetables. The force of the ball when it hit her made her fall down. She forced the food down my throat. My mother forced me to wear a really ugly sweater. May the force be with you. I dont know what else to write about force.

    By s160768 URL on 08.25.2011

  12. Bob hits with violent force. The force of gravity kept me on the ground. “May the force be with you.” The force of the hit pushed me against the wall. The force of the wind swept my had off my head.

    By s160834 URL on 08.25.2011

  13. Force is the result of mass and acceleration. A synonym of power source it is important, and force plays a central part in the movie star wars. “Use the force” is a popular quote in Star Wars.

    By DM URL on 08.25.2011

  14. power and effort mercilessly combined to create the ultimate fighting machine. the robotic arms equipped with the death rays of injustice, never to rest for all time.

    By sdggf on 08.25.2011

  15. Force can be used aggressively. For example, you could use force to hurt someone. Or if you are a star wars fan, you could use the force to pull or push objects. Or scientifically you could apply force to make something move. You could use it as a battle strategy plan for example “We will place Commander Derek’s forces at the north attack point.

    By Manny URL on 08.25.2011

  16. forced has to do with science,
    force is forcing someone to do something
    forcing is mean
    forcing is cruel
    forcing is scary
    forcing is demanding
    i forced my friend to call me
    i forced my friend to buy me an ice cream

    By leah URL on 08.25.2011

  17. A force can go from a small force like an ant forcing a pice of leaf forward or the strong force of the force of a weightlifter lifting weights which are full of force, but you can have forces as in a multiplied force, for example, many forces, or a force, like the SWAT or Police, they are very forceful. But you can be forced to do things, like forced to forcefully push a force filled car forward, or forced to eat spinach, or have your parents force you to wear something which forces people to laugh.

    By Marshall URL on 08.25.2011

  18. Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. Force is a type of physical movement. I can force you to cook dinner tonight. I force the table to move that way. I forced my sister to eat her vegetables, I force myself to use the painful anti-doe. I have the force. If you force yourself to read this, congratulations. I forced you to read this. You are forcing yourself to read this. You have put yourself in a forceful position.

    By 160325 on 08.25.2011

  19. Whenever i think of force i think of star wars. Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. force is power which you can use for good and for bad. You have force what are going to do with it good or bad. But Please do good with the force. Because if you don’t i will hunt you down and beat you with the force of my hand. so force can be good and bad but most people in a forceful position use it for bad in my opinion. force force force lets talk about force.

    By Billy Bob Joe URL on 08.25.2011

  20. the force is strong with this one. but really he wasn’t sure that to try to force him into the situation would do any good. he had never been a very forceful person.

    By Alwill URL on 08.25.2011

  21. Force can be defined in many ways. The most known form must be the fact that force is mass multiplied to acceleration A force is also something which changes or tends to change the state of rest or motion of a body. A force is also the capability to do damage to someone or something, a push and pull, this sentence may seem very long but this is because it says that i must finish my last sentence so i am trying to not finish this sentence, so please consider my comma as a full stop

    Force can is also a term known in star warzzz,

    By Arthur L. URL on 08.25.2011

  22. force is what yoda specializes in starwars. force is a combination of mass and energy. force is when some people make pther people do what they want your to do. force is what magical people do to levitate people. force is also a term in physics. force is what ninjas are all about. please do NOT force me to eat anything i dont want to eat.

    By catcoolbeanz URL on 08.25.2011

  23. is it all free will or is it actually all force?
    Do you want to be forced? Will you make a decision otherwise?
    Is it better to retain your will and choice but not get everything done
    or is it better to be told and then please everyone?
    Autonomy or compliance?

    By Adeona URL on 08.25.2011

  24. extortion.
    oh wait, I am suppose to write like a story, writing, essay, etc. about said word?
    Oh, I thought It was like what therapists did.
    first word you think of that kind of thing.
    I don’t know. gravity.

    By Kaitlynn on 08.25.2011

  25. With a sudden great force I was thrown against the wall.
    I crawled to a sitting position coughing up blood. I couldn’t take much more of this, where was Lotte? Stalling wasn’t going to work for much longer, what was I going to do.
    I stood defiantly.
    “Moooore?” the creature hissed
    “Yes.” I said weakly, “Apparently I haven’t had enough.” And I ran at him so quickly he had no idea what was coming.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 08.25.2011

  26. The boy raised his head slowly, praying to the god he didn’t believe in that they wouldn’t see the way his knees knocked together. He watched as Dominick’s lips twisted into a mocking sneer and twisted his cloak tighter around himself.
    “Did you really think you would escape, Alec?” He murmured in a soft, amused voice.
    Alec said nothing, but gazed back at the man defiantly. Dominick’s smile dropped and he glided forward until their faces were separated by nothing but a mere centimeter. The boy squeezed his eyes shut, and his body erupted into tremulous quivers.
    Dominick’s hot breath drifted forward, ghosting over Alec’s trembling lips and kissing his blood caked cheeks. “You didn’t think,” he whispered, “We’d let you go, did you?”
    Large hands slammed down on Alec’s shoulders, forcing him to his knees. The sound of flesh hitting the pavement filled the air, and the boy sank his teeth into his bottom lip to keep from crying out.
    The tall man let out a rich laugh, his fingers caressing the boys cheek in an oddly adoring sort of way. “Alec,” he said in a jokingly scornful way, “You should know us better than that by now.” The child let out a shaky breath as Dominick’s hands twisted into his glossy black locks. “In fact, you should know us well enough to know exactly what we’re going to do to you.”

    By west,. URL on 08.25.2011

  27. What happens when an unstoppable force (my love) meets an immovable object (you). Nothing. It can’t happen. My love can’t be stopped, but you will never me swayed.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.26.2011

  28. He used all his force to strike her down.
    while she lay on the floor bloody and crying.
    He felt no remorse for what he continually does to her.
    Her tears streaming , he leaves the room as if he did nothing.
    when will she (I) learn to leave?

    By Jezell URL on 08.26.2011

  29. The hill was in spring plumage – early yet for the blooms but ground nesting birds were abundant – she came down from the rocks as the small party of caravans and carts swayed round the corner from the gate at the road end – this was the time to be going tot the hill she thought – this was the season for life

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 08.26.2011

  30. by some force, he could not stop staring at her. It wasn’t like she was off the charts beautiful, not what he thought was beautiful. She was rather plain looking and this gravitational problem was making him look a fool.

    By Amy URL on 08.26.2011

  31. an didn the french get a whiff of testosterone off their umbrellas!
    les parapluies de cherbourg. there’s force for ya

    By jack maye URL on 08.26.2011

  32. A force of nature, that is what he was. A force of nature. When he was around, things happened … interesting things. I do so miss those days, when we all had our lives ahead of us, and we had to give very little thoutht to the next day – we could just live for the current day.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.26.2011

  33. force is something i hate experiencing. like when your parents force you to live the lives they never did. or your boyfriends forces you to follow him to college. or even when your boss forces you to stay 2 more weeks, 2 more months at the job you hate. yuck. force isn’t something enjoyable.

    By Kelsey Hauser on 08.26.2011

  34. If we could force ourselves to believe that everything’s alright, everything would probably be better. It’s rather sad that we’d have to force ourselves, but we might be able to move on if we do.

    By aya on 08.26.2011

  35. Don’t you dare. One more time, and I swear you’ll be ended. Whether or not I like her, she’s my mom. One more time, one more bruise, and your life is over. I promise you that much.

    By Sidrat URL on 08.26.2011

  36. He forced me. There’s no other word for it. He manipulated me into doing this and now I’m backed into a corner with no escape. Like a feral animal, searching for a way out that does not exist. Fear floods her eyes as she trembles, looking down the barrel of the gun.

    By Bee on 08.26.2011

  37. Es lastet auf deinen Schultern
    Der Druck baut sich auf
    drückt dich nieder
    schnurrt dir die Kehle zu
    kommst einfach nicht weiter
    deine Beine stehen still
    Das Leben hat dich gefangen

    By Anuri URL on 08.26.2011

  38. You should never use the force of the bananna people, for if you do you would have unknowingly sighned a contract meaning that they know own you.

    By SLYKM on 08.26.2011

  39. I speak with patience in my voice although screaming is the stronger urge. SCREAM I must SCREAM until my lungs explode into a thousand pieces of pink confetti, until my throat mirrors the driest deserts.

    But I suppress the urge…..
    “I would prefer not to discuss this, but thank you.”

    By Rehsad URL on 08.26.2011

  40. die kratft der kräfte. alle wollen sie. niemand will schwach sein. am anderen ende. stärke – komm zu mir. nimm mich mit auf deinen schwingen. lass mich aufsteigen, ohne zu fallen.

    By siniweler URL on 08.26.2011