August 25th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “force”

  1. gravity,push,pull,feel,powerful,strength,

    By Julia URL on 08.25.2011

  2. Star wars, luke i am your father, the force is strong with you. f=ma, mr rohrs, yoda, luke skywalker, darth vader, anakin skywalker.

    By Seamus G URL on 08.25.2011

  3. strength or type of energy that is an attribute of a physical movement or action. The force is strong with you. Star wars. Jedi saying. Forces. Forces change motion. He punched me with a huge force. Strength, toughness, scientific, push, strain.

    By 160090 URL on 08.25.2011

  4. OH the force is like that thing in star wars, that the weird guys in the robes use. i never thought the people in that movie who use the fore were normal, they seemed like

    By Aiden Vetterlein URL on 08.25.2011

  5. force, as in star wars
    pressuring someone to do something
    attacking someone with force

    By 160114 URL on 08.25.2011

  6. peer pressure, tough, strong, decisive, painful, mean, annoying, demanding, rude

    By s150199 URL on 08.25.2011

  7. The fore is like the force that the people use when there driving. yea? and its in starwars, and its gravity, i am a failure at this :( , force is cool.

    By Aiden Vetterlein URL on 08.25.2011

  8. Star wars
    obi wan kenobi
    science class
    Mr Rohrs
    force feeding sourkrout until im 26 and a half years old
    Force quit on a mac
    darth vader

    By Chris URL on 08.25.2011

  9. A magic potion, a life-saver, and yet at times a pain. Comes from nature, human beings and also souls. Force can change the world, a country, and a person.

    By s160657 URL on 08.25.2011

  10. the power of the force of your actions determine their magnitude

    By Rasha URL on 08.25.2011

  11. Force of will, force of gravity, force of nature, force of mind. To force something open, to force something closed, to force something over that way. To use the force? Not actually very clever if you think about it. The force of your mind. George Lucas might as well have just called it the power and been done with it.

    By Liz on 08.25.2011

  12. His strong hands grabbed my wrist. He pulled me back towards him with brute force. Our eyes locked and I knew I couldn’t leave him if i tried. He kissed me and his lips felt like fire. We needed to be together, could not survive if we were apart. He was my shield, my life force. But I knew it was dangerous. They were after me, and I couldn’t make him pay for my mistakes. In that moment i knew we would be together till death, no force could ever pull us apart.

    By MickieC03 URL on 08.25.2011

  13. We sat under the dome that was covering us. We sat on the beach and the force of the wind inside of the dome that we call the sky blew sand in our face, water to our feet, air in our lungs. We embraced the cold while we embraced each other. We weren’t forced to be there, but chose to be there out of happiness, out of our love for each other.

    By Charlie Giraud URL on 08.25.2011

  14. I feel a bit forced to write something great. But nothing is coming to mind. Well hurumph.

    By Katie on 08.25.2011

  15. Yoda
    UFC Fighting Arena
    Angry people
    Master King

    By B-Ryan URL on 08.25.2011

  16. i hate being forced into anything , but when i come to think about it,, forcing me to do many things effected my life positively , force is how life makes you !!

    By khademz URL on 08.25.2011

  17. I was standing on the edge of a ten story building, looking down, ready to face my death. I turned around to see a man, blocking the door behind. The ropes that tied my hands were digging into my skin, leaving red marks that soon bled. Nothing could stop me from facing my death, forced upon by him.

    By Jessica Fleisher on 08.25.2011

  18. You can’t force anyone to do anything unless you’re a physical force like gravity but even then you can’t force someone down if they want to be up say in a
    space shuttle.

    By Sara URL on 08.25.2011

  19. Promise me, dearest. Why I die, I don’t want my obituary to be read like some forced generic one liner about how I’ll be missed, I want it to read as though you actually gave a shit. I want it to scream, holler, and otherwise make a fool of itself. I want it to tell the world how you really felt about me, good and bad. I’m not saying I want some grandiose full page in the paper, I just want you to tell the world exactly kind of pain you’re in. Can you promise me that, dear?

    By Nicholas on 08.25.2011

  20. I’d like to do something
    with my life.
    Go on an epic journey,
    create the Mona Lisa,
    or an epic that resembles
    her dull smile on the canvas,
    what she went through
    for years,
    hiding away from her friends.
    They didn’t know her.
    I want to be someone
    just like she did,
    like everyone does.
    We want to make a difference,
    be a force in the world.
    I want to create a story
    that doesn’t involve telling.

    I want music
    that moves me to tears,
    that moves me.
    I want to create music
    that whisks others away
    onto their own island,
    I want them to feel
    what I felt.
    I want to create
    I want to move.

    By Scythe42 URL on 08.25.2011

  21. My son, now grown, walked up, shook my hand, and walked away without saying a word.

    By Eric on 08.25.2011

  22. You make my skin crawl, in a forceful, disturbingly wonderful kind of way. This is not love or lust. This is just complete adoration, dripping in honey so sweet that the bees can’t make it. I have to force myself to breathe underwater until I reach the Mariana Trench, so deep that the sun cannot bring itself down there. It’s too cold for us, so we can stay on land, happy and together until the light takes us.

    By blessingmoon6 URL on 08.25.2011

  23. It will take effort. It will not be easy. It will take the willpower of thousands, downsized to the sole power of one. Is the force there? Is the capability there? There is a lack. A lack of though, a lack of being. Being forced. To write, to exist, to breathe, to be. What is voluntary and what is not?

    By Joanne~ URL on 08.25.2011

  24. what drives you then? your will? your beliefs? the ego? and what is the current you’re swimming against? reality? lies? perception? greed? so wait, if we remain still and just be, static. does that mean we’re force-less? isnt peace a force? think about it.

    By sayla URL on 08.25.2011

  25. We use force to get what we want, but sometimes it backfires.

    By Chelsea URL on 08.25.2011

  26. Draped across the couch like a plush blanket- pressed down on the remote and switched from Animal Planet to Sci-Fi

    By Emily on 08.25.2011

  27. The explosive force knocked me forward onto my face. It heated my backside to the point I thought I caught on fire. I trusted a real fire would hurt more and took to cover my head from raining debris and gritted my teeth. A large chunk of building clanged right by my head and sent me scrambling for the nearest tree. Hopefully it would provide better cover.

    By Saronai URL on 08.25.2011

  28. I’ve never been forced to do anything… except homework… To be truthful, the first thing I thought of was like fetish sex, where people get off on being forced to… Do stuff… And stuff… XD hahah. But I thought it might be better not to talk about that. Though I’ve kinda ruined that plan… Hmmm.

    By Ashleigh Anderson on 08.25.2011

  29. power powerful storm semi truck
    pusing a house across the ground dirt and rocks are broken into dust
    a forceful personality that influences you

    By taro on 08.25.2011

  30. Everyone marveled at him. He was perfect, seemingly. But to me, he was just some arrogant guy with muscles and okay eyes. I sat in the corner drinking my water as everyone else seemed to watch him lift weights. ‘Oh please…’ I thought with a roll of my eyes. But when our eyes met, I saw a longing in his eyes. Almost as if some force was trying to tell me he loved me. And now, tomorrow, I’m going to walk down the aisle to him.

    By Emily Hope URL on 08.25.2011

  31. “I will force you to enjoy this pina colada, and you will enjoy it! You stinky masochist!”
    My eyes glint with a mischievous sparkle, as my under-aged victim looks at me with frenzied eyes.

    By Katt on 08.25.2011

  32. Force. What force? Gravity?
    …Gravity? What a joke. It’s not some mystical deity from centuries ago, yet it’s so important to us. We need it to stay put. We need it for our belongings to stay put. Perhaps it also keeps our relationships intact. Gravity might not be so far from being a deity after all.

    By Katt on 08.25.2011

  33. the uptmost strength of something. that push and pull feeling of your body going through the motions without having any control of the situation; of the moment. it’ll knock you off your feet and kick the wind right out of you. it’s unseen, but always felt. and the sheer magnitude of it push you to limits unimaginable

    By andrea on 08.25.2011

  34. the wind forced me down the road to your house. and i stood there afraid to go in. so many things i wanted to tell you, a long time ago. and now, who are you to me? I think i may have made things difficult when we ran into each other the other day. Maybe its just in my head. Anyway, I’m sorry.

    By Amanda Rivers URL on 08.25.2011

  35. force is a tricky thing. too much of it and you’re pushing, but not enough and you’re just lazy. i try to apply the right amount of force in social situations. did i say the right thing, should i have spoken up more? am i hiding who i really am when i’m shy? am i really shy, or maybe just selective?

    By Kooyla URL on 08.25.2011

  36. It’s difficult to explain
    why we do the things we do.
    Why we feel the way we do.
    Our minds are at war with themselves.
    The end of these wars
    create decisions.
    My wars seem to never end.

    By Samuel URL on 08.25.2011

  37. To be reckoned with; one to not give in. No matter how powerful, you cannot withstand it.

    There are few things powerful enough to do this.

    From the feeling of the wind, to a simple kiss.

    This will leave you breathless and winded.

    By Renee URL on 08.25.2011

  38. it pulls me towards you, even from this far away. it always will. no matter what. force, called love. our hearts as one.

    By rae URL on 08.25.2011

  39. The force she was shoved into the wall was painful. “That hurts!” she exclaimed in frustration.
    “That’s the point stupid,” he said pushing her agian.
    “Well stop it,” she said annoyed

    By Tristan URL on 08.25.2011

  40. key feature of a product

    By Namrata on 08.25.2011