April 3rd, 2012 | 202 Entries

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202 Entries for “flip”

  1. “Come on, it’s an easy flip!” he said. He was laughing. Maybe he was trying to be encouraging, but it just sounded mocking. An easy flip. When you’re twenty feet in the air with no net below you, there’s no such thing as an “easy flip”.

    By S.K. Kramer URL on 04.03.2012

  2. Every time I flip the page of a great new book I love the smell of the fresh ink. You get used to it if you’re not careful. But if you keep noticing it, the read just becomes so much more enjoyable!

    By Daniel Witte on 04.03.2012

  3. She was going to completely flip out. When her mother saw what she had done it was a done deal. Over. Point of no return. The thing is, what to do now? Clean it up? Pretend like it never happened? No. She was going to have to fess up to it all and her mother was going to flip. She reached for her cell phone and called her father.
    “Dad,” she managed when he picked up the phone.
    She could hear the drone of the mechanic’s tools in his shop. He was busy but he would put down everything for her. They both knew that.
    “What is it my angel?” he said, crooning as he did when he heard her voice.
    “Dad, I fucked up. ”
    “Do you use that language just to irritate me? Oh, never mind, what happened?”

    By Zina URL on 04.03.2012

  4. She tosses her hair constantly, always trying to make it look perfect but it never stays the way she wants it to. It’s a sign of her incessant insecurity, but most people see it as a sign of empty-headedness. She’s amazing and won’t believe it, and you wish you could flip her around and make her see herself the way you see her.

    By Ali G. URL on 04.03.2012

  5. “Do a kickflip!” some kid skateboarding in the parking lot, harassed by another trying to be funny. there was a girl somewhere whom someone was making a silly but wholehearted attempt to impress. I was on my way to get bread and peanut butter. eggs, too, if there’s enough leftover. the nature of women escapes me, but girls are like the adolescent trout you catch and throw back because it seems helpless and unable to fulfill any real urge. women are more resilient, but also more often than not caught up with some clown whom baited and hooked them at a younger age. I easily could’ve been that guy and should have or have not been.

    By joshuapaul URL on 04.03.2012

  6. flip isn’t so fast that it runs without gas. instead it stays on the spot and moves with class. so deliberate. so meticulate. the flip gives new meaning to the flop because it bends and pops

    By Daphne on 04.03.2012

  7. i already wrote about you. but now just like the way you do, spinning endlessly til you pop back to you- here you are. so this time flip i’ll try to put my lips into flips to best describe you. but my fingers flip on the keys so that will have to do.

    By Daphne URL on 04.03.2012

  8. He plucked the petal from the rose and threw it onto the ground. The rose flipped once in the air and landed on the small patch of overgrown weeds. He walked away from the flower, looked back once, and turned his head away again as he disappeared from sight.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 04.04.2012

  9. flip. flip-flop. The name for shoes given by the sound they make. And why are high heels not called tock tock tock tock?

    By corinnele on 04.04.2012

  10. I flipped the marginalized monkeys back to where they were from. They had fallen out of course, the have run from their home. but now was the time of their return, the flippity flop back to where there hearts truly lie. in the jungle of the great wizard, who created them for himself. He

    By Anonymous on 04.04.2012

  11. this is a bad world where in this dimension things are upside down and when you turn around, there is nothing to see or do except grey smoke stilted against a rotting horizon. i was too busy talking on the phone to care.

    By Katia URL on 04.04.2012

  12. When I flip my old journal, the pages crease and it looks like one careless touch can break its binding. But I can’t care less. In fact, I don’t know why on earth I decide to pick this old journal and open it.

    By sputnik sweetheart URL on 04.04.2012

  13. I put on my flip-flop and walk away. Don’t bother calling. We’re over.

    By Sputnik Sweetheart URL on 04.04.2012

  14. Seriously thinking about flip as a concept. When you flip, you do a certain kind of action that involves a switching process. When you switch into a brand new activity, does that mean you’re not strong willed enough to finish the earlier activities? I know it’s such a dark thought, but the world is full of cynicism.

    By Sputnik Sweetheart URL on 04.04.2012

  15. everything changes. streets wilder. the sun hotter, suddenly, you no longer recognize yourself. what if you were inside a mirror and what you’re seeing in the reflection is the real world?

    By Dee URL on 04.04.2012

  16. “Ick flipp aus eh, wenn ick das seh.” Das Wort sieht aus wie eine schwangere Ameise. Ich weiß gar nicht, ob Ameisen schwanger sein können. Vermutlich nur die Königin. Eierschwangerschaft. Dann legt sie die länglichen weißen Dinger ab und die Arbeiterinnen kümmern sich drum. So lange bis sie schlüpfen. Manchmal wil ich auch eine Ameise sein. Klein und ein Teil vom großen ganzen. Unter der Erde und über der Erde, immer mit allen anderen in einem Rhythmus.

    By Eli URL on 04.04.2012

  17. It only takes one second and the boat is upside down, and you’re in the water. The shock in immediate because the water is so cold. It was coming, and the world moved in slow motion and you watched everything as it happened in front of your eyes.

    By Emily on 04.04.2012

  18. katze onkel raus schnell warum haare eine nest schaufensterscheibe kino russen gebrochenes bein taxi luftschnappen

    By Elke Aybar on 04.04.2012

  19. open to a
    new page
    that I will still
    be unable
    to write on.

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 04.04.2012

  20. Flipping through the pages of an old ancient book, that boy was amazed at all the historical findings he has learned. All the adventures and travels that he seemed to have done while reading that old, ancient book.

    By literateilliterate URL on 04.04.2012

  21. “Chris, please don’t flip out like that anymore…it’s only money. You know what to do. Hey, if you need any help call Chuck.

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.04.2012

  22. The word flip mean the opposite side… Flip upside down, flip around, flip over… It’s quite a good words actually! Do you like the word flip? I guess you must do as you are reading what I am writing about it :)

    By Shae URL on 04.04.2012

  23. One minute we were friends…. The next, nothing! The way she would flip in and out of anger was crazy!

    By Shae URL on 04.04.2012

  24. It was a cool, blue morning, with the sun just on the horizon. We flew across the waves in our speedboat, as dolphins played across the bow. We saw one jump out of the water and flip, a full 540 degrees.

    By Ahnnyeong haseyo URL on 04.04.2012

  25. In a dream i seemed to float. Drifting into a stream of life. I’ll swim before I die. I swear.

    By yangzimik on 04.04.2012

  26. His mind flipped over and his heart stopped beating. No. No. Sidney. No. Mark saw her fall in slow motion, her eyes rolling back, her knees shaking as she suddenly lost all control over her body. She crumpled, her dark brown curls falling around her head gracefully. Her brown eyes closed. And Mark fell forward, onto his knees, and darkness threatened his vision. He could see Kelseyan standing there. But he didn’t care.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 04.04.2012

  27. “How do you flip omelets like that?”
    She took the pan off the stove, threw a sheet of egg up into the air and deftly caught it in the pan before returning it to the stove.
    “You just have to do it confidently enough.”
    That was always how she responded to questions like this. But did confidence lead to success, or success lead to confidence? Jane tried to flip omelets confidently, once. The egg fell at the edge of the pan and flopped over, landing perfectly on the ground, without folding, soaking up bacteria as it lay steaming.

    By Holden URL on 04.04.2012

  28. “I’m going to do an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle if someone doesn’t tell me why there’s blood on my floor.” Deviant growled as she glared at her employees.

    By Ninja URL on 04.04.2012

  29. I would do back flips in order to make her happy. She’s my best friend. And I can never say thank you enough.

    By Mary Kate URL on 04.04.2012

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    By harjeevan URL on 04.04.2012

  31. It danced in the air, one side charred black, and the other, gleaming metal. I knew my fate as soon as he had flipped the coin, revolver in his off hand, pointed at my sternum. I wish I could say I had a wife to think of in these moments, a child to be so proud of. I wish I could say I didn’t deserve this. But I did. And the small chunk of metal finished its arced path in an instant, landing on the oak table of the rathskeller. And it careened on its edges. And it made me think about my misgivings a second longer before it settled on a side.
    “I guess today is not the day you die,” the man said.

    By MFIII URL on 04.04.2012

  32. turn over a new page
    opposite of something, the other side of things

    By elle on 04.04.2012

  33. I know how to do a lot of flips. Backflips, Front-flips, Side-flips, and a lot of other kinds.

    By Steven URL on 04.04.2012

  34. When the wind blows the boat will flip. I think that flip is a very amazing word!!!:)

    By Laurie URL on 04.04.2012

  35. Three or four years ago my brother did a backflip on a trampoline but somehow he ended up landing on my cousins swing set.

    By Earthly URL on 04.04.2012

  36. Every time you read a book you have to flip pages to move on to the next page.

    By aiyana URL on 04.04.2012

  37. i did a flip off a house!!!!!!!!!! And on to a trampoline!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    By Daymon URL on 04.04.2012

  38. i do gymnastics!!!!!! im a national level athlete who is homeschooled!! i can do 2 backs!! which is 2 flips in the air!! i can do 2 1/2 twist!! tried triple!! I just LOVE to FLIP!!!

    By Mickey on 04.04.2012

  39. It was that flippant smile that always made such an impact on her heart. Warming the freezing ice that had seemed so impenetrable before. How could one person make such a difference?

    By UniqBeat on 04.04.2012

  40. Flip…hmmm, I know there’s a guy in basketball names Flip Saunders. However, when I think of the word flip, I mostly think about a coin flip. One side determines two fates.

    By matt cunard URL on 04.04.2012