October 22nd, 2013 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “flea”

  1. I watched as the flea died underneath the telescope.

    By Zarina on 10.22.2013

  2. i don’t know what to write it’s annoying it’s just an insect but how strong when you can’t catch it.

    By Mara on 10.22.2013

  3. A glass house with shelves of tea cups; walkway lined with polished stones. A dog collar with studs and a blue leash hanging in the entryway. The wind bites worse than the insects at camp in the muggy summers, missed now that it has turned to autumn.

    By Martha on 10.22.2013

  4. I thought my dog had a manifestation on his back full of fleas.

    By Zarina on 10.22.2013

  5. Once there was a flea who was so big and had green hair and carried a suitcase and always cried on Tuesdays. This flea loved romanic comedies and cozing up with his loved ones in the deep fur of a shetland pony. This flea didn’t have many friends. But the friends that he did have were a lot different than him. They wore dark heavy cowboy boots, and smoked cigarettes and perferred to ride on the backs on donkeys. THey were rebels. Outlaws. And although this little flea didnt really fit in, he somehow got along with them well, despite their differences. He was excepted by most because his quite demeanor allowed strangers, even enemies, approach him with something like curious respect. He didn’t have a traditional job. What’s in the suitcase they would ask? But he dind’t like to tell them.

    By Christine URL on 10.22.2013

  6. The dog scratched at the flea bite, he did so all day long. After a while he became so accustomed to scratching at the bite that he became addicted and he scratched his leg until until it bled.

    By Cam on 10.22.2013

  7. It buzzed ’bout the old wine bottle. It flew from the spider’s web. It lived an active life. A happy life. Soaring about the world. Higher. Looking down on it all like a god. Yet to realize he was only a flea.

    By Shelby Gordon URL on 10.22.2013

  8. You’re all fleas to me, and I’m the exterminator. Go on, run; pick up your suitcases full of money and clothes, pick up your treasured nostalgic memorabilia, pick up your family and run, run for the hills. Flee from me, flea.

    By John Doe on 10.22.2013

  9. a flea.
    a tiny instrument of nature.
    the thing that causes itching tendencies.
    is crawling on the backs of all of us.

    whose itching to do something right now?
    tell your crush you like him…
    break a bone…
    cut your hair and dye it a different color?

    do it!
    you may think you are minuscule
    but you are worth more
    than you may think.

    you. are no flea.

    By fizzingSmile URL on 10.22.2013

  10. There was one little tiny animals that just stayed around in the grass. The little guy was lonely and misunderstood. One day when no one was around for him to talk to, he sat talking to himself. He looked up at the sky and wondered, “why am I so alone, why do I have no one to talk to? If only there was one person or thing or object for me to not feel so lonely anymore.” At that very moment up came the biggest beast the this poor fellow had ever seen. He was so surprised, he had fallen over thinking the worse could happen, he could be eaten. The truth was that the beast couldn’t even see him! He decided to befriend the beast! “I could make a new friend.” he thought aloud. I would never be alone again!

    By Kaitlyn on 10.22.2013

  11. running afrai

    By jennkerr on 10.22.2013

  12. it jumped out off the floor and appeared seemingly out of thin air. these pests, they won’t leave. they torment the dog and lead to incessant slamming of his foot on the ground as he scratches incessently. they multiple. quickly. they jumped around and the only evidence are the block dots

    By Kelly Marvel on 10.22.2013

  13. There was a flea on me. Too tiny to see but it was making its presence known. If it had brought the whole colony with it I would easily have seen it and I would have known that the infestation needed to be dealt with but because it was so tiny in just wormed itself in there until the destruction overwhelmed. Do not ever underestimate the power of a small thing to bring the mighty down!

    By Tracey URL on 10.22.2013

  14. It made it’s way into the house sometime last week, multiplying daily, and infesting the house. Maybe the dog brought it in, but that couldn’t be it, he was flea-less, or so we thought. They were everywhere, in the carpets, and on our beds. No matter how hard we tried the only things to do was scratch.

    By Yuki URL on 10.22.2013

  15. it is a little bug that jump extremely high and it is brown. Commonly seen on dogs that have been infected with it, Similar to lice in a way. Could be classified as an insect or even a parasite. four letter word dont know what I am to be doing

    By Leo on 10.22.2013

  16. they’re small and pretty disgusting. What purpose do they serve to benifit others? None. They’re a parasitic species, which makes sense, because they are literally parasites. Though, despite my love for my dogs, I can’t help but admire the little demons; they evolved to be incredibely efficient at what they do.

    By Kevin McCauley URL on 10.22.2013

  17. He hated them, the nasty buggers. Literally, in this case. It was bad enough that he was trapped out here in the woods – even worse now that those stupid little critters had decided that invading Kyttem’s fur had been a good idea. Now Gryfyn had to deal with the fleas, too.
    “I’m a king,” he whined. “I shouldn’t have to deal with this.”
    Ysa smacked him, which probably killed a few fleas in the process, and went on rubbing salve into his hair.
    “I’m a queen,” she snapped. “And yet here I am, rubbing plant decay into my stupid husband’s hair.”

    By Elsie Shu URL on 10.22.2013

  18. Climbing up and jumping from spot to spot. The little flea had nothing else in mind but progressing. No idea where to go, no plans for the weekend. And still it was content with itself. Shouldn’t we all be a bit more like fleas?

    By Corinne M. Child on 10.22.2013

  19. The power of forced entrance
    Waits not only for the strong
    The best laid walls of mice and men
    Are nothing against fleas
    Some filth apart from mud is dust
    Some dust is limitless

    By slantedstories URL on 10.22.2013

  20. Flea? What from? Pain? Sorrow? What will you flea from? What will you flea to? Will you leave behind your past, your pain, your agony and heartache, and flea to a better tomorrow? Do you have the courage to flea, and to leave it behind?

    By Alison on 10.22.2013

  21. the bitch
    will itch
    when the flea
    is free
    to consume

    By katiekieran URL on 10.22.2013

  22. I hops along, twirling and flipping through the air.
    On the trapeze it glides. It walks above the lions cage on a tight rope. The clowns pedal by on their unicycles, and everybody laughs
    It is the flea circus.

    By Rach on 10.22.2013

  23. a flea crawled up my dog’s leg and gave a nibble… as Audio scratched and scratched the flea just sucked his blood. The flea was really hungry and couldn’t stop until he was so full he exploded.

    By mr. 3rdi URL on 10.22.2013

  24. youre ugly. you thought it was a secret, but i have seen you under a microscope, and i know your secret. you are a grotesque monster…. practically invinsible. i know you have tiny talons and fangs and teeny tiny hairs, no GET OFF MY DOG.

    By crimefighter on 10.22.2013

  25. the flea took all my cats blood
    and left him sick
    my cat had to get put yo sleep
    and i miss my short man soooooo much
    God bless you my fat Baby.

    By Marchee on 10.22.2013

  26. “…more irritating than a flea on a dogs ass,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.22.2013

  27. The flea market was bustling with people, and most of them surrounded the waxwoman’s booth. Displayed all around the tables, of course, were statues, orbs, and totems sculpted entirely out of wax. In fact, if you were to buy one of the trinkets for a handful of crumpled one-dollar bills, you could faintly smell honeycomb emanating from the wax’s pores.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.22.2013

  28. The miniscule insect burrowed itself deeper within the dog’s skin, biting him viciously, until red marks covered his body.

    By WhoisRGL URL on 10.22.2013

  29. flea
    as in a flea on a dog
    flea collar
    flea shampoo
    flea conditioner
    flea protective commercials that play all of the time
    maybe it is time for you to flee from all of the fleas
    cuz they sure would love to stay for a while

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 10.22.2013

  30. Fleas, most people think of dogs when they think of fleas. Not me. They remind me of lice. Unfortunately my sister had lice in like 7th grade and it was really disgusting. Fleas are like lice but for dogs.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 10.22.2013

  31. crawling on me all over me i feel little red marks popping up all over the back of my neck you are violating me, love, biting me all over just like a little flea that scurries all over the family pets you shouldn’t be doing this, love, it’s not very nice

    By Robert Stinner on 10.22.2013

  32. He spotted it quickly, even though it was no bigger than a flea. He picked it up by moistening his finger, and replaced it in the corner of his eye. After blinking a few times, the image came into focus, and he got back to work. It may be the world’s smallest computer, he thought to himself, but he preferred his old laptop.

    By tonykeyesjapan on 10.22.2013

  33. Flea wandered the streets, looking for Spricket and Moor. He saw them take off around the next corner frequently, but he’d never been down there himself. That’s where most of the Scavengers did their work. Flea didn’t like the Scavengers.

    By Adva URL on 10.22.2013

  34. The flea fled in a flight of fancy. “I shall flee,” said the flea. “Where shall you flee, flea?” asked the fly. “I will flee to wherever a flea can be free,” cried the flea, as he delighted in homonyms.

    By Kristin URL on 10.22.2013

  35. it fies, it stinks, it stings. and then i went, going going gone. let’s flea. lets go. we leave be. we need us. we are going. let’s flea. like them bees. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    By Jacob on 10.22.2013

  36. the fleas jump. they bother me so much. one day i just want to jump into a pool of molasses and drown them all in a horrible sticky mess. i hate the fleas. doesnt every

    By claire on 10.22.2013

  37. Fleas are very annoying, specially when they jump onto dogs. The problem we face here is that humans are around dogs all the time, so you can only imagine how easily the flaeas on the dog can transfer over to the human since we are always hugging, caressing, petting, feeding these dogs. Dogs love to come to our couches and lay down, relax and kick it. Well not to long after we will be sitting and “kicking” it on the same couch. Not very fun once we sit there and they transfer onto us.

    By Frank on 10.22.2013

  38. Tiny insect carapaces crunched under our feet.
    “What is that,”I asked, lowering the lantern in order to get a better look.
    He grabbed my wrist and only uttered one word: “Fleas.”

    By WearyWater URL on 10.22.2013

  39. He was like a flea in a way. Small, unnoticeable on his own. But in the company of many, he was a disturbance.

    By affront URL on 10.22.2013

  40. It is a disgusting insect. I wonder why some insects are disgusting. Not pretty and beautiful like a butterfly.
    They can be found in a dog, mostly or a cat.
    They are a pest. Don’t you all agree?

    By roze_princess URL on 10.22.2013