February 13th, 2013 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “flat”

  1. simple, and not round and stuff. like a beautiful clean sufrace, new and polished…like a miiror, the reflection staring back at you

    By Jacky on 02.13.2013

  2. The four guys didn’t need a table to play cards. All they needed was a flat surface. They used the top of a wooden crate. The night shift was usually slow, but this particular night was flat out DEAD. They played BS, Poker, Black Jack, and Rummy until the sun came up.

    By dan URL on 02.13.2013

  3. I use a Japanese note book to take down lecture notes. These notebooks are manufactured by Kokuyo. They are very good notebooks. One of the features is that they are flat and this makes them very convenient.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 02.13.2013

  4. the wine tasted flat.
    the sound was flat.
    we laid flat on our backs.
    and when you kissed me, i knew no matter what we would never be the same.

    By mercedes sage on 02.13.2013

  5. She walked in the hospital room crying, running her hands through her hair in distress. I hated that she could never look at me without crying anymore. Being cried over doesn’t help anyone. I wanted to say this and so much more, but I couldn’t. I continued to stare through her with the same flat affect. Out a window, but not seeing anything. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever snap out of this. But I don’t have the energy to figure out how. Or what I would even do with myself if I had to stop feeling sorry about things all the time.

    By John URL on 02.13.2013

  6. The world of course is flat at least when I’m not taking what I need to take…he laughed you know sometimes just looking at 3 dimensions cause those 3 dimension to pull together back to two beside we really don’t have the ability to actually see 3 dimension beyond a couple feet so If I am looking at the world it IS flat I mean why would I trust that my brain is lying to me correctly.

    By Jubacat URL on 02.13.2013

  7. Flat as a skunk on a highway. Flat as soda. Flat like flatbread. Flat like boring. Flat like a plateau. Flat like a drunk singer. Flat like

    By Park URL on 02.13.2013

  8. I saw the apartment from across the street. I wanted to live there so badly. I loved the character it gave off, it was beautiful. I realized the beautiful woman who occupied the space on the second day. I think I loved her for the very reason that she lived in the flat.

    By Devynn on 02.13.2013

  9. His eyes are flat when he looks at me with a hard frown.
    His voice, as well, is flat and course as he lists out his reason why he’s leaving.
    Mae culpa, mai culpa.

    He whispers a lie to me, trying to reassure me of his feelings.
    His words mean nothing when he is about to leave.
    This is what he wants – separation-
    And he always gets what he wants.

    By AngelDuCiel on 02.13.2013

  10. The world is not flat.

    By Jason URL on 02.13.2013

  11. I saw her from my bedroom window, lain flat on the floor. I could see she was sleeping, her chest heaving slowly. I loved her from my window every day. I would have given my life to her, for her. She didn’t know my name, only the number of my apartment when she got my mail by mistake.

    By Sylvia URL on 02.13.2013

  12. Understanding glimmers in your eyes—sparks brighter than the molten light seeping through the gaps of tectonic plates. Your look says it all. It is the expression of an explorer who has finally understood that the earth is not some flat thing like all the maps claim, but something pleasingly, tangibly spherical and shifting with changeable beauty.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.13.2013

  13. “the world is flat,” James argued.
    “No, it isn’t, you idiot!” George replied. “You’re flat!”
    :”What the heck? Where’d you come up with that?”
    “I don’t know! Just shut up!”
    “You shut up!”
    “You shut up!”
    “Boys!” Their teacher, Miss Hayes, yelled. “Please, sit down,”
    “Both boys nodded and sat, glaring at each other.
    “Now, as I was saying, people used to believe the world was flat. This was because…”

    By Katie on 02.13.2013

  14. So I attempted to cheat a little bit. I don’t like the word flat. I don’t want to write about it because bores me. I hit the back button and to try and get a different. I tried this twice and it hasn’t changed. It looks like I’m stuck with boring old flat. Flat does make me think of pancakes though. I really enjoy pancakes and haven’t had any in a while. I feel like I’ve been doing an injustice to myself. Tomorrow I am going to get some. Life is too short. Eat more pancakes.

    By Russene Vallington on 02.13.2013

  15. I felt flat. I felt fat. I felt scared and bored and pudding-faced. Ugly. I am nothing, I thought. I am a bowl of squishy oatmeal, raisin studded.

    By wendy rasmussen on 02.13.2013

  16. boring and plain. Something that my chest is not. the hills of the American west. What I don’t want my heart or my brain to be. My position of my body when I’m really stressed. The surface of a page of paper which I like to write on. My desk when it is clean.

    By Michelle on 02.13.2013

  17. all four letter words are such a love to read and write, in fact read is again a four letter word like the letter four itself which again is a four letter word
    flat is once such word which contains a vowel ending with “t”.
    flat has innumerable meanings one of them and the best sentence i could think of is, because of my flat tyre i reached to my flat delayed and couldnt just get flat on the bed to have a flat sleep

    By Madhav on 02.13.2013

  18. Wow, am I flat out lost. It’s so flat here that there isn’t a rolling hill anywhere. I’m thinking flat bread, I’m think the plains of south dakota where I may be moving to. I’m flat concerned.

    By charlie on 02.13.2013

  19. Even keeled, is what they said, Patient, that too. That’s not what they meant though. What they meant was cold. What they meant was they thought I couldn’t feel. They were wrong.

    By Strophios URL on 02.13.2013

  20. A lot of things are flat, like table tops and paper. But sometimes people can be flat too, a lot of people are flat actually. I feel flat now, and I guess I’ve been feeling that way for a long time. Now that I think about flat describes my situation entirely.

    By Chloe on 02.13.2013

  21. Flat is a feeling a really loathe. You don’t feel sad when you’re flat, you’re just flat I guess. There’s no way else to put it. We all feel flat at some point in our lives, some much more than others. Lately ‘flatness’ has been one of my most common emotions. It sucks, really.

    By Chloe URL on 02.13.2013

  22. Well, at least it was cheap. Such things are all he could think about, as the water from an exposed pipe dripped onto his head. It’s practically a steal, she said. Well, yeah, and people do steal from him. That’s why he’s thinking about his crappy apartment in his crappy apartment instead of watching the game because his tv was stolen from his crappy apartment.

    By Jesse URL on 02.13.2013

  23. don’t think, just write. she’d lived in the flat for over four years and still hadn’t met any of her neighbors. she was tired and lonely but didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. then one day, there was a knock at the door and everything changed. for the better? only time would tell.

    By de2bi on 02.13.2013

  24. is the status of a person when one has become antisocial or dull flat is what i would like my belly to look like flat was the earth according to old science.

    By Geo on 02.13.2013

  25. There wasn’t much to say about it, other than it was flat. And endless and, reddish, almost orange in the morning sunshine. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky at morning sailors take warning. But this sea and this sky were wrong in every possible way.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 02.14.2013

  26. Is the place i am in now with Alesha, Christian, Seth and Eddie! Hanging out and chatting

    By SARAH on 02.14.2013

  27. Flat. That is how the ground feels like. Not that I’d complain, I mean, this is as much of a bed as I could find, anyway. But I can’t help but long for a real one sometimes. I miss the warmth and the softness of real comfort.

    By Alex on 02.14.2013

  28. Mr Flat

    Mr Flat lived in a flat town
    He wore a flat cap
    He always sung flat
    He never went flat out for anything
    His mortgage was on a flat rate
    His jokes always fell flat
    His beer was always flat
    His batteries were frequently flat
    The a in his name is flat
    Every penultimate day of every month, he was flat broke
    His spare tired, whenever he needed it, was flat
    And the concrete was ever so flat and hard and flat and cold and flat and waiting and flat and waiting
    to flatten Mr Flat out
    when he had had enough of living
    in his one bedroom flat

    By gsk URL on 02.14.2013

  29. i wear flat shoes sometimes, and then i feel like i need high heels, but i cant wear them because i hurt my feet. I have to be more careful with my shoes.

    By ivana on 02.14.2013

  30. Flat, flat like a can of soda sitting on the kitchen counter for a few days. Flat, flat like that feeling you get when life has lost its spark and you can’t seem to jump start yourself again. You feel flat, non existent, like happiness has been slowly deflated from the very fiber of your being.

    By Lyndsey URL on 02.14.2013

  31. There was nothing there. She didn’t even need to wear a bra, so she never really did. It wasn’t because she did a lot of dieting, she was just always running. It is what she did. All muscle nothing else. Who needed boobs when you have pecs?

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.14.2013

  32. she went to her flat, and thought “flat. that’s a funny word.” and indeed, she had good reason to think that- it was written in big capital letters on the top of the building – but this building was in London, not in America, and the work flat was decidedly American in nature. “Why is this” she thought , “this makes no to little sense, as the spelling of American words over here in London clearly signifies the presence of illegal aliens.” So she alerted the authorities and that was that.

    By Finlay on 02.14.2013

  33. John could not believe that the world was flat! He had a dream in which the world was round, and he was sure that it was some kind of sign. He took this sign as an impulse to follow his dream of travelling the world. He must tell his parents that he will build a great ship and travel the seas.

    By Diana URL on 02.14.2013

  34. John could not believe that the world was flat! He had a wonderful dream the previous night in which the world had a perfect round shape and it urged you to travel. His dream was to get on a ship and go towards the horizon. And now was the moment. This dream was his impulse to get going.

    By Diana URL on 02.14.2013

  35. flat, german “flach”

    Die Welt war eine flache Scheibe, bis ihr die Wissenschaft Kontur verliehen hat, um im Schosse der Kirche so flach zu bleiben, wie sie in unseren Kinderaugen seit jeher war.

    Nicht nur die Welt, sondern auch die Geister derjenigen, die sie bevölkern, ist – dem Himmel sei’s geklagt – flach.

    By Lukas URL on 02.14.2013

  36. Flat, boring, not a live, a road to nowhere, bad hair days, flat ball, flat tire, flat voices, flat shoes, flat stomachs, flat tables, flat floors, flat tops, flat pop, flat.

    By dodododo on 02.14.2013

  37. They said that the world was flat and many people lost their lives or that revelation. Today we know that the world is round and that God created it all living beings. Somethings we allow strange thoughts to enter our mind and lead us astray from the truth.

    By victor URL on 02.14.2013

  38. I have lived in a flat all of my life
    I have been surrounded by people who I recognise but never get to know
    I hear their fights, hear them laughing, hear them stumbling home drunk at three in the morning
    It’s reassuring in a way
    I can be on my own but there’s always someone nearby
    even if I never talk to them and never will

    By lightthisfuse URL on 02.14.2013

  39. On what planet would you wear a flat hat? He is just a spare plank of a person. And it is no use talking to him, he just shuffles his feet and looks at the ground smiling his strange smile.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.14.2013

  40. earth was flat now it is rounded

    By dfgf on 02.14.2013