February 15th, 2011 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “flare”

  1. our revolution was a flare of all the beautiful things things we thought were privilges when infact they were simply our right

    By Rana URL on 02.16.2011

  2. With a flare of anger she turned to face the beast. Sword in hand, she held her ground. The beast snarled, inhaled and blew out a fiery breath. Nettle swung her sword sideways in front of her body; the flames hit the silver metal and deflected back at the dragon. With a wild look in its eyes, it spread it wings and began to circle her.

    “Courage girl,” Nettle whispered to herself.

    By Helen URL on 02.16.2011

  3. She had a flare of her own though so,e called it a peculiarity instead. But I found it appealing. She had a quirky little walk and held her head high as if

    By Jean URL on 02.16.2011

  4. The spark and rise of flame
    is the one hot truth
    in all cold February.
    Men blowing steam:
    warm bodies, chill air.

    By Jeff Goodman on 02.16.2011

  5. The flare rose into the air, shooting out of my hand like none other. It seared my hand from the friction but at this point I didn’t care. It was now or never, it was all or nothing. If no one saw this, we were done for. Lost. Kaput. But if that boat caught a glimpse of it, we might have a chance. And that’s all you need in life, just one chance. One chance to make a difference. One chance to change the course of your life forever; and this was mine.

    By Emily on 02.16.2011

  6. I think these are outdated.

    Try it anyway. I think they’re flying away.

    I am! I am! The cap came off but I can’t pull the string, my fingers are too cold.

    By pd URL on 02.16.2011

  7. It was so bright. The colors shifted and rose up to the sky, illuminating everything below it. Stars fell about, leaving shiny streaks. The explosion was deafening, and nothing remained but the dim shadow of what it once was.

    By Sopdet URL on 02.16.2011

  8. If there was no one with flare, what would be the point of waking up? Boring people, in their drab, dark clothes everyday-totally turns me off. I’d have no reason to watch through your windows every night. Stay classy, you stylish lady, you.

    By Christina on 02.16.2011

  9. He is like fire, and she knew this. He was everything she shouldn’t be interested in, but she was so curious. He looked so warm, and heat radiated off of him. She could never get too close, for fear of melting. Melting would mean her death, but sometimes she though she could sacrifice her own life, just to be with him for a few seconds.

    By Rin Katt URL on 02.16.2011

  10. It rose lazily into the sky, streaking its fiery tail out and exploding in a dazzling burst. It called out to the world that attention was needed; help, maybe. Maybe simple attention. Maybe children, playing with things that they shouldn’t. There was no way of knowing for certain. All that could be known was the brightness of the message.

    By David URL on 02.16.2011

  11. the fire flared up in the mountains when the wind whipped through
    the drying underbrush was an instant firebox desolating the land and scattering frantic animals from ground and sky

    By she53lly URL on 02.16.2011

  12. I need to send out a flare. I wish I had one. I need help. I need to send a flare to myself. I don’t want anyone to help me because, dammit, I need to learn how to do this on my own.

    By cnhenry on 02.16.2011

  13. My nostrils flared up as she told me the news. “You WHAT?”
    “I–I’m sorry…” She stammered. “I just…I didn’t know they were yours…”
    “Well, that’s great.” I sighed, leaning my weight down over the sofa. “I guess we just won’t have any tickets to go to the concert this weekend…”

    By Laura Riddle URL on 02.16.2011

  14. Her nostrils flared. Her eyes widened in rage and she began to breathe more rapidly. She could feel her chest pound harder by the second.

    By yunisee on 02.16.2011

  15. a firework flares. A temper flares . A sudden hot spark leaps into the air. Flaring with anger can be negative, thoughtless, like the spark that sets off a house fire.

    Flares can also be jeans, popular in the 1970s, flaring out from mid-calf. They looked pretty cool then. They look a bit bizarre these days, although just about anything goes in the 21st century.

    By Sue URL on 02.16.2011

  16. I looked at the flare of the candles. I loved the light they spread, so soft and warm. It didn’t take me long to become completely hypnotised by the little flame, dancing away from me every time I let my breath slip between my lips. I partly closed my eyes and let the flare enchant me.

    By ping URL on 02.16.2011

  17. A light over a dark ocean. A call for help. A desperate spark.

    By Tamburlaine URL on 02.16.2011

  18. There is a flare in my new sweater
    I bought it for you, but kept it for me
    You left before I could give it to you

    The fabric doesn’t like to admit its faulty strength
    To hold together two arm lengths of wool is a big job
    I suppose its buttons are tired as well

    I hate the flare in your sweater
    You only wear it because I gave it to you
    Because you loved me that much

    By Emma Cherry URL on 02.16.2011

  19. smells, rose, perfume, love, tenderness, care, smiles, touch, devotion, emotions, sens, precious,

    By cris URL on 02.16.2011

  20. a night with yelow stars appeard befor us. we were lonly that night. it was cold and we were holdiong hands, and felt our skin tremble. i hoped to ease her mind, to make her feel like i was a good man for her

    By ghimbir on 02.16.2011

  21. Flares are very pretty in the night. Sparks shooting out and a burst of color telling you what you want to know. So enchanting that you don’t know what to do next.

    By rexy6366 URL on 02.16.2011

  22. you use flares if your in trouble it helps people find u.

    By neongreen on 02.16.2011

  23. A flare is something you use to blow something up, i think. I don’t really know what dangerous things are used for. They use them in a lot of movies.

    By Stephanie URL on 02.16.2011

  24. The flare shot straight into the air from the ship as a signal for help. I someone doesn’t see this flare everyone on the ship will drown. A flare is something you shoot straight into the sky.

    By Drenna URL on 02.16.2011

  25. She yelled and yelled at him, after he broke her favorite doll. Her nastruls flared as she breathed heavily. Her face was red and sweaty. He was terrified by her face.

    By fluffy1297 URL on 02.16.2011

  26. A flare is a signal to let people know where you are. I
    t can also be a bike trick.

    By logman URL on 02.16.2011

  27. A flare is something that gloss in the darkness.

    By kami URL on 02.16.2011

  28. As the rocket plunged into the heart of the sun, I felt the flare of the golden star match the beat of my dying heart.

    By Luan URL on 02.16.2011

  29. A flare kind of sounds like it has to do with fire. Im not sure what it is so Im just winging it.

    By smileigh URL on 02.16.2011

  30. flare is a word that reminds me of fireworks, also toddler pageants. As in a flare that has fire, or flare that is supposed to be “special” or whatever even though it’s actually quite disturbing. But I still watch it because let’s be honest that show is HILARIOUS because the girls are like….they’re the girls that used to make fun of me in elementary school so it’s kind of like a backwards revenge seeing how stupid the girls that terrified me as a 5 year old are. Yeah.

    By Frank URL on 02.16.2011

  31. Flare. A little flame flickering in the wind. Mystery. That’s what it looks like. I like to feel of the flame. It’s beautiful.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 02.16.2011

  32. The flare shot up from their eyes and as if there souls were being taken, riding on a stream of lightning. Their limp bodies jostled from the energy as the demon tried to cross from one plane to the next.

    By Ryan W.C. URL on 02.16.2011

  33. A fast flash of fire. Flare guns.

    By Ellie.Lunte on 02.16.2011

  34. fire, burning, fallen building, burnt person, save me, fire works, boom, bright light.

    By Marianne Hicks on 02.16.2011

  35. A thing you can shoot up which lights up

    By chris on 02.16.2011

  36. something that lights up, usually looks like a stick of dynamite. helps when your stranded somewhere, or in a cave and you need light.

    By Sarah on 02.16.2011

  37. A thing you can shoot up which lights up for a short period of time sometimes to show your in distress. It can also be a source of light.

    By chris on 02.16.2011

  38. Flare gun. light. signal. Help us.

    By ramone on 02.16.2011

  39. Fire shot from the top of my flare. I threw it in the water. It sputtered out, and with a flash, it was gone.

    By Taylor Kennedy on 02.16.2011

  40. interesting, fire, flames, pretty, i don’t know wat this word means so i have to guess. I hate not knowing, fire bursting up in the sky,

    By Gabrielle.Kadlez on 02.16.2011