October 12th, 2010 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “flannel”

  1. two ns
    reminds me of fish
    what does flannel look like’
    i cant stop thinking of plaid
    one of my cpatains always wears plaid
    idc if i have any typos
    i should be doing work

    By smallfish URL on 10.12.2010

  2. this is a cool type of cloth to wear. i know i love when my PJ’s are made out of it and it also reminds me a lot of farmers. it seems that most farmers have a flannel, if not many flannel shirts. thats about it

    By Jon on 10.12.2010

  3. winter time comes, and the boys all put this on. it’s the one thing that makes them look more attractive, along with a white v-neck. keeps you warm, all fuzzy and such. i love winter. just for this.

    By Sarah Bjorklund URL on 10.12.2010

  4. grunge, your flannel shirt flaps in the autumn air like a picnic table, you are a picnic to me

    By Lindsay on 10.12.2010

  5. My bed’s current sheets are so warm, but I hate wearing flannel. It’s unattractive in every way.

    By Heather on 10.12.2010

  6. comfortable. not something i own a lot of. handy. loving. freeing. special. hick-like.

    By paige on 10.12.2010

  7. It was a read flannel shirt you were wearing, fitted so perfectly. Boy, you looked so handsome. The nights light lit your eyes so beautiful. That was the night I feel in love with you. True story

    By Mayra URL on 10.12.2010

  8. Warmth among those who choose to wear their cold thin dress. I remember the times when I used to think Dad was stronger in these shirts. More of a man.

    By Nick URL on 10.12.2010

  9. flannel shirts are not only fashionable, but serve as great body heat insulators. i once bought a flannel shirt at goodwill for 2 dollars.

    By bobson on 10.12.2010

  10. she wore her flannel nightgown better than most women wore lace. Thats what I loved about her.

    By brandog42 on 10.12.2010

  11. “Really? You’re going to wear that?”
    “Yeah. Really.”
    “Jesus. Just… fucking Christ, really?”
    “You don’t have to be a dick about it.”
    “Yeah, I do. I really do when I’m gonna be seen in public with you. Fuck.”
    “You know what? Fuck off.”

    By Paisley Brew URL on 10.12.2010

  12. alan likes to wear flannel all the damn time. it’s fucking annoying because i can’t wear my flannel shirts because he is already wearing one and that would be weird and we’d look like a gay couple or something. geez alan, you make me so mad when you wear flannel. i hate you for it

    By tommy on 10.12.2010

  13. it is flannel season. i can smell it in the air. it is finally time to break my multicolored lumberjack shirts out of my closet, and i cannot wait. they have been there all year, and i am chomping at the bit to wear them.

    By kenzie URL on 10.12.2010

  14. hobos and bonfires, which cause smores. because smores are OH SO delishh. i have a flannel shirt. it’s red and brown. very comfortable. but i left it at a friend’s last saturday. bummer. ):

    By sydney on 10.12.2010

  15. it’s cozy, and reminds me of lumberjacks. It’s warm nights when it’s cold outside and it’s guys who have no fashion sense but like to be confortable anyway. It’s flannel, it’s cloth, it’s what we live our lives in, or at least a part of it. It’s comfort.

    By Robin on 10.12.2010

  16. I’ve given the world a good view and it’s just a dirty, tossed flannel. The collar has grime streaked along it. And I love smelling it. I love fucking it.

    By Kristen Carreon on 10.12.2010

  17. Dirty love; I’ve smelled your smudged collar too many times. And each new instance with this new bud, I feel lost.

    By Kristen URL on 10.12.2010

  18. it reminds me of fall, my dad’s old pj pants, and lumberjacks. it’s weird how one word can be associated with such different things. flannel isn’t exactly the most common material, but it keeps you warm, serves a purpose.

    By MacKenzie on 10.12.2010

  19. The world is you. I love smelling it and I love the dirt smudged on your collar. I love fucking it. We live in you, babe. And I miss the old you. I miss the old me. But I’m trying to move on to the new material.

    By Kristen URL on 10.12.2010

  20. the man in the flannel shirt stopped at the intersection and stared across the street. “damn” he thought to himself, “I really wish I had more than one flannel to impress all these cool hipster chicks who love flannel.”

    By Sean on 10.12.2010

  21. His sheets were flannel and I thought I wouldn’t like that. I never sleep with things that aren’t smooth or silky, but I slept with him and his flannel sheets and held them both and loved them best I could.

    By CP on 10.12.2010

  22. People here wear flannel all the time. It’s rugged and hot and very Montana. Flannel needs a beard, not the other way around-the scrape and stubble of it.

    By Jacob URL on 10.12.2010

  23. a garment that is used by many hillbilly folks. normally not worn by people in the suburbs or city. typically unfashionable. mostly plaid. lumberjacks.

    By joshua on 10.12.2010

  24. Perfect for the fall. Walking with someone else’s hand in yours helps warm you. Kicking the brittle leaves, breathing in the frosty air.

    By Travis URL on 10.12.2010

  25. My pajamas are flannel. Warm and enveloping like a hug from family, or a lover, or a friend. I would not replace them with any silk, or velvet, or anything more opulent, because…I like my hug-pajamas.

    By Panda on 10.12.2010

  26. I think flannel has something to do with sweaters. People sound stupid when they talk about it though. It’s hypocritical to say that considering I don’t know what it is, but still. Flannel…whatever. Who even cares.

    By Geof on 10.12.2010

  27. oh god flannel shirts remind me of brittany knight and her obsession with her terrible parental life. her dad left, her mom almost killed herself, her step dad is a complete asshole. makes me glad i don’t talk to her. and that’s not selfish. she was too fucked up for anyone to enjoy…

    By jen on 10.12.2010

  28. The shy boy from the country couldn’t believe how many flannel shirts littered the plane of the festival grounds. The uncomplicated lifestyle must be in vogue.

    By Dave URL on 10.13.2010

  29. fannel
    what why?
    love KWO
    LK do you remember??

    By L on 10.13.2010

  30. The flannel in the bathroom, the white one that lay over the side of bath, the one with the embroidered blue duck, had been used to mop up someone’s vomit and then thrown into the toilet.
    My granmother’s bridge parties were getting out of hand.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.13.2010

  31. He lay sprawled on the couch, mouth agape, softly snoring. the flannel blanket had fallen from the couch to the floor, joining the popcorn, beer cans and other debris. Jaya sighed. Why was he so messy? Resigned, she began the clean up.

    By JL on 10.13.2010

  32. When I was younger, I wanted a flannel shirt badly, cos all my scout friends had one. When I finally owned one, the style was totally out of style.

    By LotteZwo URL on 10.13.2010

  33. So, I saw this guy in a flannel shirt. he kind of reminded me of Superman. not the comic book version of superman, of course. Since you know that guy is always in costume and stuff. But the Smallville version. that one TV on CW, that has been going on forever. Seriously, it juts won’t go off. I guess DC and CW just enjoy extending shows.

    By Keo Major on 10.13.2010

  34. Cushioned in pillows, smothered in flannel, he could have slept until the sun heated the car interior to a cozy 55 degrees.

    By gino on 10.13.2010

  35. The flannel is comforting, soft, and it reminds you of home — a home that you suddenly want to go back to, across the seas and the deserts and the many long roads that have brought you here. You find that home isn’t bad after all, although you couldn’t wait to escape. You wonder whether you were right — whether flannel really was what you wanted your pyjamas to be.

    By Emma Hugbear URL on 10.13.2010

  36. His flannel shirt was hanging, draped from the chair. Bare chested and bloody, he lay upon the floor, blood pooling around him, soaking into his jeans. There were 30 bullet wounds in his corpse. All this for a girl.

    By Adam URL on 10.13.2010

  37. You watch Main Street writhing, frothing at its cavity filled, gutter-lined mouth. Plaque builds, the amorphous red plague. Bits of elephant ear smeared paper plates, dog shit, crushed styrofoam cups, plastic bags, and cans of Budweiser, all of these things smiling back at you, caught like spinach in the teeth of your hometown. And the dentist’s office burned down two years ago. And now the dollar store you walked to from your childhood home is a liquor store. And they’re building a Wal-Mart in a field where horses used to run. And you can’t leave this place anymore without feeling as if you’ve contracted a disease, or that you’re carrying a burden away from it, or that a device has been implanted within the folds of your brain, but whatever it is, the feeling carries the same ominous weight as that of a storm cloud steadily approaching above either an endless desert or an ocean of omnipresence.

    By rAH!n URL on 10.13.2010

  38. Flannel.
    This word is so weird sounding. Flann-el.
    Thats its, thank you.

    By Aubrey on 10.13.2010

  39. Flannel.
    This word is so weird sounding. Flann-el.
    Thats its, thank you.

    By Aubrey on 10.13.2010

  40. Flannel shirts in the winter, plaid, tartan, warm.

    By Peter Kaizer URL on 10.13.2010