February 18th, 2013 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “flailing”

  1. You love me more than I can love you. I want to give you all you deserve, but I’m lost. It’s like I’ve been thrown into the deep end of the pool and I’m flailing trying to stay afloat.
    I need a life preserver.
    You’re love just may be enough..

    By Katie URL on 02.18.2013

  2. She flailed her arms, back and forth, one after another, as she exclaimed, “Isn’t that the way it goes then, the one thing you want is exactly what you need and what you don’t realize is that you already have it?” Backing off, he replied, “Exactly.”

    By marengo URL on 02.18.2013

  3. take one letter away and you’re failing. that feeling when you’ve lost control and are spiralling down to the rocks beneath – clutching madly at the air in the hope that it will somehow become a tangible thing and lift you back up to safety.

    By Anna URL on 02.18.2013

  4. movement of a sporadic nature. falling, slipping. confused. a nature movement, brought on subconsciously, natural reactions. beautifully clumsy.

    By Elaine on 02.18.2013

  5. She was flailing her arms wildly. I couldn’t get her to stop. The harder I pressed the blade into her smooth ivory skin, the faster the wine red blood seeped from her, the harder she flailed. It was like a lion tearing into a doe. A doe who knew nothing but panic.

    By Erin Walsh on 02.18.2013

  6. I want to fall into oblivion, flailing my arms looking for something to hang onto. Then he will grab onto me and whisk me away into a dream. No more flailing, just flying. Flying into a dream, where he will keep me safe, enclosed in his arms forever, just flying in a dream.

    By Sabine on 02.18.2013

  7. She tumbled into the snow, laughing, a neon green and electric blue snow angel come to life, or perhaps some sort of alpine turtle newly turned over. Her hands and feet waved wildly as she grinned up at me. “It’s fabulous!” The words made steam bubbles of her breath, froze, and drifted away on the high mountain air.

    By Vat URL on 02.18.2013

  8. He was flailing like his life depended on it. A. B. A. B. A. B. His thumbs were becoming numb. Alas, today wasn’t the day he was to beat his little sister in their daily battle of Street Fighter II.

    By Patrick URL on 02.18.2013

  9. Flailing about like a stupid little fish. You’re a stupid fish, a retarded fish. A gay fish. You like fish sticks in your mouth. Flailing about, falling, dying, slowly losing breath. Where are you? Are you in space? Yes, yes you’re in space and you’re failing, flailing about because you’re scared and don’t know what to expect. Don’t worry fish, you’ll be dead soon.

    By Kyrie Mason on 02.18.2013

  10. Legs, don’t fail me now! Is that my head speaking out loud? Are there actual words coming out of my mouth? Go faster. Faster. Breathe. Let it all out. You’ll be OK. This is OK. Fuck. I am so high. Bird. Kite. Plane. I am up there. Legs, don’t fail me now!

    By Des URL on 02.18.2013

  11. I am ding dong the don’t do that man I think the world is made of spagetti and I want the world to hear about it, Thank yiu for listening you chipmunks, I do think my face is pretty, how about you, Have to go, Low on time, See you in the future, Tell Mom I love her and tell her I ate the last cookie.

    By Taylor Adams on 02.18.2013

  12. i walked into the room and immediately could see where it was going to go.
    All these people dressed in their finery, fit, svelte, voices smooth as silk,
    suave and composed socially
    and me there flailing.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.18.2013

  13. complete desperation.
    there is nothing to do but flail
    in hope that someone can save me.
    I signal
    over and over again.
    But no one comes.
    The task is futile
    but i will not give up.
    flailing i will remain.

    By Jenny Ferreiras on 02.18.2013

  14. There was something pathetic about her reaction, not resistance, but submission, as if rather than fighting to escape, the blue marlin just stayed there in the water, flailing around as if she had already been brought on board.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.18.2013

  15. My arms are flailing as I yell at you with frustration. You have made me very confused recently and I just wanted to yell at you because I can.

    By Chloe URL on 02.18.2013

  16. My arms are flailing as I yell at you with frustration. You have made me very confused recently and I just wanted to yell at you because I am taking it out on you.

    By Chloe URL on 02.18.2013

  17. If I close my eyes I can still see him there, hanging midair with his mouth wide open in an endless scream of terror. His arms are flailing at his sides, flapping uselessly. He was born the wrong animal to survive this one.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.18.2013

  18. as i was swimming down the rio grande, i noticed an upright shadow watching me. I stopped and stared back, not caring about my surroundings. I then drowned bc i oculd not swim

    By ari on 02.18.2013

  19. She was already unnerved by the dimly lit and poorly maintained building, but when she rounded a corner and felt the clinging caress of cobwebs upon her face, Sally could take no more and gave into the spasmodic flailing that hurried her flight back through the front doors of the seemingly haunted hospital.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 02.18.2013

  20. I can’t believe this. Dear god, what are the chances? What are the chances that in a city of 5 million this could happen to me, certainly not many. I can’t believe my luck, this is so odd. I try to find some sense in it but I can’t bring myself to stop flailing.

    By Alex on 02.18.2013

  21. I used to love the ocean. However all of that changed when I was a teenager and I was nearly drowned. I was thrown down and tumbled and couldn’t tell which way was up. I came up flailing without a love of the ocean.

    By Melissa on 02.18.2013

  22. The fish flailed in her hands, and, flustered, she threw it back into the ocean. She looked up at her dad, knowing that he wouldn’t approve of her action. But she feared his resentment for no reason because he told her in a gentle tone that sometimes, it was okay to let go.

    By musicrazi URL on 02.18.2013

  23. pie is fun. i like pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m bored. are you? i like pie a lot. ugh…
    im very bored!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By brooke URL on 02.18.2013

  24. Flailing around like an idiot. That’s what you do best. Why can’t you just have a normal conversation like a normal person? What stops you from talking calmly, from explaining you thoughts and reasoning? Nope, instead you just flail around like a an ass. A fucking ass.

    By elyssa on 02.18.2013

  25. Flailing my arms in excitement because it was the first time I have seen that beautiful face in five years. I was also flailing my arms in sadness because my heart was mended with time away from you. This reunion has me flailing in confusion because I do not know what will come, if my feelings for you will resume where they left off, or if they will be turned into anger or resentment, or if I will now begin to feel a surge of nothingness.

    By janine on 02.18.2013

  26. Flailing. Birds wings as they plummet after being shot down by a hunter looking to feed hid family for the night.
    Flailing. A child’s arms as they run around the playground looking for their mother who has seem to run off again. Probably in the bathroom of the park giving a man compensatoin for the drugs he’s given to her.
    Flailing. An old man’s arms as he takes his last breath and delves deep underwater to give the sand at the bottom a kiss meant for his late wife.

    By Harley on 02.18.2013

  27. The bird had fallen out of the nest. Its little wings were flailing about as it tried to right itself. Way up high in the tree bough above its tiny head, an empty nest rustled in the breeze. How would it ever get back up? It chirped for its mama.

    By Si1verRain on 02.18.2013

  28. I was flailing for an answer to his question, but couldn’t decide what would pass as appropriate for such a question. I shook my head.
    “Uhm, I don’t know,” I said to him with a frown.
    “Oh, come one, don’t tell me you’ve never done it.”

    By SourNothings URL on 02.18.2013

  29. flailing. falling. exploding through the sky. i can’t stop. there’s no end. on and on i fall, unsure of where i will land. scared yet excited for it to be over, if it ever is. thrashing wildly, i can only hope that the damage isn’t permanent.

    By Nicole on 02.18.2013

  30. Arms waving
    Crashing into things
    Wait-catch that vase!
    Nope, too late
    Floor’s a mess
    Hand throws another one
    Toys litter the stairs
    Walls are in shambles
    But there’s a smile on that little face

    Another day in the life of a two year old

    By Julie URL on 02.18.2013

  31. I flailed my whole body around, just trying to get him to care about the words I was spewing. It didn’t really matter. I could have been covered in neon sparkly body paint. My father still wouldn’t see me.

    By JuliaS URL on 02.18.2013

  32. moving quickly, i got the attention of the passing bystanders. they thought i was crazy though, little did they know there was a giant tornado sweeping up behind them

    By Emmy Kolbe URL on 02.18.2013

  33. Stop. I see you. You don’t need twinging trembling extremities. I see you. Cut it down. Be simple. I see you.

    By JuliaS URL on 02.18.2013

  34. I think I’m constantly flailing. Like a fish. Wait. Fish don’t flail…right? Like they’re used to water by now. They don’t flail around in there. Unless they’re bad at being a fish. That’s how you catch an undercover cop pretending to be a fish. “Is he flailing, I think he’s wearing a wire. Well that explains why he died the second he got in the water.” – Fish Godfather

    By Tom URL on 02.18.2013

  35. Is it awkward if I flail? Will I be instantly judged, condemned to a lifelong nickname of something like “seizuring-octopus”, or something a little phonetically simpler but with the same sort of impact?

    By JuliaS URL on 02.18.2013

  36. I want to flail. I want my whole body to just spew out movements, completely uninhibited. I want to be able to allow myself to experience that kind of release. I want a cleansing flail.

    By JuliaS URL on 02.18.2013

  37. Spaz-girl! A superhero all Micheal Cera wannabes can relate to! They are those who trip over air in the hallways and grumble at cracks in the sidewalk no one else can see.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.18.2013

  38. I was falling so quickly, but I remember it as though it happened in slow motion. I struggled like an idiot because I couldn’t come to terms with it. I resisted, flailing every which way, but it was happening. I was falling in love with you. And nothing was going to be able to break my fall.

    By Elena on 02.18.2013

  39. She flailed about, wondering where she was and why she was here. She didn’t know what way was up and which was down; what way to air and what way to the deep, dark depths of the ocean. One meant death and one meant life…if she could only figure out which was which.

    By breanne on 02.18.2013

  40. How I felt when he dumped me. Like a baby left out alone FLAILING in the gutter with street splash hitting me in the face full of nasty grime from the horrible world. How I felt when it was over. I was drowning. Flailing in the depths of my heart break. Heart ache. Pain.

    By MButterfly on 02.18.2013