March 21st, 2012 | 415 Entries

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415 Entries for “fixed”

  1. Fixed income. Damn i’m broke. It’s really tough to think about financial troubles when you’re a college student with no income. It’s a burden on my parents as well because they have to pay whatever FAFSA can’t cover and plunge deeper into debt. It sucks, but gotta manage it. Everyone wants a better future, don’t they?

    By Anthony on 03.22.2012

  2. I fixed everything from hearts to houses. I hear the noises I have made and think of the ears they have healed, from witches to bitches I have fixed them all. Their hearts are mine in the sack I keep, I will find the one for me who shall fix me one day, and I will keep them in my heart and throw the key away.

    Sincerely, Marc.

    By Marc on 03.22.2012

  3. God, you knew every trick and key in the book to figure out the shimmer between her fingers on a lazy summer day. You didn’t need a glow of the sun to keep her happy because you were all there was. You’ve always been all there was, button, boots and all. It only made sense to have your scent on her clothes, a rose on her nose, and sheet music draping the floor.

    By kaity on 03.22.2012

  4. at one point in my life i had a special friend. she was fixed. she was my best friend. now she is dead. i hope she is fixed and again and whole wherever she is. her name was angel. and im glad i met her.

    By Vince on 03.22.2012

  5. tell me about all the things you know are fixed. I havent got a single reason to try and push that which is fixed against itself or fixed within itself because my faith in this world baby, is fixed. fixed like a tool that breaks and still looks beautiful because that tool is a piece of fixture without a life to ruin its lifeblood of nothingness colliding with the space of eternal fixation on the loved of living.

    By ember URL on 03.22.2012

  6. This can’t be fixed.
    If you choose to insist it isn’t broken.

    By Shannon on 03.22.2012

  7. This can’t be fixed.
    If you choose to insist it isn’t broken.

    By Shannon URL on 03.22.2012

  8. ‘The game was fixed,’ she said ‘properly, truly fixed.’ There’s no way they would have won otherwise.
    ‘Aren’t you being a bit unfair?’ I said, not quite believing her.
    ‘No I don’t think so.’

    By zebra URL on 03.22.2012

  9. I’m fixed with my bellybutton to your bellybutton. They separated us, but the bond is still there. Gets me stocked sometimes.

    By Fredda URL on 03.22.2012

  10. nothing is fixed.
    every thing happens as it wills.
    also, when something brakes, it’s broken. it cannot be fixed.
    but it can always be born again, stronger, different and renewed…

    By Inês on 03.22.2012

  11. Not once have I ever thought that I could ever achieve the highly commendable status of being fixed in a world like the one that we inhabit, never have I believed in the possibility of one such as myself or any of my peers or colleagues to fit the social status of being fixed. One day through the dreary shades of musky time I hope that my minds eye may reach the elevated status in society so that I may fit upon the cogs and gears of society.

    By Aaron Young on 03.22.2012

  12. Blinking, at the top of my lungs, I could feel the air collapse into my chest, heavy and dar, and filled with silver inklings of a memory once brought to the surface.

    My eyes stopped and stared, traveling down my chin and onto the ground, blackened by rust and mold and rain.

    They did not, could not, move.

    By Anna Meursault on 03.22.2012

  13. Fixed, like something was ever broken.

    By taylor on 03.22.2012

  14. Last night after Ashley’s dad fixed her car, she ran a stop sign and broke her car. She is doing fine, actually, the accident fixed her sore neck.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.22.2012

  15. The door was fixed now. It was tall, fat, dark coloured mahogany. Elegant fittings and a hard, heavy iron handle finished it perfectly. It was a perfect door for the creepy old castle it stood guard for, and it seemed to know that it was.

    By Rosalee URL on 03.22.2012

  16. Fixed, dogs get fixed, fences get fixed. I however am soon going to be permanently “fixed” in the eyes of those around me. Who I am shall die and perfect shall be born. Being fixed is an awful thing, let me be broken.

    By Samuel Goodall on 03.22.2012

  17. my heart used to be broken, but i fixed it. somewhere between the silence and screaming, the pain escaped into the ether of everything that used to be.

    By jeremy maxwell on 03.22.2012

  18. still, unchangeable. is it a set up? was it even broken?

    By anon on 03.22.2012

  19. She leaned back in her seat, stretching her shoulders. The glassy look in her eye told those around her that she was lost deep in thought.

    “You look like you’re plotting someone’s ultimate demise.” He muttered from his seat beside her. She blinked, broken from her own trance and smiled.

    “In a round about way I am.” She said, her grin turning a bit savage. “I’m thinking about getting my weasle fixed.” His eyes widened at her statement and he scooted away only causing her to laugh.

    By Tiffy URL on 03.22.2012

  20. Like the northern star which actually moves and puts Caesar back in the realm of the mercurial, finicky man. Or is it like our emotions to remain fixed and have us revolve around them?

    By JK on 03.22.2012

  21. I was once fixated on this one girl. She captivated my mind and stole my heart. She did all of this without her own, or even my, knowledge. The great thing was that soon enough her heart followed and we were soul mates together to the end. So far…

    By Tyler on 03.22.2012

  22. When something is broken it needs fixed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a material object that is broken or if it is a person who is broken. Someone needs to step in and fix it one way or another. All things deserve to attempt to be fixed before being thrown away or discarded.

    By Jenny on 03.22.2012

  23. It was a habit he had started at fourteen and which had become his identity, his fixed way of seeing himself. Through alcohol fueled lenses. They obscured everything…

    By Julia on 03.22.2012

  24. as the sun rises in the east
    and sets in the west
    her eyes sparkle and shine
    but they’re dull inside.
    as the pawns on the chess board
    turn into queens
    she alone never moves;
    she alone, is a
    a fixed form, she doesn’t
    ever change.

    By Skäila URL on 03.22.2012

  25. fixed is exactly what my life its not, or atleast thats what im looking for. Through constant change of my image, my environment, my studies, my friendships and relationships I look for the most I can take in my life.

    By trelles on 03.22.2012

  26. Fixing is a very important method in modern to society that helps us all in thinking about the future, especially when it comes to transportation and window cleaning. Something is said to be “fixed” when there is no longer a need for it to be replaced with newer models and/or updates. In this way, no more resources are used.

    By Fabrizio Cataldo on 03.22.2012

  27. Everything is in motion. There is perpetual movement, the cause of which is the vibrations from the symphony of life. Nothing is attached to on place. Nothing is fixed. Movement is inevitable.

    By Robert URL on 03.22.2012

  28. When something that does not work or is broken gets repaired.

    By Matt URL on 03.22.2012

  29. I don’t think I can fix you as you have fixed me. Oh, but love, down do I woe; as forever I will love you so. As Romeo and Juliet, I will sing for you a duet of my love for you.

    By RAD [RED] URL on 03.22.2012

  30. The dog was in a fixed position attached to the wall. The castle’s alert dogs were fed twice a day and were trained to bark if they saw anything. The dog we actually stuck through a hole in the wall and overfed to become stuck in the hole. The method had proven quite effective, as it has stopped many unsuspecting enemies from attacking the castle.

    By Nick F. on 03.22.2012

  31. I have fixed the wagon. Now you will pay me the 5 shillings or I will break the whole wagon. 5 Shillings or I kill it.

    By Steven URL on 03.22.2012

  32. I was trying to fix it but no one would listen to what i said.

    By Darius URL on 03.22.2012

  33. I fixed my eyes upon her and dared her to speak the lie i knew she formed on her lips. Tired of all the previous lies, I wanted her to finally confess the truth. I had fixed all her previous problems in past this one would be hers.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.22.2012

  34. Our fence had a hole in it so we then fixed it.

    By Earthly URL on 03.22.2012

  35. my dad fixed the car because something was broken inside it

    By Tyla URL on 03.22.2012

  36. My leg got hurt and my mom fixed it up!!! Fixed is to make something better or repaired.

    By Laurie URL on 03.22.2012

  37. My bike broke and I fixed it. If I hadn’t fixed it I wouldn’t be able to ride it.

    By umberto URL on 03.22.2012

  38. i fixed my truck so i could drive it.

    By frankie URL on 03.22.2012

  39. The other day my sister broke her phone and got it fixed.

    By aiyana URL on 03.22.2012

  40. i don’t know how to fix a car but i know how to fix a bike.

    By wes URL on 03.22.2012