March 21st, 2012 | 415 Entries

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415 Entries for “fixed”

  1. i am fixed on you. your eyes. your smile. how you hold my head when we kiss. the way you laugh at my jokes… the way you understand my humor. the kindness in your eyes. how you make me feel like the only person in the room or that matters.

    By maggie on 03.21.2012

  2. you cant always have everything in your life fixed up perfectly. things break and fall apart with time. time is fixed, like all other universal forces.

    By Homer on 03.21.2012

  3. I can’t fix what isn’t broken. These fault lines are not perfect; but they are beautiful. Each crack in the earth exposes bare rock — beautiful molten soul.

    By Lindsey URL on 03.21.2012

  4. Fixed, to be in one place or time. A fixed point can’t be changed. It’s forever meant to be or to happen. If a fixed point is changed history could be changed.

    By Jessica Blydenburgh on 03.21.2012

  5. It’s a fixed state, this temporary happiness of yours. You long for something more each time, never content with what you have. It’s an admirable trait, this determination of yours – a sharp-edged blade in destiny’s face. You make your own fate – make everything better than it was before. You are a fixed inconsistency.

    How can I fix you when you aren’t broken at all?

    By circinus URL on 03.21.2012

  6. My fate is fixed. It was since the day I was born. And I can never change it, despite how hard I try.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.21.2012

  7. I saw his eyes. Mine stuck. I never had a chance. Fixed on a face permanently. No hope of tearing them from the gaze.

    By Mariah on 03.21.2012

  8. The fix was in. He knew that Marne had talked to the right people, quietly, behind closed doors. She had fixed it. He couldn’t lose.

    By Ann on 03.21.2012

  9. nothing is fixed in a world like today. you make it what you know and love and need, but not want. want is greedy, selfish,. baffling. you should need more then want. do not be fixed.

    By tas on 03.21.2012

  10. you say that I’m fixed
    that I’m fully healed
    that you breathed new life
    and that you were my shield
    but you weren’t there
    with the bruises and scrapes
    and it was you in the end
    that gave me my pain

    By Anthony on 03.21.2012

  11. I wish I could be fixed.
    I wish my life could be glued and sewed back together again.
    My heart mended back to what it was.
    How I wish I could just see you again.
    Just so I could maybe fix you.
    So I wouldn’t have to loose you.

    By Megan P. on 03.21.2012

  12. i wish i could be fixed. i was broken when you left the first time. and even more broken because of what you did. but because you came back for such a short time, all the pieces are even tinier now. and will be harder to put back together.

    By alyssa on 03.21.2012

  13. Implausible and painful. I am stuck and worried and strange and nothing is going to change. all I want is to break out of this stasis and be able to undulate and change and get better. to metamorphosize and change. I cannot understand metaphors.

    By Eva on 03.21.2012

  14. fixed the world. no it’s not broken. everything works exactly as it does. no mistakes. nothing to be fixed. everything happens.

    By Edward Monk on 03.21.2012

  15. Not ever broken. Why do people try to fix me when I’m not broken. I’m not a doll, with a shattered face and a broken eye, i’m a person, a human being, who is slightly cracked but i have and will continue to glue my cracks up. I’m not porcelain, i’ve been through much worse than you can imagine I have, and I do NOT NEED YOUR HELP.

    By Tara URL on 03.21.2012

  16. car engine blown up and gone to the mechanic to be fixed put then his gasses broke and they had to get fixed because because they were stood on it really wasn’t good because then when he went to call for an appointment his phone broke and then he tried on the internet and that crashed

    By k on 03.21.2012

  17. I fixed some souls today. There is a woman in my class that seems to be in her 30’s, and every time I see her I can’t help but to imagine how lonely it must be, to exist in this world where everybody looks frozen in time, to seem as if you are in a different era altogether. So I talk to her, I make her laugh, I make conversation and ask her how her day was. And in her eyes I can see her adoration, her thankfulness that somebody in this madhouse is willing to suspend their judgement, if only for a moment, to attempt to have a meeting of like-minded souls.

    By vhee on 03.21.2012

  18. I like to fix things…its part of the reason girls with emotional problems and insecurities like me. They feel safe with me because for some reason they think that I accept them for whatever their issues are; though, I think acceptance is my little way of secretly helping them deal with, or fix, their personal “malfunction.” This brings me unrivaled joy.

    By Tyler Edwards on 03.21.2012

  19. Why would anyone want to be fixed?
    People are one of the most beautiful creations. We have been put through the evolutionary test. We are descended from beings who were the smartest, fastest, bravest, most resourceful of our ancestors. In fact nothing like us has every been created.

    We don’t need to be “fixed.” We need to embrace who we are and believe in ourselves and our abilities.

    By Kaitlin on 03.21.2012

  20. I thought i had fixed it. but i didn’t. there wasn’t anything to fix. she just didnt want me. i worked so hard. i thought we were happy. wrong. she chose robin while i waited for the hard work to pay off. i thought i fixed it. but she lied to me.

    By sam on 03.21.2012

  21. i fixed the car with everything i could. i had no other way to do it. i used everything i could. johnny would just have to go on. i shut his door and off he went. i hope the fix job was good enough for him to win the race.

    By jenna on 03.21.2012

  22. have your pets spayed or neutered.

    my wall clock is broken and needs fixing. or i guess i could just throw it away and get a new one. either or.

    By Chris URL on 03.21.2012

  23. trying to get my life together. trying to mend my broken heart. trying to accept and understand why some people just get the things they want and why other do not. trying to understand how to fix my mothers drinking problem and emotional pain. I wish it was simple. But it’s not. It is complicated as is everything in life. I just want everything to be fixed. But that will never happen. And it sucks to come to that realization. Makes being happy hard. Sucks.

    By Nikki on 03.21.2012

  24. premeditated
    on purpose
    not broken

    By cmg on 03.21.2012

  25. she needs to be fixed. the game is usually fixed. how can it be fixed. i feel like maybe it cannot be fixed. but thats all it really wants to be you know. fixed it up. made it better.

    By Brittany on 03.21.2012

  26. all i can think about it the idea of how things that are broken, or messed up or not “right” need to be fixed
    and its always a possibility,
    but its not is it? something thats broken can’t always be fixed, its not always set in stone to be okay again

    By phoebe on 03.21.2012

  27. I was fixed in the place of my mind that I had been. This was a happy moment for me as it allowed me to have a greater connection to my life and everything within it. If you’re fixed to a certain thing you either love it or hate it. I loved it.

    By hannah on 03.21.2012

  28. She knew she shouldn’t love him
    which made her want him more
    he wasn’t a guy she was used to
    or anyone she’d dated before
    fixed in time they share their lives
    wrapped in each others love
    all had stopped, gone still
    stirrings sent from above

    By ash on 03.22.2012

  29. Everyone wants to be fixed. All their flaws to become solved and fixed into what the world thinks perfection is. Why do we want to be fixed? Who says we were broken in the first place? How do we know we are fixed?

    By Armanda on 03.22.2012

  30. everyone is fixing something. some things don’t need to be fixed. we see them with our flawed vision and they look dirty so we wipe ’em down with filthy rags. try sitting down with yourself. silence and an empty room, ten to fifteen minutes, like getting a new windshield after the old one is clouded with smoke and cracks, months of rain without having been washed. you could use the squeegee at the gas station but it only makes it worse, you know?

    By joshuapaul URL on 03.22.2012

  31. when one thing is in two, it needs to be fixed. Often this is because it is broken. Broken objects are not as good as fixed objects. That is why it should be fixed. Unlless, of course you wanna be all alternative and shit. In that case you mightn’t wanna fix shit but rather just let that shit be broke. That way you may appear to be trendy. It’s a funny thing being trendy. It is uniqueness I spose. But this can never be replicated. The less replicated uniqueness is the more unique it is. So copying others will effectively never lead to more trendyness.

    By Woody on 03.22.2012

  32. What i’m really trying to say is that when i got my dog fixed before bringing her home from the shelter, they put a little tattoo on her belly. i didn’t realize what it was at first. i thought it was sharpie or something. but it never came off… apparently it’s a new law in austin.

    By Sarah on 03.22.2012

  33. I feel that I need to be fixed. But That is an impossible goal. Everyone is broken.

    Torn, falling apart, ragged, like a used toy, tossed aside.

    By Amanda on 03.22.2012

  34. like a door? fixed. I have no idea. maybe some glue, fixed in a position or something. How about fixed on some troubled? This is weird, I kind of want to stop typing but I want to see what happens haha. Fixed? hmm. Fixed some glasses? Fixed some relationships?

    By John on 03.22.2012


    By alma URL on 03.22.2012

  36. means a lot of things, no longer broken, pets get fixed, hearts get fixed, but nothing should need fixing if it’s never broken. don’t break a heart, it won’t need fixing, don’t break trust, you won’t need to mend it. Don’t hurt your friends, and you won’t have to fix the friendship.

    By Zazu on 03.22.2012

  37. hold me down.
    break through me.
    break me loose.
    restrain my adverse thoughts.
    play with my stillness.

    By Jose Endrinal on 03.22.2012

  38. you can get your cat or dog fixed. but why is it called fixed when you spay or nueter an animal? was there something wrong with them before that needs to be fixed? i am not one of those people that is obsessed with animal rights or anything but that thought just crossed my mind. since these animals and all animals are born with tools (body parts) to mate then why is it called fixed when they get spayed or neutered? they arent broken according to nature

    By pink-cici on 03.22.2012

  39. Fixed is something I hope remains. An interesting state of being. A useful one at that. So many things need mending that it blows my tiny, limited, human mind. But with these hands healing can be wrought. What a pleasant thought

    By red URL on 03.22.2012

  40. i feel nearly fix, better from the negative contemplations that existed just a week ago. i found i must humble myself and instigate human activity, for the sake of my sanity.

    By t URL on 03.22.2012