March 21st, 2012 | 415 Entries

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415 Entries for “fixed”

  1. This one time, my father realized that my door was not working properly. He decided to fix it by getting his tool and work on it. I had no idea he knew as much as he did on fixing things. In no more than five minutes he fixed the door good as new.

    By Jeff Perry URL on 03.21.2012

  2. I fixed everything. I’m so happy. It was all a mess, but I fixed all my mistakes. I learned to after I was orphaned. I can die without regrets because I’ve left no mistakes behind. I’ve learned from them and mended what was broken. I’ve fixed it all.

    By Katie on 03.21.2012

  3. my hands are wrapped in red tape and i realize that the mess i made will never be fixed. honestly, it was never a mess in the first place just something the government named it because it did not have an easy solution and the more i think about it, the more i wish that i would have moved to europe or somewhere warm with decent health care.

    By tyler on 03.21.2012

  4. she fixed her oeyes on it, there was no letting this one go. she was pretty sure she had found the love her life and she wasn’t going to let this one out of her sight. that mirror was going to be hers and no one was going to outbid her. She was mad for it. It’s all she could think about. It would be her finest piece of art

    By Dani C URL on 03.21.2012

  5. The game was fixed from the start, and that was the way I liked it. In a fair fight, when you lose, you only have yourself to blame. An unfair battle is a welcome relief, a way to please the unappeasable as you bitch and moan.

    By Christian URL on 03.21.2012

  6. broken. shattered into pieces around me. shards of glass and ceramic. i pick it up. glue it back together. a new pattern forms around the cracks. it is beautiful.

    By Rebekah {honeyandcheese} URL on 03.21.2012

  7. It wasn’t broken. Not anymore. I fixed it. Why wouldn’t I? You think I would leave something broken there? It was obviously a problem, it needed to be dealt with. I do that. I deal with problems. I don’t leave them lying around where they could hurt someone.

    By Ellie URL on 03.21.2012

  8. “My death is a fixed point in time! I can’t do anything about that!” the Doctor shouted. “But…but…” Amy was at a loss for words. She couldn’t just watch him die. He was her best friend. Her Raggedy Doctor.

    By Damaris URL on 03.21.2012

  9. Lottie fixed her eyes on the dilapidated shed behind the house.
    “What are you thinking?” George asked his sister, coming up behind her.
    “We should rebuild that for Mama. Make it into a gardening shed for her.”

    By ritajuanita URL on 03.21.2012

  10. alguien arregle este orden que le falta tanta pimienta que no sabe a nada, parece que lo parió un robot de esos que se colapsan si algo mínimo falla. Sin planes, mejor la vida

    By Víctor Rivas on 03.21.2012

  11. The horse race was fixed in an unusual way: the presumed favorite was fed watch-springs from a pocket watch that invariably ran a few minutes slow.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.21.2012

  12. I wish I could fix the relationship. If you’d let me fix it, All would be better. I could make you happy again. I swear I can fix every thing. You don’t need to be sad. We could have it all again. I’m Sorry, Sam. I’m so sorry I hurt you.

    By Summer Stout URL on 03.21.2012

  13. dinge die revariert sind sind nicht mehr kavutt. das ist meistens recht vositiv, esseidenn das ding soll kavutt sein, wie z.B. turnschuhe oder jeansjacken. manchmal möchte man ärmer wirken als man ist. mütter revarieren kavutte dinge gerne die eigentlich kavutt bleiben sollen.

    By mue URL on 03.21.2012

  14. in place you can’t move from… it tied down to the table of level headedness without any care for exploring the edges of beyond. why did they not let themselves go?

    By Karl Richard URL on 03.21.2012

  15. The games were fixed. The winners were white. The winners were black. The weapons were blunted. The games were fixed. The women were skinny. The men were tan. The children were Aryan. The children were Arabs. The games were fixed. Hitler was a judge. Stalin was a judge. Obama was a judge. Bush was a judge. That little old man put money on Cindy. He owns half of a giant corporation. The games were fixed. They used little tools. Aliens were responsible. Elves caused chaos. Magic. Religion. Cults. Atheism. The games were fixed. All it took was a hammer.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.21.2012

  16. fixed my car fixed my worries fixed my pain with pills fixed my lonliness with friends fixed the day with night

    By Taylor on 03.21.2012

  17. Spmething that is stationary or set to a certain standard. It also means to take care of something that may be broken. There are a

    By Katie on 03.21.2012

  18. today i found out you are working on getting fixed. i knew it couldn’t happen with me around, but it’s still hard to accept. when you are fixed, will you come back? probably not. in all honesty, i shouldn’t be around to find out. because with you around i am broken. i feel fixed, but i know i’m missing a piece when you’re there. ironic considering i still feel like you complete me.

    By hummana on 03.21.2012

  19. the cars in the shop. nothing is wrong. the pinks and blues blend horrid. people smile sickly sweet. nothing is wrong. nothing to show of what we worked for. nothing is changed. nothing is good.

    By Phoeby Trask on 03.21.2012

  20. im fixing a hole where the rain went in to stop my mind from wandering where it will goooooooo. oh o h oh oh ah. I’m filling the hole where it’s… cant remember the rest. fixed income. dj shadow song. fixing things. just saw a stumble upon page about stairs. fixing stairs. fixing my hair when its windy outside, ut right now its like really beautiful day, in march, in canada. fixed

    By Ellen on 03.21.2012

  21. I am fixed. the world is fixed. We no longer have diversity and no longer have freedom. We no longer long for freedom. We no longer have color, or music. or art. The Government has changed us. They have fixed us.

    By P. L. Sully URL on 03.21.2012

  22. Don’t fix me i’m not broken i’m just a little off.

    By Rainbow on 03.21.2012

  23. i fixed the pipes. they’re all better now! you don’t have to worry about needing me anymore. that was the last job. i’m gone. i’m out of here now and forever. hope you can deal with that fix.

    By cameron URL on 03.21.2012

  24. me, heart, you, life, pain, toy, problem, situation,

    By dunja URL on 03.21.2012

  25. fixing things is a problem because most of the things peopel try to fix aren’t even broken, but they just don’t satisfy the person who wants to fix them.

    By Conor on 03.21.2012

  26. i’m not sure what to do now that you are working on getting fixed. it left me broken. the worst part is that you aren’t around to help me find the pieces anymore and you knew them better than anyone, myself included.

    By mishmash URL on 03.21.2012

  27. i’m not sure what to do now that you are working on getting fixed. it left me broken. i think it’s just one piece missing though. maybe it will grow over and just leave a small mark where you once were. or maybe the hole will gape on

    By mishmash URL on 03.21.2012

  28. Something that may be in need of repair, it can also mean stationary

    By Katie on 03.21.2012

  29. to fix (v.)

    To neuter or spay, as an animal.

    To revive to a working/functional condition, as a computer or automobile.

    By Duncan on 03.21.2012

  30. So many people think that things need to be eternally fixed, however to be honest why not just let things fall into the right spots themselves. You don’t have to fix everything, sometimes things fix themselves.

    By Pilkarka on 03.21.2012

  31. Fixed in this life, with people I don’t talk to and friends that don’t matter. Getting out of this body is something I have to overcome to find myself and become free…

    By Sarah URL on 03.21.2012

  32. this is a weird site, i needed to fix my bike but i didnt because i didnt want it to look more appealing for people to steal it. So i never did, but then one day i forgot to lock it up and i guess it just didnt matter to the thief who stole it. It made me forget how much i hated walking

    By jen on 03.21.2012

  33. It doesn’t take long for something to break. No matter how much history, investment, care, attention, prudence, or import you put into those things that matter to you most, all it takes is a small shift and it breaks. And some things can’t ever be made whole again. Never fixed. Enjoy what you have while you have it.

    By Mikey URL on 03.21.2012

  34. I fixed it. It wasn’t completely broken, but now it’s not broken at all; I fixed it. I know you don’t care much because you weren’t using it anyway, but I fixed it. You never used it, did you?

    Nope, you didn’t.

    But you sort of broke it.

    And I fixed it.

    By Courtney on 03.21.2012

  35. Fixed. I love that word. It means a new day, a new way, broken pieces mended. Fixed is good. Okay if you were a dog you might not think that, but for the rest of us it’s a good thing.

    By david on 03.21.2012

  36. Broken hearts. torn books. rough drafts. ambitions, friendships and trust issues. it is the reason why life goes on because we bothered to make it so.

    By fuf on 03.21.2012

  37. Me? Fixed? Just the opposite. I’m completely broken. Falling apart. Stuck. Hurt. Hopeless. But I’m just going to wait. I’m just going to wait on Him.

    By laughalot on 03.21.2012

  38. fixed income fixed houses fixed relationships i fixed the election i fixed your mom fixed it i found it fixed your head i fixed my head the drugs fixed my head make me fixed fix me fix me up

    By hunter on 03.21.2012

  39. She wondered if life was fixed. Did she have control over her path, or was she being pulled along it? Was she responsible for her actions? Was he responsible for his? Or did fate put them in this situation?

    By Amanda URL on 03.21.2012

  40. A car at the mechanic. broken and getting fixed. no wheels, no seats.

    By K on 03.21.2012