December 17th, 2012 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “five”

  1. She held her hand in front of her, her other resting on the keys of her piano. 81 keys.
    She pricked each finger up, a frown creasing her brow.
    1-2-2 and a 1/2-3 and a 1/2…. something wasn’t right. She was missing her middle finger and half of her ring finger, a nub left where her graceful, long fingers used to be. She rested her marred hand on the keys, forgetting how the chill ran through her remaining fingers. She involuntarily shivered.
    God, she hated the cold.

    By Julie on 12.17.2012

  2. Its the number that comes after 4 and before 6. Its the easiest time tables. I love hoe when you times it it either ends with 0 or 5. You can turn it into a 6.

    By Promee Reza on 12.17.2012

  3. Five years in college, 60k dollars in debt and what is the main thing I have learned? To suck up and kiss ass. I have learned our education system is failing us beyond belief and its as if the older adults can’t see that. I feel like I can’t afford to fail, I must do better and be better.

    By PinkBandannaGuy on 12.17.2012

  4. There are millions of possibilities how the world will progress and change I said. My son looked up at me and shook his head. He held up five fingers. I looked at him incredulously. He explained. Food – Poop – Food – Poop – Space poop.

    By River Ranter URL on 12.17.2012

  5. five seconds. five minutes. five hours. it felt like five years had passed since 12:03, the last time he’d replied to my message. i was desperate for him, but he was desperate for a win for his favorite soccer team.

    By emily on 12.17.2012

  6. i just morph these words into something i want to write about
    i apologize for the five finger discount i put on that piece of chocolate at the candy factory five years ago
    or was it four years ago

    By Emma URL on 12.17.2012

  7. five. what is their to write about the word five.. i have five toes on each foot.

    By nicholas URL on 12.17.2012

  8. It’s a great number, easy to say and make jokes with (in spanish). What is great about five is that is a good number of people to do an activity like going out.

    By Jorge on 12.17.2012

  9. Five is fun. I remember being the kid running around outside getting dirty and playing with bugs until I crashed. From noon until night I was always busy playing. I had so much fun imagining in my own little world.

    By Madi URL on 12.17.2012

  10. five finger at one hand. five ideas come, as the perfect number five stumbles down the path of life, I create the meaningfull six and I feel guilty for I am the creator of life and death. and i lost my inspiration and I feel a little empty. Am I five or am I six? five and six ans seven

    By Gabi on 12.17.2012

  11. years past, since the trapeze accident. Five long months of this insufferable terrestrial existence. Five years of wanting to leave the choking banality, the unbearable uniformity, the unceasing pressure pushing up the bottoms of my feet, and climb to the dizzying heights and swing like freedom itself on a big swooping arch, my own inverted parabola, and feel that pull in my guts grow stronger and stronger until it releases and I am weightless and untethered.

    But every time my feet leave the ground, the first rung of the ladder, even an inch from the ground, a strangling feeling comes up into my head, my eyes water, my throat gets tight, and my memories all turn to that last weightless time. The time I felt weightless for just a bit too long. And I knew it was too long, but I didn’t care, I loved it so much. Floating there, free, in pure bliss. And then all pain and cracking feeling and sharp snap and waking in the hospital. From then on, freedom, levity, joy, were all mixed up with that feeling of that instant of black blind death. And I have not swung since. I have been tethered to this boredom, this suffering. Because better to suffer than die.

    By mattlock URL on 12.17.2012

  12. Five times. Don’t even know why I wrote that. The Alabama Shakespeare Festival has five holes above the door that make it look like a brass knuckles. I have five fingers. Order of the Phoenix

    By Cameron on 12.17.2012

  13. There were 5 dogs. I didn’t eat any. I am so Lucky because they were full of worms after I asked my vet if they were healthy. Hot dogs are not the best. What else could you think about them anyway? tHey’re fun for the family. All families love hot dogs.

    By le trololo URL on 12.17.2012

  14. Five times was the number. Five times he tried to reach the top of the cliff but his strength was gone. He felt himself slipping until he completely lost his strength and plunged into the abyss.

    By Joe Carey URL on 12.17.2012

  15. five is a number it is a small number it comes after 4 and before 6 it is 5 times bigger than 1 and half of 10 it is the number of fingers on one hand and the number of toes on each foot. it is the number of people in my family even though the number is five it only has four letters

    By Benjamin on 12.17.2012

  16. cinco dedos es los que tenemos en cada mano, en cada pie, en cada dedo en cada peo. cada vez que nos movemos tenemos dedos, tenemos cinco, tenemos cosas, tenemos pelos. circulos, salir del circulo, salir salir afuera al sol a la puerta ventana al balcon, al aire, al árbol. entrar por el arbol. entrar o salir.

    Ser feliz. Ser. Y feliz infeliz feliz. ser. comer, ser estar.
    Esto debería estar en inglés, me parece. Será trampa? Seremos eternos?

    By Clari on 12.17.2012

  17. number amount favorite movie cars. fingers nails toes. cinco

    By Moises Bonilla on 12.17.2012

  18. when i was five, i tumbled down from my little bike. there was a scar on my left wrist. since that day, i’d been marked by my “okay” childhood. that scar is still here.

    By lilyberry URL on 12.17.2012

  19. Five little words, I will love you forever.
    Are they easier to say than they are to hear? Are they easier to utter than they are to process to the listener?
    And these five little words, are they easier to believe by the giver of them? Or the receiver. at many times over my life i have been on both.
    I believe every time i have said those five words that i meant them and they were true.
    I did not believe, however every time i heard them.
    What i didn’t understand as the receiver is what i do understand as giver. when you tell someone those five words (those five little words, or those five big words depending upon your perspective at the time) when you say you will love someone forever you feel like you have the right to give the forever in your intentions.
    Here is the kicker, when you HEAR “I will love you forever” you believe it because you want to…but there is a part of you no matter how small, that understands the forever in the five little words is the tiniest of forever there are.
    Upon reflection, there are five letters in the word grace,
    and faith.
    and peace.
    and lover.
    I believe I have had five great loves in my life, beginning as child with my father. On to the first of the brown eyed musically inclined men i always fell for. The third great love was my husband, but after many years of reflection and forgiveness on the passionate and rocky relationship I don’t believe it was one of my FIVE, on of my, “I’ll love you forever” five, close but no five. My third great love is my son. My one, only boy, the first of three children that would create the great symbolic “five” when my heart and soul couldn’t muster the honesty to admit it wasn’t in the marriage. The fourth great “Five” was the man I loved after the man I should have loved.
    The fifth of my five great loves? That door I will leave open. After all, forever is a very long time and like the cat with nine lives (eight of them lost reckless jumping of hot roofs and miscalculating tree branches…) I am going to guard closely this last of the great “fives”.
    Maybe I will choose to love a grandchild most and best. Maybe the soul will choose a gentle man with sky blue eyes and a humorously irritating slow gait. Maybe destiny will choose for me a poem, a sonnet to move me and be my greatest of the great “five”. Perhaps a faithful lapdog as i grow old and weary.
    “I will love you forever”, says my lips.
    “I know what forever is ” says my soul.

    I remember Five Great Loves, I envision myself saying on the last of my very lovely long list of days.

    By shannon nieto on 12.17.2012

  20. Five seconds ago you were mine, I swear it.
    A mere
    But now, I only see your silhouette in the distance
    Roaming farther and father away from me
    Five seconds ago I had everything
    And now it’s five months later and I still hear the clock strike backward
    Backwards into the depths of your blue

    By Tarryn URL on 12.17.2012

  21. 2+3 my lucky number class number number of kids I have

    By Emma on 12.17.2012

  22. 2+3 my lucky number number of kids I have

    By Emma on 12.17.2012

  23. when i was five i believed in fairies. when i was five i believed in astronauts. when i was five i didn’t believe in war, and i didn’t believe in death, and i didn’t know any better, and i didn’t care. i was happier when i was five. i was healthier when i was five. it was lovely.

    By Bella URL on 12.17.2012

  24. One, two, there for five. It’s a simple succession of numbers, even a child can count to it. And by the time I count to one, two, three, four, five, you better be gone.
    And why aren’t you gone yet?

    By Natalie on 12.17.2012

  25. She was only five. Five years old. Her life had barely began when the monster disguised as a man took it all away. He took everything. Absolutely everything.

    By Grace URL on 12.17.2012

  26. There were five of them, and two of us. Could we take them? I thought so. I really did, I had full confidence in our abilities. We were so much stronger and more trained. They stood no chance. So then what happened? How were we defeated so easily, you might ask? There is the question. I didn’t know the answer either.

    By Kristina URL on 12.17.2012

  27. The number five comes after four and before six. It is a number of oddity. It describes a whole set of fingers on one hand and a whole set of toes on one foot. Five is a solid number to me. It is a strong number. Five means orange and halfway to ten, it means almost there and it means that you can round up in math. Five is five.

    By Lisa on 12.17.2012

  28. facets of life
    Taken into one
    Five from two
    where will we be
    I have loved, lost
    Given, taken, hated
    where do I go now?
    Alone in the world

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 12.17.2012

  29. Five years ago, I sat in an obscured place. Not so sure of who I was or even where i was headed. Today I am proud to say that much has changed, as I have grown in many aspects.

    By Jade URL on 12.17.2012

  30. golden rings 4 calling birds 3 freanch hens two turtle doves nd a partridge in a pear tree, on the 11th day of christmas my true love gave to me 11 pipers piping 8 geese a laying i hate 5 golden rings

    By krystal on 12.17.2012

  31. this is how many fingers I have on my hand.
    its a square root of 25.
    1 2 3 4 THIS NUMBER.
    I was once this age, two of these make ten.
    I thought of this THIS NUMBER of things to say.

    By Tom Bennett on 12.17.2012

  32. I have five senses
    Touch, taste, smell, sight and hear
    With them I almost always sense what is near
    I have five fingers for each hand
    Five toes to wiggle in the sand
    I was five once, at least I would have to have been
    Yet I have no recollection.

    By Inaya Adeye on 12.17.2012

  33. Five was the name of my heart. After five seconds, I renamed her. To match the moment it all shifted, the bombs fell and the murder was laid. Five doesn’t change.

    By Maddie URL on 12.17.2012

  34. five. it’ll be over in five seconds, like a bandaid.
    five minutes, down the elevator and out the door into the rain.
    five days, the nightmares come with sleepless nights.
    five months, and the anger and pain starts to fade.

    five years, all that’s left is a shadow of what it used to feel like
    the starry nights and warm embraces have dissipated into a grey conglomerate
    of scars and walls

    By Allie Yang URL on 12.17.2012

  35. five hands fingers twitching alcohol by the gallons give me something to believe in strife between the human race tryin to get up in my face
    dont ever return
    youre stuck in my mind
    like a

    By Maria on 12.17.2012

  36. It’s winter again. The fifth day of Christmas to be exact, and what should be on Susan’s door step but five (plastic) golden rings.
    She’s been receiving these strange gifts from a secret admirer for the past five days, and it’s really been quite annoying.

    By Kayla Lee URL on 12.17.2012

  37. Five was my favorite number
    It reminds me of when I was young and played baseball
    I believe that even though the number 5 is an odd number, it still represents balance
    5 things you should remember

    By David Mistretta URL on 12.17.2012

  38. one word. one word. one word. one word. one word has now become seven word’s.

    By caity on 12.17.2012

  39. There are five reasons i write; only five. The fingers that type on this computer are typed by my five fingers. Why only five? Because that’s all I have left. This world has taken five, and has left me with five. What more can i do?

    By k on 12.17.2012

  40. The number between four and six. It rhymes with “alive”. The pairing of those words is the title of a yummy juice! This is also the age when I probably started tormenting my younger sister… no wait, that was definitely happening before that age.

    By Jenna on 12.17.2012