December 23rd, 2011 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “fireplace”

  1. Stupid. Stupid and empty and still red from whatever had just happened upstairs, she still found the stamina to kindle the fire. Once upon a time it was a metaphor for their own relationship, red hot until somebody else picked up the poker, and now she wanted it to be over, if only because she held the poker again.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 12.23.2011

  2. We sat down next to the fireplace and he took my hands in his. I looked up at him and he smiled gently. He smiled back then looked away and told me that he was breaking up with me. My heart sank to the bottom of the ocean then to hell. I watched as he told me why but I couldn’t even hear, suddenly everything became blurry. What reason could there be for him to say something like that so suddenly?

    By Rain on 12.23.2011

  3. Fire warms my body. I sit on the cold stone, slowly growing warm. Relaxing for the first time in hours. Everyone laughs around me. People drink hot chocolate and grow warm. Laughter echos still. Anyone can see that this is a place of joy and harmony. Can I stay here forever, in this ski lodge? Even my toes are beginning to thaw.

    By Kailyn E URL on 12.23.2011

  4. To most people winter is cuddling up next to the fireplace with hot cocoa with family and friends. To me, thinking of winter brings images of the moon, trees that have shed their leaves, boots, coffee, cigarettes, and hating Christmas joy.

    By M URL on 12.23.2011

  5. A fireplace. Such a simple thing. But it brings you together with the people you love. Sitting around it, telling stories, with the warm snuggly feeling of the fire slowly warming your face. Whether you’re cuddled up with a blanket and a book or you’re laughing with your family, a fireplace brings back the best of memories and takes you to a different time

    By Lizzie on 12.23.2011

  6. It’s glowing and light and I can see my face in the burn. I stand there and it’s like kismet, this hot, aching place inside of me that yearns for just a look, just a brush of warm fingers over goose-pimpled skin. Be that person, don’t be him. Run away from that look, those bared teeth, and jump into me. I will never leave, because we’ll burn together. You an I.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.23.2011

  7. the fireplace blazes stockings hung above it waiting for santa to drop down it give it the attention it craves all year but only gets once waiting as patiently as the children asleep upstairs crackling with excitement ablaze with happiness and anticipation awaiting the magic to come

    By alex on 12.23.2011

  8. We sit around the fireplace. Hot dogs and marshmallows stabbed through with wood skewers and held over the flames. They flicker, crackle, lick the air wantonly, however they please. Sometimes burning whatever crosses their way.

    By Ashi URL on 12.23.2011

  9. i sat by the fireside for as long as i can remember till they found my corpse, i died in my sleep and was found by mom, it’s sad to die but the sequence of life has to to end one day.

    By filza URL on 12.23.2011

  10. A fireplace is the best thing for a cold and snowy night
    Assuming you have another person with whom to share the light
    And the warmth that it exudes as fire tends to do
    When you light it and use it to keep warm with the other that you choose

    By Esch on 12.23.2011

  11. The fireplace crackled and popped. I was wrapped in the quilt my mother made me when I was twelve.

    By Alex URL on 12.23.2011

  12. He sat down, warming his hands by the fire. The sopping clothing hugged his freezing skin for a few moments before the heat began to seep through. “Frrmrrfhhrm!” he said, to no one in particular. The scarf was too much in his way to speak clearly.

    By Christopher Tanaka-Mann on 12.23.2011

  13. You me, your arm around me warm, not from the fire in our fireplace your heart beat faster faster, me, drawing, our love on this paper fire starter present wrapping our family tree, not burning growing in flames our children smiling, there voices. i love you. This fire is so delightful.

    By Hello on 12.23.2011

  14. “What the hell is he blubbering about?” one of the voices muttered.

    Jensen could then hear some scuffling and then two sets of hands roughly dragged him across the floor.

    “Lay him next the fireplace.” Another voice said.

    Jensen thought, “What the fuck’s a fireplace doing in a barn?”

    By chole URL on 12.23.2011

  15. Now, do dragons have a fireplace in their domestic homes?
    Or are their fireplaces just for the places humans roam?

    By Bethany URL on 12.23.2011

  16. Warmth radiates from the fireplace. It’s people trying to capture nature. The oddity of fire enclosed in a purely human space. A falsity is what it is. A pretender.

    By Danielle URL on 12.23.2011

  17. So warm delightful, peoples soul dance in every flame.

    By Hello on 12.23.2011

  18. I’m sitting next to my fireplace right now… It’s warm. It reminds me of how cold it is outside, and how lucky I am that I’m sitting all nice and bundled next to it. It reminds me of how my friend Rachelle doesn’t have a fireplace, and she has to use a small space heater in her bedroom if she wants warmth. I’m supposed to go to her dad’s house in San Fransisco on New Years… EXCITED :D

    By cait on 12.23.2011

  19. He warmed his hands by the fire, shuddering as his sopping wet clothing clung to his frozen skin. “Hrrngmff,” he attempted to say through the folds of his scarf. It was too cold to speak, too cold to even think.

    By Christopher Tanaka-Mann URL on 12.23.2011

  20. She stared blankly into the fireplace, mesmerized by the dancing sparks and embers before her. She was cold, though she no longer remembered the feeling as her skin grew numb. But the fire radiated out towards her, inviting her to come closer, enveloping her in warmth. But she stayed a safe distance away. She loved fire, but like life, getting to close could leave you burned.

    By Alicia S URL on 12.23.2011

  21. on a cold winters night the two sat by the fire drinking hot coffee and cuddling with one another. The man had come long and far to be with his girl, they loved each other and this was their first Christmas they ever spent together.

    By Ashley on 12.23.2011

  22. The room was warm, lit up with the warmth from the fireplace. Rugs decorated the floor, and soft armchairs seduced you into sleep. There was no need to leave.

    By Rebeca Marcés on 12.23.2011

  23. snow candy hot chocolate looking in from the window I could see the fireplace glowing and the family around it. Why don’t I have one of those? I wondered. A family, a place to go? Why doesen’t everyone? Someday I’ll have one, with a warm blanket to curl up on, and people to pet me and feed me.

    By Lia on 12.23.2011

  24. The heat of the fireplace kindles the warmth between our hearts as the dog curled up on the bearskin rug runs and barks in her sleep.

    By cyndietodd URL on 12.23.2011

  25. the fireplace was empty, lacking flames, stockings, warmth. the child looked out the window, hoping for a glimpse of the jolly saint Nick he had heard about from kids at school. His parents never mentioned Santa, but he hoped desperately for this magic man to exist, truly.

    By Lydia URL on 12.23.2011

  26. crackling in the distance, the flames send frost along my skin. dead as the night that tortures me, I’ll freeze ’til I give in. there’s nothing I can do but wait, and wonder…
    when it touches me, I shiver against the cold. when it reaches my eyes, it’s black without stars and flicking.
    tick-tick-tick the burning cracks sends flecks of freezing flame, into the atmosphere above, and in it I hear my name. Screaming.

    By Nezzy on 12.23.2011

  27. Ezio wastes no time in stripping himself naked by the roaring fire in Leonardo’s bogotta, slapping his hands on his arms as he tries to warm himself and dripping from his hair. The filthy water from the canal spills onto the floor, leaving a wretched stink hanging in the air. Leonardo watches as the other sinks to his knees, shivering slightly.

    “Amico,” Leonardo whispers, pulling his cape from where it hangs beside the door. There is no concern for the stink of the canal sinking into the fabric, for the stains that will never leave. He leans in close and even brings himself to plant a kiss upon the shell of the assassino’s ear with a soft smile gracing his lips. “Come, we shall draw you a bath. Then you may rest until your heart is content and your belly full.”

    By justine URL on 12.23.2011

  28. A breeze flew through the room as a young couple stormed in from the icy cold streets and came to warm themselves by the vintage fireplace in the middle of their living room. As they began to warm up they started to peel off layers of scarfs and winter coats.

    By Zoe Alexandria URL on 12.23.2011

  29. this is the best kind of fireplace. outside, free, the fire sitting haphazardly in its pit as it roars and licks and spews smoke into everyone’s faces, causing a shifting of chairs to escape the clogging dark clouds. sticks, bark, kindling, glowing embers that look so delicious, dangerous bursts of candy made of fiercely pulsing light.

    By Sarah on 12.23.2011

  30. the fireplace is very hot, so i dont light it up during summer. But when its winter my family and I gather along the fireplace telling each other funny jokes.

    By juan on 12.23.2011

  31. The last of the firewood
    lay stacked like lincoln logs,
    and amid crumpled quotes
    and pipe-cleaner selves,
    an unidentifiable heap of rubbish-
    mostly ash, now-
    slowly walked away,
    in the faint wind.
    The woods behind the interstate
    make a homely fireplace.

    By kalena URL on 12.23.2011

  32. The fireplace in a person is in his heart.
    Just like the element of fire
    it may burn others, yet lend warmth to the cold hearted.

    By Theory URL on 12.23.2011

  33. I don’t understand. I love him, he loves me. What’s the problem?
    I hate him. He uses me. He touches me.
    I ove him. The way he holds me. The way he looks at me.

    I hate her.

    By Amy on 12.23.2011

  34. Crackling, dancing flames are the most beautiful sight of the day. Sitting near the fireplace huddled in blankets while sipping smooth cocoa is honestly the best.

    By Mandy URL on 12.23.2011

  35. I’ve alw

    By G. on 12.23.2011

  36. I stood infront of the fire place, my fingers frozen from the bitter cold of the outside world. I had barely escaped the ghosts that had been chasing me for the past few days. The ghosts of pure darkness. I had been able to finally defeat them and replace my world with light.

    By Andrea URL on 12.23.2011

  37. Christmas time. Burning wrapping paper and tissue that only taking up space. Sitting near it to stay warm only to burn my back. Hot cocoa. Thinking how

    By Layne on 12.23.2011

  38. Traditions. Christmas. I always sit near it with my back to it to keep warm but i end up burning my back. I always liked the heat and fire more than the snow. P

    By layne Harris URL on 12.23.2011

  39. Reminds me of cold winter nights cuddled up beside of my husband while sipping red wine and enjoying a cozy peaceful night.

    By Leigh on 12.23.2011

  40. I wish my apartment had a fireplace. I understand why we can’t, but that doesn’t matter. To me, they mean cozy. Except, looking at them makes me feel cozy, but I hate sitting around them. Too warm. Makes my face feel hot.
    Though I do love bonfires.
    Good day to ramble.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 12.23.2011