December 25th, 2012 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “fire”

  1. do not talk
    fire behind you
    fire ahead of you
    what you think

    By helen URL on 12.25.2012

  2. I just wrote about fire. But i guess ill do it again. Fire is what you feel when you are angry at someone. Fire is a earth’s element. Fire can either destroy you or change you

    By stephanie on 12.25.2012

  3. My heart is on fire and the flames burn red hot!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.25.2012

  4. It burns my soul so hot and bright, I am consumed by it as my flesh tears away to reveal the light that is withing. I am nothing until I am burned pure by the fire. It is only when it the fire has purified me that I will ever come to see God.

    By Miko on 12.25.2012

  5. The fire blazed. Roaring. Searing. Charring everything and anything in its path; destruction followed in its wake.

    Nothing was safe.
    Every single living thing was to perish under the wrath of the flame.

    By Lana Caragher URL on 12.25.2012

  6. Wow, that’s interesting. I love fire. It’s just about one of my favorite things. Not that I’m a pyro or anything, it’s just beautiful and warm and familiar to me. I feel comforted by a fire, whether it be a campfire, or candles on a birthday cake…even a house fire, as bad as that sounds….
    Fires are beautiful.

    By Maddy on 12.25.2012

  7. Fire. Burning. There’s a man. He’s in the building. He’s my father. I run into the building. I scream, scream for my dad to yell back, I scream for help. Anything. I find a cat, but I keep running. Where’s my dad? Now is not the time for him to die.

    By .Theo URL on 12.25.2012

  8. After the Cage, Sam has trouble standing in sunlight. It’s strange, because he should feel good standing in the light where it was always dark in Hell. It should feel like home, but it doesn’t. It’s not lightbulbs that bother him, or any other kind of heat.

    By Jessica URL on 12.25.2012

  9. Their relationship was like fire. Dangerous, burning, and absolutely necessary for life.

    By Jackie on 12.25.2012

  10. the hot warm fire burned out so i relit it an my bro dumped water on it so i lit it agian then my mom dumped water on it.

    By livy on 12.25.2012

  11. She woke up smelling smoke. She ran out of her bedroom and to the top of her stairs. “James!” she screamed to her little brother sleeping in the next room over. “JAMES!!” He sleepily came out and rubbed his eyes. “Get Mom and Dad!”

    By Callie on 12.25.2012

  12. There was a single lit flame, a small fire of its own for the holiday garland surrounding the sole white candle on the old wooden table. Its mere existence represented a presence and an absence–the absence told by another family chair empty at the table, the presence of a reminder through flame that the chair would be filled again.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.25.2012

  13. The smoke was thick and black. Running down the slope, Jeff slipped and the only thing keeping him on his feet was Justin’s hands grabbing him and holding tight as the damp leaved beneath their feet caused them to skate toward the stream.

    “Where did that fire come from?!” Jeff shouted over the roar of flames behind them.
    “I don’t know!” Justin called back, “Get in the stream! It’s the only chance we have!”

    By Cim URL on 12.25.2012

  14. Fire!, he shouted to no one. No one could smell the burning that he was experiencing. He had never seen such a beautiful site. What was once his home was now cooking his food. He might get off this island yet.

    By Brian on 12.25.2012

  15. There is fire in the eyes of those that have passion or love for a certain area and to see that passion in their eyes is to look upon something beautiful and fragile when you see it make sure your heart can tease it with love and capture it in a bottle that warms your idea of humanity.

    By masked habit on 12.25.2012

  16. There is always fire in love. without love we have no passion. fire is passion. Set this world on fire. We all need love. We need passion. Now.

    By Liana on 12.25.2012

  17. there is fire in my lungs and I can’t breath
    You were the one to do this to me

    By h on 12.25.2012

  18. Fire in our hearts, fire in our minds, fire under our asses. Fire – so valuable and so dangerous. It brings fear and awakens respect. It mesmerizes us gives power.

    By Suncesa URL on 12.25.2012

  19. Fire…I do feel that my heart got set on fire. However, not in the good way…Why would someone who cares about someone else want to burn them alive with fire by intentionally breaking their heart?

    By Rachael URL on 12.25.2012

  20. In the midst of the hot fire, something came over me. I no longer cared about those that I used to but felt a longing sensation to meet new people. It felt as though I was mis-understood and I needed to in some way “expand my horizons.” Things changed, and suddenly nothing mattered anymore.

    By Lily URL on 12.25.2012

  21. I love you all, but I swear next time I’ll set this house on fire.
    Along with the memories of our lives, all the hate that exists in here will burn
    The fire will consume all the bad things we all know we did
    And will make ashes of our insignificant existence.

    By h on 12.25.2012

  22. There are frequent fires in my part of the world. Most come in summer, around Christmas time. I once drove through a fire, fire-crews were battling a blaze on either side of a road and I drove through. Having these gigantic 4 meter flames on either side of the car was amazing. It was like driving into the underworld.

    By Operator URL on 12.25.2012

  23. omg i just had a hugfe fire and my hole family died , i have np family anymore what am i gonna do without my mother and sister and father im going to be lost with out them , they are my intire life.

    By emily URL on 12.25.2012

  24. Fire the burning and amazing object that keeps so any warm and yet burns and kills so many others its amazing.

    By Qman327 on 12.25.2012

  25. Raging in your
    blood and exquisite
    skin, porcelain white
    like bones turned to
    find china or loose,
    gritty sand unable
    to bear the pressure
    of your heat, flames
    giving birth to glass

    By Shakuntala URL on 12.25.2012

  26. Firefighters. Flames. Birthday candles. Campfires. Start a fire

    By Savannah L URL on 12.25.2012

  27. The fire that burns deep in my soul, never to be extinguished. You may not know that every smile, every laugh, and every look you throw my way is the fuel to that very fire. Without you, there would be no fire in my life, thus no light.

    By Julia URL on 12.25.2012

  28. Play with fire, and you can get burned is what they tell me. But I look up at the stars and remember the embers of the burning wood, and the warmth it brought when everything seemed dark. I play with fire like we’re friends and sometimes it may hurt but I remember. I always remember that it was there for me when I needed it most.

    By Zhenya URL on 12.25.2012

  29. Fire is not just an element but a living being. Fire is living and eternal, an endless blaze that continues to fire up man’s heart. This Eternal Fire comes down upon man and directs their mind, their soul, their very being to God.

    By Andrew Ouellette on 12.25.2012

  30. My boyfriend is a firefighter, I moved 8 hours away from him and haven’t seem in months. I miss him and realize how he has made me a better person. He always does things for others and espically me. The best part is that he doesn’t do it to make him self look like a better person, he does it out of his heart.

    By Heather on 12.25.2012

  31. hot. smelly. death. warmth. apartments. firemen. lifesavers. red. orange. ladders. babies. screams. doctors. burns. skin. hair. stop drop roll

    By Ashley on 12.25.2012

  32. Fire burns. It cooks, kills, harms. But it heals, saves, warms. Fire is life. And fire is death.

    By Michaela Goodell URL on 12.25.2012

  33. I was looking at the sky, in my backyard. But then I saw fire, and a figure grow dark and tall from the hydrangeas. He told my name, loudly. Then the wind came, and I didn’t know how, but suddenly I was born.

    By Javier on 12.25.2012

  34. hot. fire burns. it burns trash, wood, and hell. fire to me is evil, it is such a help, but such a devious thing.

    By harley URL on 12.25.2012

  35. In the deep embers of the fire, the world stopped spinning. Humanity has been working to attain it’s own end, so it seems. The Humans had learned how to control nature, but nature was slowly turning it’s back on the humans. Death and decay scattered the land, and lonliness reigned supreme. Nobody was safe from the lonely despair that is the flames of dawns end.The world will end in fire, and the fire will befriend the world and also grow cold.

    By Brad on 12.25.2012

  36. Fire is hot, burning, comforting and also dangerous. I love fire. It makes me feel warm and cozy during the holidays but I will not get too close to it because I’m afraid I will burn myself. Real fire the best thing to use while roasting marshmellows

    By Samantha Mapalo on 12.25.2012

  37. I have fire in my soul, that burns brighter than a flame.

    By Melinda on 12.25.2012

  38. I remember one time when I saw I fire. I thought it was the most magical thing I had ever seen. I’m not saying I’m a pyro, but I love candles and the way that the flame dances around the wick and the sweet aroma that rises. There’s nothing like a campfire with your best friends on a warm summery night, just enjoying the sight of the dancing flames.

    By Brittany on 12.25.2012

  39. Now I’m itchy for a cool evening out on the porch w/ my fire pit ablazin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By KarrieBHappy URL on 12.25.2012

  40. There was a fire one time. it burned forever. I don’t want to go to hell. I have to go to heave. I’d rather believe in Heaven and find out it doesn’t exist than not believe and go to hell. Besides, believing in God never hurt anyone. Except Steven, the first Christian martyrs, and all the other martyrs. Dang I pushed the black button but i had to push back because i didnt fill out the fields so now i have another 60 seconds. i woke up this morning, and i wasnt in love with the same guy thats been treating me badly for almost 2 years, and it feels good. almost as good as burning him in a giant fire would feel.

    By sally on 12.25.2012