March 16th, 2011 | 559 Entries

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559 Entries for “figure”

  1. Something a girl thinks about more than she blinks probably and that we are tormented about constantly, something that is portrayed in the wrong light and that we have forgotten to appreciate every part of what a figure is, not just the ones we consider to be small. there is nothing but face value, only expectations that sometimes we cannot meet, unless we stand proud of who we are. Figure.

    By Ellie URL on 03.16.2011

  2. When someone tries to build themselves to another’s mould, when you can’t figure out what went wrong, when you can’t understand why you can’t figure it out. When you assume things like too skinny, too fat, you figure that they won’t hear. That no one hears. Well, you’re wrong. you’re so wrong. We all think about it, but we all figure that nothing needs to be said.

    By Ellie URL on 03.16.2011

  3. drawing is not that hard. The model walks in in a robe. She removes it and promptly climbs into the chair on the set. For half an hour you feel strange, but then you get used to it, and the subtle curves of her body jum

    By Andrea Smith on 03.16.2011

  4. figure figure figure. how do you figure. figure love. love what you know. you know what you figure. so figure what you love. how do i figure? i dont. i just know. just feel. just experience. you figure things out that way. then, you love. LOVE. figure it out. then LOVE.

    By Frank on 03.16.2011

  5. is the word always figure? there should be more words. i feel ripped off i dont fell like writing about one word all the the time. thank you.

    By sophia on 03.16.2011

  6. i caught a man wearing your shirt today. he was not and will never be as you were.. your barrel chest no match for his near-breasts; his arms incapable of extermination or embrace. no imaginary chalice or crown. no aura; no rage. you were adam; you touched god. you were the sistine to his scribbled bar napkin. he squeeked, you bartione-boomed. in short, he wasn’t you.. and with this, i decided, i would never view your equal. if you should return, carnal king, ditch that damned shirt and drop me a line.

    By Erin URL on 03.16.2011

  7. the figure in front of me is a young child who is lonely but has everyTHING he has. he is unhappy. but he has to figure it out that he is happy. with love. LOVE. how do i figure? because i feel, i experience, i have figured things out. figures.

    By francis URL on 03.16.2011

  8. figure out how to do a math problem and i will figure out exactly how smart you are. if you figure out whats on my mind, maybe you should figure out what is in my heart and what i really desire. to figure out what i love is to be a part of my life and not my entire life. can you figure out what i’m thinking? problem not so i figure your wasting your time

    By Jessica LaFata on 03.16.2011

  9. one word is the only thing you need
    one word is my only wish
    with this word you will finally be me…
    unless of course that word is no

    By titos on 03.16.2011

  10. It figures that I love you. I figured this out the other day when I saw you and realized how much I had missed you and how much I didn’t want to leave your side. And when you hugged me never wanted to let you go I wanted you to hold me there forever with you.

    By Katie on 03.16.2011

  11. Figure out the meaning of life. Figure out math. Figure out what’s important. Figure out what you’re eating for lunch. Just figure it all out. Or is not figuring out, and just living in the moment really figuring it out?

    By Ala on 03.16.2011

  12. her figure was perfection the silk slid off it like water off a pan. there was no reason to her shape only beauty. she was the work of generations. Generations of careful breeding and consideration.

    By Christine Miner on 03.16.2011

  13. go figure. i figure. wow, thats a great figure. so many meanings of this word i can’t even fathom. will go figure ill go with. go figure that im on spring break and im bored out of my mind with too many assignments and crap to do when i would rather go to florida and disneyland. yeahh, go figure that.

    By Leslie URL on 03.16.2011

  14. “Ugh i HATE my figure sooooo much!”

    I just shook my head at my friend’s exclamation. She had like the perfect hourglass figure, while I was a non-existent twig, and no matter what I said, she just wouldn’t believe me.

    By ForgottenRose URL on 03.16.2011

  15. He stared down at her small figure. She was motionless, pale and limp in his arms. He broke down into a heaving sob. What had he done?

    By KAJT on 03.16.2011

  16. What do you figure will become of us?
    Will we last forever?
    I want us to
    more than any thing
    I figure we could make it work. It only takes two willing people. Time, Distance, Money, none of that really matters,…really. If you think about it. THat;s how I figure it. I don;t know

    By Faro Palazzolo URL on 03.16.2011

  17. of love. contour of color, happiness, kindness, despair, violence and ecstasy

    By Allison Jacks on 03.16.2011

  18. fig. gif. if. fire. gure grrr. i think of a lady with a lovely one. why does it matter? go figure. but why do figures matter?

    By Sarah Hutchinson on 03.16.2011

  19. figure out what to do next
    where to move, pay the bills
    cover your checks especially
    if it means breaking the neck
    driving fast and getting wrecked
    more bills for all your ill

    By Ashash on 03.16.2011

  20. I thought I had it all figured out; the puzzle seemed complete. I can see myself reflected in the glossy vaneer of the pieces, which fit together to depict the clash of dawn amidst a yet starry sky. Satisfied, I took a step back and admired my creation, marveling at the years of toil it took to put together the fragile cardboard fragments of my life. Scanning the surface, I noticed something amiss — the lustrous violet star, which held the rising tide of light at bay, lay blank. I searched fruitlessly for days. Months. Years. At last, I found it in plain sight, strewn across remnants of forgotten glass. Exuding warmth into my weary hands, I picked it up amidst the shards and fitted it within the gap — its everlasting amethyst gleam forever illuminating the skies, complement to the auroran sunrise.

    By Wayward Light URL on 03.16.2011

  21. I figure not everyone thinks as I do.
    Not everyone has a constant rotating playlist in their head everyday.
    Not everyone sees both reality and the movie version of reality.
    Not everyone could do what I do.
    No one could be me.

    By Erin Flavin on 03.16.2011

  22. go figure! is a great movie from disney channel. i actually saw it only once and the plot is about a girl who cannot skate so she has to play hockey to do so. i do not know what else it is about. i studied figure of speeches throughout all my high school years and can now say that I am pretty familiar with all of them. Identifying them is not a problem anymore. incoherence should be frowned upon.

    By thi on 03.16.2011

  23. I stare at it in the mirror, completely naked and exposed. The shower water has been running for five minutes, but I can’t tear my eyes away from the blunt truth. I entertain my disgust, my repulsion with my own body for those few minutes. I spend the day not caring how I look only to spend my time in the shower despairing. Not just over my figure, either. About everything. Everything wrong in my life. Everything that’s thrown me, everything that’s cut me down, everything that’s left me bloodied and bruised. This scarred, ugly body is a diary of my wasted life. No wonder the shower was the location of my first and last attempt.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 03.16.2011

  24. you have to figure out what you will do in life. things will not just fall into place, and destiny is for people too scared to create change. you have to figure out what you are going to do tomorrow, and the next day. people aren’t going to figure things out for you. they can help you get from point a to point b but that’s all they can do.. is just provide help, it’s up to you to actually get there.

    By Lily on 03.16.2011

  25. Dark and shadowy, the figure in the doorway growled menacingly. Its red eyes gleamed low to the ground, spitting fire, and the dog backed into the corner whimpered, the fire making his golden coat seem afire. The rat scurried forward, launching forward with immortal speed, its yellow, poisonous teeth bared as they neared the dog’s sensitive throat…

    By Cheezit URL on 03.16.2011

  26. figure. when he walked away, it was all i could see. not his hair, or his smile, or his eyes. just his figure. growing smaller and smaller. that’s how i’ll always remember him, i think.

    By taylor on 03.16.2011

  27. There’s a figure standing in the doorway. It’s cliche, but he’s lined in shadow. He has a cigar hanging from his lips, it’s dripping with ash and a sweaty voice. His hat his twisted on the top of his head like a dancer caught in the wind.

    By Jarrad on 03.16.2011

  28. It was hard to figure out where she fit in the strange, new land.

    By chriss URL on 03.16.2011

  29. Figure this figure and disfigure this figure.

    By Marianne URL on 03.16.2011

  30. Figures this is where we’ve made it. Figures this is what we are. Figures this is all we will ever be. This. Just me. And just you. Nothing more. And possibly nothing less. Figures you’ve left me to figure it all out. Figures.

    By Baybay URL on 03.16.2011

  31. Mine, I work on. Even a man at my age is vain enough to work on. Figures in my head, never were good at. Brings back scary math teachers who had no clue on to how to tell me it was all ‘common sense’. Had that been the basis for figuring out figures, I would have been a genius! SEND!

    By Rayme URL on 03.16.2011

  32. Silent and ungodly tall but a god in so many ways. Beautiful and naked, yet untalking. He will be still forever, and all I can do is worship.

    By Ethan Michael URL on 03.16.2011

  33. many of the pages in my notebook are littered with images of fragmented human figures. floating heads, disembodied hands or feet, eyes with no nose nor mouth to match… i kind of like them. they don’t fit, and i think that, in a way, gives them some sort of appeal.

    By caitlin m URL on 03.16.2011

  34. well what do you figure? should you figure something out or do you figure that you should figure somethign first. what i have figured thus far is simple. i figure that good things will happen. I figure that judgement on how the past has went and how

    By john phillips URL on 03.16.2011

  35. I figure my life has been abandoned by so many fleeting birds passing overhead as I hear them screech their primal screech gliding down over railways and subway stations as I feel their kin fluttering across, I speak, “I wish I were you, but yet, I fail to grasp your situation”. Softly, I leave them to their consenting tasks.

    By Jon on 03.16.2011

  36. that you would think that way about me. that you would choose to not feel me and love me. Figures that I would decay and die that you would be poison to my heart. the world will move forward though as all others do. what can i say it figures.

    By writersmuse on 03.16.2011

  37. it out go figure a figure is a form or a figure of speech i am figuring it out a finger is a part of a figure refigure reconfigure i like the idea of this word as a verb

    By nikki URL on 03.16.2011

  38. I find the human figure boring, though that may be attributed to the fact that I have one. A large lump in the middle, four appendages sticking out in different directions, and a globe sitting atop it all for a head. It is so plain (yet so complicated to draw.) No, I find the horse figure much more beautiful, with all their majestic curves and protrusions and indents and tails. (and although they are much more intricate and pretty, they are much much easier to draw then humans. maybe this points to some kind of identity crisis, haha.)

    By zoe URL on 03.16.2011

  39. At the end of the grimy alley there was a dark figure wearing an out of date fedora, glowing from where his mouth should be were the burning leaves of his cigar. He threw down the cigar and called to me.

    By steve on 03.16.2011

  40. “go and figure it out for yourself”
    i wish somebody would have the courage to say that to me, to hurt me with these harsh words. maybe then i will learn to grow up and solve problems on my own. why do i always rely on others to make me feel better, always needing assurance.

    By dsfsd on 03.16.2011