February 16th, 2013 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “fatigue”

  1. My limbs ache and my mind seems sluggish. This damn fatigue just won’t go away. Why won’t it go away? Who won’t my mind think? Why won’t by body work the way I want it to?

    By Sarah URL on 02.16.2013

  2. Things you never say to me are that I’m fatigued. You just sit there, you acknowledge my happiness, you make note of my accomplishments but you never notice how tired I am. How tired I am of this situation, of you learning to love again, and of you using me for your challenge. My head is running wild as I sit here exhausted to the point of no return; and you don’t seem to notice.

    By Shanelle URL on 02.16.2013

  3. I am getting tired. My mind is not wavering but my bones are cold. I can not walk any further. My mind still craves thought but my legs are screaming for a respite.

    By Lucas Standridge on 02.16.2013

  4. i get so tired when i work out i just cant go anymore it hurts and i cant breath and it really freaking sucks. and then my whole body hurts for days.just horrible but i love to do it and i wont stop ever.

    By vkat on 02.16.2013

  5. I have been feeling fatigued recently actually! It has caused me to sleep for many hours of the day, I wonder if I am growing?

    One thing I don’t even want: to be complacent in the faith with the Lord. You could say…FATIGUED with my commitment. Uhh ehhhh?

    By Elliott URL on 02.16.2013

  6. I’m fuckin exhausted, but not in the way you usually are. Not, like, physically tired. I don’t feel a particularly desperate need for sleep or even rest, really. I need a break from people, that’s all. Well. A person.

    By Julia A. URL on 02.16.2013

  7. Le sigh.


    Is it me?

    Sí, sí, sí…


    Wait, tis it in all likelihood a maybe?


    By Rephrased on 02.16.2013

  8. Hot, heavy limbs. Each step feels like I’m wearing snow pants soaked in wet cement.

    By Dani URL on 02.16.2013

  9. He sat there in his fatigues, wondering where he had went wrong. Wad it something he said? Dear John just wasn’t personal enough. She had to make an itemized list of everything that was wrong with him and about him, first and foremost his being a soldier. That had always pissed her off.

    By Lazerfly on 02.16.2013

  10. The general steadied his command and waited his hand. They were retreating back towards the east wall but had not lost hope. The men were tired, they’re bodies and minds completely fatigued and they waited until the last possible second sending a viscous barrage of force upon the enemy combatants.

    By Shaun Worthy on 02.16.2013

  11. Can’t think of anything to write… so sleepy… yawn… I’m tired.. Don’t no what to write… yawn… ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

    By Frodo URL on 02.16.2013

  12. Erst jetzt, Alls er ganz alleine mit sich in dem alten Haus sah, wurde ihm klar, wie alt er doch war. Das Haus ächzte, und auch er spürte, wie seine Knochen unter der Belastung der letzten Tage ächten. Das würde nicht mehr lange gut gehen – bald würde er kürzer treten müssen.
    Etwas in ihm sträubte sich heftig dagegen.

    By BlueRay on 02.16.2013

  13. He felt fatigued by the day. Every day in fact. It wasn’t just this particular Monday that he felt more tired and drained than he thought humanely possible. It was every single day. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. He finally resolved in his mind that tomorrow would be the day that he wouldn’t, couldn’t, must not feel so exhausted.

    By Patrick URL on 02.16.2013

  14. Icarus stumbled through the trees, collapsing at the base of a big oak. He was exhausted, weeks or running and flying while being chased was finally catching up to him. Looking up at the bright, shinning moon, Icarus whispered, “Please, Odysseus, help me. I need you right now. Please, save me.”

    By Huntress on 02.16.2013

  15. I always get really b****y when I’m tired. I lash out at people who I really shouldn’t lash out at. I think it’s one of my worst qualities. I guess I’m just trying to see who will actually stay with me in times of trouble, but to be honest even I wouldn’t stay with myself if I was being like that.

    I’m sorry.

    By Jason URL on 02.16.2013

  16. I know of it, what else is there.
    MY suffering.

    Man must overcome it
    Every morning every day it slowly peels away at you

    If you cannot overcome
    The fate that you chose and slowly seals you

    By jonathon URL on 02.16.2013

  17. TIred, exhausted. I was so fatigued when i got home from work that day. I hadnt managed to get a good nights sleep the ight before. I had tossed and turned all night, and after etting through the brutal friday work day, i cold barely keep my eyes open. It took everything i had in me just to keep my legs moving one in front of the other.

    By Jennifer Enderlin on 02.16.2013

  18. I get so tired sometimes
    The sounds in my head repeat
    And repeat and repeat
    And I want them to stop
    But they just refuse to

    By Mary on 02.16.2013

  19. i am tired so tired. when i am tired my thought drag, they are slugghish and leave a trail of mental debris. when i am fatigued my body feels like an infinite abyss without anything to hold on to. i wish there was something to bottle the fatigue. sometimes fatigue is pleasant it is what you need, it is healthy. fatigue is a state of mind it is a choice, not something that comes to you unbidden

    By berenique on 02.16.2013

  20. Limbs like paper, tongue dry and rough with exhaustion, the fatigue was catching up to him.

    By RK URL on 02.16.2013

  21. fatigue hits the hardest when i know i have to face something i dont want to. i know that i need to stop. to give it to God. but thats my biggest problem, sometimes i just cant. and then ill do something i know is the opposite of what i want because it takes me to pleasure. and then i sleep.

    By hanna on 02.16.2013

  22. still, i am tired. still i try to locate this knot in my head. there iis nothing i can do, nothing prevents this phlegm to cover my entire mind. where does it stop? what will be left unobfuscated

    By _ on 02.16.2013

  23. She was tired. She was done. Spending so much time enumerating to her stubborn husband why she felt this way. She was tired. She was done. She felt such unbearable fatigue.

    By emma URL on 02.16.2013

  24. She was overcome with fatigue as she reached the bottom of the hill and she sunk into the grass at the bottom of the hill, never having thought she would make it.

    By carolbygrace URL on 02.16.2013

  25. Fatigue can be banished with a short walk in the fresh air. Fatigue seems to settle in the body like a thin coating of dust. The fresh air and wind sweep it away.

    By Sandy on 02.16.2013

  26. Fatigue is something I worry about. Or rather I worry that I am not fatigued, but rather lazy. Do I need a nap because I am tired or because I can’t be bothered with the task at hand. Once I relent and take a nap I then enjoy it and also worry that I am wasting my time. Should I have been doing something productive instead? Should I have cleaned the kitchen or put out the rubbish or emailed a friend rather than sleep soundly.

    By Alexandra Grace URL on 02.16.2013

  27. where we feel fatigue. sometimes in the muscles. sometimes in bone. the fatigue of marrow, flesh. a tired mind. an exhausted heart. we wear our fatigues, on an in our bodies. a camouflage that hides nothing, but exposes us to death despite our best efforts to blend in with the landscape.

    By dominguez URL on 02.16.2013

  28. Im tired of working as an engineer, I’d rather be a musician or a business man. I miss my family and my friends. Time to move on.

    By Luis Enrique on 02.16.2013

  29. He sat on the corner of the street and couldn’t take any more. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he broke down. He sobbed for his mother, he sobbed for his father, he sobbed for his brother. He remembered all that had happened in the past few hours and how it had totally shaped his life for the next fifty years. And he sobbed.

    By Hannah on 02.16.2013

  30. What is the matter with you? I asked the blond, shivering figure. Why are you tired? Why are you sad? Are you lonely?

    It’s nothing, he replied. I’m fine. I’m just resting my head for a minute.

    But we need to go! I told him. We need to go, our time is coming to an end.

    He sighed and stood up.

    By Nastya on 02.16.2013

  31. The sergeant suffered a strange fatigue what flatlining on a field of tundra death, with tumbleweeds encircling carcasses that decomposed, and flowers popped up all around the lonely bodies. Dandelions in eye sockets, a golden poppy nestled in a nostril, and al the pink and white carnations bursting from a ribcage, petals blooming from each gap of bone and life and breath and humanity.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.16.2013

  32. my body drained and fragile slumping into the corner of a barren room, waiting for the sweet release of slumber, my throat dry and cracking as i try to voice what’s been plaguing the forefront of my brain — i’ve been running for so long and trying not to think about how bad i fucking miss you but i do, i think about you still and it’s been a while but you’re lovely and i wish you thought of me

    By annaise URL on 02.16.2013

  33. As he peddled his bike up the steep hill, he tried not to think about the fatigue he felt in his legs and body. He had been cycling for days now.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.16.2013

  34. They say wicked deeds are done when hate marries boredom.

    The fatigue of it all.

    Perhaps it that simple.

    Perhaps it is for the want of activity that it is done at all.

    By Intuition URL on 02.16.2013

  35. She was very tired. Thursday is one of the longest days of the week. The anticipation for Fridays seemed to make Thursday last twelve long lifetimes. She fell asleep for three hours.

    By Sashaisme on 02.16.2013

  36. It’s tiring. Having to wake up in the morning and find the silence suffocating. The sun rising high in the sky mocking you with heat. It was sad. I feel tired. My body’s getting numb. I can’t. Not anymore.

    By Princess URL on 02.16.2013

  37. fat I guess thats what i like in a women, I like to work those bbw’s all night. I like to lose things in thier rolls and when i get fatigued i let them take a ride.

    By Heven Blickest on 02.16.2013

  38. She ran through the open door, panting and sweaty. All she could think about was him, he was her one and only reason to get out of bed. He was the only one who could motivate her, persuade her, love her. Everyday she went without him she felt tired and alone, but it was for him that she ran daily.

    By Chloe on 02.16.2013

  39. He was trying to write a story with the word ‘fatigue’. He was trying for three hours now. Yet noting came around, he wasn’t even thinking just staring at the sheet of paper.

    By Rony URL on 02.16.2013

  40. fatigue. lost, losing, leaving all behind but the bitter edges of consciousness. breath one more time, keep going, never stop. remember to keep dreaming.

    By MarsW URL on 02.16.2013