January 27th, 2017 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “executives”

  1. The executives were not pleased with her pitch, but Allison was determined to change their minds. Already she was working on a new angle; suddenly she was back in college, working all night and running on coffee and fumes. She remembered

    By daddyscowgirl94 URL on 01.27.2017

  2. I can’t help think that “executives” execute, and that’s what Trump and his cabinet are doing. They are about to execute the American public. They are winnowing, decimating, and these actions are not going to take random victims: they’re targeted at ethnic minorities, disabled people, LGBT’s, and women. I love the word “winnowing.” there are scifi stories, i believe, about the kind of winnowing our government is planning. “Silencing” is another good word for what’s going on here in the United States. Anyway, it’s probably a copout to write a political posting here. So I’ll write another post on executives and make it literary, fictional, and it will be colossal, awe-inspiring, the greatest post in the whole world. the metaphors alone will make me the greatest writer in the world. uh-oh, that was more political writing.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.27.2017

  3. He paid the paper on the table, slid it across the woodgrain surface with a single finger and stopped it just in front of me. I heard the click of the pen as he sat it across the contract, but I didn’t look at it. I just stared at the dotted line at the bottom. So insignificant, faint, and yet so heavy. My hand reached of its own accord for the pen, fingers trembling.

    By Courka URL on 01.27.2017

  4. Executives always walkin’ around thinkin’ their the top dogs just cause they got some money ‘er somethin’. We’ll show them. She placed the bomb in position and turned the timer to 30 seconds. Just enough time for her to get away, however not enough time for them to do the same.

    By Twiga URL on 01.27.2017

  5. There were three executives sitting in the boardroom when I entered. Two were men, and one was a woman. A young, beautiful, powerful woman. She wore a suit that was crisper and better fitting than her male counterparts, and she kept her curly brown hair swept up in the tidiest bun I had seen in my life. I was ready to swoon, but I had a presentation to start.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.27.2017

  6. Once on a business trip to lost vegas I went to an airport lounge and drank three glasses of chardonnay for free. With my boss.

    Airport lounges didn’t exist for me until then. They were just a figment of my imagination behind some frosted glass doors. Doors that opened on occasion while I scuffled by in the terminal, and I caught a glimpse of nice lighting and a receptionist in a crisp white shirt.

    By LPH URL on 01.27.2017

  7. a executive is a branch and a group

    By ayda URL on 01.27.2017

  8. big buildings and important people and offices and cubicles and lots of math and beeps and letters and computers and graphs and spreadsheets and suits and ties and people walking and watching and quiet and printers and lots of paper products. staplers maybe. and here the dudes come walking down the hallway and everyone is really nervous because they’re getting evaluated by the executives you know and it’s all nerve racking and everyone wants to do their best

    By jen on 01.27.2017

  9. I listen because that is the safest way. Not to get ahead as we once believed it might be. But simply to survive. Listening, following orders. Not questioning or thinking too much. All of these are things the Executives favor. All of these are things which help to increase our chances of survival.
    Of course, nothing is complete or absolute. There is always the chance that by whim or cruelty they may take action, simply to remind us all that the fear is alive.
    That is why today I choose another way; another path. That is why today I rebel.

    By terradi URL on 01.27.2017

  10. executives take
    the fruit of your arduous toil
    and feast forever

    By Kenneth Sno URL on 01.28.2017

  11. The laughter from the board room made her blood boil. She tried her best to ignore it.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.28.2017

  12. Leaders, descision makers, projects, ideals, private, lonely, bossey,

    By Lisa Henderson on 01.28.2017

  13. a board of executives sits around a long table. the table’s mahogany. it’s very long. it has a nice grain, mr. jones says. mr. jones has said this many times. the other executives nod and murmur in agreement. a very nice grain indeed, mr. jones says.
    there is a moment of silence. no one is quite sure what they were going to say. the fluorescent lights overhead buzz too loudly. maybe the lights are due for a changing, mr. johnson says. LED lights are better for the environment anyway, he says. a few of the other executives nod and murmur in agreement. mr. johnson feels validated in his opinion.

    By heretic URL on 01.28.2017

  14. Executive offices
    in high ass buildings
    filled with selfish mother fuckers
    with corrupt intentions
    Careless for many
    Only money and themselves
    Making trades and buying bonds
    Collecting dividends.


    By lauren URL on 01.28.2017

  15. pouring down the stairs a stream of hot headed hot shots walking nervous out their cages bringing strain with them unfolding and undoing their ties tired eyed executives make five pm like like 5 am and i haven showered today

    By marengo on 01.28.2017

  16. Tight suits compress in the gluttony that wants to spill out and show the world what they really are. Strained smiles trained to distract from the slick sweat glazed brows worried that you’ll see whats really behind the three-piece curtain

    By Mike Pinto on 01.28.2017

  17. The big cheeses

    By bree URL on 01.28.2017

  18. executives are sitting around a table trying to decide wheater to fire Greg over the illegal documents. Greg has helped the company a lot over the years with illegal documents.

    By Skye on 01.28.2017

  19. They thought they really had power, that the executive decision was the binding one. they were wrong. They forgot about us, the little people, the secretaries and assistants and janitors. The ones who carried out their orders. They forgot how slow downs can become stoppages, that a typo left uncorrected might matter, that they were just as human as the rest of us. They forgot. We did not.

    By Laura URL on 01.28.2017

  20. “It’s all the fault of those damn executives. They’re the ones who cut our paychecks.”
    “I know, And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. That’s what really frustrates me.”
    “Another drink?”
    “You bet.”

    By Brooke URL on 01.28.2017

  21. She made the executive decision to run away. It was the best choice, really. she didn’t want to become what they wanted her to be, but if she stayed she wouldn’t have any other choice. It wasn’t quite what her best friend was telling her to do, to deal with the situation. It was better. If she ran away, it all just disappeared, right?

    By Jasmine URL on 01.28.2017

  22. The executives, in their grey suits and white collared shirts, sat in a row along the table facing me. I knew my days were numbered, but there was no need for this disgusting irony. That I should sit in rags while they sat in silk was an intolerable injustice, and for that, I will not go down without a fight.

    By Catori URL on 01.28.2017

  23. Leaving the last counselling session.

    The air hurts. The sunlight is thin as a blade, and makes the eyes wet. The world around you feels too large. You are both already being lost to each other, while in proximity still: familiar coats brushing, one holding open the door for the other. Feet moving forward, no other direction to go. But neither looking at each other.

    Maybe beneath sorrow’s clenched breathing & disbelief you feel a little giddy, like lava under rock. “This is the way things will be, now.” You are still closed tight but the world feels wide open. The future, whatever sense of it you can have when you can barely breathe, veers back and forth from feeling like a precipe, to feeling like a warm field open in front of you.
    And your heart’s antennae senses all the streets you may discover now, that you never would have found before. All the strange corners, all the alley ways.
    The mind counters with visions of dead-ends and sheer rock cliffs.
    The heart says sea. The mind says shrinking ice floe. The hearts says clouds, the mind says grave.
    The payment is living with the consequences of your executive decision. There will be nights you look for comfort and can’t find it. There will be days you mourn that other known life, now only running a ghost parallel to the new green one. There will be a new ordinary that you must live with.

    By Danielle1 URL on 01.28.2017

  24. executive board of executive. i have made the executive decision that this is a dumbass plan and will not be executed. The executives executed their executive right to execute their plan

    By Anima URL on 01.28.2017

  25. They debated the pros and cons carefully. Their decision was made. But, in the end, it didn’t affect them at all.

    By Beth A URL on 01.28.2017

  26. Don’t really have the greatest image overall at the moment. However, the good ones are amazing. They are amazing leaders, coaches, role models, business persons, and so much more. I wish to be a great executive though showing myself by being a great human being first. It is where it all starts. The rest comes with time.

    By Ali on 01.28.2017

  27. The executives executed eggs electrically, ending eggy existences extremely easily.

    By B on 01.28.2017

  28. boring, up upon a pedestal, something we all talk about being just to keep our parents away, strangers who want us to know our life path at eight years old

    By Anastasia on 01.28.2017

  29. executives are important people who make decisions. they can be in an office, a school, a government office. They have great leadership skills and demonstrate visions for the enterprise.They steer the team in a planned direction and overcome obstacles. Troubleshooting and tactfulness is an art they live on.

    By vandy on 01.28.2017

  30. the goal is: to be the most sensitive
    like a little [deleted expletive]
    make sure your moral code is relative
    swallow the reality sedative
    avoid the competitive
    stay negative
    safe space accredited
    and don’t forget:
    it’s lame to be contemplative
    but cool to hate the executive

    By omqwat URL on 01.29.2017