September 26th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “evidence”

  1. evidence is a word used by law people on a crime or in court to diffend somone or acuse somone.

    By Matthew on 09.27.2011

  2. evidence in a crime. it’s something that supports a theory. there needs to be quite a lot of evidence for arrest an things like that.

    By kenzie on 09.27.2011

  3. it’s the thing that doubt doesn’t have, doubt doesn’t have evidence. really.

    By ruark on 09.27.2011

  4. the evidence! it points to the butler! the butler always does it. even when he doesn’t. unless, of course he didn’t. or it’s a red herrring. well, maybe. where’s sherlock when you need him?

    By Haley on 09.27.2011

  5. Evidence!? Evidencee. It is the key to accusation, the root of all conviction, and for most–like me–the password to acquittal. My driving record? Clean as a button. A button you say? Well show me the evidence. I can’t really see any reason not to. Evidence is the root of all evil. Chao.

    By Joseph Abdul-Malak URL on 09.27.2011

  6. Evidence. REAL detectives have to worry about a litle thing called…EVIDENCE! What is evidence anyways? How do you tell the difference between evidence and truth? Will anyone ever know the truth about anything, besides the truth itself? Everything in this world today is based on evidence…

    By jena on 09.27.2011

  7. There is no evidence. There is a shit ton of evidence. I don’t know what to talk about. The cop found no evidence while he was searching the crime scene. Until he found one piece of evidence that lead him to a house full of evidence. Evidence everywhere. Evidence to the ceiling all the was up his ass. You could breathe without breath.

    By Shelbi on 09.27.2011

  8. She scowled sharply at the scene before her. How to get rid of the evidence? A smear of red wiped across the sleek expanse of white marble counter like a lovers mouth caught opened in the beginning of a kiss. Oh who knew all this destruction could be cause by one wild moment with a cherry pie?

    By Kati on 09.27.2011

  9. Evidence is used to prove something or to solidify an idea. It is frequently used in science as well as in a court room or something similar. It is also very basic in that is can be used by children putting the blame on each other. Evidence is a common idea.

    By Chelsea on 09.27.2011

  10. ‘There must be evidence. Pure unadulterated proof. Something solid, not ethereal. Something I can feel and touch and set my mind to rest on. Hand it over ‘, said the head to the heart in the courtroom of logic. The heart whimpered and let go of all its clutched dreams, dispersing into the air like dandelion spores, disintegrating before they could take the stand. The case was thrown out, the state of logic ruling contempt.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.27.2011

  11. “I found the evidence you left at the crime scene. You are really dumb, for reals.”

    By Emma on 09.27.2011

  12. i am thinking if why some of my friends don’t tell their secrets to me..but i am trusted..why??

    By becxx URL on 09.27.2011

  13. we need proofs to believe. our eyes need to experience it ourselves. but what if we haven’t? should we stop believing? we must not.

    By Rafael Rodriguez URL on 09.27.2011

  14. Where is the evidence that he is telling me the truth this time. I need a sign or proof that I won’t make myself a fool this time. That he truly loves me and will never do this again. That sort of evidence does not exist. How can I ever progress never knowing the way that things really are?

    By Britty URL on 09.27.2011

  15. evidence is used to prosecute people in court and hopefully get the right person for crimes committed. its really a collection of clues left behind by the perpetrator.

    By Andy Smith on 09.27.2011

  16. evidence has lead us to what we know today. evidence is a great thing.

    By fred URL on 09.27.2011

  17. the evidence of his innnocence was on trial the jury the judge and everyone knew who was going to win. and the odds were not in his favor.

    By Anna.Marie on 09.27.2011

  18. What evidence have you found if you have to lead? To discovers a mysterious unknowing terror, you

    By Pedro on 09.27.2011

  19. bring me the evidence gandolf i wil look at it ……………… oha i have found the criminal it is you. you are not even yourself you are darthvader. i have unmask the mad man. WE ARE ALL SAFE.

    By makenzie on 09.27.2011

  20. I have no proof that evidence exists.

    By Miss T on 09.27.2011

  21. The evidence that exists is your failure to let true love exist. It’s evident that you can’t love me based on true love’s evidence.

    By Shira URL on 09.27.2011

  22. Evidence. Evidence of a crime. Evidence of what has happened. The evidence proves what has been said. Have your evidence, hold your evidence. The evidence stacks up against you, what will you do now? Evidence, proven, factual, here, real. Hold tight to your evidence, lest it all disappears.

    By Joe on 09.27.2011

  23. Aha! Evidence. Something you often see in murder mysteries or Law and Order. Like, “I have evidence that JOhn McCarthy stole $2,000 from Carlsbad International Bank.” or something

    By Damaris URL on 09.27.2011

  24. I have lots of evidence of the crash scene and it is nasty. Like really horrible and extremely destroyed

    By Henny on 09.27.2011

  25. There’s a lot of proof of feelings, evidence of how I feel about you woven into every moment. Every way I touch you. The fear and falling pit I get when I realize that I’m letting myself trust you. When trust was never an option before. I hope there’s no substantial evidence on why I shouldn’t.

    By Sammy on 09.27.2011

  26. there is no evidence that he is guilty of accusation.There needs to be presence of ample evidence to prove some as guilty

    By kunzes on 09.27.2011

  27. i have evidence that you have eaten the remander of the pie on the counter!!!
    yeah thats the evidence dude hahahaha!!!

    By Colin URL on 09.27.2011

  28. There’s a lot of proof of feelings, evidence of how I feel about you woven into every moment. Every way I touch you. The fear and falling pit I get when I realize that I’m letting myself trust you. When trust was never an option before. I hope there’s no substantial evidence on why I shouldn’t.

    By samantha URL on 09.27.2011

  29. will prove youre guilty!

    By amanda on 09.27.2011

  30. Something proven that is in front of your face!

    By Jina Kaye on 09.27.2011

  31. Yesterday I got photographic evidence that my lifestyle changes are having a visible effect on my overall appearance. It’s very encouraging and hopefully will last. The same is true for my writing habit. I’m making it stick regardless of the hurdles.

    By Todd URL on 09.27.2011

  32. All evidence seems to point to the fact that you are excellent. & I could spend this whole minute describing how & why you are excellent, but instead I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I have finally realised it. & it is A Good Thing. & I hope you prove me right.

    By Jenna URL on 09.27.2011

  33. I examined him and his room with furrowed brows and a tight jaw. On his table, a toppled pen holder. And notes with those horrid pictures peeking from beneath them. He tried in vain to cover it. But that was evidence enough of how I should never have trusted him.

    By bo on 09.27.2011

  34. there’s evidence of our love in your eyes. in your eyes. i see it right now. you glance up at me with a flirtatious eye. your long brown locks undulating in the wind. take me.

    By marie-claire on 09.27.2011

  35. People make arguments without any evidence these days . I mean you cannot believe everyhting you ready . There is always incorrect data. You cant trust all studies.

    By rohit on 09.27.2011

  36. evidence; entites which which prove or disprove a circumstance or theory.

    By Eamonn URL on 09.27.2011

  37. To present physical facts, with the intent to convince or persuade. Also things from past events that, shit…..Time’s up.

    By John12Condors URL on 09.27.2011

  38. It’s not there. It never was there. There’s no evidence to prove we existed. No pictures. No letters. No memories… none for you at least. You’ve forgotten.

    By Allison URL on 09.27.2011

  39. Evidence.. became an obsession. After discovering him, she was sure all the others were the same. She repeated her suspicion with another.. digging, digging….but she found none.

    By j5j URL on 09.27.2011

  40. Sometimes, when building a case against an alleged perpetrator or someone of the like, it is necessary to compile evidence against them. Solid, tangible objects serve well as do eyewitness accounts. This is all based purely on my experience watching crime shows, however.

    By Austin Archinal URL on 09.27.2011