September 16th, 2016 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “eulogy”

  1. Izzy never thought that she would have to be giving an eulogy for her baby brother, Max. Never thought that someone so innocent, so loving, so young, could be taken away from her family in an instant by someone so horrifying as Sebastian — as Valentine’s son.

    By Kathryn on 09.16.2016

  2. I don’t remember my father’s eulogy. The idea makes me sad, as if someone’s life could be simplified into one paragraph.

    I don’t want one

    By Carmel on 09.16.2016

  3. He knew that this day would come, the day that he would lose the love of his life. Being timeless, ageless — it is more painful than ever, now. He didn’t want to say a word as he stood at the pulpit, much less say something in front of people who never knew Maddox like he did.

    By Kathryn URL on 09.16.2016

  4. eulogy, if what i feel when im with you. as you see i don’t een know what this word means but it sounds so especial and intelligent that i think that’s what i feel when im with you.

    By Michelle URL on 09.16.2016

  5. It’ a difficult word to look at. I want to write what i really think but I’m afraid it will manifest. We get attached to our loved ones. We don’t want the memories to fade, but to keep people alive we must live by their virtues and morals. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s life.

    By emine sharma URL on 09.16.2016

  6. she
    she was like the sky
    everytime i look at her my world was perfectly fine
    all she was looking for was to fit in
    all she was looking for was an eulogy

    By Michelle URL on 09.16.2016

  7. I tried to write my mother’s eulogy, but all I could do was doodle on the paper in front of me. They weren’t nice doodles, either. Normally, when I was bored or stressed, I’d let graphite spirals erupt from my pencil, or funky shapes and circles leave their inky trails. These drawings were different. They were jagged, with definite ends – no cycle, just point A to B, point Alive to Point Buried in the Ground.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.16.2016

  8. A dying swan
    Can still be beautiful.
    The solo from Swan Lake
    Is one of my favorites.
    So much expression
    In such little time.
    One last moment
    Before it’s gone.

    By Katie URL on 09.16.2016

  9. Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life.

    By Lauren on 09.16.2016

  10. a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died.

    Who would you want to write your eulogy? Theres no one I’d trust enough to write mine.

    By Kae URL on 09.16.2016

  11. how would i like my eulogy to read. have i done anything worth eulogizing? what should i do what can i do….why won’t i better start living and doing something worth writing about.

    By Stephanie on 09.16.2016

  12. Today I danced. I felt what music could do. Feel, soar and dive and writhe and all of those explosions of bad and good and bad in the good. I danced and it was ugly and it was beautiful, and it felt like an unending flight.

    By Loreto Besoul URL on 09.16.2016

  13. We as humans love eulogy.It is hardwired inside our brain.We love when someone praises us.We all want respect and love from others.It creates a sense of illusion in our

    By Daniyal URL on 09.16.2016

  14. A eulogy demanded nice and sanitized things to be read out in front of a fake crowd. But he couldn’t stop it. Out came many abuses after trying to stay calm for long.

    By suriti URL on 09.16.2016

  15. i had to google the meaning of eulogy
    not a native speaker of love, you know
    learning it from the basics
    from the belly of my toes
    to the shoulders of his nose
    “euloging” all day long
    before and after you die
    i do not want you to die
    you will anyway
    if you die first, i hope ill cope
    logic is your thing
    id just say: eww, logic…

    By too stable URL on 09.16.2016

  16. I love the part where Tig is talking about giving a eulogy for her mother and all she could think about was how her mom had taught her to tell people to fuck off. She was thinking of telling that story as the eulogy but then worried about saying fuck in front of a priest and then she her mom’s voice as clear as if she speaking somewhere deep inside her brain “oh honey, if the priest don’t like it, he can fuck off too!” .

    By Anniee URL on 09.16.2016

  17. What does it mean? I don’t understand the word. eu… logy… i think of the french word when eu pronounce ö.

    By My on 09.17.2016

  18. it was the most difficult thing for her to do, write one for someone she loved the most. she was never good at it. but she wondered if she was stressed because it had to be good and make others cry or because it was too hard to actually say what she wanted …

    By Kopal on 09.17.2016

  19. He praised the writer’s eloquent diction and his brilliant ability to create a touching atmosphere in his eulogy,

    By BR on 09.17.2016

  20. praise

    By mona URL on 09.17.2016

  21. dead person, this is something you say on a funeral. eulogy sounds sad. eulogy is

    By Peter URL on 09.17.2016

  22. My mother’s eulogy was the hardest to hear. I never thought about what she might’ve felt when my father died. I always assumed they were nothing but strangers to each other after twenty five years apart, but now I realize that love runs deeper and longer than I knew.

    By Shiana on 09.17.2016

  23. feeling uninspired I sit. Obviously they asked me to write the eulogy. His best friend, his roommate, his lover. The only problem is, I never met him. I guess I thought it would all be over once he was dead. But it’s just caused more problems.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 09.17.2016

  24. Writing a eulogy sucks. Not the highlight of my life. Then had to read it. Hardest time of my life already, that just topped it off.

    By Kristine on 09.17.2016

  25. They sat on the docks, looking out on the burning boat. As the runner approached from inland, a hand punched through the burning heap.

    By Lee Quarella URL on 09.17.2016

  26. Eulogy, well when I think of this word the first thing that comes to mind it’s whats read at a funeral. This is what is used to tell about a person and let everyone know who and what they were about. There are some very accomplished people in the world and you want to celebrate their memory.

    By Sheena on 09.17.2016

  27. dr house said that he would not give a eulogy because he disliked his father very much.How to decoratate the table as the casket prop for the eulogy at the funeral

    By Euginia Liapich on 09.17.2016

  28. At the same time, the witch in the high rise bled on her floor. Her blood and lymph soaked into the cracks between the tile.

    This seems quite irrelevant, or at the very least redundant, but what you have to remember is that the girl was a witch, and witches, much like English teachers like to thing of authors, rarely do anything without purpose.

    And the purpose was soon to become clear.

    When her watchers made to leave the penthouse suite, soon after they had created a foolhardy plan to escape the witch’s curse, they couldn’t move.

    By AMeursault URL on 09.17.2016

  29. The eulogy was short and informal. Gazing around the room, Emily guessed that at least half of the shabbily dressed guests had never even spoken to Colin, and almost certainly none had ever loved him.

    She had never felt so very alone.

    By Jim URL on 09.17.2016

  30. I do not know what eulogy means, so I will not write about it.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.17.2016

  31. Have no idea what this word means, but I can guess that it’s something to do with either nature or the earth.

    By Andrew on 09.17.2016

  32. When we all came to know,he was no more and were finally able to take ourselves to the final funeral,we gave our eulogy

    By Phalguni URL on 09.17.2016

  33. She didn’t want to get up there. Every eye in the church was on her, but she sat firmly in her seat with her hands under her thighs. “Jessie?” She felt a hand on her back and she shook her head furiously, willing the tears to stop. It was no use. She stood and fled in the opposite direction of the pulpit.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.17.2016

  34. She sat there staring at the paper. How could she write a eulogy for someone she barely knew? When did she get here? Just a few written letters with a man that claimed to be a relation and now she was preparing to speak at his funeral? Sighing, she got up to pace.

    By Alyssa Williams on 09.17.2016

  35. When he first arrived at the Buddhist temple, the early morning air was cool and he close a shady spot to sit. But as the day wore on, more people came, the shady spot moved and by the time they started with the eulogy, Uncle Boun was cranky, hot and tired.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.17.2016

  36. It was time to give the eulogy. He walks slowly up the aisle of the church. He felt too young for this. He turned to face the congregation and his eyes met hers. She held his gaze his for a moment and then glanced down. Maybe afterwards there would be time to talk.

    By John on 09.17.2016

  37. A eulogy, they’ve asked me to write eulogy. What do you say, where do you start? A eulogy, a tribute for a man I never really knew

    By SleepyleBeef on 09.17.2016

  38. Her grandpa’s eulogy was a cheerful one. The minister spoke of the love of his wife, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His life had been a full one. And he had been loved.

    By Ruth on 09.17.2016

  39. ‘Tragedy, When the morning cries and you don’t know why, It’s hard to bear,With no one to love you You’re goin’ nowhere…’ Is she really singing this, I thought,accapella and at a funeral? I turned to look at the reaction of the rest of the family, a wave of stunned and bewildered expressions washed over the congregation. Uncle pete leaned in and whispered ‘Now thats a eulogy’

    By SleepyleBeef on 09.17.2016

  40. i dont know what that mean’s.

    By Malaya Mahala URL on 09.17.2016