March 13th, 2013 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “eternal”

  1. It is eternal glory that all people yearn for. Silently spirits pass eachother, dancing through life, delicately stepping, avoiding death. Eternal life is eternal glory, for in death a crown means little, and bosting is pointless when no one is there to commemorate your achevements, life is the only option.

    By Tor on 03.13.2013

  2. No. I will eternally regret my choice, forever in sin, Byronic hero.

    By Tor on 03.13.2013

  3. “Eternal”
    They said, “Time is up.”
    How ironic.

    By Tor URL on 03.13.2013

  4. Sipping eternity is so sating, like inhaling youth until it’s pollen crusts your lungs. From the inside out, it rejuvenates and warns the rest of the world so old and cracking that spring is coming, spring returns.

    By creepestbloom URL on 03.13.2013

  5. the eternal city was packed with people waiting to see the new pope. the cold,

    By Michelle on 03.13.2013

  6. Eternal is forever. Anything and everything is eternal, but, nothing but time can exist forever. But everything leaves its mark forever, hence being eternal.

    By EnnaS on 03.13.2013

  7. they were all eternal. they wished they were human, yet they could not be, they watched faces and time pass by as they stayed frozen, never able to move. they watched civilizations fall and places built, and they stayed and watched till the world ended.

    By Needa on 03.13.2013

  8. She was eternal. She had no beginning, no end. She simply was. She was the one who had created everything in the beginning and she was the one everything would return to at the end. She was forgotten in the passage of time, but she would be remembered later. Everything had a pattern, she simply had to bide her time.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.13.2013

  9. The limitless blue ocean of sky unfolds before me like a blank page. Sailing up to the unknown. The void dizzies my limited mind as I try to fathom eternity. Untether my mind.

    By Sarah URL on 03.13.2013

  10. Eternal is a long time.I once lived for a second which seemed eternal. I was walking out of school and saw, on the steps, hastening towards me the women I knew i would fall in love with.

    By tim URL on 03.13.2013

  11. The limitless blue ocean of sky unfolds before me like a blank page. Sailing up to the unknown. The void dizzies my limited mind as I try to fathom eternity. Untether, oh soul.

    By Sarah URL on 03.13.2013

  12. večan, večna, večno. večnost. ej, pa to je ogromna reč za ovako malo vremena. ili nije? večnost je relativna, kao i sve ostalo. i mi smo.

    By tamara on 03.13.2013

  13. how can we prove love to anything anyone, to ourselves? one day we feel a passion drive, life telling us one thing is eternal love. and the next we feel the same for someone completely different. nothing is eternal. true love doesnt exist. love is a series of decisions.

    By lauragill URL on 03.13.2013

  14. Every moment is eternal, in that there is nothing we can change about it. We only get to live it once, we only have one chance to get it right, so what we do matters. There are no do-overs, no Mulligans, no second chances. One shot, that’s all we get.

    By chipschap URL on 03.13.2013

  15. forever. some things are meant o last forever while others are not. I think eternal is so vast and incomprehensible that a lot of the times, I try not to think about what it would mean for me. Can our brains even fathom something that goes on forever and ever? Explosion.

    By Kathleen DeVries URL on 03.13.2013

  16. He dreaded the paradise before him. The eternal satisfaction would rob him of his very humanity – his sadness ripped away, his feelings mere guarantees from day to day. No longer would he have a battle to fight, no love to chase after, no grand adventure.

    By Archori URL on 03.13.2013

  17. Neverending. From alpha to omega. Going on long after I am gone. Is this yearning an eternal flame? JFKs eternal flame. From here to eternity. Eternal, nocturnal, vernal.

    By Wendy on 03.13.2013

  18. Forever after. Love holds you in place. Eternally is what you wish for, not necessarily what you get. Hope shatters most. Eternal family, forevermore by your side. The world is destined to die, yet everyone hope for an eternal earth

    By Courtney Hoe on 03.13.2013

  19. Something that lasts forever. It can never stop, it is something that will always be. Something inside us i feel, like a spirit or even a soul. What connects us to everything. The wordl, the sun, the stars. It is beautiful. Like the Forms of Plato.

    By MrsK on 03.13.2013

  20. I saw her next to the cafe, she obviously didn’t ´t saw me. Nobody could ever saw me. My death was as my love to her. Eternal

    By Santiago Hernández Torres URL on 03.13.2013

  21. Xiaoyun grasped my wrist, her eyes glowing with the autumn leaves. I could her breath getting heavier, feel the snow building up on her tongue, her blood slowing down but even this trembling shadow of hers managed to whisper: “This is eternal” before her slender fingers slid down, painting five red lines on my wrist.

    By kirish URL on 03.13.2013

  22. The best and worst thing about my older sister was that she wanted her childhood to be eternal. I remember a time when I was merely five years old, beating up a kid on the playground with my backpack full of rocks for pushing her down. I remember her twelve year old figure hunched in front of the TV, laughing genuinely at Barney the Dinosaur. I remember a lot of things. Mostly, the way life tore her apart.

    By Billie on 03.13.2013

  23. She’d lived with him for centuries and yet their love was as if it had only begun. They argued sure, but ultimately, they would make up, and like again. It was in their nature, such as it was, and they didn’t need changing. So it was until the snake, and the apple. They hadn’t given the tree more than a passing thought. It became their downfall.

    By Naz on 03.13.2013

  24. come on, try me. go a little further, push back a little harder this itme. i can withstand your trials, i can overcome whatever you send down here, for however long your breath lasts, jackass.
    please, show me the whole extent of your relentless wrath, since we do have forever, old friend.
    eventually, it’ll be you and me aone all over again, and then i shall rise above this piece of rock floating through the ever-expanding blackness and reveal to you the abs i’ve been working on for the last eon.

    By berenique URL on 03.13.2013

  25. Eternal,
    never ending,

    Bull doodoo.

    By JDwrites URL on 03.13.2013

  26. “I could lie and say that it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t count. But the truth of it is, in every way, every angle of this conundrum, it DOES matter.” The clarity of his mind, this burgeoning idea is the answer to all their problems. And the eternally grateful Clark thought back to the day when they first met–by accident, in his mind he knows it was somehow meant to happen. Darius and his basket of vegetables on his way home from the market, and one distracting look caused him to collide head-on with Clark. All the contents of the basket on the floor, and Clark noticed that unusually large egg. It couldn’t have been an ostrich’s egg; he knows what it looked like. This one was different. When Darius took him to the side and explained to him what it actually was, where he got it from, that day they both knew a friendship has begun and would span ages of time and only grow stronger. That day, they found out about the dragon egg. That dragon egg matters, and it will deliver them and their people to freedom they so clearly deserve.

    By Tricia URL on 03.13.2013

  27. I can taste it in the air
    The way the wind feels cool against my teeth
    And threatens to blow them in
    I see it in the way that I wake up
    When only for a moment
    I think like an animal
    So when you tell me I will die
    I can shake my head
    This world will cease to be one day
    But I’ll last longer than the air

    By slantedstories URL on 03.13.2013

  28. I’ve always been a wisher, putting my faith in meteor showers
    I’d watch for 11:11, always counting down the hours
    But everything I’ve hoped for, all I dreamed of in the past
    I’d give it all away for this one wish for you, my last.

    By Carly URL on 03.13.2013

  29. “Your eyes are…”

    There’s a long pause before he’s able to finish this. She smiles expectantly at him, somehow benign and patronizing at the same time. Like an older sister, but definitely sexier.

    “Eternal,” he finally settles on. The very eyes he was just pondering turn sad.

    “If you only knew,” she murmurs. Then she shakes herself. “C’mon, let’s grab something to eat.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.13.2013

  30. Eternal youth and eternal misery. I hope some things will last forever. Cause endings and goodbyes suck.

    By Jason URL on 03.13.2013

  31. I fly in an eternal dream were all I could find is you, you deep, you transparent, you and the sky above us. And then I wake up

    By Pamela Dioni on 03.13.2013

  32. Every moment circuitous

    the pain or the beauty of the moment
    if now was forever could I appreciate that
    Every moment is a snapshot eternal

    Perhaps non-existent

    By jonathon URL on 03.13.2013

  33. Every moment circuitous

    the pain or the beauty of the moment
    if now was forever could I appreciate that
    Every moment is a snapshot eternal

    Perhaps non-existent

    By jonathon URL on 03.13.2013

  34. What is eternal? Where do we go from here? There must be a higher level of being…

    By Paulie Aragon on 03.13.2013

  35. Forever blooming, flowing, running, walking, flying, zooming, soaring, floating; just being in the moment. Never looking back always forward, always moving, always changing, always.

    By anshu on 03.13.2013

  36. Nothing is eternal, everything ends.

    By Matt Burke URL on 03.13.2013

  37. forever, always there, impossible, word that starts with e, rhymes with urinal, has some of the same letters as stern, vampire, plants, nothing

    By Darrah Young on 03.13.2013

  38. Enternal. Eternal, eternal, eternal. Wat is life all about? Is it really eternal? Can you really live forever? Or does only your soul? Do you even have a soul? Do you really believe your answer? Can you count on after life? I don’t know, eternity seems like a joke, but you know what? Forever young.

    By Ortal on 03.13.2013

  39. A long time. Eternally, to be exact. But, eternal is something different for each person. Time, place. What is it for you? Is it the blue sky above or the salty ocean reaching out?

    By Lindsey URL on 03.13.2013

  40. In Temple we have the Eternal light which glows constantly.
    the light means life and hope. it is a beacon to all who see it.

    By Robin on 03.13.2013