December 31st, 2011 | 109 Entries

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109 Entries for “estate”

  1. board half
    few’ll mas
    tie… ze ‘N

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.31.2011

  2. i imagine acres of land, something extremely grand– something left to an heir of an extremely wealthy fortune. extravagant, expansive, expensive.

    By rosa URL on 12.31.2011

  3. being with you, i want to make you smile, i want to be your everything, but every day it feels like i am slowly slipping back to something and closer to nothing. I know that hearts change, i know that love wanes, but I want to know what to do to make you smile. I want to know how to win all your heart. I don’t want to use threats and tears. I want to be someone who matters enough that you can feel safe with. because recently it just feels like all I can do is hold you and hope and pray that somewhere, you still trust me. Your actions look tired, you are very reluctant. And I know that everyone is privy to their own thoughts, but we talk about a future, but I don’t want to be the one always wondering. I’m smarter than that. I have stronger emotional ties to you than that. Doesn’t it feel nice to know someone cares about you, regardless of all? What about me? Am I allowed to feel the same too?

    You might turn it and say something like, “Then we shouldn’t be together if it doesn’t seem like I can give you the love you want.” But that’s not the point. I know you love me. I know you are stressed with life and have so much on your mind. You should know that I’m here for you always. But please, I don’t like this barrier you’ve built around yourself, to protect yourself from the world or to make yourself feel mysterious.

    I should stop making excuses, allowing you to take residence in my heart’s estate without your knowledge or consent. But, please, tell me, what am I suppose to do? Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning it through and through.

    By Spark URL on 12.31.2011

  4. home, extremely rich home, in some cases “mobile home parks” often have “estate” in their names, something that is left behind when one dies an “electronic” state to live

    By jeffrandom on 12.31.2011

  5. the estate was large and vast just acres and acres of land. Fields of grass and woods, peaceful and quiet. I looked up at Ky for a reaction. his face was blank and i started to panic until a wide smile creased on his face. “w-what do you think?” i croaked nervously. “I think,” he said carefully, “i think i like it.” A rush of joy ran through me and before i could stop myself i jumped up in the air screaming yes! Ky looked at me condescendingly. “what?” i said innocently.

    By Alibay on 12.31.2011

  6. An estate is big, beautiful and not mine. But actually I do have an estate – if by that you mean a home and a yard – but they also talk about estate sales. That means someone had possessions when they died and now it is time to get rid of them. When I die Iwill have an estate that someone will have to take care of. My goal is to lose as much as possible before that time comes.

    By Sebtown URL on 12.31.2011

  7. “I spent last Christmas there, at the Powell Estate with-”
    He cut himself off, and Donna saw him stiffen, as if from a pain in his stomach.
    “Anyway,” he said, briefly. “gone now.”

    By Tess on 12.31.2011

  8. All the pretty things she held so dearly in life were now up for sale. Greedy fingers snatching her teapots. Sweaty palms fondling her jewelry. They were just things. Pretty little trinkets. Souvenirs. Collectors of dust. No real value, other than what she bestowed upon them. Sentimentality. To her they were memories, to which she clung, lest she forget. All that is left of what was, what had been, of a formerly vibrant life. Now costing under twelve dollars.

    By under that tree URL on 12.31.2011

  9. garden bushes swirls abyss when time does come undone unzip your blunders fall back free into the lights don’t love don’t know don’t exist save for in the lake of green in the waves that sheen with an organic light loving you and knowing you and knowing that you are nothing nothing nothing

    By courtney on 12.31.2011

  10. I wonder what it’d live on someplace big enough that you could call it an ‘estate’. And… is it bigger than a Ranch? I think the Skywalker Ranch is pretty big, but it could just as easily be a Skywalker Estate. What’s the difference I wonder? Is one more civilized and one more wild? I’m pretty sure an estate implies more well groomed lawns and less wild country. I could be wrong though…that’s happened once or twice :)

    By MsMoon URL on 12.31.2011

  11. White picket fences boarder this neo-paradise, where the grass is always greener and there is no other side. Such ignorant minds.

    By navy URL on 12.31.2011

  12. It was a large, sprawling estate, almost like something straight out of The Secret Garden.

    I busied myself for an entire afternoon, thinking, wondering and imagining what it must’ve been like to be a little girl, exploring through an old forgotten world.

    It was beautiful, it was strange.

    I found that I liked it very much.

    I hoped that they would let me stay with him–even if he was recovering from a nervous breakdown, I didn’t think we could scare each other any more than we already had.

    By Sara H. URL on 12.31.2011

  13. An estate is more than a house or property. It goes beyond and tells of the legacy and life of the family. Symbolizing all they have built and worked for to be passed on the the next generation.

    By Meagan on 12.31.2011

  14. I went to an estate sale last weekend! I love going to them. They are like garage sales but with much better choices and many more vintage pieces. The only thing I dislike about estate sales is that everything is so expensive; so when I come across something that is fun and inexpensive I snatch it right up!!

    By JenniferK on 12.31.2011

  15. How could anyone live in a castle like that, with those vast board-game grounds that go on forever? Sure, it would be fun as a child to play hide-and-seek in, but once you’re grown-up, you’re too old for such games, and you have to live in that emptiness and stiff beauty. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a squat little cottage somewhere by the sea? Bringing in driftwood and yellow flowers, making tea and little fires, and snuggling up with someone on a stormy night, huddled within old walls. That’s the kind of estate I want.

    By Sarah on 12.31.2011

  16. The weather was perfect for sitting out in the porch. The spring smell, like freshness so new it was foreign. The estate my grandmother left me was like something out of Huckleberry Finn

    By Seansj URL on 12.31.2011

  17. My estate was shot in the toe last year when everything went upside down. Estates use to be inheritance for children, now they are inheriting debits and we are inheriting worry about our estates.

    By Dlc URL on 12.31.2011

  18. “Wow” I breathed, looking over at Ella’s face. “This is where you live?” mutely, she nodded. “It’s not a house! It’s an estate!” “I told you I was rich” She said. “Not like this you didn’t” I said glaring at her “What are your parents going to think of me?”

    By RedQueen on 12.31.2011

  19. The new year seems so full of possibilities right now. It’s shiny, gleaming like an estate on some hill at the peak of an oasis-type country. The outside is majestic and beautiful and strong and it seems like there’s so much to do, so much that’s possible, it feels like you’re on top of the world.

    But once I open the door, I have this terribly foreboding feeling it’s going to be a completely different story.

    By Julia M URL on 12.31.2011

  20. The estate was everything she had imagined. White picket fence and blue door and all. A place for a husband and kids and mostly, a place for a home.

    By Sun on 12.31.2011

  21. the thing that’s left to you when your family members die. Probably from back when the rich families had estates, not just a house but an acres of land to call their own. Who managed those. No wonder old english familes had more retainers than family members

    By Jessica on 12.31.2011

  22. It was once a splendid estate – rows of neatly lined hedges running up the winding driveway, acres of well manicured land and rolling hills, servants wandering slowly about, maintaining the mostly unused relic of power.

    By lmcadams URL on 12.31.2011

  23. Sometimes it gets so hard to keep on a pace with everything going on with your life and everything you wish and everything you desire to do. It’s like you’re trying your best to keep running your estate perfectly and everyone around you is looking up upon you and you just don’t have the guts to let anyone down!

    By Salma Elkhamy URL on 12.31.2011

  24. Estate

    One of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever held was executor and trustee of my parents estate. So much stuff to dispose of. So much diplomacy needed when dealing with other family members. So much heartache when it seems like money is more important than relationships.

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.31.2011

  25. I didn’t live there.. well at least I don’t anymore
    it was like the floor just fell from underneath me
    and I’ve just been running ever since
    but now I can’t find my way back

    By doodlenoodles URL on 12.31.2011

  26. I wish we owned a large estate by the seashore, just you and me in this big house that’s all ours, to do with it what we want.

    By Becky on 12.31.2011

  27. What is an estate? I mean, I am only 12!!!!! GRRRRR

    By Ilsa Doxsee URL on 12.31.2011

  28. My heart is open
    Real estate, available
    To rent or to own

    By Catherine McClarin URL on 12.31.2011

  29. “Haven’t you ever wanted to go there, to walk over the estate and see how the people lived?”
    “Not really. It has always seemed to private.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.31.2011

  30. The estate was on the far south of the little town. It was pretentious, really. The hedges, so perfectly trimmed it was almost a sin–their regard for nature was clearly not conventional.

    By Jessica G on 12.31.2011

  31. can mean a property or properties that an individual is legally entitled to and/or owns.

    By Meg Rossi URL on 12.31.2011

  32. Estate is the best they could come up with for New Year’s Eve? I wanted something a tad more inspiring. Expecting something really. I think we’ve been shafted this go round. Ahh, well you can’t win them all.

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 12.31.2011

  33. I hate how, once you’re all liver spots and sadness, when you’ve aged 80 years and your lover has gone and left the world, you’re left to leave all of your possessions, all of those 80 years of memories, in some crappy estate sale on the side of the road.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 12.31.2011

  34. I was unprepared for a pretentious estate. I wanted to see you to your house. I didn’t want ruffles or starch or cotton gin or any gin for that matter. We found the best bottles and drank them empty. Crystal, I think. I wasn’t prepared to stay longer, so I stayed, too drunk to care.

    By Leana URL on 12.31.2011

  35. Estate sales have contained my best pieces.
    Things like overly patterned long skirts and shoulder pad filled robes and just craziness all around.

    By Lor-n URL on 12.31.2011

  36. home deceased older person sale
    possessions death

    By Sara Cummings on 12.31.2011

  37. It conjures up visions of expansive lawns and gigantic mansions, but really, any piece of property you own becomes your estate. My estate was a small cottage located at the end of a hard to traverse road in the middle of nowhere, but it was a castle to me.

    By JanRobertson on 12.31.2011

  38. This is so annoying. I didn’t know that one word REALLY meant just one word. I got this word when I logged in as a guest, I got this word once I’d signed up, and now, here it is again. That is a lot of coverage for just ONE WORD!
    My original entry didn’t get recorded and of course, it was brilliant!

    By JanRobertson URL on 12.31.2011

  39. The estate of my father was difficult to manage and the family members were unhappy with the results. I would give anything to have dad back again, and let the hazy, unhappiness surround this estate be no more!

    By Rose West URL on 12.31.2011

  40. When I heard the word estate, I said, “What, you mean a big giant mansion or something?” Then he stared at me with a look that clearly questioned my sanity, and maybe my parentage. I would stare back while spouting questions like, “What? Am I wrong? So what’s an estate, really? WHAT?” and all the while he would continue to silently judge my IQ points right in front of me. I really hated when he did that. If I didn’t know what a word meant or understand the concept that is “common sense,” he would always act as if I should of known. That as if all the basic knowledge of humankind was suppose to be automatically inserted in my brain at birth. But someday, I swear, I’m going to show that boy that he doesn’t know everything in the world. Maybe with a brick in each hand. That asshole.

    By L URL on 12.31.2011