November 1st, 2011 | 427 Entries

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427 Entries for “epiphany”

  1. I had an epiphany the other day. It’s funny how you don’t usually have to think about something very hard to have one, but then all of a sudden, it just happens. It just appears in your mind like a brilliant explosion of fireworks going off right before your eyes and you know so much more than you did before and it’s really… peaceful.

    By Audra Claire URL on 11.01.2011

  2. not really sure where to go or rather where to start i suppose for most people epiphany is something that just happens for me i know that this is a process i am always working on my next big thing and concentrating on when my breakthru will happen i suppose that this is a epiphany in itself. Realization, isn’t it grand!

    -Jae Byrd

    By jae byrd URL on 11.01.2011

  3. what i have been experience all day. for the past week i have been angry. i have stewing in it. i had started to become annoyed with any and everyone. everyone was an enemy ad misunderstanding me then it hit me it was my damn ego speaking. i got it. my ego

    By lou rok on 11.01.2011

  4. apples are called maça in Portuguese. maça has almost the same sound that massa that mean mass in English. how do you call

    By andrea on 11.01.2011

  5. if i only knew what epiphany meant maybe i could write about it. sometimes i just think i’m so retarded. i mean really, you know those really interesting people that you meet? they ALWAYS know the meanings of all these big fancy words. i think one day i should just open a dictionary and ready the entire thing.

    By sydnie on 11.01.2011

  6. I don’t know what this word means! I’ve tried to look up in an online dictionary but the translation didn’t make sense to me either. So it looks like I’m gonna use these sixty seconds up to a word I don’t even know the meaning of

    By Deez on 11.01.2011

  7. I had an epiphany. I realized that what I was doing, was not what I wanted to be doing. And it hit me, hard that this was my life, what I had made it, what I had let it become. Best get to work setting things right.

    By jasmith URL on 11.01.2011

  8. i had an epiphany today about what i am and what i want you to be i don’t want you to change really i don’t but there are just a few things about you that make me shiver and not in the good tingly goose bumps kind of way you’re pretty you are you’re trim and your hair is the perfect sun kissed brown and when the sun’s out so is your strength upon my soul but when the sun switches places with the moon you’re cruel and your face is void of the life and love that shine during the hours of the sun. i love you i do, but today i had an epiphany.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.01.2011

  9. Epiphanies come at the oddest times. Mine came while kneeling in front of a toilet in the back of a Starbucks, but hey, at least mine came. It took about five seconds before my boss came pounding at the door

    By Sarah on 11.01.2011

  10. epiphany is always a more girl way to say revelation, although i spend way too much of my time supposedly coming upon epiphany/revelations…and this song is making me think way too much of blake and winter. back to epiphany. well i had a few of those in the winter, so i suppose this song relates well.

    By Sally Branscomb on 11.01.2011

  11. I was wandering one day, and suddenly i had an epiphany. Who comes up with words like epiphany. E pip hany. Madness. It makes you think. If words like gerumyilk were a normal word, we wouldn’t think twice. But when you disect words. They lose their meaning.. You begin to think, is it even real? Who knows. What even are words? What even is a meaning?

    By Connie Baldwin URL on 11.01.2011

  12. She suddenly had an epiphany: it was HIM. He was the one she was supposed to be with all this time. He knew her best out of anyone, knew that she loved lilies and hated carnations. Why had she ignored him this entire time? How could she have overlooked her own best friend all this time? Would he accept her feelings after she had denied his?

    By Jasmine URL on 11.01.2011

  13. The sudden truth of his love sent shivers down my spine. The epiphany sent tens of millions of pin pricks down my skin. My realization came far too late and I’m afraid I’ll never meet someone who loved me so truly and flawlessly.

    By stephaniewrites URL on 11.01.2011

  14. I don’t know the exact meaning of this word, but I do know that I heard it on the film Hook when I was younger and it is one of them moments from the film which I just seem to remember for no particular reason. I think it is when you have a sudden idea or thought which explains something or is really good.

    By Emily on 11.01.2011

  15. One day my friend and I were walking down the hallway and she shouts
    I ask her what and she just says “I felt like saying the word… EPIPHANY!”

    By K on 11.01.2011

  16. I didn’t know it was inside of me,
    The kind of thing I want to be,
    The things I think but silently and
    Muse upon the possibility
    That I’ll wake from this life finally
    In a remarkable epiphany

    By Geejay URL on 11.01.2011

  17. light
    the war
    the truth

    By diei on 11.01.2011

  18. i just did this one three times!!! wth i would like amother word please

    By johnny k on 11.01.2011

  19. and that’s when the epiphany struck, that maybe i shouldn’t be so hard on myself. perhaps its me who is the source of all of this pressure. after all, who else even cares as to the choices i make? the path i choose? the weight is upon my own shoulders.

    By t URL on 11.01.2011

  20. the sudden idea. something needs to change. when you die, and it didn’t seem to be your time, perhaps death will give you a chance to change yourself, to find an epiphany. life saving, life changing, life ending, life starting. something new, something different, something scary, something calm, something big. something someone says to you, something you say to someone.

    By Jacie on 11.01.2011

  21. epiphany

    By Anonymous on 11.01.2011

  22. I’m never going to be happy. I think that’s for the movies and books where you can make tidy endings and all the loose ends make sense. Not here, not now, not in my lifetime. I’m just bitter, waiting for the end. That’s my epiphany.
    Sitting next to these people every day, at work, waiting for retirement.

    By Jess on 11.01.2011

  23. As her skin prickled with the touch of magic like static electricity, the answer flashed behind her eyes. It seared her retinas with its heat, and she coughed, trying to get the fire from her drying throat.

    By Trisha Schuman URL on 11.01.2011

  24. I Don’t know if that is true though,” she said with a scowl. “I don’t think you can just feel like that.

    “I know you can. I had an epiphany about it. Believe me. It’s possible to come up with thing that quickly. Otherwise, how could your plan have worked?”

    By Emily on 11.01.2011

  25. an epiphany is what i had in sixth grade when i realized that god made me. he took the time to form my face and know my name. god, where are you? why can’t i feel you? i would give my legs for that feeling again. shit. wait. don’t take my legs! i’m sorry! i didn’t mean it!

    By katysmithington URL on 11.01.2011

  26. the epiphany finally hit, the idea finally sunk in. alas, i am not who i may seem; do no be deceived. i lie. i cheat. i steal.

    By t URL on 11.01.2011

  27. like you don’t have these every day??? or maybe we just don’t want to admit we see something that tells us right up in our faces… that there’s a possibility…we have known way too much for our own good…!

    By melodyk on 11.01.2011

  28. I had this epiphany earlier today. It was something along the lines of….people are greedy. I know. Not much of an epiphany, but the way it hit me, it was weird. I suddenly realized why so many problems are caused, i saw the reason for so…so many things. Then..just like that..it was gone.

    By catyeah URL on 11.01.2011

  29. It was on Thursday that somewhat warm winter night I had my epiphany, so to speak. It was actually December 25. My kids and wife were inside, sitting by the Christmas tree and shaking their presents greedily.

    By amelia on 11.01.2011

  30. literally, knew i’d get this. it reminds me of her, only because everything i write does. i wish i could talk more about it, but i just can’t in a minute.

    By Meagan Rodriguez on 11.01.2011

  31. She had a bright look in her eyes, as if coming to an understanding. “Yes, yes, I get it! I get it now!” She nodded frantically. “I know why you didn’t want to tell me.”

    “No, no you don’t.” Maxxie bites his lip.

    By Em URL on 11.01.2011

  32. I had known this from months of Honors English classes: there isn’t a definitive good or bad person. People are usually in the middle, blah, blah, blah. But what I hadn’t known before was that this theory fit my situation spot on. I no longer viewed any of my friends as being in the completely good category. They were fun sometimes…but for the most part, I didn’t even like them. They were just a survival tool that was slowly turning against me.

    By Marissa URL on 11.01.2011

  33. I had an epiphany today: i don’t need you. i have never needed you in order to be happy. that was one of the many, so many, things you deluded me into thinking. there are all these questions. did you ever really care about me, and did i mean a thing to you at all, and dear God why did i ever let myself fall so hard for someone wo would never catch me? these questions won’t ever be answered, but i’m letting them go. i’m letting you go. and this time, i will not look back. the songs i wrote for you are gathering dust in my notebook now; my memories of you are becoming covered in cobwebs in the back, deepest corners of my mind. and i am praying the dreams will stop.

    By Dulcie URL on 11.01.2011

  34. I just realized. whats going on? what has happened…it all makes sense now. of course, it was there all along. I love him…i do, i don’t know why its taken me so long to figure out. i’ve taken him for granted. i don’t know how to make myself realize all i know is that i love him. i do i do i do.

    By emily on 11.01.2011

  35. enter,
    into this
    place, that once
    a good, clean
    you blackened it.

    By Melanie on 11.01.2011

  36. A man named T pain raps about the word ephiphianhy he could use one..I have a ephiphany..my life is a constant forever going epiphany and I get to tap into my ephipiny ride when ever i want right this now very moment i am in ephphanyville and i was keep still inside of it going with the motion of it riding it.

    By ajloopy URL on 11.01.2011

  37. The simpsons movie, yeah homer got one. It was great. Except it was bad. But you know, the kinda good and band that you wouldn’t expect. But still, bad. With the big boobed lady.

    Oh god, i’m running out of tim-

    By Maxi on 11.01.2011

  38. when you have a self realization like homer simpson in the simpsons movie. can either be good or bad :D.

    By naomi on 11.01.2011

  39. what if id have stayed? this whole entire year, what if i stayed? where would we be? what would we be doing? this has been hard. what if i had stayed?

    By RachelJeri URL on 11.01.2011

  40. bursting excitement!

    By Cassandra on 11.01.2011