November 1st, 2011 | 427 Entries

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427 Entries for “epiphany”

  1. i have had a thought. a thought new to me. you may have thought it before but to me it is an epiphany. such a pretty word. it sounds a though it should be a beautiful shade of sunset or sunrise.

    By Kendra on 11.01.2011

  2. Epiphany

    I hate making phone calls. Just feel like I trip over my tongue when trying to get a question out. But I love writing.

    Our city recently began doing some thing different with our curbside recycling. I missed the memo. I see that my neighbors have new recycling bins. Since I have an old one, my recyclables were being picked up. So I had to call the city. I don’t like to call.

    Epiphany! Check for a website and find an e-mail address.
    Done! And done!

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.01.2011

  3. The pen stoked the paper smoothly, it’s feathered end swaying in the wind and by the movements.
    The young author sat underneath a tree in early spring, thinking of the woman he loved, and wrote a story to her honour. It was filled with all the love he had for her.
    Little did he know that it would be his masterpiece, the one work of his art that would be remembered and celebrated by the world after his death, making their love eternal.

    By Asylum URL on 11.01.2011

  4. I woke up in the morning, the sunlight pouring warmly onto my skin, rendering my blanket useless. I tossed the cloth champion to the side and was struck by a sudden flash of brilliance. I’ll create a blanket out of the sun. I’ll be warm and happy forever. I love epiphany’s.

    By Mike Thompson on 11.01.2011

  5. I had an epiphany this morning. It happened when I first woke up. I had a dream I was riding a beautiful horse. I couldn’t get the horse to ride fast enough.

    By Ima Brat on 11.01.2011

  6. i was alone so long i marked time
    with birthday candles. ticks on the wall blurred into
    one another. i painted it over
    wine red.

    you curbed my hatred through those
    rainy months. always affable,
    smiling at strangers.
    i found shelter in your indiscriminate love.

    By invinculis URL on 11.01.2011

  7. epiphany comes in january! :D and it gives you sweets! And guinea pigs are lovely. Don’t know what else to say. bye! :DDD

    By Giulia Ceccarelli on 11.01.2011

  8. There have been times in the past when I’ve had an epiphany—that moment when suddenly you understand what’s happening around you and what you need to do to make things change for the better. I’ve always tried to act when I’ve had one, and it’s always been for the best.

    By Andie on 11.01.2011

  9. I have an idea. Let’s name the kid Ed! Ed Piffany! What a great idea! it’s like…that word…you know…when you have a great idea…

    By Stilly one on 11.01.2011

  10. In your arms that night, I had an epiphany. I realized, you are all that matters now. When my world is tumbling down, I know I’m safe from the chaos. Here, in your arms.

    By Paige Noel URL on 11.01.2011

  11. I had an epiphany the other day but then I forgot it. I don’t seem to get them very often and when I do, it’s usually in the middle of the night and I’ll wake up with little notes next to my bed that say things like “magnetic dogs” and I’ll wonder what on earth I was talking about. It seems like every time I think I have a great idea, it turns out that I’m just insane.

    By Glory URL on 11.01.2011

  12. hell no this makes me think of Oprah, like her bloody ah ha moments. She’s okay, but she still wears her blinkers out in the open.

    By Jeanie URL on 11.01.2011

  13. Oh, das ist ein gutes Wort!! Drew hatte eine epiphany nach der anderen, alles in dem einen Jahr, in dem wir uns kannten. Immer wieder gute Vorsätze, um sein Leben umzukrempeln, um diesmal alles anders, alles besser zu machen. Wahrscheinlich haben wir doch ganz gut zusammengepasst, im Nachhinein betrachtet.

    By Stefanie URL on 11.01.2011

  14. what the hell is that?
    I don’t know that word for real.
    Sorry ;)

    Uhm yeah.

    By Yarrr on 11.01.2011

  15. I look at all this people,
    Full of thoughts, full of thoughts,
    Whatever, they are still there,
    Elegantly poised,
    Sprouting ingenuity,
    Ideas beyond anything,
    And I am here,
    Quite intelligent,
    I know I am,
    Not that, not that,
    But maybe,
    Maybe, an epiphany would save me.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.01.2011

  16. i have no epiphanies
    everything there is to know
    my subconscious already holds the potential to know it
    i discover things gradually
    and i find them
    an epiphany implies that they would find me
    all i know
    is all i know
    and conscious

    By jill URL on 11.01.2011

  17. I began one day with a thought. The thought kept creeping up on me at every turn of my life. I couldn’t escape it. I looked and ran from it. I tried to hide. But, then it hit me, an epiphany.

    By Daniel Rose URL on 11.01.2011

  18. He sat down in the comfortable arm chair that was in the very center of his library room. He put it there because being int he center of all his knowledge helped him think. All his books and thoughts simply at his fingertips helped him think.
    As he thought, as he concentrated, he jumped up to his feet suddenly. He just had an epiphany!

    By Paprika Blasto URL on 11.01.2011

  19. Cameron has epiphanys when he diets. One was that Spanish make great soccer teams. He has these epiphanies and they annoy Mitchell.

    By anne catherine on 11.01.2011

  20. i had one once i think. didnt go very far, but all circles ya know. course you dont, im just writing. slightly off topic but no matter. anyway, there was this guy, larry, for kicks, he had so many gowns, the end, oh he was a cross dresser. no underlying story here, but hes accepted and tada. but lets all settle in and tidy up. good guys you all are said yoda.

    By Jack URL on 11.01.2011

  21. By one, the spike shaped gap in my liver
    is warm, pulsing out though fat,
    skin and the hand at my side

    Kerouac and Dylan and Bukowski
    must have had the same
    a pain that stabbed but then settled
    making a home in the haemorrhage

    By gsk URL on 11.01.2011

  22. a light that opens a path. The heart speaking its truth

    By janeth on 11.01.2011

  23. a epiphany is like where you get something or an idea.

    By pscougar URL on 11.01.2011

  24. a epiphany is some thing that you don’t get and then you finaly get it.

    By im a beast URL on 11.01.2011

  25. Epiphany means something becomes clear.

    By mango1209 URL on 11.01.2011

  26. I had an epiphany the other day. It’s funny that you don’t usually think about something very hard to have one, but then all of a sudden, it just appears. It just happens in your mind like a brilliant explosion of fireworks going off right before your eyes.

    By Audra Claire Hopson on 11.01.2011

  27. a way to live or something i guess.? idrk this word is confusin i dont get it

    By I Love Elephants!!!!! URL on 11.01.2011

  28. epiphany means to get an idea or to clarify a moment.

    By kiwi URL on 11.01.2011

  29. a light that pops into our head the moment you realize you knew it all along. The moment your mind clears and all that becomes available is the information that you have needed all along. Its that perfect moment when everything that you needed is clear and your thoughts move with perfect clarity.

    By Holly on 11.01.2011

  30. an epiphany is a moment that you suddenly get something or something becomes crystal clear at that moment. an example is i had an epiphany in math class.

    By inforser URL on 11.01.2011

  31. is when i really dont kno so yea!!!!!!!!! GO PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By picklebounce1 URL on 11.01.2011

  32. Holy shit. Oh my god. I just had an epiphany. The word bed is shaped like a bed.

    By Alyson on 11.01.2011

  33. it means to become clear . And some times life changing . people have epipanys often .

    By dub42 URL on 11.01.2011

  34. it means to know that its crystal clear to know something that you didnt know about and your surprised about it and you didnt see that it was coming.

    By exploding chicken 2 URL on 11.01.2011

  35. An idea, possibly life changing. in lion king timone said either that beetle’s coming up or im having an epiphany.

    By kosher URL on 11.01.2011

  36. this is it

    By Steven on 11.01.2011

  37. I had an epiphany today! About men…they are innately different creates than their female counterparts. It is amazing HOW different, it is amazing that woman have ever sought to be equal, comical even! ;) Men simply do not function the way we do, they do not understand quite like we do…

    By Cydney on 11.01.2011

  38. I was sitting at my desk when suddenly I had an epiphany about what I was to do with my life. I could spend all of it either in a cubicle filing papers for just over minimum wage, or I could fly. I decided to fly.

    By Renee on 11.01.2011

  39. i just had an epiphany. lets make bacon cookies. bacon chocolate chip cookies. how amazing would that be? well now i’m only thinking about bacon. i could go for bacon right now. in cookies. chocolate chip ones. mmmmmmmm.

    By k-ross on 11.01.2011

  40. Sweeney Todd was my favorite movie in eighth grade. My favorite song was “Epiphany”– the part where Johnny Depp decides to become a murderer. Once, I saw a version of that song slowed down 800%. It was frankly one of the most frightening things I’ve ever heard.

    By Lol on 11.01.2011