February 2nd, 2012 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “epic”

  1. “That was totally epic!” Jessie punched the air.
    “Totally the best movie I’ve ever seen,” agreed Eric.
    They walked down the all but deserted sidewalk. It was starting to get dark.

    By Caitlin on 02.02.2012

  2. I feel like the word epic is over used. Not everything you do is epic. In fact, probably nothing you do is epic. If we over use it, it won’t mean the same thing anymore, will it? No. Because epic means mega super amazing. So it’s not epic when you drop something & catch it before it hits the ground.

    By Kailyn on 02.02.2012

  3. “That was so totally epic!” Jessie shouted, punching the air.
    “I know! Best movie I have ever seen,” agreed Eric.
    They walked down the empty street. It was starting to get dark and kind of creepy.

    By Caitlin URL on 02.02.2012

  4. Epic, a word we use as an adjective. “Dude that was epic”. Also the name of my body spray. Anyways Epics are also long poems or stories. This word is Epic. Epic. Epic Epic. Epic

    By TheMetaWolf URL on 02.02.2012

  5. We walk down the driveway toward Epic Steel with our cameras. We know there’s some great graffiti back there and I’m getting excited as we walk, just knowing that my time spent with her in these moments of creativity are what make these moments most valuable to me

    By Bryan Green URL on 02.02.2012

  6. my biggest pet peeve in life, and there aren’t very many, is when people say epic fail. I guess in my book it can be considered an epic fail.

    By kate on 02.02.2012

  7. basicly me i am epic and we all know it, everyone is epic in there own way. and everyone is special also. we cannoy judge our selvs on this one word and everyone shud be considered equal except the hippies cuz noone likes them! DONE

    By cookiemaster on 02.02.2012

  8. My penis.

    By Max URL on 02.02.2012

  9. Epic music is actually what I am listening to now. Chronicles of Narnia, of course. I was listening to Lord of the Rings, but it was a little too intense for my writing purposes. This is terribly unexciting. But I need to keep writing. Because this is epically bad, especially since I apparently begin each sentence with a conjunction, junction.

    By Kate312 URL on 02.02.2012

  10. I don’t dream of a heroic death. It is costly. It can be cruel. It is trading the things I fear with the things I wish not. I’m no hero for I hold on dearly to the things that I fear. And I fear, that my story is one you all will forget.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.02.2012

  11. This is pretty epic. What is this epic website? I remember there was a time when this word was cool. EPIC FAIL was a common term. Anyone else remember that? It was epic. Holden has a car called the Epica. I laughed. A little.

    By Melissa O on 02.02.2012

  12. The point of awesomness!!!
    At which something amazing happens

    By Addy on 02.02.2012

  13. Epic: poem or vernacular.
    I am epic; what am I?
    Human or literature?

    That move was so epic,
    That writing was lovely.
    What’s the correct definition?

    By Megan Blease URL on 02.02.2012

  14. The Epic of Danielle
    She ran.
    Yes, ran. For her life.
    Running, never stopping, galloping.
    It was magical.
    Even mesmerizing.
    We were awed by her beauty.
    Like the first moment of taking in a flurry of snowflakes.

    By 3mily(: on 02.02.2012

  15. that epic feeling when everything seems real. when there is a moment of trust and everything falls into place in a relationship. you don’t need to pretend anymore. nothing to put up…. no things to pretend you like…. just you. and him. or her. as people. not as some barbie or ken. a real person in both of your eyes.

    By reilly. URL on 02.02.2012

  16. The President was untouchable. Everywhere he went he was accompanied by a posse of fully armed soldiers. Every building he was in had sharpshooters posted on the roof. Every person who wished to speak to him had to book months beforehand and be subject to numerous interviews and health tests. And when the day came to speak to the President, they had to perform a body cavity search on you.

    But it had to be done. He was rotten to the core. There could only be one word to describe the President’s fall. Epic.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 02.02.2012

  17. epic. the epic moment when you see that maybe life won’t be so bad after all. the sun still shines, the birds still sing, even as the snow on the ground remains in glittery splendor. it is epic in its simplicity. i love you, world. perhaps this epic feeling will fade tomorrow, but for this moment, i feel almost…happy.

    By lillian on 02.02.2012

  18. Sariah didn’t walk home that day; she danced. A smile was pasted onto her face, and her green eyes shimmered; her flaming orange hair paraded behind her like a flag. When she reached the steps of the apartment building, she bounded up them, her epic news balanced on her shoulers, wobbling this way and that, and begging to be shouted to the sky. Sariah burst through the door to the small apartment to find her mother sitting in the breakfast nook. “Mother, you’ll never guess what–” Sariah stopped. Her mother’s head was laying in her hands, her eyes were shut, and her shoulders were shaking just slightly. Mother looked up and composed her face a moment too late; her young daughter saw her red eyes and the tears slipping down her cheeks. Sariah swollowed her news quickly, it burned on the way down, and her smile fell from her lips. It landed somewhere on the dirty carpet beneath her feat, and lay there, forgotten.

    By Dulcie URL on 02.02.2012

  19. I love epic sagas. Stories that tell the big history picture. Epic movies are a favorite too! Titanic

    By Johanna on 02.02.2012

  20. Love this word.

    By Solanaceae URL on 02.02.2012

  21. An overused adjective to describe everything from the spartans of 300 to the lamest of dubstep mixes. A word originally meant to impart the awe of generations but is now diminished to the “wisdom” of your average 14-year-old with an internet connection.

    By Laura on 02.02.2012

  22. “There are times, Higgins, when you are truly, awfully, historically annoying. This, sadly, is one of those times. Here we are, utterly lost, a dozen miles from anywhere and you tell me that we’re out of champagne. In all your years of servitude this must be the singular, most epic mistake you have made. Kindly go behind that rock and shoot yourself quietly while I figure out how I’m going to survive the next two hours. And don’t sulk. It’s not attractive.”

    By Santa Monious URL on 02.02.2012

  23. epic is a word that people say when something cool happens. if you see and old lady beat up a stupid ghetto girl who was harassing her you would say “that was epic” afterwards. yay for epic-ness!

    By mallory URL on 02.02.2012

  24. “Oh my God, guys, that was so epic!” We smiled as we looked up at the stars, a perfect day having been spent together, for one last time before we had to leave for schools.

    By Becky on 02.02.2012

  25. This story is bound to be epic. It is the tale of a hero. Not your average boy saves girl they live happily ever after. It is quite the opposite. Girl saves boy she moves on and he can never forget about her. He asks her out but she declines. He follows her on her epic journey to the Big Blue a community of hero’s to discover what about her makes hime desire her. He discovers that her power is not only the usual flying, strenght, and invisibility, she has the paper to make anyman unevitably in love with her.

    By Erin URL on 02.02.2012

  26. An epic love story, that was what she wanted.

    It didn’t have to be with the one she married or the one she slept with or the one who danced with her on those lonely nights.
    It just had to be with the one was her best friend and slept next to her and kept her twirling under the stars those summer nights.

    It didn’t have to be with the one who bought her diamonds or gave her a dozen roses or his letterman jacket.
    It just had to be with the one who told her she was more than jewelry and painted her flowers and played her songs and wrote a love letter every day he didn’t see her.

    It didn’t have to be with the one who told her she was beautiful or loved the same music or the one who was the hottest boy on campus.
    It just had to be with the one who told her she was beyond words and hated the music she loved but listened anyway and the one who had a crooked smile, almost-too-large nose and stars in his eyes.

    It didn’t have to be with the one showed her off to his friends or called her every day or kissed her at parties.
    It just had to be with the one who was her best friend and thought of her every night and kissed her when no one was looking.

    It didn’t have to be with the one who she met at that party or the one she hooked up with over break or the one she loved from afar.
    It just had to be with the one who she saw in the library and the one she fought with every day and the one she never noticed.

    It didn’t have to be with the one who hugged her or the one who gave her a kitten or the one who quoted Shakespeare.
    It just had to be with the one who swept her off her feet and made her feel butterflies and wrote her sonnets.

    It didn’t have to with the one who told her she had stars in her eyes or with the one who told her to follow her dreams or with the one who took her to dances in a limo.
    It just had to be with the one showed her the stars and with the one who showed her how to dream again and with the one who danced with her under moonlight alone in her old black dress.

    It didn’t have to be with the one who she loved from the start.
    It just had to be with the one who taught her how patient gravity can be.

    It didn’t have to be with the one who loved her from the start.
    It just had to be with the one who fell in love with her without realizing he fell.

    By Julia M URL on 02.02.2012

  27. It’s wasn’t epic in any sense of the word: brief, hero-less; unachieving; dull; shallow; disappointing – yes. I imagine I will live on to battle another day but today I’m licking my wounds of defeat and drinking the bitter wine of discontent.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 02.02.2012

  28. The volume of electricity was profound, and sent a horrifying rumble throughout the dorm. Aian stepped back, afraid for his own safety and gazed up at the flickering blue sparks surrounding him. They leaped into the air, striking the ceiling and just as quickly vanishing out of existence.

    By Kit URL on 02.02.2012

  29. a journey through life
    a funny story
    the times you wont forget, like a weekend in vegas
    Epic is when you do something you never thought you would
    Epic is that memory forever burned into your minds eyes
    It’s that first kiss
    Last hello
    It is love at first sight
    And it is all that encompasses life

    By Stephanie URL on 02.02.2012

  30. Epic is a word used to describe all aspects of life, from failure to success. Why should we? Who are we to classify the worth of someone’s life, or the actions they choose to take? Who are we to determine what is “epic” or not.

    By arianna URL on 02.02.2012

  31. “Phew” the boy said as he laid down exasperated. He had just had an amazing day out eating crab sticks and testicles from Egypt. He had a particularly epic time when he went to the museum and looked at the mummy’s.

    By MagnusGames URL on 02.02.2012

  32. something crazy, amazing,cool, awesome etc happened and everyone is talking about it and calling it epic!
    another word for an insane fail!!!!! someone fails epicly!

    By sarah URL on 02.02.2012

  33. I need to stop confusing “ambition” with “arrogance.” Although both these words in their most extreme iterations can, or have, lead to epic battles, losses, and in some cases triumphs.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.02.2012

  34. The epic stories of star-crossed lovers sacrificing it all, of ambitious heroes fighting with reckless abandon, and true friendships last longer than Heaven itself serves to fill our hearts with larger imaginations than the universe can contain.

    By Kaylyn URL on 02.02.2012

  35. THe word epic comes with a heavy burden for any object or person as it pushes that thing to a level of respect and responsibility that isn’t easily upheld. Epic stories are stories that we demand and expect a lot from when we read, and an “epic” person is a person that we expect to be really successful which can put pressure on them.

    By Abishek Puri on 02.02.2012

  36. epic…I use this word to describe how great things are. In my life it’s used as an adjective. Something that makes one think it is more important than it really is. I don’t have much to say about this word. This entry is not epic.

    By Twin URL on 02.02.2012

  37. it was the epic moment when i saw you everything changed you where all i could see you were everything to me i would die for you i loved you from that moment on, no other moment will ever compare

    By taylorp URL on 02.02.2012

  38. this journey has been epic
    the paths we have traveled were
    interesting, difficult, fun, adventurous
    not always happy, we journeyed together
    i’d hoped for a love affair just as epic
    as our journey together
    but alas,
    a friendship was all there was,
    at best
    i tried to make it enough
    i failed
    left without love nor friend
    sometimes i miss our journey
    i miss my friend

    By karmachik URL on 02.02.2012

  39. Huge. Wonderful. Amazing. Tragic. This is what I think of when I think of epic. And I wonder, is this what my life is? Do I want it to be epic? The answer, of course, is no…as I think it would be for most people, if they were just honest with themselves. Life doesn’t have to be “epic,” because there is an inherent sense of tragedy that goes with that. It just has to be wonderful. We use “epic” like it’s so great, but I wonder, is it really?

    By Jessica Harwick on 02.02.2012

  40. I feel like an epic failure of a mom.
    One son in trouble for fighting at school today.
    Another son in trouble for bullying.
    Where did I go wrong?
    How can I turn things around?
    I love them so much.

    By Em URL on 02.02.2012