February 2nd, 2012 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “epic”

  1. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BOOM *! <============ That Right There . Was EPIC

    By Niquee121 on 02.02.2012

  2. I feel like an epic fail as a mother.
    One son in trouble for bullying a boy today.
    The other son in trouble for fighting at school today.
    Yet, daughter accepted to A&M today.
    What a day. An epic fuck of a day.

    By Jane on 02.02.2012

  3. “Epic,” he whispered quietly. “That’s the word you said to me, when we first met, right?”
    “Yeah,” she said back softly. “It was.” She looked him in the eyes. “How do you remember that? It was eleven years ago.”
    He twitched his fingers and gazed down at the floor. “I remember everything from that day.”

    By Rani on 02.02.2012

  4. Epic is what teenagers use to describe something completely out of the ordinary . Sometimes, the epic thing is not very epic, but a mere coincidence of events . You will know that people who say something is epic have not lived very epic-ly because they are not epic .

    By Alissa on 02.02.2012

  5. imagine if you could turn back time, wouldn’t that be epic: be there when humanity’s greatest were around. witnessing the biggest mysteries in the universe, reliving your favorite memories, reliving evolution of thought and life, reliving history

    By sorry mate, can't have it on 02.02.2012

  6. Life is epic

    By KKE on 02.02.2012

  7. so so tremendously historical, like hercules

    By maria on 02.02.2012

  8. It was a failure of epic proportions. I didn’t know how I was ever going to tell her that I had failed. Failed. At the one thing she was so sure I could do. I couldn’t even do that. I couldn’t face her, couldn’t tell my sister that my marrow was not a match.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.02.2012

  9. Epic has become a pop culture term in modern times. “Epic win! That’s so epic! I with I could be as epic as that!” Why have we stolen a word that encompasses so much magnificence and turned it into puff? Is it because we lack such grandeur in today’s world?

    By Ashi URL on 02.02.2012

  10. I hate the way the word epic is being abused. A fall down a hill is not epic. A hamburger is not epic. An avalanche might be epic if it impacts a village for generations. A multi-course meal with politics and romance and long-lating intrigue might be epic. A life might be epic, but frankly, most aren’t.

    I know we long for big words and big events but let’s let epic stand alone as the glorious thing it is.

    By laurapacker URL on 02.02.2012

  11. Gilgamesh. Ulysses. Homer. Where are the modern epics? Joyce tried. It’s not the same though. No passion. No plot even. Inaccessible, and on purpose. That’s wasn’t the point before.

    By Lyndsay URL on 02.02.2012

  12. That was epic, bro!
    Epic = me :D
    You are epic <3
    I hate epic -.-
    Epic fail!!
    Epic fall!
    Epic win!
    Epic :)

    By Haylee on 02.02.2012

  13. The epic of this story is it has no where to go. It is dull and boring and no one cares. Hmm. Something to think about.

    By teeda URL on 02.02.2012

  14. epic is tepid. normality’s a fallacy. wherever i walk i seem to question reality. and since my mind’s about as lucid, as it’s lucent, it sucks dreaming dealing with light pollution. and on the third try i charm, my arms are not long, but i got enough

    By gerald on 02.02.2012

  15. epic is like describing something awesome. awesome is a synonym for epic

    By lucy erickson on 02.02.2012

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    Randomly epic.

    By me URL on 02.02.2012

  17. epic… the day i have enough time to say: this day is epic.
    is IB pulling a prank on me?

    this cannot be epic. harharharhar

    By Nightawait URL on 02.02.2012

  18. An epic movie is one with one intermission in the two plus hours it takes to go from the beginning credits to the ending credits. If there are no intermissions during the epic movie, my legs cramp up and start to hurt.

    By j.renee on 02.02.2012

  19. “Totally epic,” Jared said, and sunk deeper into his seat. His eyes were half-lidded and his pupils dilated. A haze hung in the air around us, a pungent smell accompanying it.

    “Yeah,” I said, and my heart raced for a moment. It raced when I could barely move. The movie started and I smacked my dry-mouth. “Epic.”

    By Fluidfyre URL on 02.02.2012

  20. Epic is either a purple coloured item in WoW or it could refer to an epic poem such as the illiad. when used negativaley it becomes “Epic fail” and you should just die in a fire.

    By jim on 02.02.2012

  21. my life is incredibly lacking in epic events.

    i have done nothing.
    i have changed nothing.


    By sarah marie URL on 02.02.2012

  22. When I think of epic I see a giant castle overlooking a valley surrounded by mountains. It has to be big, glamorous, and spectacular. Isn’t that what epicness is?

    By Blake on 02.02.2012

  23. We’re all in search of something better than ourselves and our lives. We want an epic romance, an epic life, we want to fight evil, slay the proverbial dragons in our lives and win the crown. Sometimes it happens. More often that not it doesn’t but we can still find these tiny moments of epic in our lives.

    By Cassie URL on 02.02.2012

  24. It’s when something is euphorically awesome. This is the moment that blows your mind. It’s that point where you reach an epiphany and say, “Fuck yeah!” I believe it’s the moment that marks the rest of the day as perfect.

    By Rafaela URL on 02.02.2012

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    By JOhn on 02.02.2012

  26. He stood there an gaped, like a babbon thrown into a New York Traffic Street, with the last memory having something to do with a banana split.

    Knowing him as I did, something suggested that I ought to just stand there right alongside him and lend my elegance and taste to the scene.

    We stood there.

    I waited.

    He stared.

    And finally, when I was about ready to whack him about the head and shoulders, he turned with that absolutely angelic smile on his face and breathed the one word that made all the sacrifice worth it.


    By Sara H. URL on 02.02.2012

  27. Really uncontrolable power that will sting your penis

    By jaafar URL on 02.02.2012

  28. My life will be an epic.

    A story! Not just any story, though, but a long, lyrical, winding tale that stretches belief, that is extraordinary, that is the story of a super hero and an underdog and a crazy person and that leaves you with a final, satisfied sigh at those last rhythmic words, ‘The End’

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 02.02.2012

  29. Epic is word that has been cheapened by this generation. It should be used to describe things like “The Iliad” , or General Custards last stand, the invention of the light-bulb. Your best-friend puking on a police car with the officer still inside the car does NOT qualify as epic.

    By Julie URL on 02.02.2012

  30. Epic fail. Happens all the time to me. Epic tragedy. My love life right there. Epic. I want something epic to happen to me, something great, wondrous, and amazing. Beyond explanation, more so than words can explain. Epic.

    By Kathleen URL on 02.02.2012

  31. epic is the best word that best describes me and i love that word also like epicness or idk somthing like that i like knowing that im epic its epic and even more epic cuz im talking about being epic

    By Kitty on 02.02.2012

  32. The word epic didn’t even begin to describe Angel. She was the embodiment of power, the very person that no one wanted to fuck with because she could kick your ass. She didn’t deal with anyone’s shit. In fact, she was everyone’s idol. All the guys wanted her. All the girls wanted to be her. But then, who wouldn’t? Her snowy white hair and amber eyes were just a beginning to her beauty.

    By Tiffy URL on 02.02.2012

  33. my epic fail of the day was writing about an epic fail because i’m sure no one else on this site wrote those words together for the minute. but what can i say? it is automatic, just like the way i said EPIC in a big movie voice-over when the word popped up.

    By nenana URL on 02.02.2012

  34. The challenge had begun. With confidence in his stride and determination in his eyes, he searched his satchel for the all-important piece that would complete this puzzle that life had given him. With the eyes of an eagle he picked it out, with the strength of a tiger he brought it forth toward his table of destiny. He then wrote the letter “A” on his test paper. It was epic.

    By Andreo Bongco URL on 02.02.2012

  35. “It’s going to be EPIC!”
    I’m running out of catchy ways to advertise for fundraisers. So I have to make false promises.

    By Nishat Tasnim on 02.02.2012

  36. It means big. Also, it’s the name of a carnival cruise ship. Lol, okay. But seriously.. It means huge. Like my cock. My rooster, that is. (; Omg, so awkward. Okay, I think i’m done. Yeah njdfnkd
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    over and out. xoxoxoxo

    By Juls URL on 02.02.2012

  37. an epic story jumped inside my head one day. But me being of small mind the huge scale of the story did not fit my tiny brain

    By Aimeedis URL on 02.02.2012

  38. craziness, out of this world just blew my mind! that was crazy! like after you go skydiving, Epic!

    By Frannie on 02.02.2012

  39. this was an epic moment in history. kids had taken rebellion to their parents. it was like a war. but parents take war to seriously, and this prank is going to twist and turn into reality quicker than we can say “holy cow what did we just do?”

    By Asimina on 02.02.2012

  40. It’s ironic that the word “epic” has become such an unexciting word. It’s used to often, and it’s really popular; I can understand people being attracted to epic situations, but referring to something as “epic” doesn’t make it epic.

    By kibi URL on 02.02.2012