April 22nd, 2012 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “entrée”

  1. I looked at this word and it made me smile. I am currently quite hungry and was just thinking about how nice a good portioned entree of comfort food would be PERFECT right about now. It’s also raining outside, so comfort food is just the way to go.

    By Susan on 04.22.2012

  2. I’m hungry. What’s for dinner – hopefully it is something better than the entree I had the other night at Morgan’s. Wow, hard to swallow & not have your face go red. Thank god he had chocolate cake for dessert.

    By pamela on 04.22.2012

  3. The main part of something. You would think I know the true definition of it caz it’s French and im in French 4H but no haha. But what I do know is the entree is the most important part of something such as a meal. I’m still looking for the entree of my life. As of right now I’m on the appetizer and I’m waiting for the real meal to come, and maybe someone to share it with caz I can never eat a lot lol

    By Alec Vigil URL on 04.22.2012

  4. Isn’t that your main course. I love food. I really do. It’s like a friend who never fails to please you. Oh this writing is so random… Unicorns!

    By Ballerina Ninja URL on 04.22.2012

  5. An entree is a word that describes a not just a course in a dinner but a meal that is shared with the ones you love .An entree is a time,a place,and can be a great memorie.

    By Juniper on 04.22.2012

  6. Depressed, Julie finally had an appetite. She began eating her leftover fettuccine. Thank God Julie took home last evenings entree. It’s where she was reunited with her 5,000 dollar wedding ring.

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.22.2012

  7. food eat dinner restrant i loved my entree last night

    By Juniper on 04.22.2012

  8. “What are you ordering?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Buddha Bowl?”
    “Buddha Bowl.”
    “Why’d I even ask?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “You’re so boring with your stupid entrees.”
    “I know.”
    “But I love you anyway.”
    “I know.”

    By Annie P URL on 04.22.2012

  9. The list of entree’s was very expansive, with dishes of all different origins. But he doesn’t care. He only cares about getting something to eat that has some cultural heritage from France. That’s where she’s from.

    By Maggie on 04.22.2012

  10. Hi!

    By Juniper on 04.22.2012

  11. My favorite entree is the salmon plate.

    By Terry Bergman on 04.22.2012

  12. The entree was extremely expensive!

    By T-Bird URL on 04.22.2012

  13. Licked her lips, crossed her legs, lightly brushed her finger up her thigh watching him strip for her and this was just the entree, as she seductively blinked her thoughts were consumed by the reading thoughts that her body would soon indulge in.

    By Leighsha URL on 04.22.2012

  14. A dinner without any entrees. That’s what “tapas” are to the father. He sat down, and stared disappointingly at the small plates in front of him, wondering what some of the foods were and how long before he could leave the restaurant and get a cheeseburger. He glanced at his wife and cosmopolitan daughter, who appeared to be enjoying themselves with satisfying, “Mmm”‘s periodically.

    By Kelly URL on 04.22.2012

  15. she ordered her entree rather quickly without thinking about the cost. She nervously put down the menu hoping he hadn’t noticed how expensive it was. He seemed like such a fussy sort. She wasn’t sure how this date was going to or if she would even stay on it. Maybe her sister could call. Maybe she could call her sister. Hell, maybe she could just get up and walk out the door. There was a Mcdonald’s on the way home.

    By Magnolia URL on 04.22.2012

  16. Oh the entree of life, how fair it seems. You look at it on the menu, glistening with potential. Then the waiter with his pencil thin mustache and his spit-shined shoes brings out the silver platter, places it in front of your expecting eyes and opens the top. It’s just an appetizer. Barely bigger than a child’s fist. But it’s okay. I know we’ll sneak out of here and slip through the drive-thru, eating chili cheese corn dogs in the front seat until it slops down our chins. And then I’ll actually be full.

    By Blayne URL on 04.22.2012

  17. Please give me one entree of
    the delicious nectar of coffee-flavored
    tender chicken breast
    with a strange side of
    ostrich feet
    pickled generously.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.22.2012

  18. Greg tried to keep his head down as he stole glances around the restaurant. “I still can’t believe you’ve brought me here,” he hissed, “I’ve never even laid eyes on this part of town… There aren’t even any crimes here!” After a bit he stopped and nearly ducked under the table, his face burning beet red. “Shit, is that the Chief?”
    Mycroft glanced in that direction. “Of course it is, Chief O’Brien frequents this facility on the weekends. Now if you’ll concentrate,” he sighs, tugging on Greg’s elbow patch, “Our waiter will be interring us in three minutes and thirty seconds, and I’d prefer it if you were prepared to place an order.”
    Greg sighed in turn and turned his attention to the menu. He passed by Foie Gras, Filet Mignon, Schweinshaxe and Jägerschnitzel, and suddenly noticed that none of the entrées had prices included next to them. “Ah, Mycroft,” he was about to ask, when the elder Holmes brother employed the apparent mind-reading ability that both brothers occasionally possessed.
    “In any dining establishment of this caliber,” Mycroft explained, “It is assumed that the patrons will want only the highest quality… And are willing and able to pay for it without concern.” He delicately laid his fingertips atop Greg’s knee to quell any protests. “Your part will be on my tab, of course. Have you come to a decision, Detective Inspector?”
    Greg nodded softly, certain that the question referred to more than the uncalled-for display he had been subjected to. If this… whatever-it-was would go any further, it would have to first be put to a few tests of a different nature. Lestrade wondered how Mycroft would fare in a tent on the hillsides of Scotland.

    By floppybelly URL on 04.22.2012

  19. Simple the finest appetizers can make the whole meal altogether a delightful treat, this is a vital and yet, it is often disregarded and forgotten. Stimulate your taste buds with the entree and delight the customers

    By huxley URL on 04.22.2012

  20. I settled in my seat, my fingernails nervously tapping the tablecloth. He gazed at me intensely from across the table, sending my heart fluttering with a small smile. The entree was served and I tore my gaze away, but his icy eyes watched my every move.

    By Madeleine URL on 04.22.2012

  21. Mint chocolate chip, dripping down the golden sugary squares of a waffle cone. He knew I always preferred dessert to just plain food as a main entrée.

    By tori URL on 04.22.2012

  22. Entree is a food that usually tastes good. I enjoy food, especially when it is served fully to the best extent which usually happens when you are served an entree. Unfortunately an entree is usually a large portion size that I am unable to finish.

    By Jordan on 04.22.2012

  23. Oh today i went to Mr. Perry’s. it was delicious i had prime rib, hot chocolate, and strawberry tapioca. my entrees were a baked potato and salad:)

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.22.2012

  24. She looked at the entree in front of her. She then looked up at the faces sitting at the table with her. She felt a pain in her stomach; almost empty. Why was she here? Who were these people? They knew nothing about her. They didn’t understand the misery and pain she felt every day. They had no idea how many times she’s wanted to scream out her frustrations. All they knew was the pretty face and the fake smile she put on every day. If they really knew, would they understand?

    By Samantha URL on 04.22.2012

  25. Tossing and turning and trying to remember which menu item might be haunting me so late at night.

    By Mary URL on 04.22.2012

  26. He slipped me a little box
    Across the table
    My eyes lit up
    He got down on one knee
    Anger flashed behind my eyes
    He seemed startled
    “I haven’t even finished my entrée!”

    By Jaimee URL on 04.22.2012

  27. It is what fills us up. We long for it. In all forms we know it. Yet, some are less likely to have it. We must appreciate what we have.

    By eyeseefaeries.blogspot.com URL on 04.22.2012

  28. The entree on the table was mouth-watering. I wanted it, but my waist line was saying otherwise. The dark, luscious chocolate was calling my name. It was not a whisper either, but a loud roaring voice…

    By Roaring Razorback URL on 04.22.2012

  29. The entee in that restaurant was very delicious. it taste really good

    By alfian on 04.22.2012

  30. I smell the delicious scent of food, wafting through the kitchen and into the dining room. Our maid entered, carting in trays of exotic entrees.

    By Michelle on 04.22.2012

  31. Some spaces of the world have limited entrees. The corridors are packed with cliche luxury. Everything seems to glisten in the galleries. Yet all of it looks so mortally flattering.

    By Sue Lee URL on 04.22.2012

  32. I wish I knew what this word meant,
    so that I would not lament,
    my intelligence is quite low,
    and I am so terribly slow.

    By Rechie URL on 04.22.2012

  33. L’entrée du château n’était pas une entrée comme les autres: elle était étroite et pleine de petites bifurcations abruptes.

    By Jaenya URL on 04.22.2012

  34. I tried to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the contents of the silver gravy pitcher, but instantly wished I had not. The face staring back at me was a lumpy gray version of my self, highlighted in strange swirls of thick, oily residue. I rolled my eyes at the creature in the pitcher. Naturally, he did not notice my distraction; he was far to busy droning on and on about something spectacularly boring concerning all of the influence he had gained from his father’s untimely passing.

    This was a new record. The entrées had not even arrived yet, and I was ready to stab one of the five unnecessary silver salad forks into my eye just to break the boredom.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.22.2012

  35. i do not want an entreé
    i do not want an appetizer
    i do not want food

    nothing will taste a good as skinny will feel

    By sarah marie URL on 04.22.2012

  36. I will have my twenties as my entree. Why should I be ready now?

    By bam on 04.22.2012

  37. I laughed as the old man sat down next to me. “I’m getting married soon, but thanks for the offer.” His face remained the same wrinkly, confused, expression it had before he had begun this conversation. “He’s a really sweet guy. I’m sure you’d like him.” I tried to continue a conversation with him, sensing what I had just said had not quite set in.

    By Mara L. on 04.22.2012

  38. The entry to the museum was clouded with forgotten webs from recent arachnid tenants. Several years of passing seasons had caused this formerly grand and restored building to become a lonely and desolate area to remember one’s memories.

    By Danielle on 04.22.2012

  39. The entrance to the museum had become clouded with the webs of past arachnid tenants. Several years had gone by with nobody to remember the memories that were so carefully preserved. A distant echo of footsteps filled the foyer.

    By Danielle M URL on 04.22.2012

  40. The entree was anything but ordinary. Looking at the odd dish she couldn’t recognize what would soon be entering her mouth, but she only hoped the beautiful colors and intricate arrangement did it justice. With that, she bowed her head to pray, not only thanking God for this meal, but longing to find Him in everything.

    By Haley URL on 04.22.2012