October 17th, 2012 | 403 Entries

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403 Entries for “entrance”

  1. it was the entrance i had been dreading. i waited for this, trying to put it off. i didn’t want to do this, why was my mother making me? did she nt uderstand?

    By katherine on 10.17.2012

  2. why? this is not it? ok, welll, maybe it is. i am going to make a glorious entrance whether she liked it or not. why, she isn’t as great as she thinks she is. hm…

    By kathpine98 URL on 10.17.2012

  3. I walked through the entrance on my way out; I wasn’t paying attention to signs because my mind whirled from our conversation. I heard him running to catch up, but I only walked faster out into the cold night air. For once, I was honest. For once, I opened up, and he rejected all of my words. I think he knew I was right. He was there now, by my side, begging for me to open my mouth. I didn’t even look at him. I stared into the dark night and said all I could: “Call your girlfriend.”

    By Marissa URL on 10.17.2012

  4. The entrance was a daunting feat of human excellence. Built to intimidate even the hardest soul, the gate stood a hundred feat high. Or at least it seemed that way to the children entering.

    By Daisy on 10.17.2012

  5. The entrance loomed over me like a dark force that I wished to avoid. I walked up to the door and took a deep breath. I knocked on the door as softly as possible. Then, the door creaked open and I saw his face. Fear and love overcame me as I fought to show any emotion at all.

    By cellardo0r URL on 10.17.2012

  6. The entrance to my house has always been a little plain. My parents aren’t big decorators. The most they will do is a few white lights, only at Christmastime. This was a lot like our relationship.

    By caro on 10.17.2012

  7. “Entrance the crazy bitch, Marlin!” Deaker yelled. The veins were huge and pulsing on his neck. Marlin held the fighting mad Gilly at arms’ length, observed her futile flailings. The matchstick in his mouth switched from side to side. “Well now, Deaker, as you kin see, I’m workin’ up my mojo.” Deaker gestered, “Well get on with it!” Marlin released Gilly and she bolted. He struck a pose and did his killer Billy Idol. “…Hey little sister who’s your superman?…It’s a nice day to start again…It’s a nice day for white wedding…” and Gilly froze. “Oh Deaker,” she sniffed. “Let’s do it!”

    By Miss Alister URL on 10.17.2012

  8. As soon as I saw the way she walked in through the entrance, I knew. As soon as she glanced at him and smiled – I knew. She and him were together. And I was forgotten. I was always forgotten.

    By Yasmin on 10.17.2012

  9. I want you to allow me entrance into you, my beautiful Love.

    By Bud Glory URL on 10.17.2012

  10. if i make my entrance, would you notice? if i slammed doors, fell to the floor, dropped my bag and covered my face with my hands in a look of absolute defeat, would you see? would you see how much pain i’m in? or should i make my entrance normally, slowly, carefully, pretend nothing is bothering me, and continue on with my life, and wait for you to realize what you’ve done.

    By kellymara URL on 10.17.2012

  11. The place that begins a new experience, the entrance to a home, a room, an experience, whatever it is, it’s new. An actor’s entrance onstage. A beginning. In Feng Shui, the entrance is usually associated with career. It’s called the Journey; that is, life’s journey, represented by one’s chosen career. You can enter a new career, a marriage, prison, a lifestyle. All new beginnings. You can make an elegant entrance or a clumsy entrance. Your entrance can be the beginning of a successful new venture, or a brief foray into a dismal failure. You can gain entrance to a new class in society if you have the right tools. Win the lottery or marry royalty and you’ve gained entrance to the world of money. You make an entrance into a certain social scene, which makes you a new member of a certain social group. Every entrance implies its opposite: exit.

    By Marri URL on 10.17.2012

  12. enter into my life. unwelcome, but you entered. little did i know that i wanted you to be where i was. and little did i know i would want you to stay where we now were. thank you for entering, to never want to exit.

    By Nicole Rodriguez on 10.17.2012

  13. To be entranced by someone is to be amazed by them, by their beauty, by the way they hold themselves. I would like to entrance someone. Like a goddess, a fairy, an ethereal being. If only all of these things were real. But they must be, right? Because you can’t just come up with someone like that off the top of your head…

    By susiecorke2 URL on 10.17.2012

  14. i went to my hose and went in sid

    By yamha URL on 10.17.2012

  15. when you enter a house you must ask polite so please do that. ):< $#@%^

    By hun236 URL on 10.17.2012

  16. to a place that’s hidden beyond it. to something you most probably know. but what if you give it a new meaning. what if you start thinking of it as a transition. transit to a new place every time you open a door

    By irina on 10.17.2012

  17. tody i will entrace mr whooleys one word it would say nothing so i think it is wierd to other people

    By Hope URL on 10.17.2012

  18. the entrance is fool so i can not get in

    By 123boy = ) URL on 10.17.2012

  19. i couldnt find the movie entrance

    By natalie URL on 10.17.2012

  20. go in a place he made an entrance i

    By vidal URL on 10.17.2012

  21. my mom she just entrance in my room. i hate when she does that ! so dont let your mom just entrance your room.

    By bffforlife URL on 10.17.2012

  22. I woke in the room and this is whut I see everyone stop and staren at my

    By monkeys105 URL on 10.17.2012

  23. It was there in the darkness of his small room that he revealed to me, that if i could find the entrance to his heart that he would be mine forever. I accepted his challenge and swore to never stop looking until I found it. And as we laid in each others company and his fingers intertwined with mine, I knew that there was no way I was going to let this one get away from me.

    By Breezy F Baby URL on 10.17.2012

  24. im on my way too the entrance, the en

    By andrew URL on 10.17.2012

  25. my gorilla was climbing the tree when i was flying though the air,but when i looked up he attacked me

    By ariel URL on 10.17.2012

  26. I walk through the entrance and i see what is inside a whole room over people worshiping me i walk out through the door walking thorough the other door i see a whole other world for me in stor

    By molly URL on 10.17.2012

  27. I was entranced by the magical entrance. Pink, and perfect.

    By Ian Harvey URL on 10.17.2012

  28. As we enter the entrance of the door to the restraunt. The entrance was very nice it had all kinds of colorful things on it. The entrance was wonderful, Best entrance I have ever seen. What a wonderful entrance. What a nice entrance, now my entrance is going to be like that. I am going to color my door just like that one, that one had all kinds of animals on it and it had, hearts and stars.

    By love URL on 10.17.2012

  29. He stood by the entrance reading a book. As I walked in, he looked up at me and smiled
    It was the kind of smile where you could tell that he didn’t think much of himself. The kind that revealed he had a kind heart. That if you were walking down the street carrying a bunch of papers and you happened to drop them all over the sidewalk, he would help you pick up every last one.
    And then he went back to reading his book, in polite silence.

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.17.2012

  30. to enter or go in to a gate to house

    By dustin URL on 10.17.2012

  31. When I entered through the entrance I thought about all the wrong I had done in my life, I didn’t know about this place then, I didn’t know how I was gonna end. But know I see. Heaven does exist.

    By Adriana on 10.17.2012

  32. There was a small step and a door into his forehead where traveling salesmen mice would stand with suitcase in hand, knocking hopefully in the autumn chill.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 10.17.2012

  33. It was there in the darkness of his small room that he revealed to me, that if I could find the entrance to his heart that he would be mine forever. I accepted his challenge and swore to never stop looking until I found it. And as we laid in each others company and his fingers inter wined with mine, I knew that there was no way I was going to let this one get away from me. Thats why I kept holding his hand too.


    By love URL on 10.17.2012

  34. Entrance. A doorway. Full of possibility. They say when you walk through a door, an archway, a marked opening, your brain instantly drops what it thinks you don’t need to hold onto, like water just sliding away. That’s why so often you walk into a room and can’t remember why you’ve walked into it. Why you wake up on your 40th birthday and can’t remember why you are where you are, who you are, who you’re with.

    By Leah Cohen on 10.17.2012

  35. Let the word begin with a letter followed by thoughts floating in the wind; let the word begin with an idea, a small iota of imagination that gradually builds its layers and pillars across these vast oceans.

    By Fareeda on 10.17.2012

  36. I enterd my room today.

    By aaronr URL on 10.17.2012

  37. Then entrance is opposite of exits, Entrance can mean many things. The entrance of life, the beginning of life. Or it could simply meant the entrance to a fast food restaurant. However you look at it, it’s not the exit.

    By Name on 10.17.2012

  38. today someone made an amazing entrance coming into class.

    By ccv1999 URL on 10.17.2012

  39. I enter her. He enters me. I enter the room. We all dance in the entranceway. Entering the shining ballroom, I see the Prince dancing with ladies below. I know none of them will please him as much as I will. Entering the doctor’s office, it’s normal to feel a little nervous, isn’t it? I mean, the doctor is about to look inside me. But I am sure it’s fine.

    By Olivia on 10.17.2012

  40. Looking at the entrance of the castle, I could barely see the figure of a man there. He was tall, large and comanding. he was still and watching me watch him. He did not seemed inclined

    By Lauren on 10.17.2012