December 14th, 2013 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “entirety”

  1. i loved him
    i loved him with the entirety of my heart
    i loved him so much
    its a shame im trash
    and ill never be loved with his whole heart
    but lying to myself was always so easy..

    By fukawa URL on 12.14.2013

  2. In the end with my whole entirety I could not care
    I could not care about her
    Ive never cared about anyone
    so why
    why should i care about her
    i had no reason to
    no reason
    at all.

    By fukawa URL on 12.14.2013

  3. He lived his life in its entirety. And that is all.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 12.14.2013

  4. She loved his work in its entirety. Whether it was a poem, a song, a performance or just his musings, she loved it all. Never had she felt so connected while being so distant, so “far away” physically. What was she to do? A conundrum of the highest order!

    By just a girl URL on 12.14.2013

  5. The entirety of life is very interesting, fun, and tiring and it never ends.

    By Howard Ssge URL on 12.14.2013

  6. She takes you down to the river, her small hands cupped to her mouth as she breathes in the water. It’s funny, because when she breathes, you can feel the water rush through your limbs, rising to settle in your gaunt cheeks. As you watch her perform this universal, impersonal task, you try to put your finger on why she’s beautiful. You realize you’re not really sure. But she’s there, all of her, all the time. Her entire being poured into everything she does.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.14.2013

  7. The assignment in general was a load of bollocks, and Harry already hated it. He glared across the interrogation room at ‘Healer’ Malfoy.
    “Are you sure you didn’t ‘accidentally’ poison him?”

    By Dominik URL on 12.14.2013

  8. The entirety of the New World Bible was a lie. Not that it harbored much truth in its Old World model. But the more and more I and the other monks read it, the more we could sense the discrepancies not only within the physical text, but also within the air currents we traveled on as we maneuvered from temple to temple to speak to our Elders.

    “The world itself argues against this book,” I told my comrade.

    “Yes,” she replied.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.14.2013

  9. In its entirety, my 80 acre farm in south central Iowa consists of rolling hills speckled with Pinto and purebred Arabian horses. On Black Friday, the lovely green

    By Blondbomb URL on 12.14.2013

  10. In his entirety he was nothing. boring. a blob of a man. he was the worst kind of boring becuase he found him self very stimulating and loved the monotone sound his voice made. He found his every thought interesting and found the needed to share them constatnly. So say the least most of his shared opionions were pointless and the rest served the purpose of putting his listeners to sleep.

    By Abigail W on 12.14.2013

  11. the entirety of my hearts effort is driving my life at this moment :)

    By R URL on 12.14.2013

  12. The entirety of it all is not something to be concerned with
    Or at least that’s what they tell you
    You’re allowed in this kiddie pool of consciousness
    That’s how TM put it
    But they don’t want you to go swimming
    They don’t want you to explore
    Because once you start exploring it all becomes laughable
    Once you start exploring big, bad, powerful scary people morph in your mind from wolves into sheeps in wolves’ clothing
    Or wounded infants
    Crying desperately for something greater, deep down only wanting to understand
    Distracting themselves with hedonism and frivolousness
    They’re just as scared as you and me
    By the entirety of it all

    By Jesse B on 12.14.2013

  13. entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety entirety. Do you understand? It´s ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY ENTIRETY

    By Isabella URL on 12.14.2013

  14. This mental haze, paralyzing me, vitriol flowing through my veins, slowly killing me. I could not think for the life of me, as life’s choking grip had me enveloped in it’s entirety.

    By richard laperle on 12.14.2013

  15. Whole. The sume total of all its part. The big picture. possibly the end. All. It invovles many pieces that add to the whole.

    By angela on 12.14.2013

  16. Everthing I do.
    Once I die
    life will be ended
    its entirety
    spanned through my years

    this makes no sense.
    neither do i
    or life.

    By tony laquatra on 12.14.2013

  17. The clear cutting strategy was, in its entirety, a misdirection. On the surface it appeared to address the issues of fire and firemen safety, but the ancillary impacts would lead to greater fire risk over time as well as environmental damage of incredible scope. The problem was the false dichotomous argument pitting fire safety and environmental conservation against each other, rather than seeking a common solution.

    By Clayton on 12.14.2013

  18. and i adore you in your
    you fawn eyes and
    smooth fairy

    and though i cannot
    push my thoughts
    into that scary
    little mind of yours

    i adore that,


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 12.14.2013

  19. There are some movies that I just cannot watch in their entirety. Lord, some movies just really frickin’ suck–like how did you get produced, ya dumb movie? And they’re still getting paid! I wish a bad movie.

    By Annette on 12.14.2013

  20. So tiring, entirely, but I will be what you need from me
    remembering what I want from you, your breath and soul.
    Cunt too.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.14.2013

  21. the whole thing. the freakin’ whole thing. lock, stock and barrel, todo, the whole enchilada, poush! it went up in smoke, all ash, all smoke and ash just rising up into the sky in black and white smoke

    By Lee URL on 12.14.2013

  22. we are all one
    making up the entirety of
    the universe; we’re nothing,
    we’re the same.
    she sleeps and thinks of
    fairy queens, and knows the
    tales are true.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 12.14.2013

  23. Entirety, as in the entirety of this piece is a load of bullocks. The entirety of this sentence is a load of bullocks. The entirety of this world is a load of bullocks. Have you ever wondered why the entirety of the systems of the humyn world are so full of bullocks? It’s a ridiculous potato-potatoer, if I might say. The entirety of the ludicrous nature of these bullocks is not worth my time.

    By Sauce on 12.14.2013

  24. he was beautiful in all his entirety. he always looked amazing no matter what.

    By Pasty Lace on 12.14.2013

  25. I don’t know what to write. With all my entirety I wish i could make a decision. I think I’m having another existential crisis

    By Christian Hernandez on 12.14.2013

  26. in a moment everything flash before her. her life. her kids. her interest. where they all meaningless? well, she thought, i guess i will never know…

    By Koren Smith on 12.14.2013

  27. The course of time had been nothing like he could remember. The slow turning of the clock in his mind had been lost in its entirety. But then he thought of Julia, and the time she laughed when he fell in snow. And all was well. Merry Christmas.
    Christian was distraught with the stress of writing a story of a single word. The word was entirety, but he pronounced it “eternity.” The irony.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 12.14.2013

  28. The entirety of the class didn’t like the idea of reading shakespeare or any classic books. But this is what is required. They don’t like the language of the books.

    But they can’t do anything. They have to do what is required. Everybody is doing the same thing they are.

    The students are dissapointed. But they have to do it. They have to graduate.

    By roze_princess URL on 12.14.2013

  29. The bottle of wine sits there, calling my name. I’m exhausted, too many thoughts, too many things to do. It’s cold and gloomy outside just making it all more appealing. But I know that once I pick that bottle up, there is nothing stopping me from finishing it in it’s entirety.

    By Claira URL on 12.14.2013

  30. The entirety of the universe is here now before us – behold the entirety of the Universe! YEAH!!! How

    By ac on 12.14.2013

  31. She filled the entirety of her thoughts. Filled her heart with stones, her stomach with chemicals, her brain with dreamless sleep. She looks out the window, and loses herself in thought, it makes her fingers twitch, her toes curl, and sometimes, she smiles.

    By Jessica URL on 12.14.2013

  32. The dark feeling started as a seed deep inside of her and spread into a weed and overtook her daisies that had made him love her and her winter blue hair and it grew like a vine into the sky and blocked out the sun and swallowed her in her crystaline entirety.

    By Liv on 12.14.2013

  33. You read it, yes? Good. Well, you know. Sorry about that but it had to be done. You’ll feel better soon enough. I was legally bound to at least ask you to have read it. The acknowledgment here is just that you’ve done so. In its entirety. Though we’re the only ones, perhaps I should say you are the only one, that will know if you’ve truly done so.

    By DMM URL on 12.14.2013

  34. It’s angles were pretty. It’s darling little head, all dark and downy and just a little too beautiful to be real. It’s parts were something special, something wonderful. It was in the entirety of the image that the beautiful fell away. One plus two plus three and suddenly you understood the whole image, saw the monster and were so cold so quick. They ran from her. From it. From the little bits of her they wanted to hold, and her great, looming integrity. They fell around her, bits and pieces that were monstrous all alone and she laughed at how they screamed. She wasn’t meant to hurt them. Not all of them. Just one. One little, broken, ugly piece of the whole. Separate the entirety, and let them run, screaming, from their God.

    By Zoe on 12.14.2013

  35. the eternity of substance
    is limited by quantity
    much more than by valor

    when our water stores run dry
    when the entirety of supermarkets
    are cleaned down to the empty shelves

    it will not be the heroes
    that somehow procure more
    rather, it will be the theives

    By slantedstories URL on 12.14.2013

  36. i have no idea what this means but if I have to guess I would think that it refers to being complete. Or at least the most complete you can be at the moment. Being complete is being happy, having something to think about all day and be happy about it. FInd someone to think about all day and completes you.

    By Pablo on 12.14.2013

  37. He read the agreement in its entirety. Unlike online shopping or downloads, this was not an agreement you just click on. He signed his name, and handed it back to the devil, who smiled knowingly.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.14.2013

  38. he takes my body in it’s entirety
    for the first time
    i feel
    a body next to mine

    By Candice URL on 12.14.2013

  39. I definitely feel it. All around me. I can’t help it. It is there in its entirety. And then, like the eyelash of a lost lover, it will never be found again.

    By Shineapple URL on 12.14.2013

  40. I don’t really know what there is to write, but then a gain, what isn’t there to write. Entirety is pretty all encompassing. I think the best starting point is the end really. And that is why this is just about everything organic that is.

    By Amelia on 12.14.2013