April 14th, 2012 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “entice”

  1. I am enticed to do this.
    Please entice me.
    I love when you entice me.
    If you entice me you will regret it.

    By teeda URL on 04.14.2012

  2. Wow – I got enticed by those purple buds and violet star shaped flowers. I love lilacs.

    By Mary URL on 04.14.2012

  3. entice…what a strange word it makes me think of things i not supposed to want.

    By therese URL on 04.14.2012

  4. “Can I entice you with some champagne?” Erika purred. Gavrouche smirked, slowly hanging up his coat before making his way across the room and kissing her from the other side of the table.

    “Honestly, it’d just be a bonus, you’re quite enticing enough.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.14.2012

  5. Entice

    Entice makes me think of a deliberate action from another, with an intent to manipulate a specific outcome.

    There is no “other” swaying my reason right now. There’s just me. Nevertheless, I’m being pulled and swayed towards a set of decisions that might not be best in the long run. Decisions swayed by emotion rather than reason or logic. I think that must be bad. Or maybe it’s not. It’s different for me.

    Logic and reason think towards the future. If I do this and this and that, THEN this other thing will be better. Logic and reason are about planning and outcomes… about putting things off… waiting. An emotional choice would address now. What about now? Living in the moment. Not for unknown tomorrows. I want to be happy now.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.14.2012

  6. The pillow is soft, and on the corner, at the peripheral edges of your vision, you see a lock of hair, a strand, of darkest brown, close enough to be black, only just not making it there.

    You move, and it shifts, just past your eyes.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.14.2012

  7. The smell of warm chocolate chip scones enticed Freddy as she traipsed her way into the small Irish bakery. Within glass display cabinets, she could see sausage rolls, curry pie, and Irish brown bread. It all made her mouth water as she traced her fingers along the glass, not noticing the shopkeeper approaching her with alarming speed.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.14.2012

  8. the tool is a smile. victim and villain. there is no winner. across the cobbled french street, in the outside veranda, there is a smile. c’mere. I can want to give this to you. the barest hints of what you want, but that’s all it takes. that smile reaches into your brain, past the fireworks of your thoughts, into your desire. Bypassing all the passwords and firewalls set in place to ensure objective reasoning only makes it to the front office of your mind, this lie wrapped in seduction renders your objective data inert. your self can only see what they say you can have. and in that you find something that wasn’t in the original negotiations at all – excitement. something unexpected but enjoyable seems like a present given to you, always better than store bought yourself. and in exchange for what you lose, you gain something that you’re only capable of regretting later.

    By Garrett4 on 04.14.2012

  9. To entice such a creature was truly a marvelous feat. For they were pompous and vain by nature, and often saw others as beneath them.

    By Faith URL on 04.14.2012

  10. She was certainly and enticing sight. With her long, flowing locks of red hair and hourglass figure, Tom was powerless to resist her feminine wiles. He handed her another handful of chocolate and she patted his head as one would a dog.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 04.14.2012

  11. How dare you. “I’ve actually had a huge crush on you for ages, I don’t want you that way. Let’s sleep together, you are fucking sexy.” You hypocrite. If you wanted to truly entice me, you would have just shown me how well you can play that guitar you pose with so often.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 04.14.2012

  12. I think I’ve finally figured out what entices me about you so much and it’s that ever-pervading scent of just you. It’s that whiff of it that I gather when I wander books shelves. It’s the slight hint of it you leave on that blanket you so adore. It’s breathed from the chair in the nook. It’s exhaled from the fibers in the pillows. It’s that clean shirt smell that makes me mad.

    By Blayne on 04.14.2012

  13. I’ve never known anyone that can entice me to eat cupcakes more than my cousin. She bakes the best cupcakes, then takes pictures and posts them on facebook. We are drooling by the time we’ve scrolled down the page. Love it!

    By Carrie on 04.14.2012

  14. To entice. To draw in. To lure.

    It’s a talent of hers: to draw them in. To break their hearts. She takes pride in it.

    Beautiful, they call her. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Enticing.

    So she draws them in; she breaks their hearts; and she tries to make herself believe that he fun of it is worth the guilt she will always deny she feels.

    By Soleil on 04.14.2012

  15. To entice. To draw in. To lure.

    It’s a talent of hers: to lure them in, to break their hearts.

    Beautiful, they call her. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    She draws them in; she breaks their hearts; and she tries to convince herself that the fun of it is worth the guilt she denies feeling.

    By Soleil URL on 04.14.2012

  16. She was only there for about five minutes. That’s about twenty minutes less than me. I saw her the moment she walked in, I suppose you could say that I had been waiting for her; I’d been waiting for someone worth my damn time to walk in.

    Her eyes and her jacket were red. Here eyes caught mine after I looked away the first time, and she smiled. I said something to entice her. My name.

    By Dovikles URL on 04.14.2012

  17. I tried to entice her but it was no good! Our love was lost completely; it showed in the grey, far away look that ruled her once beautiful eyes. To entice, but to fail, the greatest of emotional embarrassments.

    By Mike Burman on 04.14.2012

  18. She tempted him with candy
    Appealing to his primal tastes
    The eyes bind themselves
    His frantic to find refuge
    Her hands in his pockets

    By justin on 04.14.2012

  19. To capture.

    By Marcie on 04.14.2012

  20. She held her hand out
    Exposing her wrist
    He loved her skin
    Inhaling jasmine sandalwood
    As his lips seal
    penetrating her flesh
    he thirsts as she enjoys the rush
    Of immortality

    By justin URL on 04.14.2012

  21. He enticed her, holding the thin apple slice just of reach and smiling. She reached up with her short, fat fingers and tried to snatch it away. She let out a high pitched giggle and scream and he laughed, lowering the apple slice until she was just able to snag it away.

    By Heather URL on 04.14.2012

  22. I’m not quite sure what to think, when I think of the word entice. It makes me begin to wonder just what have I been doing with my life.

    By Lynn URL on 04.14.2012

  23. It wasn’t hard to entice Ryan with promises of great success and glory beyond his wildest dreams. He should know, it was all he had been thinking about these past few years. Yet, it took the appearance of a wealthy widow to make him believe in the possibility. All it would take, is a little scheming on his part…

    By AfterMath on 04.14.2012

  24. some say temptation, but that might discount everything we could ever want. I want to be yours, and I can’t even say that draws me for the reasons one would normally draw me with faith or diamonds, good names or background checks. it’s all out of mind and I have to say that it’s all I want, using the only beating part of my body that doesn’t make sense.

    By Taylin URL on 04.14.2012

  25. The enticing of a weak heart is a cruel thing to do in the world. As she would entice the man into her heart by his weak mind. The heart is longing for connection, dont let evil entice it

    By Patrick URL on 04.14.2012

  26. Entice scheint mir ein Edelstein zu sein. Durchscheinend, das Licht brechend. Wenn man hindurch schaut, dann wird alles in einen milden Schein getaucht, die Konturen werden weicher als sie es in Wirklichkeit sind. Alles verschmilzt und bleibt doch ganz es selbst. So ist Entice und es hüllt auch dich ein.

    By Eli URL on 04.14.2012

  27. many things draw me
    entice me
    arouse me
    many things can be called alluring
    can cause my heart to race
    my breath to still

    many things such as can do that are not you

    By Domiknitrix URL on 04.14.2012

  28. I can’t wait to see you next. My heart races, more then any horse jockey could handle. I just want to jump up and down as if I could jump all the way to the moon and scream. “She loves you yeah yeah yeah!” as if I were in a cheesy 80’s movie. It’s crazy how much someone can entice you. Seeing you, wanting to jump in your arms and kiss you. It’s crazy.

    By Paige Noel URL on 04.14.2012

  29. entice. Do you want to hear more yet?

    By BradleyJamesArcher URL on 04.14.2012

  30. I think I wrote about this already… The idea of a day away enticed my stir-crazy mind. Any way to escape the unnecessary hardships that awaited when still stuck at home, no one to see, nothing to do. My only friend was an ocasional irritated text message from an irritatingly self centered boyfriend.

    By AV on 04.14.2012

  31. skin, silky smooth, slips the hand so sweetly between folds of limbs and bend of joints, sweat lubricating, sex on fire

    By Kevin Lundy on 04.14.2012

  32. She was enticing. The warm, evening air whipped her black hair around her face, covering her flirtatious smile, then unveiling it. The fading sunlight glowed in her green eyes.

    By Kelsey on 04.14.2012

  33. just the other day, I was enticed to swim. Albeit not very hot out, and the sand was still chilly, but the enticement bewildered me. I didn’t do it, mind you. But upon returning home, i missed yet another opportunity to shine.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.14.2012

  34. Did it matter about the goal of justice? Gold…gold…that is all that is needed. It doesn’t matter that they can save those other people. That is just a side effect. Gold…

    By CoolNeptune URL on 04.14.2012

  35. I used to entice boys when I wore my royal blue leotard, told them I was a jazz dancer which I was sometimes, flipped my long hair over my shoulder, sashayed around the campus and the library

    By Robin on 04.14.2012

  36. It was enticing the way your words entered the air as if covered in gold. I coveted your eloquent speech in the same way I yearned for your intimate company.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.14.2012

  37. Entice me with your wills. Help me to find the light, find you in my heart. Find you in my life. Love me. Please, just love me. Hold me in your arms, entice me to live.

    By Emily Genovera on 04.14.2012

  38. it’s not that first place wasn’t enticing enough, it’s just that second would have been better. not everyone remembers winners. some remember the runners up. at least that’s what he told himself when really he wasn’t good enough

    By E.P. Hantera on 04.14.2012

  39. She was enticing, no doubt about that. Much like the last chocolate covered strawberry in the box, her glamour was enhanced by tenfold. As I stared across the dance floor at her I felt a light sheen of sweat develop on my hands, nervousness already at work. However, I couldn’t just sit here the whole night staring at her, I had to move! With a last desperate gulp of my drink I hopped off the bar stool and maneuvered my way through the crowd toward her, hoping that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself by tripping in my new high heels.

    By Mairead URL on 04.14.2012

  40. No
    Not according to mission

    “Look,” Dick was trying his best to stay composed, which was normally a pretty easy thing for him to do. Deep breath in, deep breath out, and just don’t make eye contact. Or maybe not, making eye contact was good. Do that, people take you more seriously – didn’t Bruce say something like that once?

    In fact, maybe Wally was the one who had told him that. Although that was a kind of ridiculous and obviously out of place notion because if anyone knew how to stay still, it wasn’t a particular ginger.

    Things were a lot harder when you couldn’t take you eyes off him, though.

    By Kit URL on 04.14.2012