April 14th, 2012 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “entice”

  1. it was a kiss to
    build a dream on

    it held me
    brought me in

    and never let go

    even though you did

    By Nightawait URL on 04.14.2012

  2. I would like to entice you to read my work. I know it might have typos sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Amirite? It’s nicely organized and at least thought out! YAY!

    By Bryan Edward URL on 04.14.2012

  3. Maybe it IS wrong to think of these things from time to time, but honestly…it’s part of being human.

    -I believe I can fly~-

    By Alexis Lim on 04.14.2012

  4. millions of dark empty miles between everything, and us. We lie separated from the universe by the universe itself, a self defining, self correcting equation of solitude. But they call to us, don’t they, the emptiness calls.

    By K.W. Burnette on 04.14.2012

  5. The smell danced through my nose. It was mesmerizing, the smell of the apple pie. The way she baked was interesting. Somehow, she knew how to make it smell so good.

    By The Writer URL on 04.14.2012

  6. to capture someone. To captivate. To attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage.

    By Katherine on 04.14.2012

  7. I have no idea what it means. it looks like entwine. it reminded me of mike tyson and i have no idea why lol. well i am almost done and i have only typed 2 lines, ugh i need to get bettter at this but i cant well byeeeeee people hahaha ugh ugh

    By monique URL on 04.14.2012

  8. enticement is the word of the sea. It’s the word of everything. Entice me. Entice you. Entice everything around you.

    By Mackenzie on 04.14.2012

  9. It was just about the wiggling of the hips. Too much and everyone notices. Too little and no one notices. It takes a good balance between the two. Enough so that one person notices.

    By quinis on 04.14.2012

  10. Ooh, longingly. That little silk ribbon against that soft delicate little shoulder and a rich curve below. All that was need awaited one sharp body gesture–towards her–he simply had to look.

    By Ursamare on 04.14.2012

  11. Your silly antics
    Though juvenile and foolish
    Entice me to laugh

    By Catherine McClarin URL on 04.14.2012

  12. Satan entices me every day to slip up, make a mistake. He gets at me in so many different ways it’s impossible to describe them all. I don’t want him to win though. I don’t want him to seem even slightly enticing to me. All I can do is hope and pray that God will entice me most in the end.

    By DreamerGirl on 04.14.2012

  13. The flowers entice me to pluck them from their roots, as if each one is patiently waiting for their deaths. They say nothing once they are pulled out of their homes, even if they are moved somewhere else.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 04.14.2012

  14. The Dorrito Taco sat there, teasting him, enticing him and it knew exactly what it was doing to him. Sean stretched his jegging-clad legs out and pushed the coffee table where the taco is resting away from him. He folds his arms and tries to ignore it, ignore how he can’t find his phone either.

    By Cassie URL on 04.14.2012

  15. She held up the vial. “Come on.” Her voice was slow, warm; I knew where this story was going. “It’ll wear off in twenty-four hours. And then you’ll know.”
    It was the _knowing_ that bothered me, really; I wasn’t sure I wanted to. After all, _she_ wasn’t the one drinking it.

    By Jen Sullivan on 04.14.2012

  16. in the distance….a light….warmth…maybe……not wearing my glasses I approach cautiously….feeling the grass slip between my toes…I can’t take my eyes off of the light…is it the sun rising or setting….not sure….either way…I walk towards it….the Monet painting becomes more clear….I see the horizon…ever..drawing near….

    By Pam URL on 04.14.2012

  17. The rain enticed me to walk outside and watch the currents ripple down below. Everything returns–that’s what the waters taught me. But I knew I’d never return to some friends. And others wouldn’t return to me. The rain poured down harder, solidifying the heart-wrenching truth, but all I could do was look on from a distance beyond my control.

    By Marissa URL on 04.14.2012

  18. Somehow, without trying, you smelled to her like all the best things in the world combined. Salty ocean wind and newly rain-wet pavement and old books, cloying and enticing, mixed with Earl Grey tea and oil paint and a hundred other scents, all stirring up old memories. And with each time she encountered you, she noticed something new, something even better. The cold smell of Lake Superior, humid Indiana nights, dark piney forests, blooming apple trees, and violin rosin.

    But it was simple.

    You smelled like home.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.14.2012

  19. “Could I entice you to try this?” he asked.
    “No, it really doesn’t look like something I’d like,” she replied.
    “Not even just one bite?”
    “I’d rather not.”
    “What if I tried it first?”
    “Do you really want to stick that in your mouth?”

    By Stan Kramer URL on 04.14.2012

  20. i am here to entice you towards what i brought. they are these magical little pills that work wonders. they are delicious and such a treat, I know you won’t even be able to help yourself once you get started. pop one, and then two, three four. close your eyes darling.. five, six, and then four more….

    By Abra URL on 04.14.2012

  21. So maybe she won’t listen. Maybe she’d rather spend the rest of the day at pasture, eating grass to her heart’s content. A carrot—better yet, an apple—might entice her to come to you, anyway.

    By Bethany on 04.14.2012

  22. It was so alluring, to join him. To rule the empire. To control. To have control. But then I thought of the people. Of the rebels. Of the men and women who had died. Of the thousands of hours fighting, and the death and ruin this man brought. His arrogance. His disdain. And I remembered my inheritance, from my father and those before him, those whose spirits where close-by and watching. And I was no longer enticed.

    By Shawn on 04.14.2012

  23. Entice with yourself. Lay yourself out for them to see and let your personality do the enticing. At least that’s what they kept telling me. That’s all I would need to make friends, to get jobs and so on. But I’m really not so sure about any of that. I’m not enticing. I’m not the enticing type. But that’s what they want me to be. I suppose I could try?
    “Isadora? What are you doing” I snapped up out of my reprieve and looked to Josh.

    By Alice on 04.14.2012

  24. She simply couldn’t put it down. It seemed that every word the author had used served to entice the reader to continue along the story’s path.

    By Dawn URL on 04.14.2012

  25. I have been enticed to do many things. Some of which I regret or am ashamed of.

    By Kailey on 04.14.2012

  26. To entice the entangled was entrapment of the entitled.

    By Marianne URL on 04.14.2012

  27. Oh, hello. I see you want something. Something really bad. Well, what if I told you I could make all your dreams come true? The riches, the fame. All of it will be yours. Does that entice you? I see. Well, follow me, and enter your new life.

    By Paul V. on 04.14.2012

  28. entice me into you.
    entice me to come out.
    entice the world with my juiciness.
    entice. entice. entice.

    By Dana Highfill URL on 04.14.2012

  29. entice —
    a tangle of nerves,
    a curl of fingers,
    the right dress and the right
    lipstick and the right
    shoes and
    the right attitude, it’s
    a confidence and a cock of the hips, and it’s
    well, it’s
    it’s something to pull
    to push
    to use
    and it’s something that will,
    every time,
    let you win.

    By Sam on 04.14.2012

  30. THe lamp was enticing her to move towards it. Her breath stayed on the glass as she walked through it into the night, towards the lamp light that called her. The alcohol on her breath scared people away, the drug in her system made her erratic. This thing. This lamp. This last hope of life. It was calling her. Calling her home.

    By Jhymel on 04.14.2012

  31. It was so brightly colored. I could feel the saliva in my mouth and felt that funny feeling – like I could already taste it you know?

    By Jodi G on 04.14.2012

  32. she looked at him but stopped. It was too much. How could he even know… though the thought was enticing. He licked his lips and she noticed every move his eyes made when they met each other.
    Finally she gave in, and he moved in too.

    By Alex on 04.14.2012

  33. again. I slip. It is this that makes me wonder. Is it worth it? He is worth it. He is always worth it. But am I? I am sustained by the wonderment that is my own prison. The travel and wind entices me to leave and never look back.

    By Alex on 04.14.2012

  34. The way that she looked at me just entirely enticed my entire being, from my head to me toes. She managed to lock my soul away in just a simple look, binding me to her unknowingly.

    By Ashley on 04.14.2012

  35. As we began to dance, I could only think of ways that would entice him so that I may just have a chance with him some day. I’m in love with him.

    By Morgan on 04.14.2012

  36. Entice. Well, you are enticing. Your body, your voice, your face, your smell, your smile, the things you think and the things you say. Food. That is enticing too. I really wish it weren’t. Damn enticing food.

    By Becca on 04.14.2012

  37. The offer was enticing, to be sure… but she couldn’t just agree to something like that! Did he even know what he was asking? A simple request to him was the cause of great debate and confusion inside of her.

    By Nyxtrisk URL on 04.14.2012

  38. She stood before me, eyes flashing with determination, and straddled my lap. I was tied to the chair, unable to move, unable to leave. I closed my eyes and my consciousness, willing myself out of the experience. She wanted to entice my cooperation, but she was delusional.

    By SubliminalTwist on 04.14.2012

  39. Winter is coming on, the cold driving us back into houses and behind closed doors. From windows we can watch the effect of the weather. There is nothing that could entice me out today into the frost and damp and away the a warm fire, a good book and hot coffee.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.14.2012

  40. I wonder if I could ever gain the simplicity of laying in bed, nude and brown, dipping my fingers into a glass of water and you, being lured in by the utter sexiness of natural me. I dream, you know?

    By Bobbi B. on 04.14.2012