April 30th, 2013 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “ensue”

  1. As we all go about in our lives I see that the wicked ones will always play and tumble about. What will ensue if those doors are not opened in time? Which shall we poke about and stare into the great abyss that is our lives.

    By mia on 05.01.2013

  2. What ensued from that enormous project was a well developed confidence. She became increasingly self possessed. This was something she had previously struggled with for years. The research forced her to reach out and communicate.

    By Bibelot13 on 05.01.2013

  3. What can possibly ensue from such an insignificant night out? A drive around the neighborhood, a visit to the ice cream parlor, and putting gas in the car at the local warehouse store are hardly earth shattering. We must wait and see.

    By Bibelot13 on 05.01.2013

  4. Ensure ensue

    By Asdf on 05.01.2013

  5. When Combeferre came home to the sight of Courfeyrac sitting outside of Enjolras’s bedroom door and grinning in a way that couldn’t mean anything good, he frowned and took his headphones off.

    “Courfeyrac, what are you doing?”

    If possible, Courf’s grin became even more Chesire. “I like putting them into rooms together and seeing what ensues.”

    “Wh –?” Combeferre hadn’t even gotten the question all the way out of his mouth before he could hear Enjolras shouting: “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GRANTAIRE, GO BREATHE VODKA INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S FACE! THIS IS DUE TOMORROW!” He had to close his eyes and take a deep breath to keep himself from laughing.

    “Courfeyrac, get him out of there,” he managed to say with only the smallest quirk of his lips.

    By Julia A. URL on 05.01.2013

  6. consume to maintain
    it enters the brain
    you ensue my entire being
    not only believing without seeing
    I felt you even when I hadn’t been here in so long
    I know the life I live when your gone is pathetic
    because love cannot be felt through rhetoric
    yet, thats all I have to give
    my words have little value
    and my spirit has little lift

    By Abby Ruge URL on 05.01.2013

  7. What’s ensue? I feel stupid… sitting in this office surrounded by smart people, I’m the youngest of them all. Now I’m panicking and looking at the timer as it gets closer and closer to one minute. A thin blue snake.

    By Francesca on 05.01.2013

  8. What follows is anybody’s guess.

    He’s just responsible for making sure something happens. What ensues is none of his responsibility. Things can go to hell, shit can hit the fan, or happy-ever-afters can follow, but he doesn’t care. He has only one goal in mind and nothing, no matter the repercussions of his actions, can stop him. He’s determined and on-track to accomplishing that one task he’s worked on since the beginning.

    By veryterry URL on 05.01.2013

  9. The problems began after the break up, not before. The cracks that suddenly became canyons, separating the two. Their friends naturally took sides and loyalties developed. Eventually, it was forgotten that they were both good people.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.01.2013

  10. There are consequences to everything you do. People don’t see that their actions have results. When I felt the cold metal against my warm skin, my hot blood pouring onto the cement, and the taste of iron in my mouth…I knew this was a mistake. I felt the pieces of the vehicle in my thigh, I heard the screams of others around me. Not only did I cause permanent damage to myself, but I brought terrors amongst others. I knew that if I were to have just…think…this…wouldn’t…have…happened.

    By Chrris on 05.01.2013

  11. Anticipation ensues our arrival. We are waiting for the results. We have been waiting waiting, time and again do we still wait. it has been 15 years it seems, and we didn’t even know we were waiting. What ensues the events of our lives. Anything? Something?

    By Shyla Marie URL on 05.01.2013

  12. What events will ensue from these Boston tragedies?
    How will people regain their lives after such losses?
    How will we all heal and move forward?

    By Robin on 05.01.2013

  13. today is one of those hard days when sorrow and melancholy ensue we lost you ten years ago this year today is your birthday it would have been number 29 I love you RIP KBD

    By Box of Rain URL on 05.01.2013

  14. Everything went good at the meeting when I was about to ensure some ideas that we could do. It’s ensued for a egg to crack open and a baby duck will appear.

    By Connor Dillon on 05.01.2013

  15. The violence was immediate. The two sides–the mages of the North and the mages of the East–ensued into battle. They didn’t waste a moment to write their magery marks in the air, casting their dangerous spells.

    By armon URL on 05.01.2013

  16. to ensue upon an adventure and meet new challenges would be exciting and fun. I am not sure why but the embarking upon such a venture would be a thrill
    what more can a body say

    By bob URL on 05.01.2013

  17. I tend to not ensue anything of value. I watch old black and white tv shows instead of writing the next, great screen play.

    By Paulie Aragon on 05.01.2013

  18. Ensue. I don#t even know the meaning in my Language. :D I’m sooo sorry for everbody who is going to read my shiit. :D ensue. Are you in Sue? mhm… if yes! Well Done! :))) muy bien!

    By revieur on 05.01.2013

  19. wnsue. what is ensue? i’ve never heard about it before. i wonder what it’s meaning is. what does it mean? does it mean like to ensure? i don’t know o.O does it mean to sue someone probably. i’m not sure. what is

    By Amy on 05.01.2013

  20. Not too sure what this word means, so I’m going to go with it means to pursure or continue going about doing something

    By Casey Travers on 05.01.2013

  21. Then chaos ensued. All hell broke loose, and I clutched desperately at his hand, determined not to let the tide of the warriors sweep us apart and spit us out, used, broken, alone.

    By Sammi URL on 05.01.2013

  22. Wait, isn’t this the same word as yesterday? Well, darn, seems I was up really late last night.

    as darkness ensued, I could not help but wonder why as had not been capitalized. I then realized I was creating a paradox within myself be questioning my own thoughts as if I had been typing them. Am I but a puppet in a writer’s hands? I must be quite the perfectionist.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 05.01.2013

  23. “Silence will ensue chaos!” the Dealbreaker said – the DB in pinstripes and adverse patterned shirt, tie, handkerchief and socks – floral, polka-dots, plaid, and houndstooth respectively. Does this mean he will be turning out in tan next? Or will he effect in those of us he promised to protect, a monochromatic aberration? I grasp at the colors I can still see and I seem alive – unless I’m typing this in an alternative existence – and yet my brain feels thick and slow and sucking down and down to the sound of the hound…

    By Miss Alister URL on 05.01.2013

  24. the ensuing sixty words are inspired by what comes to mind from the word ensue. Just the first thoughts that enter my head. Whether it be laying here in a bed, thinking about some head, wishing I were dead. Dread for what is to come next.

    By Nico on 05.01.2013

  25. My momentary lapse of concentration caused the already unstable motorcycle to veer left uncontrollably and in slow motion I could feel myself slide into the packed sidewalk full of shimsham markets selling fruit, spices, fish and meat.What ensued was not a pretty picture.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 05.01.2013

  26. What i drew for first ensue, seemed less than satisfactory if i knew it was for you. I often feel so blue, daydreaming of you. The way your cheeks had just that special hue. How I would die, if knew if it were you, to read my piece on ensue.

    By Nico on 05.01.2013

  27. We know what happens next. We know what sorts of dangerous steps comes next, yet we dance on fire, we roll in to the room late and distracted, hair a mess.

    By darseyrsm URL on 05.01.2013

  28. Ensue? That’s today’s word? I don’t even know what ensue means. Hold on, let me go get a dictionary, and I’ll get right back to you. Once I actually know what it means, I can write a real 1 minute prompt!

    BTW, i accidentally wrote this before with the default name that was there so this is original and all mine!

    By Corinne URL on 05.01.2013

  29. ‘Kay, so I looked up ensue on dictionary.com, but I still don’t really get it. Anyone care to explain it to me?????

    Let’s try this sentence:

    The end of the battle ensued yet another war.

    Yes??? or No????

    By Corinne URL on 05.01.2013

  30. It started as an innocent prank.

    By penny dreadful URL on 05.01.2013

  31. When i was busy playing video games in the deserted house at the end of the road, a wild police chase ensued. The police were trying to catch a rogue moose, as the moose was breaking moose laws. What I didn’t tell you was that it was moose police and I am a moose. Moose ghetto life is tough.

    By Darlon Barr on 05.01.2013

  32. The fire ensued the house. After that the fire inspector came and assested the damages. What the

    By Garrett on 05.01.2013

  33. i have no freaking idea what ensue means but i sounds like something someone really smart would say and i think its sounds like pursue so maybe its means chase or follow cause thats what pursue means and maybe their almost the same thing.

    By Hannah on 05.01.2013

  34. the ugruks ensued the ice, when we were hunting them. Than we ensued the town and go out hunting. I ensued my seat to up front of the boat to shoot. They ensued us and go down to the water. after we ensued the ugruk and

    By Willie URL on 05.01.2013

  35. I dont know what to say because i do not know what the word means. I would want to ensue history lol idk. i do not know what to put, so i wouldn’t do this one.

    By Anthony URL on 05.01.2013

  36. Ensue was the word for yesterday, but I’m going to take time writing something today, much more than 60 seconds because I need to let my thoughts escape.

    I’m not sure what ensues the things that happen in my life. All I know is that it hurts. I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself, but I think there is more to that at this point. It is excruciating being the second option to people. It’s horrid feeling like I don’t make a difference to anyone at all. It’s fatiguing waiting for something that’s never going to happen.

    This girl… Her hair is beautiful, her eyes are big and brown and full of interest. She’s so awkward it’s cute.
    When she writes, the words fit together like pieces into place. When she makes a point, it is correct and people agree with her. When she says something casual, it ends up being hilarious. When she has to argue, she tells people off in the classiest away. When she talks to people, they listen. She’s loved in a way that’s precious. I love her.

    I don’t think anyone can be as good as her. And the fact that I’m here being myself is pure hell. It’s so hard to not compare myself to others, they are all around me, and life is full of competition. And just knowing that I’m only okay at what I love to do because of her, makes it worse. Why must she be so exciting, intellectual, intriguing, and so much more? Why does she have to be so amazing, yet humble? Why does she have to know so much? Why does she have to be so mature it’s scary? Why do people adore her?
    I adore her.

    Take a while back for example, here is how it went. I sat alone feeling slightly happy, it had been a good day. I happened to see a girl. Her hair was long and straight, she had a nice figure, she was everything I try to be. My day completely changed into an awful one.

    If I were to describe myself, it would go something like this:

    I have long, frizzy curly hair. I have green/hazel eyes. I don’t have any pleasing features, in fact I have thick eyebrows and a natural “girl peach fuzz.” (If you’re going to put it in a nicer term than other things)
    I have a weird body, it’s not cute and curvy, nor thin. It’s gross and awkward and sort of in between those types of bodies.

    Nothing about me is special in any way. I’m bland and uninteresting. I’m the second choice to those around me. I’m not good at the things I enjoy, in fact I get teased because of them.

    All of these things ensue the pain I receive everyday. These are the reasons that this is occurring. I would love to change them, but I can’t. I’m done beating myself up over this, I’m just finished with everything. I don’t belong here, and I feel awful for dragging people into this.

    By Kayla URL on 05.01.2013

  37. i have no idea what ensue means

    By kayla on 05.01.2013

  38. Ensue is not a word I’ve ever used. I prefer follow, or result. Yeah! Result is good, definite, strong. Ensue is sort of hesitant.

    By E A M Harris URL on 05.01.2013

  39. The police ensued their victim which they suspected had killed this old lady who was walking her dog. The dog had peed all over the person’s flowers and apparently they were prized flowers so the person was really mad. The police were terribly pissed off that this person killed an old lady over some stupid flowers and did not think it was fair. They could not catch up to the person though because they were driving a ford mustang that went so fricken fast. I was in the ford with them, that is how I know what happened.

    By Anna Pierce on 05.01.2013

  40. Ensue is a nice word. I ensue everything that happens around me. The people around me influence it too, but it is mostly me, because this is my life.

    By Kayla URL on 05.01.2013