April 30th, 2013 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “ensue”

  1. things start to ensue when things go wrong. I’ve never really heard ensue written in a positive light. It could be though.
    “Well, he bought me dinner, we had fun, and then we went to my apartment and hot things ensued.”
    No one would ever talk like that though.

    By Harrison Mitchell on 05.01.2013

  2. The letters i wrote to him let the whole thing die. I didn’t know why I wrote them to him and then all of a sudden chaos ensued. If only i had let them burn in the fire. If only I had just let them slip from my mind, then maybe none of this would have happened and all would be quiet.

    By Hannah on 05.01.2013

  3. All the chaos that ensued after that moment will haunt me forever. The touch of his hand and the smell of the air in that very second when I realized he would never fully be mine. It’s unforgettable. It’s painful but I long for it still.

    By Hana URL on 05.01.2013

  4. When two destined people meet and sparks fly, romance ensues. When evil meets vulnerability and bad luck, havoc ensues. Something ensues out of something

    By greengabberglob URL on 05.01.2013

  5. ensue
    i didn’t even know it’s meaning
    until looking it up
    but now
    that i know it
    i’m asking my self
    if i should ensue
    ensue what i believe in
    ensue what i thought of when i decided to live
    and ensue it completely
    but if
    and what does completely mean?

    By Daniela on 05.01.2013

  6. Its coming. The summer ensues with birds and happiness.

    By anne on 05.01.2013

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    By Dd URL on 05.01.2013

  8. The wind blows back our hair while the sun gently sets in the sky.

    Who knows what’s going to come next? And who cares? We’re just standing here, not worrying about it, and we feel perfectly fine.

    We don’t care about the future in this moment in time. We just want to make the moment last as long as possible.

    By October Mars URL on 05.01.2013

  9. To ensue is to continue to do.

    By Lids on 05.01.2013

  10. To ensue that the sky climbs high up the mountains, the sun glazes the horizon with a majestic sunset, that ensues the climber, sue. The birds ensue her grace.

    By Jids on 05.01.2013

  11. The driving forces of the calamity had yet to be known. All that was known was the grotesque yoga horror displaying bodies in ever more encompassing patterns. The stoic dance of dreary dreamers. Society as the graveyard of creative venture, ensues insanity. At least.

    By Derek Dahlk on 05.01.2013

  12. Tis the greatest tragedy and gift of life to know not what shall ensue. We are but newborns arriving at each new day.

    By Delanzo on 05.01.2013

  13. No matter how happy they are, these terrible two.
    They’d rather make the same mistake again and again then let happiness ensure.

    By Samantha URL on 05.01.2013

  14. I never know what will ensue. Well, sometimes I do. I think that I am going to fail my class. And he is going to tell me that he never really liked me in the first place. That is what will ensue.

    By Addie on 05.01.2013

  15. The world was a blank grey. It could envelop the total sky in its cloud as it swirled high above the ground. Two pairs of light blue eyes made their way up to stare at the oncoming storm. Soon, the rain would ensue. And then, all hell would break loose. He gripped his sword harder and wiped the sweat from his brow. This was it. He could see the other army gathering and knew, that this was the end.

    By Kelly on 05.01.2013

  16. When the battle ensued it took everyone by surprised. We went to calm , placid and amicable to a fireball of exploding fist and pulling of hair in 60 seconds flat.

    By Tracey URL on 05.01.2013

  17. I had dream we shared a hug, but then we lingered
    Drew closer, and our heightened proximity led to small kisses
    The emotion that flowed from those silent moments —
    It was always love that ensued, despite everything that shouldn’t be
    It goes beyond simple attraction, or so it has always felt to me
    But that was just a dream
    And the reality is hard truth
    Because there are never soft landings
    In matters such as these

    By D. Lily on 05.01.2013

  18. in the ensuing paragraph you will find the crux of your assignment. it’s not easy, but it is important to your development as expert literary students. as i expect most of you will go on to become professors, do not skip this exercise!

    By l on 05.01.2013

  19. She gazed over the lush island valley and ensued to change the direction of her young life….firstly, learn spanish to explore her true island girl heart

    By skylarkin on 05.01.2013

  20. After dragons gorge on our guts, our armored legs strewn around like chicken bones, there comes the ensuing torchwork–a dozen rallied dragons making elaborate burnt labyrinths of our castle, our homes, our farms. My sword far behind me, along with my arm, I marvel into bloodied mud that no one has managed to decipher the pattern. Til now. It makes so much sense to my drooping eyes… Of course, a story, a moral… The ending right before us…

    By RS Bohn URL on 05.01.2013

  21. “And panic ensued”. This is how I think of the word. You could replace “panic” with practically any word that could ensue, and it would be fine.

    By Esther Claire on 05.01.2013

  22. The first blow rang out, steel on steel, and after a second of silence, the battle ensued. Metal screeched against itself as sword met ax, ax met halberd, and shields bashed together. The cries of the dying joined it before too long, and tin the end, all sat silent. One man standing.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.01.2013

  23. I had this word yesterday, but that’s okay. A bugged bugbear bites your brow. Hilarity ensues. You’ll have to put a bandage on it, but your dad took all the bandages and used them for his sculpture for the Annual Medical Object Sculpture Conference.

    By Isis on 05.01.2013

  24. we are at war again. his words ring in my ear as the bombs drop around me. “chin up, don’t look back, keep your eyes on them.” and for just a fleeting moment, the cuts on my arms seem to dissolve into thin air, and i can finally ignore the pulsating red sky.

    By Anonynigmus on 05.01.2013

  25. On the battlefield, love ensued. Wasn’t that what it was? People drove sharp implements into each other and blood, the liquid of passion, spurted out, a flowering red. Soldiers bellowed, passionately, and then were silenced, by peaceful sleep. And when it was all over you could see the ravages of love, thousands of bodies littering the ground, vultures attracted to the stench welling up like a warm thermal.

    By Holden URL on 05.01.2013

  26. There was no time to time to think. I knew what I needed to do. I could feel the cold wind and sharp run against my scarred face. I wasn’t afraid this time. I knew what I needed to do.

    By Elizabeth on 05.01.2013

  27. ensue! ensue! what will ensue from this? Maybe nothing! i am panicking, this is so public. It’s a good verb though, full of promise of something that will happen soon, next, sometime, maybe now! Is this sixty seconds yet? When will the end ensue? Jane, stop this crazy thing!

    By Eileen on 05.01.2013

  28. The pain ensues
    no sign of stopping
    Awareness day means nothing. We don’t need awareness, we need a cure. Make the pain stop. Plenty of people are aware, but no one offers help.

    By Rose URL on 05.01.2013

  29. Silence, nervousness, and frustration ensued after the close call. We were interrupted and almost caught in the act, yet it was so thrilling. I could almost hear our hearts thumping furiously as we fumbled with our phones to pretend we were just hanging out. I swear we were mentally laughing at ourselves for the fails.

    Some would call this youth, some would call this foolishness. I call it love.

    By Nyan on 05.01.2013

  30. I ensue all this guilt upon myself. For the most ridiculous reasons out there. There is nothing that is stopping me from being Evan Berger, except my confidence. There is only one person I can blame for ensuing this guilt on me, and that is my mother…

    By Evan Berger on 05.01.2013

  31. I had dream we shared a hug, but then we lingered
    Drew closer, and our heightened proximity led to a kiss
    The emotion that colored those silent moments —
    It was always love that ensued, despite everything that shouldn’t be
    It goes beyond simple attraction, or so it has always felt to me
    But that was just a dream
    And the reality is hard truth
    Because there are never soft landings
    In matters such as these

    By Dilly on 05.01.2013

  32. Hmmm. Well, what ensues from a given situatioN? I think panic ensues when there’s a school shooter. I think joy ensues (usually) when someone is pregnant. I think that agner ensues when kids don’t get the grades they want. Ensue is interesting–wy teh relation to “sue”? Doe stha tmean follow? I like it; an interesting word. It would be neat to write a sory about a woman named Sue.

    By Jen Moyers on 05.01.2013

  33. happiness ensues. depression ensues.
    ensue is one of those words thats simple enough to make people think you’re smart but also one that most people can understand.
    patiently waiting until happiness ensues again without the aid of food or tv.
    one can hope can we not?
    its all inside

    By nadia on 05.01.2013

  34. Wow, well i have been sure i was always at the right place at the right time, but its not like that. Who am i kidding? I guess i dont really know. Potatoes Are WONDERFUL.

    By Luis on 05.01.2013

  35. the pain that would ensue after the realization that everything she thought up to that point held no value was too much to bare. where would her life be to know that her all equaled nothing. that she lacked any bearing on what real was by any stretch of the word.

    By Safon URL on 05.01.2013

  36. i think of mayhem and panic, because when an event takes place and something *ensues* i feel like it’s always CHAOS or some kind of shenanigans. ensuing is messy business.

    By jessie on 05.01.2013

  37. I understand this word, but what about my students? I am not sure they will be able to write at least a couple of words. Maybe, I

    By oksana on 05.01.2013

  38. result consequence

    By Prachi on 05.01.2013

  39. She looked me in the eyes, telling me again and again that nothing bad was going to happen. That no one would step out of this with something missing.
    And I believed her.
    I believed her until she left me.
    And then I missed her.
    And then she was no more.
    With her was my heart, broken and torn from my chest, that was what I was missing, too.

    By Simon URL on 05.01.2013

  40. There are always consequences to any decision. These are the risks we take each and every day. What is on the line? Too often, misperceived fears guide us and we lose sight of what positive results are to ensue.

    By Chris W. on 05.01.2013