May 15th, 2012 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “engine”

  1. The lights were dim and the road was empty. I couldn’t see that well past the fog that formed in my helmet, but I could still make it out. I stepped on the gas and the engine roared. It was only me and the car.

    By Carina URL on 05.16.2012

  2. When their car wouldn’t start up, Sara called her neighbor’s to-be college boy, Larry, to take a look.
    “Help out Larry,” she told her son Mike, but she really wanted Mike to talk to people more, instead of sitting in his room and writing God-knew-what all day. She watched them from the window, as Mike stood two foot away from the car and passed screwdrivers to Larry. He looked like he was leaning backwards a bit, trying not to get dirty his cream-colored T-shirt and canvas-colored khakis.

    By Holden URL on 05.16.2012

  3. I have nothing to say about this. On the side of the road. Our engine failed. This all makes no sense. My brain is having a hard time wrapping around all of this. I hate you.

    By Beatrice Amaro URL on 05.16.2012

  4. An engine is like an electric box that runs a car or a truck or any type of motor vehicle.

    By mak!:) URL on 05.16.2012

  5. the car engine was very old causing the car to stop moving making the man late to work .

    By cougars8 URL on 05.16.2012

  6. The engine goes v-room, v-room! The Little Engine That Could!

    By Bubbles on 05.16.2012

  7. Engine
    Dad:” Son could u replace the engine????
    Son: why in the world will i do that?!?!?
    Dad: Because i am your dad
    Son: No you’re not
    Dad: why is that?
    Son: Mom is getting married
    Engine :)

    By poseidon619 URL on 05.16.2012

  8. a engine is in a car and makes it go.Who doesn’t know that.

    By cougars34 URL on 05.16.2012

  9. the ingine is going to break down the boy said.

    By baseball12 URL on 05.16.2012

  10. The engine of the truck finally started after multiple attempts. It roared to life, scaring 3 year old Jimmy. We were finally on our way, out of here. Finally.

    By alliekaley URL on 05.16.2012

  11. An engine is something thing that makes you car or motorcycle run!!!!!!!<3

    By Ivy URL on 05.16.2012

  12. a engine in what makes a car or truck go or move.

    By zach URL on 05.16.2012

  13. An engine is something that makes the vehicle run. without an engine the vehicle would not run or even start.

    By shayna URL on 05.16.2012

  14. This is what makes a car, truck, plain or cycle move.

    By butter URL on 05.16.2012

  15. ”Darn” my engine just went out. How am i supposed to be early when my engine just went out. i got to call my match banquet.

    By Bieberlover URL on 05.16.2012

  16. win i hear engine it remids me of a car and a bike.

    By cougar7 URL on 05.16.2012

  17. a engine is something thing that makes you a car or motorcycle

    By rainbow URL on 05.16.2012

  18. Engines are what power the vehicles around the world. Like the turbine engine or the locomotive engine, and lastly the car or truck engines.

    By Orion URL on 05.16.2012

  19. the engine is loud but also sometimes quiet it is something that engages you to work and then sometimes engines break down like my mother’s car. engines can bring joy and pain and also sometimes dismay yu can’t really get anything done in engines, but it’s kind of a necessity in life.

    By Julie on 05.16.2012

  20. A source or place. Something that makes something go.

    By kayla URL on 05.16.2012

  21. The engine of thought is a wonderful thing. Sometime’s it’s slow, and sometimes it’s fast… but eventually one does get it to work and flowing… and that’s what makes humans so smart I guess because they can think for themselves.

    By Julie URL on 05.16.2012

  22. The engine roared. The roads shivered and seemed to crumple under the weight of the truck. The sky was blue, but it was darkened by the exhaust that came from the back of the truck. People stared in awe, children cried and shouted, “Listen to that engine roar!”

    By Emma on 05.16.2012

  23. Rev it. Driveeeee. I can’t break this car. It’s my only mode of transportation, and it’s not even mine! How kind he is to let me use such a machine. Point A to point B. He’s where I wanna be. Texas drivers, you can suck it.

    By Cassity on 05.16.2012

  24. Oh no! The engine has broken down! My old Ford Anglia rolls down a small hill. I get thrown in to my windshield.
    “This is why your Mom said to always wear your seat belt,” says my husband with a sigh.

    By Anna on 05.16.2012

  25. Engine. The revving of a car engine as he pulls up my driveway at dusk. I can smell the exhaust belching from him faulty exhaust pipe. He’s got a headlight and a taillight out, paint chips…that thing would never pass inspection.

    By April URL on 05.16.2012

  26. The engine in my private jet exploded in flight due to inpropper fueling.
    Fourtunately, I was not on it at the time when the engine failed.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.16.2012

  27. It was like our engine that broke down so suddenly. The love we shared was suddenly gone, like it never happened. And I don’t know why, I didn’t question you. You still had that smile that used to save me. The flowers will bloom again, come the same spring.

    I probably would still be missing you then.

    By Zeoru on 05.16.2012

  28. Tom had just finished telling B’Elanna how he had fixed the engine of his holographic Camaro.

    “Honestly,” B’Elanna said with a smirk, “I think you spend more time with that car than me.”

    “I do not! I’ve been in the holodeck less than I normally have,” Tom insisted.

    “Mmhmm, right,” she said, laughing.

    “I have!”

    By Damaris URL on 05.16.2012

  29. Some were evacuating the church, others simply disappeared. When Engine #2 pulled on to the scene, it burst into flames. It was horrible…cars were on fire, people were on fire, the whole city was on fire. Those in the graves were rising to up to everlasting life, some to everlasting destruction. This must be the end of the world.

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.16.2012

  30. Cars, trucks, trains.
    Beep beep
    Oil in the engine
    Gas for the engine
    Thomas the Train needs an engine.
    Buses pass with engines in them.
    So many parts.
    Too precise.

    By Abra on 05.16.2012

  31. so engines are a thing that make things go. Go far far far across lands creating new adventures for those adventurers.

    By Hannah on 05.16.2012

  32. Yesterday, my engine was super revved up. I had meetings at 10, 12, 2, and 3 with some fun people. Good talk, work and food and drink. I just love a day when I’m going on all cylinders esp. in spring with everything in bloom.

    By Robin on 05.16.2012