May 15th, 2012 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “engine”

  1. There is a motocycle outside of my house that have a engine so loud. It’s sounds powerful

    By Andrea URL on 05.15.2012

  2. There is more to this speed than its faulty engine; its engineer is slow to making adjustments.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 05.15.2012

  3. used to propel objects

    By greg piper on 05.15.2012

  4. red fire burning
    a sorrowful sight
    a burning bridge
    satanic delight

    the engine it roars
    down main street
    screaming sirens galore
    and lights that beat

    a team pours out

    By Lauren Grenier on 05.15.2012

  5. Sputtering halts and jerking movement. Violent exhales of burnt-smelling black smoke, clouding vision and wrinkling nostrils. The engine rattled from deep within the confines of the machine—a loud, eerie noise punctuated by coughs of burnt-rubber smell and fierce, clanking shudders.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.15.2012

  6. The engine kicked into life. They were almost ready to go, only Beck hadn’t arrived yet. He should have been there by now with their new ID’s and the rest of the team was beginning to worry. They had made a clean escape from the bank, but without Beck and the ID’s they were grounded.

    By Kate on 05.15.2012

  7. “Engine engine number nine,
    Coming on the transit line,
    ___Pick it up pick it up”
    That’s from some song I can’t fully remember but the tune is still intact, and isn’t that beautiful, the power of music, serious deeper than we care to know.

    By Leighsha URL on 05.15.2012

  8. Calibrating. 1. . . 2 . . 3! All engines revved up! Boom! There goes the dynamite as it smokes through the competition! It went past by all the cars and wheels in front of him and it never looked more easier that that. The driver, he is smiling. Smiling not because of this accomplishment but because of the normalcy of the event

    By huxley URL on 05.15.2012

  9. There are certain proficiencies that I’ve always wished I had, like the ability to cook more than one dish to be ready at the same time, or being able to french braid my own hair. One of the big ones has always been the ability to look at an engine and not picture myself as the Little Mermaid, who has to all forks thingamajigs and music boxes whatjamacallit. This urge to learn anything about the mechanics of my car tend to hibernate until that point that I have to trust a relative stranger to not take total advantage of my naivete.

    By Molly URL on 05.15.2012

  10. My parents car has an engine.
    My mom works like a fast engine.
    A car won’t work without an engine.
    Trains have engines.
    Engineers have the word engine in it.
    The engine in a car can break if you’re not careful.
    My heart is the engine of my body.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.15.2012

  11. Engines make cars work. Engines help you write your school paper. Our bodies are engines, running on fuel in order to push us forward, in one way or another. Engine is one of those words that if I look at it too long, it doesn’t look like a word at all.

    By Gwynnne on 05.15.2012

  12. the car roared into the stage. Mr. Magee, the rapid racer tycoon, is ready for the intense battle against his arch rival. along his side, the cars wavered when the traffic lights blinked red, yellow, then GO!

    By Christophe URL on 05.15.2012

  13. Fuel! I need fuel! Give me the damn dead fossil fuel! Tidy up you say!? Miss the point you say!? I reckon you don’t have a single hair of fine line in you ya damn prick! Now give me the fuel!

    By Cleril URL on 05.15.2012

  14. Carolina train and the engine’s burning down can’t hear a sound except the whistle between her lips as she runs straight into the ground. Carolina train’s been running like a freight out every night till late always on the same first date.

    By KelseyPR URL on 05.15.2012

  15. Stalling out. Coasting to a stop. Lucky this stretch was a soft slow downhill ride. Blazing sun, tall trees, cool stream . . . wish I was closer to town.

    By Lucinda on 05.15.2012

  16. His heart pumped as hard as a steam engine. He almost felt as warm as one too, as if maybe if he jumped in a swimming pool steam would come billowing from his body. Why was his boss calling him to the upstairs office? No one ever got called to the upstairs office. Did they know? Did they know of the terrible thing he thought he might have done? “Breathe. Stay calm.” He thought. “You’re innocent. You did nothing wrong.”

    By khakicat URL on 05.15.2012

  17. The engine was sputtering to a stop. Maddie’s heart fluttered. She threw her shawl over her shoulders and fixed her hair before grabbing her luggabe and going toward the aisle. She looked out at the shore, it was just on the horizon.

    By Autumn Rose on 05.15.2012

  18. The car’s engine was overheating. Cybersix got out to check, but she forgot that the car was still moving and so rolled down the road until she was stopped by a Companion Cube that had been left in the road for some reason. Probably GLaDOS was trying to get someone to run over it.

    By yugimew URL on 05.15.2012

  19. Brooooom broom. Motor on my mind. Power through my core. Grease me up, drive me wild. Power through the sytem.

    By Lady A on 05.15.2012

  20. I feel a burning inside of myself, racing as fast as the engine of the machine that powers the center of the city. I imagine flames leaping up and licking the inside of my skin, burning it black and I wish that I could exhale smoke. Nathaniel is looking at me with dangerous eyes and I know that he’s right to fight. I’m next to him, and when he lowers his eyes, giving me the signal, I charge.

    By river URL on 05.15.2012

  21. Great. This word. A word I couldn’t possibly relate to the only thing I could possibly write about at the moment. Engine. What a waste of a creative spurt. What a tragedy. All this, supposedly dedicated to an engine. It could be worse though.

    By Jed on 05.16.2012

  22. roaring hot, greasy motor snot, heat from metal and vibrations that stick to the skin between your finger snap, tubes into the dark mystery of the engine, so many things that can ruin your day if they lose their nerve.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.16.2012

  23. Engine grind sprockets roll round and round
    The earths lost its circle when men stood up,
    Backs breaking gravity tower over all that would be,

    By Joshua on 05.16.2012

  24. My brother is becoming a civil engineer. He and I are very different people… I could never do something like that for a living.

    By Emily on 05.16.2012

  25. his engine roared as he slid inside. she felt the red hot rush of heat emanating off his chest. he hungered for her. he flung into third gear, giving no notice or warning. it was more than she could handle. she threw her arms out in ecstasy, squealing with excitement. the wind rushed around them, whipping theyre hair back. the sun was setting and the moon was rising, waves crashed on the shoreline. it was a beautiful day to die.

    By Robert Paulson on 05.16.2012

  26. engine here means a automobile’s engine.it plays a very important role in a vehicle”s movement.it takes part in the burning process of the petrol or diesel and makes the vehicle to move.

    By R R SENJI LAXME on 05.16.2012

  27. It’s the power that comes from a focus, knowing where you are going. Having fuel in you and someone to navigate so you don’t go off the path… but above all it’s driving force that comes from having a goal, that makes you an engine, that can lead others.

    By Harvinder URL on 05.16.2012

  28. I can’t rev up my engine. The car is dead. This totally blows. My heart pounding, I try frantically to start the care only to give up and run away. Those freaking huge monsters are after me and I really want to get a huuuuge headstart – especially when one of them used to be my only love and best friend. Running is the only thing on my mind now.

    By liyasha85 on 05.16.2012

  29. An engine is the best thing in the world. It powers cars and other vehicles. Some ways of powering engines can be electricity. there are many uses for an engine.

    By aegraer on 05.16.2012

  30. It moves her pushes her makes her move beyond that which she thought was impossible. Its sleek silver exterior, the kinks interrupting a liquid flow of sleek cold power. She pushes it into her hip, right above her thigh, and flexes her waist a few times to feel the wiring click into place.

    By Si Hui URL on 05.16.2012

  31. Pistons moving, north and south, gears clicking, tongue in throat, massive workings, here and there, running, pausing, reeling, steam and smoke, faster and harder, holding onto what seemed broken, suddenly changing, moving, pistons sliding, changing, moving, reeling, nonstop, faster, harder, faster…

    He awoke.

    John jolted next to him. A quizzical look, concern.

    Even in sleep, his mind didn’t stop. John understood, arms wrapped around him, you’re safe.

    He cried.

    The pistons slowed.

    By noiseandhammers URL on 05.16.2012

  32. My heart. Her cries. My tears. Her wails. My sorrow. Her pain. Everything stopped. My mind, usually a racing engine, has stopped too. I can’t think. I only feel. What is this? Why am I feeling unnecessary emotions for someone I barely care about? I only met Amy a few weeks ago and now she’s here. On the road, bleeding. We were chasing the criminal and she wasn’t quick enough to dodge that bloody car. “I’m fine, Sherlock. Really I’m alright,” she says weakly. I hold her hand. Physical contact isn’t really my area but I just held her hand. To show her that even though caring isn’t an advantage in my opinion, I’ll be there for her. Like how she was there for me too.

    By smoothmovebro on 05.16.2012

  33. The engine was roaring. I could hear the heat blast out the edges like a teapot. I kept driving. The last thing i wanted to do was to die in the desert. We hadn’t past a car or any living thing in what seemed like decades. Yes decades. Ages is too long for this emotion. All we knew is that we needed a rest stop. Please let us get to a rest stop.

    By kevin on 05.16.2012

  34. The engine was big and rowdy, making gurgling noises that not human being (or animal) could ever make. It growled like a dog, but also purred like a cat. Spewing oil and dust everywhere, no one had any idea why it was sitting back there in the corner.

    By Molly Lloyd URL on 05.16.2012

  35. engine pulls the railway, It is also used in car, bus and in every vehicle to pull it forward and backward. it uses diesal or petrol as input

    By Adil Soomro URL on 05.16.2012

  36. He started the engine and the machine roared to life. The propeller blew his hair across his face, whipping brown strands of hair towards the sky. “Come on!” He yelled, extending a gloved hand to the young girl.

    By Laura Riddle on 05.16.2012

  37. My son, Vaughn, has lots of train engines that he plays with a lot. He likes Thomas the Train and has a train table at home that was given to him by some very kind people.

    By DEnise on 05.16.2012

  38. so tired. so tired. I shouldn’t be tired. my engine should be full. i should be ready. ready for the day. but i am not. i am tired. i am empty. i am dead.

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 05.16.2012

  39. I could hear the engine going, but I was scared half to death. Why you might ask, because a, the steering wheel was stuck, 2, the brake wouldn’t work, and q, the car was going off a cliff. I AM DOOOOOMED.

    By BOB URL on 05.16.2012

  40. i can go without sleepin but no one can hear me ticking.
    i just dream and help myself to be a better person.

    By dan on 05.16.2012