May 15th, 2012 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “engine”

  1. “Lets do this, or at least get it over with,” she said.
    “Always the pragmatist, the engine of this workparty driving us forward, as usual,” he said. “At what point, where would you stop and say it is enough? We don’t have to go to this event and won’t be missed. Just be real for once.”
    “We don’t go and we won’t get the work. Buckle up, lets go.”

    By Meredyth URL on 05.15.2012

  2. engine

    The one that could of course.

    Also my car engine. My first car. I remember looking at it and wishing I knew what everything was and how it worked. I can do basic stuff…. check oil, window washing fluid… other fluids…. check the air in tires… what’s left… pump gas ;) That’s about it for my car mechanical expertise!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.15.2012

  3. who am i.. what makes me run.. what gives me wings.. what helps me go even further..
    i think i lost myself.. because i stopped. as long as i kept going.. i was safe.. i need a new engine… another rhythm for my heart .. and brand new pieces, because mine, don;t work anymore

    By noway on 05.15.2012

  4. cares have engine

    By Jose on 05.15.2012

  5. I was prompted to write about what i looked like in the 80’s. What an Interesting decade. So I searched the engine of my mind. I turned thirteen in 1980 and it’s not that hard to forget a sore thumb. What comes to mind are my stupid tube socks. I pulled them up almost as high as my gym shorts…my really tight gym shorts. But those red and blue Nike Cortez were pretty cool though. I always wanted Calvin Kline Jeans but had the get the kind that you find at the grocery store. I’ll close with this…I never did like Co-ed naked brand clothes, but my girl friend did.

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.15.2012

  6. something that propels and certain deviec, often used in cars it can be used in many other ways. It is often a mechanical poweplant to provide kenitic energy to things that require energy. The enginge is often a used as a mobile power source when electricity is not easily accessible

    By rob URL on 05.15.2012

  7. The engine did not give out to anyone. Destroying everything in its path. Undetectable.

    By MichaelW on 05.15.2012

  8. An engine is in a car. It makes the car run. Without an engine, there’s no way for the car to work. Its a complicated set of materials, that work together as one to complete a task.

    By Jenn on 05.15.2012

  9. I like engines a lot. they are fun to build.

    By just582 URL on 05.15.2012

  10. rumble
    no, a purr
    soft and deep
    sending trembles through
    my body, spreading outward
    from the space between my thighs.

    get your mind out of the gutter
    it’s from the motorcycle’s engine.

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.15.2012

  11. The engines roar was heard over the crowds’s excited chatter, a true feat of power. In her seat at the back of the stadium, Elena could only shudder. She had attended because… because it was what one did and one did not defy them. Her boyfriend handed her a cup of soda and a pretzel illiberally splattered with mustard, but the food was not appetizing to her and she only shuddered again.

    By Mairead URL on 05.15.2012

  12. The engine roared as Jane put the pedal to the metal, and Betty flew across the tarmac. A car full of baddies got in their way and was quickly crushed under Betty’s massive wheels.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 05.15.2012

  13. the dark-grey clouds of smoke flew into our eyes, a present from the wind. it made us chain cough all over again. but we didn’t care, for this is why we drove Lexy across the deserted roads. we drove her to escape, to find a better place away from the people who shunned us, who told us we didn’t deserve what we had. it saved us from the judgement, and so a little engine smoke was welcome in our eyes, as far as we were concerned.

    By olive URL on 05.15.2012

  14. Engine…a crucial part of a car or a crude way of saying that someone can excite you in ‘that’ way : P
    An engine also needs to run well to work; all the parts have to work together–just like any relationship.

    By Kerry URL on 05.15.2012

  15. It’s going, going gone! Humanity’s first manned craft destined for “deep” space exploration has left the building!

    By torin URL on 05.15.2012

  16. “Sleep baby Linda, you’ll be alright…”
    The radio played softly over the quiet room, echoing off of the long, narrow halls. The house was all but silent.
    “Sleep, my darling, sleep well tonight…”
    About a foot away from the radio was the body, whose head lay directly under a red-stained lampshade, where the scarlet splashed moments before. The yellow light, slowly turning red as the blood seeped, made a changing halo around his scalp.
    “Let no nightmares trouble you, know that I’m with you too…”
    The Man Responsible, panting still, stood a few feet away from the body. Sighing and shaking, he tossed the pistol onto the nearby couch and padded himself in search of cigarettes. Finding one, he quickly lit up, and exhaled a cloud of smoke that seemed to hold all of his rage and discontent with it.
    “May has no other, like to me, a sweet mother…”
    Calm now, The Man Responsible strode over to the radio, and with what seemed a flourish, flicked the tiny, infernal engine off.
    “Until we lean to send, my most valued-“
    All was over. All was quiet.

    By T. on 05.15.2012

  17. The engine sputters
    as it runs by the gutters
    of the city streets through which we mutter.

    each edge turning
    the wheels and their yearnings
    and we roll by the buildings we’re burning.

    And as I roll
    I look at the toll
    of a society of people who have lost their soul.

    By t44 URL on 05.15.2012

  18. “Start your engines!” the pubescent announcer squeaked on the makeshift intercom as the tiny little automobiles revved up. As Bobby McFinn lowered his helmet, he did not notice his father beaming from the crowd of bystanders waiting for the race to begin. Boys and girls from nine to thirteen years old all prepared for the competition, vehicles splashed with colors and stickers and stars.

    But Bobby did see Jessica Bonnet at her sleek black racecar, giving him the thumbs up.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.15.2012

  19. Engines are in cars that make the cars be able to go forward, backwards, and even turn right or left.

    By briley URL on 05.15.2012

  20. engine goes vrooooooom!!!!!!! :) i think…

    By epiclysiver URL on 05.15.2012

  21. …. idk. engines are in cars and theyre what make them work, other than motors….

    By BrokenForeverShatteredRippedAndGone URL on 05.15.2012

  22. An engine is what people use to power cars, trains, boats, jet planes, and airplanes. plus a few others.

    By Re-Vamped URL on 05.15.2012

  23. An engine is what cars use to make them go. I’m a vampire. And so is my nerd friend Re-Vamped.

    By jasminemelissa URL on 05.15.2012

  24. A engine is a part of a car that helps it run. If you didn’t have a engine you would not get very far.

    By basketball08 URL on 05.15.2012

  25. “There’s no engine that could do what you’re asking.”
    “Yes there is. Thomas, the train engine.”
    For all-out action & adventure, don’t miss this summer’s block buster hit starring…some train as Thomas, the engine that could, as he takes down a whole west coast mob syndicate to save his beloved train wife thing.

    By BradleyJamesArcher URL on 05.15.2012

  26. Her floral heart pumped until the petals wrung dry.
    The stamen gasped for air,
    Preaching to bees mouths and
    Kissing their feet as they stall,
    Ever so slightly at the anthers,
    Ever so slight at the precipice of gravity.
    Her carpel disheveled in lust
    and at each pollinating return,
    The apogee of her existence
    beat her.

    By Jocelyn Meadows URL on 05.15.2012

  27. The engine slowed down and came to a shuddering halt. Matt watched as his father’s boot hit the metal step of the tractor and then as he jumped down into the mud with a resounding splat. ‘Here we go again’ he thought, as he picked up his bucket and followed his father through the gate and into the vast fields beyond.

    By Abi on 05.15.2012

  28. She laughs and it’s the sound of wind chimes, soft and delicate to match the fog that is her form. It’s startling, then, when what he guesses is a hand reaches out and raps against his chest, a tinny sound echoing about his rib cage.

    “Open up,” the breeze whispers. “You might be surprised.”

    So he tugs at his skin to find a hatch that he’d never seen before, to reveal a mass of cogs and gears he never took note of, to fuel an engine he swore didn’t exist.

    There’s another sound, a voice, but when he looks up, she’s gone. And when he looks back down, so is the engine.

    By Laura on 05.15.2012

  29. Engine? I only know of car engines. Which reminds me of a car I had to make for DT. It sucked. I cut myself with the sheet metal and it was hell working with one person in my group. She always gets mad at me for the stupidest reasons and I honestly don’t think being her friend is worth it.

    By Jessica on 05.15.2012

  30. The engine whirred to life and with it I felt freedom. I could not perceive at that moment in time exactly where the car would lead me, but I felt, for once, like it didn’t matter. As I accelerated past, I felt the eyes of people rest on me in shock, in shame, in fear. And yet, it did not matter to me at all; I was free.

    By Juno URL on 05.15.2012

  31. The engine purred as we cruised down the open highways of west michigan.
    The engine purred as we raced down the mountain-side of Colorado’s Rockies.
    The engine purred as we floored it, leaving the cops in the dust.
    The engine purred as we ran over a speed bump. “Speed bump.” Rebbecca Steinfield, the human speed bump.

    By Nicole on 05.15.2012

  32. Oh wow, the scene here is incredible. As the writer, it racks my mind!

    The engines hummed and roared above the street-lights floating in mid-air. The figures bobbed up and down as they cranked their engines but they had to wait – for a train that cut through the air like a spear of air, in fact, it was a vehicle powered by the very air it traversed. Each engine was fed by the atmosphere around it and fed through a biological conversion process located in central tubes at the top of the cars, and it was here that air exited again, in great speed and plumes of smoke of clean air.

    Will our age ever make it here? To where my mind’s imagination has ventured?

    By Eric Harrell on 05.15.2012

  33. The break down lasted til tomorrow
    the pistons, pressure, panic all giving way
    as the shelf gave way
    under the weight of the coal
    the steam layered across the sky
    like pastels in a warm bowl

    By gsk URL on 05.15.2012

  34. the engine of the motorbike revved up in response to the pleading mother. “don’t go away! for the love of god, don’t leave me here with him!” but the son just sped away, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

    By Jessica on 05.15.2012

  35. It rumbled. It roared. It sputtered gasoline on the pot-hole filled road. But it worked. It was beautiful. He had gotten up at dawn for over a month and changed a piece of junk his father said would never drive again into a working machine.

    By Calla URL on 05.15.2012

  36. Roaring, take me apart. Build me better, build me new. You took my heart and like your favorite car part, revved me up, built me again. made me new.

    By Teddi Cliett on 05.15.2012

  37. spoiled by your lack of oil

    By kachinga on 05.15.2012

  38. The starship engine powered down, its core turning from bright and vibrant glowing green, to a dim orange. “Something’s not right,” the engineer muttered under her breath, “Sensors aren’t picking up any problems.” She swiftly moved across the room to the panel that controlled plasma flow.

    By Rebecca on 05.15.2012

  39. GLaDOS killed Dumbledore by pushing him in front of Thomas the Tnandk engine. This was very embarrassing because Thomas apparently could not even spell hjis own tilele or anything else for that matter why am I typing so badly I don’t even know it’s because GLaDSO won’t give me cake isn’t it?

    By yugimew URL on 05.15.2012

  40. I think of the childhood book The Little Engine That Could which means perseverance. An engine is also what makes something go. It’s the fuel and the control of movement in a car or boat. An engine does all of the work.

    By Rachel URL on 05.15.2012