April 29th, 2013 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “enemies”

  1. I can usually silence
    the voices chanting in my head.
    But when the moon covers the world
    in a black and white filter,
    the voices come creeping back
    from the shadows.
    Insisting I am worthless,
    no fun,
    just another failure
    who will never be loved.
    With hums growing dissonant
    in the back of my head,
    leaching my identity with
    confusion and dread,
    I throw my hands up
    to cover my ears.
    Only I can defeat the night chorus:
    My greatest enemy.

    By Zoe on 04.29.2013

  2. enemies at the gate, words roared, a cream through the night, I’ve had trouble sleeping, my enemies are close, they are all around, my enemies are in the dark, I see their eyes when they find me, I see the glow of their smile in the dark.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 04.29.2013

  3. The road of enemies was far and thick, only he knew the way around.
    Had he only knew that the man in black he met earlier was traveling in reverse with the enemies to meet him.

    By Alex on 04.29.2013

  4. Enemies of the third kind, climbing up into infinite.
    The angels looked down at the beasts clawing up to them in disgust.
    A man tugs on the angels back, he turns.
    He realizes who it is, nods, and turns away.
    The man jumps off the ledge into the fray.

    By Oarman URL on 04.29.2013

  5. I’m not really sure what to say about enemies. They aren’t fun to have. I can think of a few but they are my fictional characters who are enemies. ha ha.

    By Elizabeth URL on 04.29.2013

  6. He was a man of few enemies. That is to say, he killed them all.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.29.2013

  7. there are friends and there are enemies. It’s pretty black and white. But then you add the realm of frenemies where you’re not sure if you love them or hate them and you can’t quite tell yourself why you would think either way. That gray area is the most confusing aspect of life

    By Kate on 04.29.2013

  8. You don’t like me. But we all have problems. Why don’t you like me? What did I ever do to you? I want to be friends. Can we change this? I don’t have enemies anymore. No more hatred.

    By Emily URL on 04.29.2013

  9. “Light ’em up,” She said, looking to him with fierce determination. There was no joy in her eyes; she took no pleasure from this. The games were over, the battles won. Except for this one. It was a heavy blow, and now they had to strike back.

    They couldn’t just lie down and turn away. Not this time. This time the message was clear. This time their enemies meant business.

    This time… it was a declaration of war.

    By Solo Rae URL on 04.29.2013

  10. He and Sebastian were enemies. He’d known that from the very beginning. It was entirely his fault. Okay, fine, it was absolutely his fault. But he hadn’t known he’d be replacing someone still at the school when he’d accepted the scholarship. He hadn’t known he’d be kicking his roommate from his much-loved position as captain of the Warblers.
    He supposed there was something ridiculously hot about being in love with the enemy as it were. After all, the hate sex was somewhat incredible. Sebastian had just… pinned him, he’d bitten him, dragged his nails across his back, had fucked him to the point that he’d literally bitten his pillow to keep from screaming out.
    There was something intoxicating about sleeping with his enemy. He knew he shouldn’t, shouldn’t let Sebastian fuck him like that, should turn Sebastian around and do it back to him, should show him who was boss. But he kind of liked it, actually. He liked the roughness, liked the feel of Sebastian behind him, nails in his shoulders and lower back, hand occasionally yanking his head back by the hair, and sometimes, when Sebastian was particularly annoyed at something he’d done during Warblers practice, he’d feel Sebastian’s hand on his throat. He should probably not let him do that last one in particular, but every time he did it, Hunter came within seconds, literally shuddering under him.
    In the end, Hunter decided hate sex was a lot better than the pair of them fighting constantly.

    By Hannah URL on 04.29.2013

  11. We should be enemies, but we have grown into best friends, which is a good groundwork for much more in time. Funny how life is.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.29.2013

  12. Strong desires had kept us apart. But the meeting of we conducted that night was no longer a raging fight filled with strong language and phyisical violence. That night, we were not enemies, but lovers.

    By Juliet URL on 04.29.2013

  13. Of course she should have known that when she double crossed me, I’d be like a dog with a bone – I’d never let it go! I kid you not. It’s been years, ten to be exact, and I’ve still not let that bone go. Enemies are what the world is made of but don’t attempt to be mine.

    By Vanessa on 04.29.2013

  14. I recall a time, so much longer ago, when we could make eye contact from across a crowded room and not turn away in disgust. We weren’t always enemies. I still hardly know how it happened myself.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.29.2013

  15. Who were they? These people of sand and blood. Cold of heart and soul even as the sun beat down on their dark skin. Enemies? Why enemies? Surely they could be held differently.

    By Caitlin URL on 04.29.2013

  16. hissing from across the cliffs,
    the slightest winds, triggers for the
    dove’s wings – taking peace with it
    to far off horizons.
    i will press these buttons,
    and i will hear you scream.

    By Kairn URL on 04.29.2013

  17. i have many eneimes, but i have more friends. i love my frineds, but my enimes make me stronger. i thank them for thtat. But my friends support me and my desisions. i love my friends <3

    By Shayna on 04.29.2013

  18. country music horses the voice high school middle school girls nicolle sarah britti shelly girls hate other girls mrs. sims fat girls becky amy shanna public enemies johnny depp politics icky tom daschle ross heineme

    By haileysteele14@gmail.com URL on 04.29.2013

  19. Everyone has enemies. No matter how great of a person you are, you will invariably find someone who doesn’t like you. Often, enemies are the ones that are the most like you in the world. To make an enemy your friend, it’s necessary to understand their point of view. Without this understanding, you’ll never see how alike you really are.

    By Chris Wedding URL on 04.29.2013

  20. As the saying goes, “when someone shows you who they really are,” believe them.

    By Angela Smith on 04.29.2013

  21. Love lost on fools who take mistake your kindness for weakness, your strength for folly. Enemies are like rick crispies, snap, crackle, pop!

    By Angela Smith on 04.29.2013

  22. Enemies? They say keep you friends close, and your enemies closer. Is that true?
    Well, I’ve tried to do that. But before we go into that first we’ll have to decide what an enemy is? He’s your bestest friend. :D

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.29.2013

  23. I would have never thought it would come to this. I loved you, I entrusted my inner most secrets to you. Your soul and mine seemed intertwined. How could you leave me here alone? How could you run? My heart is trying to find answers to how a friendship could go so wrong.

    By JM on 04.29.2013

  24. enemies of ourselves. Out to sabotage, ridicule and all the other nasty stuff, but in some ways that’s just because we’re attached to outcomes and how other people see us. Imagine if I didn’t, and changed the word, and added letters to make it nemesis, or perhaps meenies, or perhaps something else…

    By nytrist URL on 04.29.2013

  25. Enemies are evil caneevil people who don’t like you. They come in all shapes and forms. Some are ugly and some, the worst of all, are actually very attractive. This makes us hate them more. I don’t like hating people so if someone is my enemy they must’ve done something absolutely terrible. I don’t really have any enemies though.

    By Katherine on 04.29.2013

  26. it astounds me how we define enemies. I never understood why this word gets tossed around so loosely. I mean come on! Unless some one is directly threatening your life and the lives of your loved ones then you don’t have a freaking enemy. The majority of people in the world we paint as enemies are just trying to get through their lives and get the best for their and theirs, that makes most people rivals. They don’t deserved to be vilified or hated. Stop and think before your slap on the label enemy. Think very carefully.

    By Lauren on 04.30.2013

  27. foes and heartache so many enemies are okay, you’re doing something right. always do your best and never be the bad person

    By ami on 04.30.2013

  28. Whats the word I hardly get it
    Okay for some they are assholes
    for some they are like barriers


    By Advait Panchal on 04.30.2013

  29. Friends become enemies the instant it’s time to critique. One’s writing, fresh-formed, is a sickly child, scarcely hatched and in need of nurturing shelter, yet they would throw stones and pluck at its frail wings, lamenting the shade of the feathers.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.30.2013

  30. Having them is like having a thorn in between your big toe and that one next to it it’s not hurting anyone else and maybe no one else is even aware but it’s poking at you. Pull it out ya dummy

    By B on 04.30.2013

  31. I don’t have enemies

    By Dominich53 URL on 04.30.2013

  32. You locked me out of your heart
    And I found myself alone with the wind and the moon
    Greeting me like old friends

    By Tee URL on 04.30.2013

  33. haha.. enemies.. these words get harder everyday. what am i supposed to say about enemies in 60 seconds?? i’m not even sure if i have any of those. Enemies… hatred is a useless emotion. i have none.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 04.30.2013

  34. You weren’t aware that you had any enemies, but apparently someone has figured you out. You feel… something… wrong on the edge of your awareness. All your senses are on alert, even if you can’t tell why yet.

    “I’m sorry, Neku,” you say, distracted, “but I think I’ll have to pass today. I have things to do.”

    He scoffs, with the assurance that you will always be there (which is good, because that’s your job, since you wanted him to be sure of you, but also unpleasantly selfish). “Like what?”

    “Things,” you say, to frustrate him, to keep from worrying him, and also to warn him about his tone of voice. You feel almost like you’ve gone back in time, to when he was five and whining about every little thing.

    He scowls at you, but that’s an acceptable reaction. “Fine, whatever.” He hesitates for a moment, but adds, “When are you going to be back?”

    You smile. “Soon.” This time, you don’t mean to annoy him- you just don’t have a definitive answer- but he rolls his eyes.

    “Sure you will.”

    “Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone,” you say, and as long as he thinks you’re not being serious, you blow him a kiss. He replies with his middle finger.

    Your smile fades as soon as you disappear from sight. You think you have an idea of who you need to look for, but you can never be too certain. You’ll make a quick stop before looking, though- you need to be sure Sanae is aware that something is going on.

    By Li URL on 04.30.2013

  35. Enemies are like paper plates. I like them for cleaning up, but I hate them for being wasteful. I guess the plates are wasteful in a waste management recyclability sort of sense. Whereas enemies waste my TIME. Either way they’re fun to paint on as a crafts project.

    By Joren on 04.30.2013

  36. enemies are friends. sometimes enemies hurt us obviously, other times it is hidden. enemies aren’t just harry and voldemort, but harry and himself. harry and dumbledore. its not black and white, and sometimes they’re not really enemies when you think they are.

    By yassmin on 04.30.2013

  37. wary, mirrors of negative qualities in ourselves, avoid to postpone or approach to evolve

    By Sandhya URL on 04.30.2013

  38. Good. You’ve had something in your life you’ve believed in enough to fight for. You have pissed off people because you refused to be complacent. You have gone against the proverbial grain. Grated it down smooth with the force of your strokes as you paddle up stream.

    By Katherine147 URL on 04.30.2013

  39. I watched them running. Playing. I kept a smile on my face as my mouth said words I didn’t really mean, as my legs ran with them.

    They were so cheerful, it made me sick. It made me want to throw up all over their designer shoes. Yeah, I called them my friends when I spoke. But when I thought, I always called them my enemies.

    By October Mars URL on 04.30.2013

  40. don’t treat enemies as enemies

    By Sandhya URL on 04.30.2013