April 29th, 2013 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “enemies”

  1. She was surrounded by unknown and unseen enemies. Though she could feel their presence in the darkness, it was unclear what their motives where. Why had she been led here, so far from the path that she had been wondering down?

    By Foshizzlebeth URL on 04.29.2013

  2. Don’t let them push you, forget them, you’re who matters… you belong to your own world and there you have the power to do everything. Be smart, be intellectually agressive.

    By Lisbeth on 04.29.2013

  3. enemies are mean and hurtful. but they only have a bad meaning to your life. hopefully you dont have many. but if you do you should try to overcome your differences and maybe not like, but learn to forgive. you don’t have to best buds with them you just have to make up with them.

    By meredith on 04.29.2013

  4. I have a few enemies in this world. I’ll be honest and admit it. I’ll count the ones whom I’ve hurt, and who have hurt me. They are all equally as sickening to see.

    By Anna on 04.29.2013

  5. I have many friends, but many more enemies. There are those who oppose my philantrophic activities as a front, as a way of getting close to the public, but of course this is not the case. There are those who claim to be my friends, yet behind my back they speak of unfortunate accidents; accidents which involve myself. However, the worst are my right hand men. And women. The individuals with whom I place so much trust in, many would label it wreckless. These are the people who scare me the most. The almost-family members who can look me in the eye, assure me of my safety and security, yet behind closed doors plot for my demise. These are the people who strike a wave of terror within me.

    By Caleb Azumah Nelson URL on 04.29.2013

  6. An enemy, can be a bully, someone you don’t get along we’ll with, someone you have had troubles with, someone that is typically a “avoid-that-person” sort of thing, but maybe someday you will turn out to be best friends, and live happily ever after

    By Lauren on 04.29.2013

  7. yeah,love is great..so,why,then,ae we enemies?

    By A False Terl URL on 04.29.2013

  8. we weren’t once
    then was when I was devoted to your infinity
    and now this simple tear
    has opened my waves of oceanic nostalgia
    and I’m crying
    I would use the word
    but I’d be lying
    (actually it’d be the truth)

    By Lily URL on 04.29.2013

  9. The front lines were charged and the eyes were fierce as the rain fell like razer blades cutting their skin and thinning their concentration. A whistle blew in the distance and a blur of grey uniforms rose up from the ground, almost from nothing. Guns opened up and the blur was gone.

    By Joseph Hunter Cohen on 04.29.2013

  10. I am not one to make enemies, but I you want to stoop low I guarantee I can stoop lower.

    By t URL on 04.29.2013

  11. They weren’t enemies, not really. Sure they had been through a lot, hated each other more often then not, but she wouldn’t say Liza was her nemesis. Just on the other end of the spectrum….

    By JP West URL on 04.29.2013

  12. enemies are often closer than we would seem. They mask themselves with smiles, tinged kindness, and fake concern. They might not know they are hurting you, but that does not mean they are not our enemies.

    By jway on 04.29.2013

  13. You have enemies? It’s not such a bad thing. At least somebody thinks you are important enough to occupy their thoughts with. It’s much worse to be ignored and marginalized. At least you’re of importance to somebody. And you’re a threat.

    By Tim on 04.29.2013

  14. Watching, waiting, wanting. Seeking to devour, seeking to destroy. Why call on the name of enemies when my friends fill the role just as well.

    By Nichole on 04.29.2013

  15. I don’t think of myself as someone who has many enemies. I don’t like displeasing people, so there is no reason for me to have enemies. There’s not exactly much for me to write about on this topic, so yeah. I don’t have enemies, and I would not like to have any enemies in the future.

    By Victoria URL on 04.29.2013

  16. I couldn’t believe we were enemies. We couldn’t be. You were my everything. You were the one I would talk to about my enemies. Now you were one, so I couldn’t reach for my phone and pour my heart out to you. I had used you up, you were all dried out from my pointless issues. You were finished with me, and you wanted her.

    By Kayla URL on 04.29.2013

  17. They were enemies. If to be civil wasn’t a normal expectation, she would be ripping her hair out. Screaming and bullyragging her to oblivion, telling her how she really felt with tears streaming and nostrils flaring, mouth twitching with rage.
    But this was the real world. She could only expresss her anger with a soul shredding glare and pretend to be her friend so that in the end it would be the other one who fell, like a fool.

    By Schwab on 04.29.2013

  18. The two women watched the other intently through the computer screen. “Who is she?” one asked. “She’s the hero,” the other responded. “Of the ‘novel,’ or so to speak.” “And who are we?” “The enemies, my dear. We are the enemies.”

    By Maddy on 04.29.2013

  19. We were sworn enemies. We had been for years. What no one knows though is that we also happen to be related. We used to be favorite cousins. A shift caused our friendship to break and we started hating each other. Fighting each other in the hallways and openly showing our hatred towards everyone.

    By Gilltyascharged on 04.29.2013

  20. enemies are annoying. they cause problems. outside and within. they make people feel low. they cause problems. i already said that but it’s true. seriously. my advice for anyone dealing with enemies is to ignore them. unless they threaten you. then call the cops. right now. don’t hesitate.

    By Bea on 04.29.2013

  21. We were enemies in elementary school. Enemies in middle school. Apathetic in high school. But by the time we stumbled into each other – me raw from a piss poor college experience, back working at my father’s hardware store, her ever glowing from getting a hairstyling license – something changed. We stared at each other across from the pub. She waved. I smiled.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.29.2013

  22. We were enemies. Our people never interacted, we did not trade, we did not tolerate the enemy’s ships — nothing. Marriage was out of the question, and negotiations had not taken place in hundreds of years. It was a wonder there was not a war yet. This boy was clearly from the enemy, but he was wounded in the woods…

    By Kristina URL on 04.29.2013

  23. There is no enemy. There is only tragedy. That is all.

    By drew URL on 04.29.2013

  24. I’m used to the hot bath. I’m used to walking with ice clenched in my fist. I do not believe that pain really goes away, we just grow accustomed to more. As we age, the burden on our bodies becomes too much. We weaken. Maybe we’re used to the licking flames at our ankles, but we’re used to the heat by now.

    I’ll be just fine, friend.

    By genahtastic URL on 04.29.2013

  25. thats ok by me. i just wat to live my life be happy, sing, dance, wether someone’s criticizing me or not. i haven’t done anything bad to anyone

    By j on 04.29.2013

  26. Your lips tasted like coffee; I preferred tea.
    I still catch myself kissing the way you taught me.

    By Carly URL on 04.29.2013

  27. kc, tyler, hailey,
    myself myself myself
    how could i not see it?
    myself myself myself me me me me me
    me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me

    By whitney on 04.29.2013

  28. they are people, or things, that drive you crazy. they take your joy away, and they disturb you. you don’t know what to do with them besides hate them… but what they need to do is just resolve the problem. it’s better for them, you, and everyone else.

    By halfbright on 04.29.2013

  29. Myself. I am my own worst enemy. I know that sounds generic but it holds true. My apathy holds no bounds. I wish found school more important. I wish I tried harder. But the only one that can make me try is me. That is why my enemy is me.

    By Michael Brame Jr. on 04.29.2013

  30. I hate my enemies. I grind my teeth when I think of their faces. I clench my hands when I bring forth those memories from the past in which I’d rather forget.

    By Amanda on 04.29.2013

  31. enemies are against, are in war, they hate you, they want to see you cry, they are not good or fine. they are assholes and dont hant to see you happy, never. You should try to respect them, anyways, peace is allways the best option.

    By eric on 04.29.2013

  32. enemies is a overused word and is simply put silly; i have been given many “enemies” over my life, none of them are worth losing sleep over. My country has enemies which change over time also; so i’m not to worried about enemies.

    By centerfuge URL on 04.29.2013

  33. You’d say that you have common enemies, but the problem is that Adrian *has* no enemies; he’s said so himself, and you believe it. He’s too sweet and earnest and kind-hearted to end on a bad note with someone, still too young and honest to believe that he should have any reason not too.

    You feel proud of yourself the first time he punches you, bony knuckles cracking painfully against your jaw.

    You taught him how to hate before anyone could else take advantage of the fact he had refused to.

    By Tina on 04.29.2013

  34. always forgive your enemies, norhign anoys them so much. There’s no point in keeping hate un your heart, by doing so, they win, cause the active there goal of making your life suck! in forging them you win, cause you show them just how little important they are.

    By Daniela on 04.29.2013

  35. The wolves are not the enemies of the ravens. They walk underneath them in the dreams of the weak and broken. Such dreams describe things that have been, are, and will be.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.29.2013

  36. i really cant explain them/ sometimes thye just creep up on you like lightening and leave with thunder. i get nervous when im around the, cause i know they feel the same hatred i feel towards them. some enemies can be friends. enemies are simply people who want to see you suffer.

    By Alice Barrett URL on 04.29.2013

  37. We always fight
    Doubts and silences
    It was the things unsaid
    That made me keel over
    Not you, I fought against what I wanted
    Each day it didn’t cross your fingertips
    And thread to me
    My enemy has always been
    Those things I can’t resist
    The faces they wear
    (and, my default, you)

    By Saudade URL on 04.29.2013

  38. We are enimies. I hate her with every single fiber of my being right now- i just can’t believe her. I mean sure she’s pretty and popular or whatever but ya’know one girl doesn’t deserve alllll the guys. Like ugh 7th grade is so hard I have like sooooo many problems i just hateeee life.

    By Haha on 04.29.2013

  39. I’m sorry I made so many enemies. I wish most of them weren’t me. I don’t think that you really hate me (I know I don’t hate you), and I’d welcome you back with a warm heart. Please keep me in your thoughts.

    By gmp on 04.29.2013

  40. Nothing to discuss,
    no need to ask,
    no longer together.

    I was just a phase,
    something to toss,
    to throw out the door.

    You never loved,
    never trusted,
    we’re just enemies.

    By Amber Manus URL on 04.29.2013