June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. the feeling she felt as her boy’s life left his body was a terrible thing; the emptiness inside of him destroyed her psyche. he began to grow colder as his mother dropped him to the floor, picked up the gun, and left the room, her son, and her life as she knew it.

    By Collier on 06.04.2012

  2. Empty the bottle, empty the soul and the thought of feelings into words of intense focus, intense passion. Write it until your mind fills up with thoughts and buzzes with their cadence, buzzes like an angry bee and fills up your head with their energy until you’re done, the words are gone, and everything is empty.

    By Rebecca Hansen on 06.04.2012

  3. I’m feeling that feeling…that feeling where there’s really nothing left inside…that EMPTYING feeling where the soul and the heart leave the body, leaving the brain to fend for its own sorry self.

    By M. Simon URL on 06.04.2012

  4. She empties herself out constantly, rationalising, categorising, sorting, but there’s always more inside. She’s empty but she’s still so full.

    By Liz URL on 06.04.2012

  5. I empty out my mind, the trash, the recycle, my papers. I let go of the old and I live in the now. It is good, it is safe but not too safe. I am afraid of forgetting I am afraid of losing I am afraid afraid afraid. God said do not be afraid. I am not afraid. Empty to fill.

    By Delight Hailman URL on 06.04.2012

  6. Uhhhh this word i know nothing about. Not its orgin, meaning, nor what context to use it in.

    By makenzie on 06.04.2012

  7. It is such a coincidence that this is today’s word. I have begun the process of emptying my bedroom and packing my belongings. On Friday, I will be moving into my dorm room for summer classes. I am absolutely, positively so incredibly excited to start this new chapter in my life!

    By Breezy URL on 06.04.2012

  8. My soul is emptying itself of you. You could call it purifying, but then again, you could be easy to rid myself of. It takes a real woman to understand the pain you’ve caused me, that you never even gave much thought to yourself. And I fully recognize how it takes a mature soul to purify, for your essence is so strong within me, I can’t breathe without the chemical of you in the air. It’s a drug, it’s a virus that I can’t rid myself of.

    By Brittany on 06.04.2012

  9. I suddenly felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. My face emptying of the little color it had. This was my moment, I couldn’t blow it.

    By Jordan URL on 06.04.2012

  10. Writing all of this is emptying everything burrowed inside me. Surprising it is but its cleansing, it’s pure.

    By KelCee on 06.04.2012

  11. emptying. she was emptying her soul of all the shit that piled up. of all the worries, the stresses. everything that was on her mind was gone. she had nothing to worry about except for the fact that she was gone. gone from everyone else. gone from the world. thats what she got for emptying herself.

    By Natalie~ URL on 06.04.2012

  12. We spent a good part of the night emptying our clothes of sand. After three days of traversing through the desert, it was inside of everything. I tried to sneak away to dust myself off, and soon after slipping my shirt and pants off I felt a cold hand against my back.

    “Boo,” Nathaniel said, and then he was on his back, my knee in his stomach, the air rushing out of his lungs.

    By river URL on 06.04.2012

  13. Emptying out the lockers. Emptying out our hearts, on each other’s shoulders. I will miss you. I can’t believe you’re leaving. We;re all leaving. Were we even here to being with? I don’t remember it. I’m not.. me. I’m not here. I wasn’t. Schools ending. My brain taken with it. HELP ME.

    By anonymous on 06.04.2012

  14. Emptying is sitting down somewhere quiet and simply thinking. Almost as if the outside world doesn’t exist and you are alone for the first time in your life. And you can simply be without the clutter of everyday life and learn for the first time in your life by leaving behind the unnecessary empty thoughts.

    By Amber Ellison on 06.04.2012

  15. empty
    no water
    no more

    By sofia on 06.04.2012

  16. The handbag split and all her time ran out
    sand and lipstick, glass and gloss, wood and perfume
    natural extracts to make a mask, all in a crocodile’s stomach
    tanned and stretched and buckled and zipped to nothing

    By gsk URL on 06.04.2012

  17. Emptying of everything may result in being left with nothing–or everything? Perhaps it is only when we purge ourselves of everything we believe can we truly start our lives.

    By Ursula on 06.04.2012

  18. without fulfillment, it’s as if your soul is emptying. it’s being drained of life and all chances of pure happiness. you become an empty void. a passionless shell. and your life just doesn’t mean anything anymore. without fulfillment, you’re dead. and gone. make happiness your number one focus and priority to achieve true fulfillment and peace.

    By Andi on 06.04.2012

  19. When she walked in the door, she could smell it–it was everywhere, on her like she had just walked into a thick bowl of soup. She tried to cover her nose, but it didn’t do any good. In the kitchen, it became more intense–she stepped deeper into the room, cautious now, certain that something unnatural awaited her. The garbage can stood partway open, like a mouth, ready to take the next bite. Gently, she stepped on the pedal at the bottom and opened the lid–why hadn’t she emptied this before she left for the beach? The smell grew around her, filling her throat and making breathing next to impossible–she tried not to look into the can, but as she reached to grab the edges of the bag, something in the bottom moved…

    By Marf4.0 on 06.04.2012

  20. I was going to take a shower, however, i was caught emptying the garbage. It was filled with banana peels and coffee grounds. All the inhabitants included were of bugs and a poor little dead mouse. However, i wasnt bothered. It was a bright and cleary sunny saturday morning and i had not a care in the word, ecspecially not about emptying the garbage. Today i had a date. And an important one at that.

    By Ashley URL on 06.04.2012

  21. the trash. the nuclear missles that fly through my ears everytime i hear you two talking to each other. talking about each other. talking through each other. it seems to me that i can never catch a break in this barren wasteland we call the rainbow of opportunities. boys will be boys, and girls will be girls, but what ever happens when boys are girls and girls are boys? is it really that bad for a boy to like a boy and a girl? I hope not.

    By Miranda on 06.04.2012

  22. Emptying the toilet of the incredible waste therein was a task no one should have ever undertaken. I was the lucky man to get called to yet another clogged toilet but this one was different.

    By Daniel Wilson on 06.04.2012

  23. she couldn’t feel anything. there was a space between her, a space between her and her heart but she couldn’t quite tell what it was.

    (is that what he had done to her, is this what’s happened?)

    she’s never wanted this, never asked for any of it–she smiles and laughs and pretends to play games with children and animals, and then she met him. and she smiled and laughed and pretended to play games with him, even though her heart, even though everything she knew wasn’t pretending and she was full.

    By Alice on 06.04.2012

  24. Everyone was leaving, when the party ended I felt my house emptying like my heart. I was going to be alone again, I mean who wants the party to end? But it is different for me for some reason, I feel a significant twinge of sadness when the last guest drives away.

    By Lena URL on 06.04.2012

  25. Everything in my world is empty. It’s like someone is trying to take my hopes and dreams bin and just throwing them out. I still have them, but something is making them impossible to come true. My life is empty. But as I started work today, My wallet is getting filled.

    By Emily URL on 06.04.2012

  26. when theres too much stuff in the bin and you get shouted at by someone that its time to empty the bin! annoying to have to go and do it but you feel better afterwards. like today i had to take the bin downstairs and leaked cherry juice everywhere, over the lift in my apartment building and everything… then I saw all the grimy juice everywhere when I got back this evening. I pretended I didn’t see it and hope it will be gone by the morning actually. Should empty the bin before the fruit goes grimey.

    By Jordan on 06.04.2012

  27. Life is so tedious. Everything is always being emptied and it just needs to be replaced. The fridge is emptied when we eat, the trash is emptied when we fill it, the dishwasher is emptied once we load it, and the cycle continues on.

    By Megan URL on 06.04.2012

  28. Emptying out the trash, the clutter…those thoughts that stop you from appreciating the present.

    By Simone URL on 06.04.2012

  29. Patrick.

    By Novo URL on 06.04.2012

  30. I was in the room all alone. The door was locked, the house was empty, the lights were off. I took my last sip of coffee and began to cry. Slowly at first and then the tears wouldn’t stop rolling down my face. It felt heavy.

    By Andy on 06.04.2012

  31. my mind to write about this word. i really dont know what to write. my room needs to be emptied of all the crap i hold onto… my life needs to be emptied of the shit i let get to me. i really dont know what i am writing or why i am writing this. oh well we will never know the extent to what needs to be emptied

    By tooker on 06.04.2012

  32. Letting go of everything you don’t need. Removing yourself from negative and leaving yourself with nothing but positive. Opening your heart and yelling as loud as your lungs and heart will allow to let you release everything you don’t need. There is never such a thing as empty within you. Only underneath you.

    By Chelsey on 06.04.2012

  33. i empty my soul on to this blank piece of paper, i look at the empty glass of milk laying on my table, i wonder ho drank the milk. sometimes i think it is my brother who drinks everything well its true he does drink everything, all the time. anyways what was i talking about? emptying oh yes

    By maria on 06.04.2012

  34. I think emptying is a sad word. It is a word that describes the lack of something. It reminds me of the word draining. I guess the word empty or emptying gets used quite a lot. I never realized it before. I don’t like it.

    By Courtney on 06.04.2012

  35. emptying a water bottle on a golf course
    emptying a scream into the air
    emptying my feelings to a screen
    emptying myself.

    By t on 06.04.2012

  36. Using everything you have at the moment will give you the feeling of being empty. Empty is a momentary feeling, It feels great since usually you know that you will somehow get filled up again.

    By Jill on 06.04.2012

  37. Emptying the garbage stinks. Literally.

    By Krista Fultz on 06.04.2012

  38. I’m pulling tissues out of the box angrily. Can you picture that? It sounds so ridiculous to say it, but the action itself is therapeutic almost. As I empty the box, I’m emptying my head.

    By Schuyler on 06.04.2012

  39. emptying the cat litter box gets on my nerves!

    By kathy scott URL on 06.04.2012

  40. My soul is emptying. As friends depart in emotional ways, they leave me. They deprive the inner depths of my heart of its needed warmth. I need my confidantes. Without them, I am empty. Without them, I will wither away and disintegrate into smoke. Smoke.
    Marijuana smoke. Like the kind she inhaled the day she stepped away from me.
    Smoke. Like the smoke of car tires as I sped away from your infatuation with me.
    I am a black balloon. Losing air. I shall soon be empty.

    By Madeline on 06.04.2012