June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. emptying one’s self is not a job for the meek
    I’ve seen men crumple like paper bags, losing all sense of humanity.
    And liking it.
    This world isn’t sane.
    Or the same.

    By Awushie on 06.04.2012

  2. Emptying the bins, emptying my wardrobe. That’s easy, emptying my mind of meaningless thoughts however is not. Why cant it be easy? Dammit, this word makes me think wayyy too much. Emptying, it’s like I’m a pepper pot and I’m trying to shake myself empty.

    By Callie on 06.04.2012

  3. I was emptying out my jar of coins in my room. I noticed a strange looking coin in the bunch. It was not a coin from a foreign country. It had strange symbols it couldve been aliens. Who knows. I will always wonder.

    By Michael McKain URL on 06.04.2012

  4. The little girl was emptying the dish when I got home. That girl was so strange. Really, I barely knew her. I dont understand how she became adopted by my parents. She was beuatiful, smart, and experimental, but she almost never talks. She is like completely different from me. The way she avoids eye contact, has no friends (that I’m aware of), and sometimes seems to be absorbed in deep thinking kind of makes u think she has something up her sleeve.

    By Lanie Urbanski on 06.04.2012

  5. it is not easy to allow yourself to be emptied. to let the biggest part of yourself go where you cannot find it. but we do it, let someone who has our heart just walk away in hopes they someday find another who is worthy; someone better than we could ever hope to be.
    it is impossible to forget the love you let leave you, if only for their happiness which is worth so much more than your own.
    then and only then will you ever know true emptiness: when you were the one who let them go and you are the one who feels so hurt.

    By allie steele on 06.04.2012

  6. The trash cans. And recyclin g. Thas all i got.

    By Katarina URL on 06.04.2012

  7. I need to empty my mind. It goes on and on about everything I need to do in my life. But I fill it with stupid crap from tv to drone out all the things I have to do. It is a kind of emptying, but it is a bad kind.

    By Roede on 06.04.2012

  8. Emptying is the state of losing yourself. One feels empty when they are without something or someone that makes them whole. It is more than just emptying an objet, it applies to the soul as well. Emptying implies heartbreak.

    By erin on 06.04.2012

  9. As I was emptying the paper recycling barrel into the larger barrel, something shiny caught my eye. I stopped pouring the crumpled papers into the larger container and bent down to look a little closer. My hand stopped inches from the shiny object as a I realized what it was. A bullet casing. What the hell was a bullet casing doing in the lobby recycle bin?

    By Eileen Maki URL on 06.04.2012

  10. Dragging open all the drawers made my fragile palms ache. They had told me to take it easy. My fingers roamed every corner of the woody exhibitors. Something caught on my skin as I drew my hands sideways against the raspy wood. A splinter. This just wasn’t a time for ‘easy’. At this moment all there was was the tiniest hope of light on the other side of the tunnel. It had been a month since the last time I’d seen it, and now I hardly remembered where it was. Frantically I fell on the ground, my hands balling to fists as I desperately clung to the memory I’d do anything to forget. But I had. I had forgotten. I’d begun sweating so huge drops soaked my sweater when the last life force drew my last breath. Thinly, it clung in the air. This, I realized cold, was it.

    By Fyxn URL on 06.04.2012

  11. i am empyting my closet. i have to do this because i am going to shift to a new place very soon.

    By aakriti on 06.04.2012

  12. As she was emptying the trash can she saw the tissues she used the night before. Tears that flowed so freely from the loss of the one she loved the most. They sat in the bottom of the can just waiting to be dumped. Something so small but so significant, letting go of even a tissue hurt her heart. Could she do it?

    By Cris URL on 06.04.2012

  13. You’re emptying me of the tears that swell after your every word. I’m bursting at the seams, leaking salt water onto your pristine floors. From where I stand, I did nothing to cause such an uproar from your tired lips. No chance to explain myself, your assumptions take over, my true innocence turned to guilt in your eyes. I give up. If you’re satisfied, I’ll let the unknown facts stay within me just to see you calm. I’ll continue this stream of bawls in a corner out of sight.

    By Desiree URL on 06.04.2012

  14. getting rid of something making something empty ridding something of possessions or items
    i dont know whatever

    By Lasss on 06.04.2012

  15. It’s a place where I can’t do any writing because of utter ambiguity. And there are boxes involved when it’s the other kind of emptying. Is it about moving out? Moving in? Sometimes you’re just cleaning out your closet and end up emptying a whole lot of it. Bah. I just don’t know.

    By Imty on 06.04.2012

  16. And as the fish tank emptied into the sink, all she could do was watch the fluid water spiral outwards, creeping up the sink for a few precious seconds, before gravity took hold and the clear clear clear so very clear water fell downwards as if in defeat and into the drain, gurgling, as if that last sound was its last dying breathe.
    And she collapsed, hands on her face, as equally wet tears leaked out of her eyes.

    By Yuki on 06.04.2012

  17. Being lost is emptying. We’re all lost–one way or another, being emptied of everything we used to know, finding that what we had thought was the truth, maybe isn’t so.

    By Cerulean URL on 06.04.2012

  18. Upon emptying my hands at the base of the mountain, I came across a remarkable object. Oblong in shape, yet tipped with a strange jewel. Not strange in shape, but rather in color, shifting from to another almost with the tip of the hand as I moved it around to examine it. I couldn’t help but think, ‘How odd…”

    By Aaron LaPacz on 06.04.2012

  19. It is like throwing everything on a page because you are emptying your head of all the thoughts, all the garbage and all the amazing things that pass through it. It doesn’t matter how you empty this mind of yours you just have to do it in 60 seconds. Now go on children, empty that mind on a blank canvas.

    By Ryan Kinsella URL on 06.04.2012

  20. emptying the jars of their contents make jack a dull boy. jumping over space and time in order to get to the other side, it’s not very good but fuck it let’s go together. inside of me you see the mirror mirror on the wall what

    By Allan Steele on 06.04.2012

  21. It was an emptying feeling she felt at that very moment. Nothing really mattered anymore did it? He was gone and that was that. She wish sh could feel even any type of remorse, but all she felt was emptyness. who ever knew empty could be so painful?

    By Annie URL on 06.04.2012

  22. … Get it?

    By Beth Lardner URL on 06.04.2012

  23. I sat there Indian style, pouring out my heart, emptying every last tear after hearing the news that my wife left me for her high school sweetheart. I am now empty.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.04.2012

  24. She was emptying her life. Throwing away her Mary-Jane-wearing friends. Losing her childhood. Taking every ounce of safety out of her mind and finding wild, free, laughter. She was ready, ready to begin a new life, where she felt powerful.

    By Mimmy URL on 06.04.2012

  25. I go out into the garage and take out the trash.
    “Ugh, again?”
    The raccoons had knocked over my recycling, spilling green tea, redbull, and winecoolers everywhere. Glass was shattered, and there was even… blood. Oh god. Oh dear lord no, not a dead raccoon, please Jesus no.

    By Amy on 06.04.2012

  26. I emptied out my soul to her, that bitch, and yet she still doesn’t care. I gave her my love, my secrets, I emptied EVERYTHING I ever had meaning or life to cling to and she, she.
    She emptied out her sack of fucking lies.

    By Amy on 06.04.2012

  27. Sixteen years later I find myself pouring through old photos thinking…what was I thinking?…as I was emptying the trash.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.04.2012

  28. As my heart is broken and my body is killed i can feel my faith weakening and my soul emptying. I thought this would be easy. I was sadly mistaken. And now i am wondering what would happen if i kept on writing even though i was already told to stop and submit this. Hm… im tempted to see how long it will let me go. But i wont do that today. But this would be a good way to post longer things… just a thought.

    By Tuck URL on 06.04.2012

  29. “What’s there to do tonight?


    Anything left in that bottle?”

    – David Lee Roth

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.04.2012

  30. im emptying my heart. i’m throwing out the trash. the cleaning will take some time and i don’t know what will kill it all off efficiently. this does not sound poetic. it is just a broken heart. and i just want to empty out the trash.

    By annie on 06.04.2012

  31. I was emptying my case when i got back from my holiday. I had been to somewhere and there was no one there but me. I didn’t really know what I was doing there. I couldn’t feel my heart, soul or stomach. Everything was empty, The hotel, the beach, the bar, the sea. Me. And now my case. And my apartment. I’m single, too. Empty, Alone.

    By Sophie on 06.04.2012

  32. I heard her wretch for the 4th time, coughing and spluttering as she struggled to get it all up. I didn’t dare look. I didn’t dare try to see that goopy yellow liquid seep from her lips. I wouldn’t dare to see her in her hour of weakness, that woman who had been the source of strength to me. I kept her smile in my head and tried to ignore the sound of her emptying herself into a slick white bowl.

    By Mary URL on 06.04.2012

  33. I emptied it. Quick, knee-jerk reaction, it was done. I was empty.
    The process of emptying has left me bare. I let it all go. Everything. The kisses, the embraces, the momentos, the photos. I let it all go, because you’re gone. You’ve gone.

    By Yasmin URL on 06.04.2012

  34. I empty the trash. And my bladder in the bathroom. I also empty the cupboard when I am hungry. Yum. food. Now I am hungry. Someone get me food.

    By Amanda on 06.04.2012

  35. emptying

    By jade URL on 06.04.2012

  36. I was emptying the trash the other day when I sparkle caught my eye. I said to myself, What’s that? I looked closer at the thing and it jumped out of the garbage can and landed at my feet. The shiny thing was a silver, small robot with round eyes that looked away up at me. I stared and stared at this unlikely thing at my feet when I heard it sneeze!

    By Ruth on 06.04.2012

  37. Today i lost it. Emptying and beginngiing again. together apart. backwards forwrds. empty.full.empty. over went and like that it was empty.

    By Rebecca on 06.04.2012

  38. i was emptying stuff that is fun im on yahoo wow its alot goin on i need to emptyi my brain. im soo tired im buored huhh textin sooooooo tired

    By kaniadabest URL on 06.04.2012

  39. I loved today. I loved it. all. i emptied the room of all its trash and all its filth. and under i found a melted heart and broken train track peices and the color of sand. I found new stuff to one day empty anf fill again with beautiful t

    By Rebecca URL on 06.04.2012

  40. She sighed, letting out a rattling breath, emptying the trapped air from her tight chest.

    In all the years to come, she would look back and realize that was the only thing she ever gave up without a fight.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.04.2012