June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. emptying out my soul
    to a boy
    i think. may be
    i’m mentally retardud
    thats okay
    i guess
    bye world

    By cashew URL on 06.04.2012

  2. Adrien seized her cup as Nate sat across from her and passed his over the table like a hockey puck, pawing it between both his hands. She took a swig with both hands gripping it, the right looped through the handle and the left securing the other hand and the cup in place. She took another gulp. A chug. Nate had not yet reached the halfway point, half full or half empty, but already Adrien had emptied her beverage.
    There is no half full, no positive, if the whole cup is emptying this very second.

    By Chloe on 06.04.2012

  3. I stand below the sweet pine tree
    Blue in the glow
    Of winter stars
    Closer to them
    Than my own life

    Tomorrow it will rain
    Hot rivets

    I have lived longer
    With you than without
    Defined myself
    By my hunger
    But I swim like a fish
    In this blue light
    and I am swept
    in the current of you

    I have only
    These arms
    But its enough
    To know
    Youre here
    And there’s a ring
    Around the moon

    By minimalist URL on 06.04.2012

  4. The feeling of you leaving. That door closing. The window shut. A barrier created. I miss you and without you is the definition of emptying. I’m meant to be filled with the energy and love that you create. I was made for you. You were made for me. Without you, I am empty. So please, never leave.

    By ashleymarion URL on 06.04.2012

  5. I taking out the trash like mom had asked me. I was being a good son, so why does it feel like my life is being torn apart by doing something as simple as emptying the trash? Oh right, maybe its because my mother shredded my artwork and dumped it in the glossy black bag I’m holding now. I’m being a good son though, emptying my future out in the metal bin. Thanks a lot mom.

    By Ayla URL on 06.04.2012

  6. The whole experience is soul wrenching. It pulls everything out of you bit by bit, slowly, painfully, until you are empty. You are left as a shell of a person, an endless abyss of only pain and sorrow. You are like a ghost, floating through life, nowhere to go, nothing to do. Because everything you loved is gone, disappeared into the chasm of your feelings and thoughts that are controlled by the very thing you are trying to escape.

    By Adelaide Rose on 06.04.2012

  7. Empty your live is a magnificent possibility to change your live and creat new space for new things. Emptying does mean to make place for the future and to be conscient about your aims.

    By Anne on 06.04.2012

  8. So bit by bit, they moved their things out of the apartment. They emptied the space that they had called home for the past three years, the space that they had called home during all that had happened to them in the past three years. And when they had finished and all that was left inside were the walls and the floor and the roof, they looked at the place, but they didn’t see the place. They looked at a martian landscape, one that only vaguely resembled that of the earthly panorama they knew, not their home. They looked at a husk, like the shed skin of a reptile, that once snugly fit around their lives, but had now been sloughed off. The place was now empty, their lives withdrawn from within it, waiting for the next souls to take their places inside its walls.

    By torin URL on 06.04.2012

  9. Back to empty. His gas tank was empty and was no longer full of minimum wage. Even though it was no longer full of minimum wage, it was still empty. The well had run dry and he didn’t know how to fill it again.

    By ltrgy URL on 06.04.2012

  10. full of things that are there or not. We travel through space and time with everything we have collected on our backs. We only accumulate more and more always binging.
    saving time space and money never really purging.

    By Eve on 06.04.2012

  11. i always empty my lunch box, this is when something is full but then once you do this its not, i try to do this when i go to the bathroom, i hate when bowls of candy are empty, sometimes i feel like this

    By Abby on 06.04.2012

  12. the tide is swiftly emptying the bay and the sun illuminates the sea grass…. red fish tails are waving in the sandy hole and I aim my cast

    By Katherine URL on 06.04.2012

  13. Emptying my thoughts. Where do they all go? I like to think they hide between the crevices of my collarbones. Or perhaps in the cracks between the blinds above my bed. Wherever they go, I don’t think they’re really gone forever. They’ll stay with me until I figure out what to do with them. Where they belong. Why do I even want them gone in the first place? Some are dark, some are bright and beautiful. But the dark ones… those are the ones that scare me. They keep piling up on top of each other higher and higher until finally, they will consume me.

    By Hope on 06.04.2012

  14. I am emptying my apartment. It peels apart in layers. First I pack away the little things, the books, the coffee cups, the bobby pins on the floor. They stuff away into boxes that pile like little cities of cardboard skyscrapers pushed against the wall. Then the big things go, the bed, record player, bike, espresso machine. I strip off the photos and posters from the walls, rendering a shell of a room. It echoes and looks lonely, like the place I moved in to. It has a few more scuffs on the floor to keep it company, a coffee stain or two. The next tenant won’t know me, but they will know that I drank coffee, at least.

    By mere URL on 06.04.2012

  15. It was time to empty her soul; to purge everything from her room that once held significance. It was difficult to discern nostalgia from actual need, but she somehow got through it. And after two hours of throwing away, not a dent was made. But her heart wasn’t full.

    By Ariel on 06.04.2012

  16. She went down to where the great river emptied into the sea and looked out over the water. She knew that, for a full mile out into the rippling ocean, the river made the sea freshwater. And then the saltwater overcame the freshwater, poisoning it. But the river kept emptying into the sea as though it thought it could dilute the salt enough to someday change the great body of water fresh.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.04.2012

  17. cup goes like this and everything runs down the mountainside past the children and the river and the houses and the caves with the shadows in them until it runs out. never to be found. where has it gone? will you come with me to find out? we travel into the earth down past the bones

    By hannah URL on 06.04.2012

  18. Suddenly. I feel it flowing out of the open pustulating wound. Leaking, pouring, emptying out of my muscles travelling down through the veins in my face to reach the separation of my skin to feel the open air, warmly exiting my limbs and sockets. It was all leaving me. Leaving my body. At last, I could not help but feel anything other than the purest of content.

    By Eve URL on 06.04.2012

  19. I was emptying out my childhood. This room held journeys, mysteries, and all my fairy tale endings. Now, I was moving. I packed up all these things as my best friend cried for me. I was emptying out a lot more than just a bunch of boxes of stuff; I was emptying out my childhood. My happiness. My everything.

    By Steffie URL on 06.04.2012

  20. no fullness inside is nothing, like you take everything from some person and leave him like destroyed, somebody doesn’t think about him and he gives everything for that person

    By Ivana on 06.04.2012

  21. Walter was emptying his fifth cup when his ex-wife arrived at the party. Donald had invited her, if only to hear about her latest escapades in Italy. The old man had become so fascinated with the atmosphere of Venice that he decided not to remember the fact that Walter and his wife had very painfully divorced.

    That is, until he saw Walter crushing his plastic cup into a wad in his periphery vision.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.04.2012

  22. Carefully he dumped the last of the water out of the can and onto the flowers. It had been hot and dry, he swore the flowers visibly straightened. Someone rode by on their bicycle. His first instinct was to duck, then he remembered it was ok. Gardening was allowed here. Water was allowed here. He breathed in a sigh of relief, it smelled like flowers and water and sun. But mostly it smelled like hope.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 06.04.2012

  23. emptying is to empty something. as in to empty a glass of water. it is a word. eg:to empty a bucket filled with water.

    By jigyasa URL on 06.04.2012

  24. my heart is empty because I can;t see you and I wish we would be together for eternity. I long to see your eyes and feel your lips in my skin.

    By Karina Gamez on 06.04.2012

  25. vacio, sacar, dejar de lado, limpiar… todo esto significa EMPTYING
    to me emptying is making it all over again. re-making.

    By maria on 06.04.2012

  26. After Astor had finished emptying his heart of every leftover angry feeling that had settled and festered there when Tobias died, he wiped his eyes and nose on his sleeves. He looked closer to five years old than to 200,000.

    By Julia A. URL on 06.04.2012

  27. if there ever was such a word that could emcompass despair this would be it. emptying a home, a heart. there never was anything more. empty.

    By tara on 06.04.2012

  28. Emptying my mind like an upturned purse, I spilled the odds and ends of memories and tools and wet dirty tissues that held crumpled secrets long forgotten, mixed with sticky hard candies I had sucked the sweetness from, than dropped inside for some reason I couldn’t imagine.

    By nannan URL on 06.04.2012

  29. Emptying the garbage, emptying the soul to reveal ones fears and goals. Emptying is a word that denotes loneliness. I have an emptying feeling that i willfeel empty after writing this.

    By Nutty on 06.04.2012

  30. emptuoing
    its like
    my life,….
    everything is empty and im jsut
    failgnm into a void
    a never ending void
    the voide thst is my life
    because its emptying

    By goat high shcol URL on 06.04.2012

  31. The emptying of the trash is a ceremony not reserved for the day before the garbageman cometh. No, rather the emptying of the trash is a ceremony that can be practiced anytime — and not just when the trash overfloweth. It can be practiced every evening! Yea, and amen. Thus saith Mom.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 06.04.2012

  32. I empty out my words
    pouring into the world
    without a single drop
    they judge me like a dog
    I hope they come to like me
    for the things I say
    but in time, I guess
    it just can’t be that way
    oh well I say
    it has to be this way

    By Katy on 06.04.2012

  33. My heart is emptying to you, and I can see nothing ahead but a vast empty space. I’m stuck here alone, with just you to pour out my guts to. It’s not going to get any better without this emptying, so I’ll just have to go ahead with it.

    By Erin on 06.04.2012

  34. I feel a very emptying feeling inside my heart sometimes. Sometimes it’s because I miss you, and wonder why you’re not longer here, and what could have been. I love you, I miss you, I wish you were here and that I could have seen your last breath, and been there to say goodbye. My first love, my partner, my horse.

    By Sarah Labatt on 06.04.2012

  35. I feel that being empty or the act of emptying is something that can be applied to emotions. There’s nothing worse than feeling empty. The reason for living is to find things that make you happy. Why be unhappy? There’s a level of uneasiness that comes with not knowing who or what we will find in life, but anything and everything would be better than being empty. And besides, the beauty of life is not knowing what we will find.

    By Marleigh on 06.04.2012

  36. I felt like I was emptying the truth.
    When I opened my mouth
    And I said those words
    Locked away for so long.
    I felt scared
    Yet suddenly clean.

    By Marie URL on 06.04.2012

  37. Emptying my mind is not as easy as it used to be. All those memories seem to be engraven in the walls of my minds dungeons.

    By Neslihan on 06.04.2012

  38. Her hands picked up the colored pencils, the scrap pieces of paper, the pens, out of her desk. She took everything out. Every little thing that had made Fiona’s desk hers. Fiona, her very best friend. Who was here last Friday. Who was laughing, smiling. Who went jump roping at the cliffs with her. Who fell. Fiona, whom she missed.

    By Mimmy URL on 06.04.2012

  39. hello.
    This is my incredible story, a mistery book with lots to show to the world.
    Who am I, you may ask, but if you’ll never try to know me, you’ll never know.
    I came in peace, and in peace i shall go.

    By Beatriz on 06.04.2012

  40. i’m emptying whats left of me. I’m taking the parts that are tattered and destroyed and tossing them out. Its time to start new. Its time to think about things in a new way. I can be better then this, and I will be. Not everyone will hurt me.

    By Nikole on 06.04.2012