November 15th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “employees”

  1. They walked around in their gray ties and squared shoulders, trying to ignore the repetitive ticking of the clock.

    They all knew they were going to die one day. The only difference would be that no one would particularly notice. It was alright though, they knew nothing was immortal.

    The only thing that would last forever would be this monotonous cycle.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 11.16.2012

  2. We’re all indentured labour, though some of us at our company have it worse than other. Sure we have nothing to lose but our chains, but it is nice to be able to eat. And things could be a lot worse – I have a lot of friends back home that have been unemployed for a long time

    By Snellopy URL on 11.16.2012

  3. THey’re a sad, sorry bunch. Always saying ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ and yes’. No original thoughts. No ‘no’. How often can we allow ouseelves to be like this? All the time…we’re all in this prone position.

    By Sachi on 11.16.2012

  4. Big city, bright lights, cool people
    We are gonna make it!
    Oh, who’s there to stop us?
    We are god’s employees!

    By pounding_sea URL on 11.16.2012

  5. The employees were adamant that they were sticking to the plan that their adopted at the union meeting last week. No amount of force or threats of dismissal would make them settle for a wage agreement that was not to they advantage.

    By victor URL on 11.16.2012

  6. i hate useless employees. i want to punch them and new employees who think they know everything. fuck, go away, i’ve been here more than you and they’re trying to make friends with you, urh, no.

    By anna on 11.16.2012

  7. I have never had employees, being nineteen and all. But I have been an employee. I like being an employee, knowing you will have a steady income. Although work isn’t the place I long to be at, being an employee allows me to have fun and be comfortable when I’m not at work.

    By Christie Caulfield URL on 11.16.2012

  8. Desk jockeys
    or perhaps
    Clean the toilets!
    Bring us another cocktail
    And snicker behind our backs, the luckless tourists who might as well be burning their money.
    White collar marketing jargon – mostly bullshit, a vernacular used to make them feel part of the club, a shibboleth (look it up, a very cool word indeed.)
    Not a boss, that’s ok. Just doing my thing, getting a paycheck, making it through another day.

    By Ara URL on 11.16.2012

  9. She was one of the employees, but she never quite fit in with the rest. The rest were men to start with. She was quiet and she did a good job. Would they miss her? Her reports, her projects, sure. Like anything, after she’s gone a while they’ll forget.

    By Bella on 11.16.2012

  10. The men work for her like they are her personal employees. Doing everything she says, trying to catch her eye with their every move. But that’s what happens when you are beautiful. I wonder if she knows that everyone in her presence is blinded by her beauty.

    By sturmzie on 11.16.2012

  11. There were many employees working in Safeway.

    By Madison URL on 11.16.2012

  12. The school has many employees to help teach the kids in the school.

    By ccv1999 URL on 11.16.2012

  13. I saw some employees in the store checking out stuff for other people:)!!

    By Kilee Hunsaker URL on 11.16.2012

  14. employees are people you can trust people that you can relye on . if you cant they arent good employees

    By wyatt URL on 11.16.2012

  15. Employees are everywhere. They work in stores, parks, and other places. There’s even employees where you have no idea they work.

    By Annette URL on 11.16.2012

  16. Employees are the workers at places.

    By Rebekah URL on 11.16.2012

  17. Your employees are not just people you work with. They also become your family.

    By Destiny URL on 11.16.2012

  18. “If I fire some employees, I can make more money for the company,” the employer thought.

    By karen URL on 11.16.2012

  19. Today i felt like a cumster and my teacher was the employee because i had to get a hat stamp.

    By sarah URL on 11.16.2012

  20. they try their best to be good at their job. they make sure their boss is pleased as well as help make a safe and comfortable environment to work with and have a good relationship with their coworkers.

    By Reema on 11.16.2012

  21. When I was in high school I had to figure out what job I could take. I finally got a job at Dary Queen I was so happy. I was finally an employee with a whole bunch of other employees that was exciting. I finally get to earn some money.

    By amberp URL on 11.16.2012

  22. Employees are very helpful when you’re running a business.

    By Brianna URL on 11.16.2012

  23. Employees run around stores trying to please the customers. The employees might have to drive around to please their customers if they work at a place that does takeout.

    By mccrazy URL on 11.16.2012

  24. 7 out of ten employees love eating chicken fore lunch. Brown is the best s=choice for work footwear if you a miner or school teacher. The last employee at my office decided disco beatz and crispy treats were best for Friday afternoon’=s, justto get the weekend on the go!

    By sooj on 11.16.2012

  25. He usered his employees out the door before turning and locking it. He sighed, the puff of air forming a white mist and curling into the air. He could faintly hear the kids shout goodbyes as they headed back to their warm homes. Arthur gave them a brief wave before walking to his car, eager to get out of the winer chill.

    By Tanya URL on 11.16.2012

  26. I hate the fact that I’m not an employee, merely a hired hand in several different jobs, how strange is it that I’m longing for the day to come where I have to punch in?

    By Drew on 11.16.2012

  27. Like drones in a beehive, the bustling. bumbling, busy employees strove for greatness in their cloistered shell of a workplace. Mediocrity reigns supreme in their uninspired cubicles.

    By Jeff on 11.16.2012

  28. Employees.

    By Jeffreym on 11.16.2012

  29. The employees are rather a slave to the modern day people. In other words, they are fully committed to the employers and have no freedom. All they have is their breaktime coffee and a time to take a nap. There are no creativity also. Thus, they are just ants who are working for another person, making them richer and richer.

    By YSU on 11.16.2012

  30. Cashiers in a store. Brilliant, lit-up boxes scream “better value!”, “Whole Grain!”, “lifetime guarantee!”.
    They do not share the optimism.
    Two are dropouts. (And only one by choice)
    Another, an old man, past retirement age but forced to join the minimum waged.
    But as the customers walk through,
    they can’t see past the plastic smiles
    (They don’t want to )

    By Chloe Margherita on 11.16.2012

  31. to have employees in my own firm is what i have been dreaming. when will it come true?

    By glai on 11.16.2012

  32. Employees are supposed to be fully committed to their work–honest work. Working for the glory of God with all their strength; being loving in their attitudes to their employers and doing all things with submissiveness and respect–doing it without complaining

    By Chad Hester URL on 11.16.2012

  33. employees make the world go around
    not the people who buy and sell the people who make the world go around
    nothing would get cooked, served, cleaned, hung without
    the people who make the world go around
    employees make the people who make the world

    By beckenbocker URL on 11.16.2012

  34. employees of the cave must report to hr before noon today in order to fill out forms authroizing blood work and other office necessities it is crucial that you forget all about your loved ones and automobiles so that you may become a better worker and learn the clandestine art of micromanagment, dont be petty working is great and crucial to your spinal developmemnt ok?

    By Marcos Figueroa (@MarkyFigs) on 11.16.2012

  35. IF YOU are a boss like Ryan you have employees. Employees do all the hard work.

    By Ryan URL on 11.16.2012

  36. my employees dont work hard enough so i fierd them now they dont have a job but one came back to work with me

    By timmy URL on 11.16.2012

  37. Every company has employees. If they don’t have employees then they wont have business will go out cause they don’t have employees to make the money.

    By Devin URL on 11.16.2012

  38. Some employees are not treated the way they want to be treated it is just not fair……..:}

    By shelby URL on 11.16.2012

  39. There are many employees that work at this school. Everyone of them has a job that they have to do. They have to do this job everyday.

    By lissamc URL on 11.16.2012

  40. Restaurants have employees. Employees are people who work for a certain place, like my aunt, she is an employee for cracker barrel in casa grande

    By adriana URL on 11.16.2012