November 2nd, 2010 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “elixir”

  1. I drink funny elixers made of kitten blood and your mothers spit it is ymmy and I can fly after its insane@#$%^&*(&%^$ I drink flood water its good and yummy

    By Jake on 11.03.2010

  2. i dont know what it means, i have never heard of this word before.

    By lizeth on 11.03.2010

  3. i dont know what to write about this word. it doesnt have any significant meaning to me. elixer. elixer. i donty know what to write about!!! elixer.

    By Taylor Eggerton URL on 11.03.2010

  4. i don’t really know what elixir is but it sounds like a cool word

    By Kimberly on 11.03.2010

  5. Elixir to me means a kind of mixed substance that could be a drink, or any watery, liquidy sustance.

    By ***~(;ninja*_*wheels;)~*** URL on 11.03.2010

  6. i have absolutely no idearr!(: i think its a funky word and i think it means to breatheor yeah, somethinn’ like datt!(x i have np idea, sorry! don’t ask me, I’m not smart! :D

    By ninjabacon URL on 11.03.2010

  7. um elixir is like something like a potsion a magic drink or something.

    By Alexandria URL on 11.03.2010

  8. The sorcerer gave me an elixir that let me have eternal life. But there was consequences. You had to have eternal life, but you had to kill your best friend.

    By Darren Shi on 11.03.2010

  9. is like a medicine and it a funny word i really dont no wat it means

    By tori URL on 11.03.2010

  10. In Harry Potter an elixir is either a potion or a remedy of some sort and is used commonly. In the form of a remedy it is usually used for curing curses that have been casted on the certain person.

    By summer firm URL on 11.03.2010

  11. um elixir is like something like a potsion a magic drink or something.it is very magical.elixir can turn you into something or anything it is for.

    By Alexandria URL on 11.03.2010

  12. i dont have any idea what this word means. theres no definition or anything. this assinments dumb. Elixir i have never heard of or heard anyone use. this makes no sense the printer and website didnt work the 10 times i tried this homework.

    By nick ramaglia URL on 11.03.2010

  13. Elixir is like a medicine or a Poisson that i think it can help you.

    By steph URL on 11.03.2010

  14. elixir?? it sounds cool…i like that word :) ha a light? yea I’m not sure what it means.. its a big word….. wait… Mr. Wolley says its a medicine or an energizer thing. woo!!! i learned something today :P

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 11.03.2010

  15. an elixir is suppose to treat people with illnesses……..i think. But i also beleive that its suppose to be like a potion or something, an antidote:^)

    By ZO3Y URL on 11.03.2010

  16. Oh the heavenly drink of the gods! I could use some elixir right now. It’s autumn, getting cold, beautiful but I am starting to feel age. Would be nice to turn it around even for a day.
    I could use it any day of the week. The sun is going down.

    By Olga on 11.03.2010

  17. It is a potion that you put in your drink to energize you for the day.

    By cobra URL on 11.03.2010

  18. i have absolutly no idea what this word means i have never seen or heard this word in my entire life i wish i knew waht i ment because then i would be able to actuaily do the assignmen

    By Brittany on 11.03.2010

  19. Elixir is……. Idk what the heck that means . Sounds like some sort of bat . It sounds funny . Elixir is a fun word to say and that’s all i can say about that word elixir . Don’t ask me cause i’m bumb . The End . :)

    By hot wheels :) URL on 11.03.2010

  20. elixir i dont know what this word means. i wonder what it stands for and how you pronouce it but since i dont i cant really say much about this one word that i have never heard of before. Maybe it has a deep meaning to it or maybe it just means something simple.

    By gabriellestancil on 11.03.2010

  21. An elixir is like a potion thank can supposedly prolong your life. People take it if they want to live longer.

    By Caleb Harris on 11.03.2010

  22. It has something to do with alcohol,. it can be used in medicines as well. the word itself sounds really dumb, I can barley pronounce the word rite. I have no idea what the real definition is.

    By Matt Quinn on 11.03.2010

  23. looks like the word evil…that was another persons word..
    Elixir is a word that relates to something more complex or complicated…..

    By Mary on 11.03.2010

  24. This word reminds me of a video game that I used to play when I was little. When you would start to die you would use an elixir and it would heal you. I don’t know the exact mean of the word but I guess it’s like a potion

    By Karen H on 11.03.2010

  25. sudden burst of the blues and i fall into the darkness which is not to be named.
    someone, somewhere please remedy this with a nectar of some god with an elixir.

    By anon on 11.03.2010

  26. weird silly lame idk something that fixes things, maybe a type of cleaning thing, it could be a type of c lass or food , dance

    By liz Ramirez on 11.03.2010

  27. An elixir is a potion. It can be poison, a love potion, an elixir of life. When I heard that word it makes me think of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, like how Voldemort wanted the stone, because it was pretty much an elixir of life, the key to immortality.

    By haileyp825 URL on 11.03.2010

  28. the word elixir means something about drinking a potion, it might make you sleepy, i’m not sure. i just figured out what that word meant. when i first saw it i thought it was a car, but it’s not.

    By devon johnson on 11.03.2010

  29. i dont know what this word means but it sounds like some kinda crazy hardcore drug. and it dont sound like a very safe thing. or could be a scientific term.

    By andrew neal on 11.03.2010

  30. I have no idea what an elixir is. People have been saying that it is an unhealthy drug that goes into a persons body through the ejection of a needle.

    By Willis on 11.03.2010

  31. Elixir is a powerful mixture, perhaps brewed by a witch, or a doctor to treat an ailment, perhaps to poison someone. An elixir may be green, or blue, fizzy, in a glass bottle with cork cap. It is often carried in a canvas bag.

    By Krystal on 11.03.2010

  32. Growth elixer i need some. there are movies that have an age elixir.

    By Dudley on 11.03.2010

  33. This sounds like a scientific word. I think this is a type of fluid, I am pretty sure.

    By Karina URL on 11.03.2010

  34. This is a type of medicine. It can be used for good and bad. It depends on what it is. This is about all I know about this word.

    By me on 11.03.2010

  35. I wish that I had some wonderful elixir that would turn your waste a specific color. The elixir would run through your body and analyze what ails you. Then it would turn a certain color that you could compare to a chart of remedies.

    By Mr Nelson on 11.03.2010

  36. The elixir of life is something everyone seeks. What it is varires form person to person. Time to tmie. What is my elixir of life right now? Perhaps coffee. Perhaps meditation. Perhaps yoga.

    By Jenny URL on 11.03.2010

  37. All that I know about elixir is that it is some type of potion from Harry Potter. I think that it is something that makes you immortal. e.g. The water of life.

    By Miland on 11.03.2010

  38. The potion of life is filled with a variety of ingredients. Hope, variety, joy, family, and action are all members of this potent elixir. We must all seek to keep the potion well mixed, and potent.

    By Carlos on 11.03.2010

  39. i wish there was an elixir for what i have. but no, there are twenty million of them, one for each little cause, each little doubt, and if i forget one, if i don’t time them all just right, i’m screwed. it doesn’t work, and there’s never any guarantee of success.

    By Sara URL on 11.03.2010

  40. I wish that someone would create an elixir that would help with the pain. My mom is 84 and suffers with such daily pain. If only there was an elixir that could help. She deserves to have a day without the pain.

    By jig URL on 11.03.2010