April 16th, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “earring”

  1. can happen in different ways earn respect earn money earn responsibility earn esteem earn a promotion

    By Amelia on 04.17.2012

  2. She had one shining pearl earring. It glistened in the noonday sun, reflecting the emotions that one could not conceive were whirling within the one wearing the earring. It was a woman that was adorned by such a beauty. She was tall and lean, almost like an elf. Her demeanor was of calm serenity on the exterior, but within, she could not place the emotions dancing about. The man standing before her was her lover, and she could not deny her attraction for such a handsome artist.

    By Rose Dovelin on 04.17.2012

  3. i have no earrings on. earrings remind me of my mother, she loves long gold beautiful earrings. I love my mother, and i love her taste in earrings

    By Maria on 04.17.2012

  4. My mom loves long beautiful gold earrings. She’s so funny though, she always has either one earring and another totally different earring on her other ear, it makes me laugh.I think it’s cute, she is so beautiful and she always has earrings on. Something i always forget to wear….

    By Maria on 04.17.2012

  5. It was a pearl that glistened so delicately in the noon day sun. The wearer of the garment was quiet, observing her artist. The earring jangled a bit as she rearranged the many folds of her gown. The little earring bounce slightly, reflecting small streaks of light across the floor, like bugs escaping their hunter. The earring was like it’s bearer, silent and striking and yet completely unpredictable. The woman was an image of calm serenity on the exterior, but within was a whirling of emotions, just as unpredictable as the small fragments of light skittering across the maple floor.

    By Rose Dovelin URL on 04.17.2012

  6. All my thoughts opposed
    by the meaning I give the words I chose-
    My mind is in repose
    when the synapses sleep

    in stagnant pose-
    to dream in impulse,
    yet the present slows
    to prey on what the future bestows.

    By Kim on 04.17.2012

  7. hard black stud protruding through my hole… love the feeling
    you can twist it turn it play with it all day long…
    stay hard forever

    By john on 04.18.2012

  8. Time’s always ticking, it’s the one thing we have a great amount of but can’t quite figure out how to use it all properly. Some time is used to it’s full potential, other time is wasted.
    None of our time together has been wasted, and I don’t regret a minute of it. I’ve only known you 5 years but I feel like it’s been my whole life, we’ve learnt so many things from each other and have watched each other grown in this time.
    Thanks for always being there for me David, you’re always looking out for me baby :) i’ll never forget that because each time I look in the night sky I see my star from you. oxoxox <3

    By Kate on 04.18.2012

  9. ……. I never like having to write these after you, you always know the right thing to say and i know that no matter how much i try, my mind could never be as amazing as yours. i know you may never beleive me but it truly does leave me breathless sometimes. When i moved here i told my parents that i hated it and i had no reason at all to be here. that was untill i met you, you changed my life for the better katie and i was told i was moving after i met you i knew that i cared about you casue i finally found a reason to wanna stay :$ i know its only been five years like you said but i couldnt imagine having a better 5 years left and when i think of whats to come theres always two constants you are always the girl beside me and i am always the happiest man you could think of….. i know this site is called one word, but baby there are no better then these three to tell you how i feel…. i love you, katie, you always in my thoughts and dreams and forever in my heart xoxo

    By David on 04.18.2012

  10. I know its here somewhere. Maybe if I can just get my hand down far enoughnin this cushion his wife will never know.

    By Barbara on 04.18.2012

  11. i love earrings. Beautiful, pretty things dangling from the ears. Hiding behind the hair, winking in the sun, they add taste and character to clothes. A stud or a hoop, earrings make your clothes look good. They are one things I don’t forget wearing ever!

    By Lubna URL on 04.18.2012

  12. Where did the other earring go? There must be a place in the world where lost earrings, socks, those pieces of paper with the answers, addresses, things we need to know are found. It is as if these things are lost but always there, just hiding.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.18.2012

  13. The stranger wore a droplet earring, made from a single twist of silver. It looked like a tangle of roots, as if the stranger’s lobe was the flowering part of some plant. She wanted to reach out and touch the silver bulb. She wanted to unhook it from its fleshy home, as if she were setting a fish free. She wanted to open her mouth and take the sweet fold of flesh between her teeth and gently crush it to release its scent like you must with flowers and garlic.

    By kate on 04.18.2012

  14. She caught her left earring that time
    he held her like some shadow mime
    it tore off the lobe
    the blood covered her robe
    – the punishment fitted the crime

    By gsk URL on 04.18.2012

  15. Losing a earring can be quite problematic for most people. It is almost impossible to find a use for the singe earring that is left, unless of course one wants to make a fashion statement.

    By Aban on 04.18.2012

  16. The earring glittered on it’s bed of gold–
    Wait! What sort of cliche beginning is that? I’m supposed to be an ORIGINAL narrator, not some sort of spouter-of-things-already-said! Let’s try that again.

    “Hello,” said the earring mysteriously.

    Ah, much better!

    By Diana Fourall (akky) URL on 04.18.2012

  17. Earrings. Sam, my younger brother, is fascinated by earrings. It was a hassle for him to be granted permission to get his ears pierced. This is stupid. I got mine pierced when I was eleven. I feel bad that I was able to get this done rather easily, and I haven’t worn earrings in over six months!

    By Sally URL on 04.18.2012

  18. Her earring became the center piece of the dinner table as it flew off her lob and onto the arrangement. She wondered if anyone even noticed the silver hoop hanging from the flowers and wondered how she was going to casually get it back.

    By Crisnole URL on 04.18.2012

  19. are the words always the same?… 60 seconds… just 10 to go… I’m not a writer…yet.

    By test URL on 04.18.2012

  20. earrings are very pretty
    very shiny
    very beautiful
    it’s very awesome
    soooo awesome!

    By beth URL on 04.18.2012

  21. I took my earrings off when I laid down on the couch, and poked the little hooks into the pillow for safekeeping. In the morning, one was gone; under the couch, probably, or into the great abyss of lost things: keys, phones, candies.

    By Betsy Snyder URL on 04.18.2012

  22. It was a long, thick ordeal that not so much as dangled as it dominated her earlobe. Its multitude of glittering baubles caught the candle light, and electric light for that matter

    By Victoria on 04.18.2012

  23. a ring inyour ear. You punch a whole and put it in your ear.

    By astrid URL on 04.18.2012

  24. A ring in your ear. You get a hole punched in your ear and then you can get the ring in it. You have to leave it there for a few weeks and then you can get other rings in it. Most of the time they are nicer then the first ones.

    By astrid URL on 04.18.2012

  25. When I think of an earring, I don’t think of me, even though I technically have a few in both ears. Instead I think of you, and the way your earrings are a smaller gauge where they pierce the ear because you got pierced with a gun. I like it though.

    By deadponies URL on 04.18.2012

  26. i lost my earring last night. i think it fell off when i was twirling around with you in your bed. it’s not a big deal, its just a little small ruby red earring, the left one… if you can tell. Maybe you’ll find it under your pillow. or maybe it fell under your bed. wherever it is it’ll be sending you beams of passion

    By Abra URL on 04.18.2012

  27. i heard acow moo

    By cade URL on 04.18.2012

  28. bob no wood should new seed food pants big could

    By Jordan URL on 04.18.2012

  29. fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart.

    By Jordan URL on 04.18.2012

  30. I stood staid. People around me rush to catch their flights but I stand motionless, smiling. As her plane begins its ascent, I clutch her earrings. They will always help me remember her. It’s just ashame the earrings I hold still have her ears attach. Alas…

    By Andrew Lee Bowen URL on 04.18.2012

  31. If I was a tiny worm, a microbe, a perfect afterthought at home with myself in my little life where the worst thing I had to worry about was a breeze, I would go inside a pierced ear earring hole, snuggle in, feel it pressing all around me, and finally rest.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 04.18.2012

  32. I stood stoic. Departees and arrivers buzz around me. I am motionless and smiling. As I watch her and her plane begin its ascent through the high glass walls, I clutch her earrings in my hand. They will always help me remember her. It’s just ashame they still have her ears attached. Alas…

    By Andrew Lee Bowen URL on 04.18.2012

  33. The earring I was wearing I lost in the fight. The earring was a family hand me down.

    By teeda URL on 04.18.2012

  34. His gift for her was a pair of silver earrings. Often she wore them and she let her fingers slip over the silvered hoops as she thought of him, bringing the memory of his voice to her mind as intimate as a whisper in her very ear.

    By Meryt URL on 04.18.2012

  35. I already got earring. I will try again at 10:00

    By just582 URL on 04.18.2012

  36. It was always there, the silver earring that drove me mad. I never wanted to wear it, but she forced me to, because it was my duty to wear it, and if one day I chose not to wear it, they would kill me. The earring was a tracking device. I could not walk alone, ever. The city’s motto was “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” It was supposed to sound comforting, I assumed, but to me it was the motto that ruined my life.

    By Isis on 04.18.2012

  37. i have 10 earrings ! I love earrings ! (on girls) I DO NOT like earrings on boys. I will be so disappointed if my sons ever get their ears pierced. My daughter is 4 and has had hers pierced since she was 4 months old :) So pretty on girls. On boys it just looks plain GAY. :) Not gay like boy boy or girl girl relationships. but as in stupid. dumb. Gay :) LOL

    By Lacey Rosas on 04.18.2012

  38. She wore the earring from Anthropologie that day. I probably sounded like a stalker. I don’t want to be a salker. People don’t like stalkers. But if stalkers weren’t stalkers, I would stalk and stalk and stalk and stalk until someone would say hi.

    By Isis on 04.18.2012

  39. I am not wearing earrings today. Someone I know doesn’t like it…
    There is a book called The Girl with the Pearl Earring which I started but never finished. I don’t know why, it was good.
    An earring goes through a hole in your ear and seems a strange form of jewellery.

    By Indigo URL on 04.18.2012

  40. I think earrings on girls are fine as long as they are in proportion to the face and not to ostentatious. Large earrings look silly and lower class. Earrings on men are never acceptable – although I hear if you wear one on a paticular side it indicates you are gay.

    By Rob Bradshaw on 04.18.2012