April 16th, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “earring”

  1. They look cute. On girls only. And only in small sizes. If they’re too big, you just look mad gay. No one wants to see a hole in your ear that you’re able to stick a tomato through….

    By Benjamin on 04.16.2012

  2. That earring reminded me of Susan, who never wears a pair of earrings that match. I must remember to give her some of my odd ones. It’s fun to look at her face because her earrings are always interesting.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 04.16.2012

  3. I’m always losing earrings. Anything that comes in twos really, I lose one of them. Earrings, socks, shoes. I have odd earrings lying in a neglected platter, their twinkling diamond faces never to feel the cushion of an earlobe. Destined to roam the dressing table alone forever, longing for their identical mate, never getting to hang in glittering completion, adorn. Yes, that’s the other thing I keep losing: relationships. The curse of the twos. Can’t seem to keep them either.

    By siobhan347 URL on 04.16.2012

  4. I would never wear an earring. Ever. I think they’re ridiculous. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe. Earrings shouldn’t exist. They are useless. Goodbye.

    By Daniel URL on 04.16.2012

  5. Náušnice je velmi důležitéým doplňkem každé ženy. Pomáhá nám i při odhadování osobnosti dané fraucimóny. Může být elegantní nebo naopak bláznivá. Říká se, že oko do duše okno. Stejně tak náušnice nás zavede do duše ženy a poskytuje nám na ni nový náhled. Protože v náušnici je něco jemného a symbolického. Něco, co se nedá vyjádřit slovy. Tímto malým kouskem šperku se před námi obnaží duše dotyčné v celé své kráse.

    By Lucie on 04.16.2012

  6. He laid her earrings on the table beside, ensuring they wont get lost. They slowly embraced in bed, feeling each other as if for the first time. Its been years since she felt like this. His smell and touch resurfaced the feelings she tried so hard to push down.

    By Anya URL on 04.16.2012

  7. My ear piercings and my heart, so much alike. I have tried again and again for them to stay open. Yet i will forget the ones i use to fill the gap, and before i know it my ear piercings and my heart have shied away from the world once again.

    By Lauren URL on 04.16.2012

  8. i place my earnings on the golden sand
    shielding its copper from the affects of the sun and water
    I suddenly can not not find them
    those little golden studs lost forever
    In the beautiful sea
    waiting to be rediscovered again

    By Lauren URL on 04.16.2012

  9. She wear the gold speckled earring in her left lobe, her right one singed off by a fire at her small cottage in York. She had not bothered to get a new patch of skin attached, and she preferred to wear her wound like it was a war injury. In a way, however, it was – she had not been foolish and caused a cooking accident. She had really been the victim of arson, and a very angry husband.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.16.2012

  10. And it dangles and rips and tears, though soft and sturdy flesh till fingers are turned to rubble, and rubble to ruby jewels sparkling in the morning light.

    Hands are not nearly strong enough to carry such a burden, not when they are already broken.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.16.2012

  11. I stare at my mom’s outstretched hand. Why was she giving me Nana’s earrings? She never took them off because it reminded her of Nana. So, why now? After all these years what had brought her to give me one of her most prized possesions?

    By ShadowPrayer on 04.16.2012

  12. I touched my left ear, the skin felt empty and bare. I can’t believe the one my husband gave me on my wedding day is gone. On hands and knees I crawl through the airport until black with the dirt of travels from the world over I find the tiny diamond earring.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.16.2012

  13. My 3rd sister took my little sister’s earring and wore it. When I saw the pair in the bedroom, I thought of wearing it but one earring was missing. So, I saw my sister wore both last night and asked her. She said that the other sister took one but put it back after a week.

    By amane URL on 04.16.2012

  14. Today i got my earspieced i was scared but my mom held my hand an said it would be ok. she got me diomond earrings how cool

    By Lauren on 04.16.2012

  15. she found them in the box. them earrings of doom still had their power to destroy life everywhere

    By daniel on 04.16.2012

  16. The earring was shining with blue gems in the middle of them both. I wanted to reach across the table to see if what she wore was real because it looked more like a piece of candy clued to gold. I had to be-careful not to get caught staring in her direction. I slowly walked to the other side of the table to pick up the pitcher of water, in hopes of getting a better view of her lob holding the piece of jewelry. Reaching for the water, turning my head, our eyes locked. In her silence I could tell she wanted to know what I was doing. Yes, a water pitcher was in my hand but my cup was full. How was I going to explain my peridciament with the woman across from me.

    By Cris URL on 04.16.2012

  17. Trying to get dressed up. Something that is pretty that you use to make yoursel f prettyer.

    By Kristin on 04.16.2012

  18. It is that dangling sparkle that catches my eye when his head turns. The gold glint mirrors the anger in his eyes. My eyes glance down at his knife and think that my day just got a bit more complicated then I hoped for. He lunges and I repeat the usual tango that follows. Thrust, dodge, counter, lunge, grabbed, flip, throw and finish with my boot pressed against his neck. “I really do hate killing the young.” I say to him. “Now if you don’t mind I have to catch a cab. Would like to join me for dinner. I think tonight’s special is roasted lamb in garlic and herbs.”

    I tuck the cut throats blade in my belt and start to walk away. I don’t need to look back to know the confusion on his face. But then again none of my recruits ever really do get my application process at first.

    I pause outside the cab, the engine humming its musical steam tune. “Are you coming?” I cheerfully ask.

    The young man in his torn clothes soaked from the puddle I flipped him into shuffles forward with a open mouth of incoherent amazement. He nods and tucks his wool cap as he steps into my cab. I ignore the violent tick in my head to tear the ruffian’s wet clothing off the leather seats and ask Perry, my driver to get us to the Gilded Bossum. I keep my smile on but I know my eye’s are flashing murder at the boy for he may have ruined the seat of my cab.

    By River Ranter URL on 04.16.2012

  19. My earring fell but Alma dragged me away from it as the shadows were creeping closer and closer. There was no time to commiserate about the loss of light my heart experienced, only time to be thankful as I wasn’t dead.

    By Ruben URL on 04.16.2012

  20. I always wanted to get few earring, but everyone was like ‘A guy with piercing in his ears ? Are you f* kidding me ?’ and yet I tried, but with a fake one. And then, like a miracle, my mirorr image told me, that getting an earring is not a good idea.

    By Omnix URL on 04.16.2012

  21. She saw it and knew she could hardly live without it.
    Common reaction of a shopaholic.
    Those earrings were her crack and she would crack without them..

    By Leighsha URL on 04.16.2012

  22. i lost my earring to a girl
    it wasnt in my bed
    it wasnt on the grass
    i never found it again
    it was a piece of me
    like she is.
    but thats no use.
    i’m still a pirate.

    By eraus on 04.16.2012

  23. I do not like earring, I am a boy though. If I was a girl maybe I would wear them. Earring on guys makes you seem rather feminine. I hear if it’s on a certain ear it means you are homosexual, and that is a rather stupid idea. A ring on one of your ears does not determine your sexuality.

    By Chase Lewis on 04.16.2012

  24. I had an earring once. In my left ear. I still have the scar. The last time I wore an earring in it was at Six Flags when I was in high school. It was a hoop and I took it out to ride the Batman (or was it Superman) ride. Best decision I ever made. I wouldn’t want to wear one now.

    By Zachary Abresch URL on 04.16.2012

  25. I reached up to scratch my left ear and realized my earring was gone.

    There goes another pair.

    That’s the 3rd this month.

    Maybe I should start mix-matching them.

    By Elise URL on 04.16.2012

  26. Don’t even think about waiting.
    I rip out my earrings and throw them into the increasingly dark grass. Who cares if I never find them amongst the small jungle between my toes? I run out towards the horizon, the seemingly never-ending field at my disposal. So this is what freedom feels like. I smell the summer at my nostrils and let out a wild scream that can only be described as wistfully optimistic and desperately determined.

    By Marissa URL on 04.16.2012

  27. She yanked at her ear, trying to avoid pulling on the jewelry itself. Gods but it itched. Oh if her father could see her now.

    But it was for the best. Better to blend in down here; better to not draw attention to herself and her newfound… abilities. So she screwed her eyes shut and nodded to the woman with the needle. Only four more to go.

    By The Library Harlot URL on 04.16.2012

  28. sometthing on your ear that shows off ur outfit or how much u have or spend it can show alot about a person earring (:

    By mariah URL on 04.16.2012

  29. When I was 16-years old, my father advocated me and my brother to each get an earring. He said we’d be the coolest kids in school! My brother and I had our doubts so we didn’t get them. However, two years later, we both got tattoos and an earring. So maybe he was onto something?

    By Bryan Edward URL on 04.16.2012

  30. She looks wistfully at the pile of entangled earrings in her top drawer beside the bed
    They lie nestled in with to do lists, gum wrappers, receipts, a sticky penny, and good god …even an unopened tampon
    She tried to wear earrings her whole life, but usually forgot to put them in….or lost them quickly, bought them on impulse thinking that maybe if she bought them, she’d want to wear them
    There they lie, sparkly, gaudy, some long, some short…
    She couldn’t entangle them without taking a great deal of time and focus
    And then she feels a zing….out of the blue… somewhat reminiscent of the piercing gun…the first time she got her ears pierced
    But…this zing hurts more…and richochets around inside of that empty echoing space…right in the centre of her being
    But instead of being quick…it darts around…stinging her all over
    Tears well up…again…like that first time those ears were pierced…only from a deeper well
    And suddenly…she wants someone to give her a pair of earrings
    Anyone….just someone to think about her ears
    This time she’d wear them…
    So she shuts the drawer…and pierces her tongue
    Because it’s more painful…and will hopefully drown out the other pain….
    And she will keep piercing until she doesn’t notice…
    And no longer wants earring…

    By Pam Heighway URL on 04.16.2012

  31. She ripped the earring out of my tender ear and threw it in my face. I had no choice but to fight back, if I didn’t I knew I would face most certain death. Her reverence towards me shattered any hopes I had for redemption. The times were too late for it.

    By Jordan URL on 04.16.2012

  32. One birthday, Aunt Sharon had given Amelia a necklace and pair of earrings. The earrings were just gold studs. The necklace had an ‘A’ on it, for Amelia. Amelia didn’t really like the necklace at first, but she wore it anyways.

    She’s worn it everyday since.

    By Damaris URL on 04.16.2012

  33. discarded, i saw one pearl
    sitting beside the sidewalk
    so many had walked down
    never caring about the beauty
    hidden beneath forgotten dirt

    By kalena URL on 04.16.2012

  34. He filled out all his piercings today you noticed. one two three four five, a bar stretched across the curved top of his ear, you stared.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 04.16.2012

  35. my earring ripped. This is a lame word. All I can think about is that some gay men I know wear earrings and I can’t… because it ripped so badly I need to get stitches before I get it re-pierced. worth it? I think not.
    I feel a bit of a grump today.

    By Nymeria URL on 04.16.2012

  36. “I can’t find my earring!” Sparrow twittered frantically, flitting from corner to corner of the room. “My granddad gave me these, Lee, it can’t be gone! Oh, I’ll be just DISTRAUGHT if I’ve lost it!”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.16.2012

  37. Whilst I do not have earrings, I believe that my lovely and amazing bandmate does. And indeed, my band is the new happiness on which I linger; a long awaited reward.

    By agloe on 04.16.2012

  38. her earring pressed deeply into her palm, the diamond cutting forlorn into her dainty skin, droplets of blood trickling through her fingers, a rose-red drop of blood at her ear where she had ripped the delicate treasure out

    By thumbelinatears on 04.16.2012

  39. The pearl inlaid in the earring didn’t shine as brightly as a diamond would have, but it did have its own unique glimmer to it. This somehow made her feel content. Whenever she would stand in front of a mirror, the faint glimmer would catch her eye, and she would smile fondly as she remembered who had given it to her.

    By Debi on 04.16.2012

  40. A year today she wore these earrings, or perhaps it was earlier…or later in that span of period of months; her memory had suffered a wash when she had awoken abruptly from that deep slumber where she dreamt of an anniversary. She sat up knowing she had to wear earrings for an annual anniversary but it was a year today from…what? From wearing those earrings that was surely true but the real question was what occasion she had to remember. Her marriage? No, that had been consummated under a Texan cowboy in that bar in Seattle only last Winter. Her birthday? Certainly she’d remember that. Well what priority did she have in lesser attention? Ahh yes, the day of her graduation. That was likely the setting where her sapphire tear-drops could be appreciated and also the day least remembered, at least in her drunk that year this day ago. So she put those earrings on and did her best to forget that occasion once again.

    By Eric Harrell on 04.16.2012