September 12th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “dysfunctional”

  1. A family might have lots of issues – fighting or just not getting along. Some would call it dysfunctional but that, to many, is ‘normal’. Who can define what a dysfunctional family is if you can’t define what normal is?

    By A on 09.12.2012

  2. this dog is dysfunctional like my life andmy family and all the female influences I’ve ever had. I don’t know how to keep a real functional relationship because all the men I’ve ever been around are horrible no good lazy assholes who fuck around and drink too much. It makes for a teenage life of hell

    By Marilyn Monroe on 09.12.2012

  3. We’re dysfunctional. We know that. It’s hard not to know it, when you’re as messed up as we are. Dad’s always gone and mum’s always getting drunk. My brother practically raised me. Now that I’m old enough to care for myself he’s always out with friends too. I’m raising myself, and i’m only 14. Thats dysfunctional, for sure.

    By Analese on 09.12.2012

  4. Wrong not working broken hurt not smart useless not caring out your mission

    By Ziva on 09.12.2012

  5. Who is to say what’s dysfunctional? If i have a car that’s been sitting in my driveway because it doesn’t run, that’s non-functioning. But as to applying this similar word to families — I don’t think so. There are grades and gradations and levels and everyone is different. Everyone. Is different.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 09.12.2012

  6. My family is dysfunctional. We don’t talk, and when those rare occasions we do, we fight about anything and everything. My sister is dysfunctional, she is never happy

    By Ashley on 09.12.2012

  7. Im dysfunctional
    I’m proud
    who i am does not matter
    my family is it’s definition
    my life is the definition
    i am
    i am
    i am
    Are You?

    By Zak on 09.12.2012

  8. A family. The first thing that one can imagine as dysfunctional is a family.

    How dysfunctional must this world be, that the first thing one can imagine as non-functioning is a family.

    What about an old machine part?

    Perhaps it’s because it’s what matters most . . . that’s why we care if it functions.

    By lise on 09.12.2012

  9. He had the bark and I had the bite
    He was the storm that tore through my night
    It ripped me apart but I relished the pain
    Because he showed me light while bringing the rain.

    By Carly URL on 09.12.2012

  10. There’s something wrong with you. You can’t do anything right. Doesn’t work well. Relationships. Families. DAnger.

    By Caroline on 09.13.2012

  11. My laptop is dysfunctional therefore i am using desktop computer.

    By Nikhat Kamal on 09.13.2012

  12. families are dysfunctional. there seems to be nothing worse than being born and raised in one. dysfunctional families however do manage to make for great television or superb literature.

    By Abhishek on 09.13.2012

  13. It had never occurred to me to check in their room. I thought we were the perfect family. Why would Nat need a gun? Why would she be the one to shoot the theater? Why?

    By Ruben URL on 09.13.2012

  14. She couldn’t take it, clawing at her hair, the tears of frustration streaking down her face, she could practically feel herself caving in as she watched him turn away, the confusion at her unspoken cries too draining.

    By sjp URL on 09.13.2012

  15. A society craves for naught. Anything more is less; feed the people, kill the people.
    Sheep. Electric or otherwise.
    A society is blemished, tarred and crisped on the heels of men.
    Future has never been more like this.

    By Vasileios Kalampakas URL on 09.13.2012

  16. dysfunctional. a word that can pertain to a lot of things: relationships, academics, and what not; but it is truly only one. It is something that troubles, a concept that bothers. It is purely chaos

    By pen and paper on 09.13.2012

  17. He was standing alone by the stairs. This could be it. This could be the end. All was perfect. Now all was gone. It was his fault. Nor his family. Well not entirely. It was their blame to take. He is part of it. He is part of a dysfunctional family. And he loves it.

    By Fahmy Baharuddin URL on 09.13.2012

  18. μικρη λυπημενη μου θαλασσα
    χωρις στερια και αλμυρα
    θυμαμε πως καποτε ανταλλαξα
    ενα κοσμο να σε εχω για μοιρα

    θα περασουν τα συννεφα
    διπλα μου προχωρα χωρα αθανατη
    των μεγαλων οι θανατοι
    μοιρα δοξασμενοι μοιρα αιωνια χαραγμενη

    By katerina on 09.13.2012

  19. The whole thing seemed dysfunctional. From the red tape and authorizations, the tests, the letter from your husband authorizing that it was “OK” to have a driver’s license.

    By Catherine Headley on 09.13.2012

  20. my family is completely dysfunctional nobody gets along unless they are forced to but then again what family does ? does yours?
    probably living in fairy land if it does

    By Renée Bullen on 09.13.2012

  21. simply dysfunctional that is my daily life i would be dysfunctional with out my friends but its because of my friends that im currently dysfunctional i cant win no matter what i try but i would prefer to be dysfunctional and happy compared to dysfunctional and sad.

    By reneelouise URL on 09.13.2012

  22. My brain is a vice and it pressures me to the point of breaking, my mind is fractured, splintered, and through the fractals I see, with clarity, what insanity has wrought of me. I need to calm down.

    By Paul on 09.13.2012

  23. This mechanical being has seen many things that man would shun. It has witnessed the end of a star along with the passage to an alternate dimension. It withers away–alone in a building.Travelers come by to hear its stories. They do not believe them and call the being “Dysfunctional. Crazy.”. However, this being is but a few that that went beyond the road that many were afraid to take.

    By Armando on 09.13.2012

  24. I’m dysfunctional in a normal way. Just like you.

    By CTSF on 09.13.2012

  25. They were something of a dysfunctional family, if one really thought about it. On the outside, they looked simple and sweet: a pair of working parents, two twins, a younger brother, and a younger sister. But as Mark noticed, he and his twin sister were reincarnations of past kings. His brother was the sex-god of the school – which was probably due to the deal he had made with the dead that his first-born child would die instead of himself. Little Sidney was really the only normal one. He prayed that it wouldn’t change.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 09.13.2012

  26. I don’t mind being dysfunctional. Actually, what I like about it is the surprise in your eyes, the surprise in other eyes – sometimes there is disapproval, sometimes I earn a smile and I feel I made my day…

    By MurielJG URL on 09.13.2012

  27. I’m thinking I’m not the one, but you are dysfunctional. I liked the idea to write on one word and wanted more, but there you are again… dysfunctional, eh ? You tell me.

    By MurielJG URL on 09.13.2012

  28. I constantly lose focus even when i concentrate with all my might. the day starts fading into night and then BANG i’m at it again and so is everyone else, it’s all i can focus on i realise. But i hate every second of this. We all do I don’t even know why i continue, but something tells me I must.

    By Joachim URL on 09.13.2012

  29. Most relationships these days, or does it seem so through the lens of my own? Just as pregnant women suddenly see pregnant women everywhere, so too do the little strains or the giant problems become more visible in couples everywhere when your own dealings are strained. And in a mirror image, the happiness of others is magnified and shines back on you with the bright light of envy.

    By Ara on 09.13.2012

  30. no thanks.

    By Chris URL on 09.13.2012

  31. i wish I could tell you how it was. But as long as I am only able to speak in half truths, i can only tell you what I know.

    I want to be strict. I want

    By monroe2go URL on 09.13.2012

  32. i dont fee;el the htings ims posed to
    all i do is lie,
    and wait.
    and wait
    hope to breathe


    By lgrey on 09.13.2012

  33. Have you ever met anyone like her? i really thought I had seen them all – but Elsie sure took the cake. A more dysfunctional human being had never set foot across my office door. And I rued the day I ever approached her across the parkway.

    By Amimee URL on 09.13.2012

  34. Dysfunctional. That brings up so many memories of home. I can’t understand why broken homes happen; but they really do put a toll on the family. Maybe because everyone wants a perfect life? Of course they do. Who wouldn’t? I mean, I do. But isn’t it awful how some grow up not caring either way.

    By Rebecca Zyles on 09.13.2012

  35. i put the fun in dysfunctional
    doesn’t work
    messed up in the head
    something is wrong
    dave and busters

    By Jaclyn Adriatico on 09.13.2012

  36. non working
    gears not turning
    the opposite of function

    By John Merrill on 09.13.2012

  37. non functional
    can’t function in anything
    inability to understand
    not working
    messed up

    By Lane Willis on 09.13.2012

  38. Crazy. Insane. Life.

    We are all on a path that wanders and zig-zags, it goes in a circle and there is no way out. We try to work like well oiled machines, but problems always arise. Perfect plans in theory never work as well in real life.

    By Julia on 09.13.2012

  39. not working
    family strife
    not able to work properly
    A wrench in the machine
    Thinking sometimes

    By Alex on 09.13.2012

  40. When a person or object fails to complete or endure a given task or goal, fails to live up to expectations.

    By Dale Miller on 09.13.2012