June 23rd, 2012 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “dwell”

  1. I dwell in the house of the God. The house where two or more of us seek to realize our aggregate potential. Seek human flourishing. That place where we seek to add value to the human experience whilst also developing our own character and sense of purpose in life. The contingency of this dwelling place ought not be underestimated. Indeed it is with fear and trepidation that we seek to live life to the fullest.

    By A Watt Therm Kite URL on 06.23.2012

  2. the thought of dwelling on something is to observe it for a matter of time and then enter into a pensive state of mind. Sometimes to dwell can be a good thing; it can give one more insight on a certain topic or subject matter. But I have found that to dwell, for the most part, can be negative, as it causes a person to overthink something that doesn’t need to be over thought. A lot of times when we dwell, we tend to worry.

    By Laura on 06.23.2012

  3. i don’t want to dwell on things that will never happen..
    for example i lay in my bed for hours just thinking about you and how things could have been. you will never know, and i will never be happy.
    it hurts to be so in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same.

    By toria on 06.23.2012

  4. I tried not to dwell on the fact that Nico was walking away from me. “Nico,” I whimpered.
    He sighed and turned to face me. “I don’t know anymore, Ivy,” He breathed. “Just give me some time to think.”

    By C.C. Aroww URL on 06.23.2012

  5. Don’t dewll on the past. It’ll end up driving you crazy. You have to move on and forgive yourself for your mistakes. We are human, we AREN’T supposed to be perfect. Forgive and forget…that’s all we can really do. Dwelling is just too much emotional and mental exhaustion.

    By Hailey on 06.23.2012

  6. I dwell on some thoughts for too long. I will pluck things out of my past and scrutinize it, trying desperately to figure out what the person really meant to say or do, or trying ti see what I could have done instead. But in the end, event’s like that are what made the person I am today, and I quite like the way I am.

    By Erin Braxton URL on 06.23.2012

  7. To dwell, is to live somewhere it could be somewhere nice or somewhere disgusting. You may have a choice in where you dwell you may not. Some people dwell in cities some do not. Some people dwell together other do not. I would like to dwell in Brooklyn, I can’t right now though.

    By rach on 06.23.2012

  8. I couldn’t dwell on his behavior, it would set us back and we were already lagging way behind everyone else. So I made the executive decision and shot him in the leg. Instead of the expected gasp of disbelief, I got an unexpected round of applause.

    By Ruben URL on 06.23.2012

  9. Alex was still dwelling on the past hour, the second hand mocking her with its nagging black finger as it danced across the grandfather clock beside the couch she had collapsed onto. That hour, where she had been nestled between her two sisters, being told the news.

    “Your father won’t be living with us anymore.”

    It wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife and kids. It was that he didn’t love women.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.23.2012

  10. it’s easy to dwell on an old person in your life. a lover. a family member. a friend. anyone, for that matter. it’s fine though. Once you realize how little you think about them, they leave your thoughts completely. then, you forget about them. that’s when it becomes sad.

    By angela on 06.23.2012

  11. I was about to type the words “It’s not like me to dwell on things” but then I remembered that I have written about the same two characters in the same situation for like 50 of these oneword challenges. When it comes to fictional situations, I dwell a LOT, exploring every exposed corner of that situation, digging it down to roots until it’s hardly recognizable anymore. I don’t know whether that’s good or counterproductive.

    By Julia A. URL on 06.23.2012

  12. “It does not do to dwell on the past and forget to live, “she said. “Nor to dwell on finished things. What’s done is done, and cannot be changed, dear.”
    I feel my upper lip curl. “You don’t know that. I can fix this. I can save him.”
    She looks up at me from behind her spectacles. “Love is a dangerous thing. Those loved are lucky, but the lover is a fool.” She pauses. “Don’t do this, Annie. Your boy is gone, and he will not return. I am not losing my niece to something so unavoidable.”
    I stand up, nearly knocking the table over. “I’m going. I love him, you know that. I can save him, I can.”
    She shakes her head. “You’re just like your mother. A fool.”

    By Emma Crowe URL on 06.23.2012

  13. I live, I dwell in the place that is known only to me. My life centers around my home, me dwelling. A house is not the same as a home and to dwell is not to live.

    By Heather on 06.23.2012

  14. I go to that same place. Under the big oak tree. I allow my head to go back to that same time. Its all I ever think about now here. I don’t move on from it. Just stay in that same moment and dwell on the happenings of that day

    By clare on 06.23.2012

  15. I sat there in the room with my eyes on the clock… my hands shaking with anticipation of summer. No one in this room would dwell once the bell finally rang and we were free from this prison they insist is “good” for us.

    By Rose on 06.23.2012

  16. It happens all the time. The more I try to prevent, consciously prevent, it happens. I can’t keep myself from doing it. Just today, this morning in the shower i was thinking about last Saturday at her wedding, how I was drunk and dancing and all the moves I made. All these dance moves. I’m not a dancer, but that night I was. How ridiculous I looked. The faces I made, the false steps, the impressions, everyone must have seen. I must be a joke. I know I’m i someones email. Can’t just let it go. That’s what they say. Let it go. He asked me once, “have you ever just let something go. Completely?”

    By meg on 06.23.2012

  17. I don’t like to dwell on things that I cannot change. We all know that sometimes, plans, situations, and many other things just do not go the way we imagine them to go. but sometimes, the end result is better than we ever could have dreamed.

    By Jeanette on 06.23.2012

  18. She was inside the fire.

    The fire, likewise, was inside of her.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.23.2012

  19. When i dwell on something i am thinking about the details of the particular ite that i am thinking about. to dwell is to get to the into the meaning of a subject or continuous thought. most times that we dwell on a subject is it for a specific purpose and then there are those that dwell on a subject and just beat into the ground. No matter what the reason to dwell it there should be a purpose behind it and not just waste the time. To dwell on a subject can help someone to understand a situation more completely which can also be helpful in certain situations.

    By Roland Boucher on 06.23.2012

  20. She tried not to dwell on the thought that he had kissed another woman. He had said he loved her, had promised that it had been a mistake.

    But all her friends told her to leave him, that it was a waste of her time. She thought about it, but didn’t listen to them. She went back to his house and forgave him, finding him with someone else again.

    By Florencia Explorer URL on 06.23.2012

  21. I dwell in happiness.

    By stickgravy on 06.23.2012

  22. ja. ein brunnen.
    nein. kein brunnen.
    eine verweilstätte. verweilen.
    aber ist nicht ein brunnen so etwas? also ein verweilstätte?
    das wasser verweilt dort vielleicht nicht so lange.
    aber die menschen.
    die verweilen dort.
    ja. ein brunnen.

    By Nachada on 06.23.2012

  23. to sit on one’s thumbs and contemplate the uncontemplatable. to realize nothing and have nothing to realize. an oyster.

    By Victoria URL on 06.23.2012

  24. You told me not to dwell on the bad things. I try not to. I try not to think of the large, clumsy hands fumbling with the zip of the tent and then with my sleeping bag. I try not to think of the clammy hands running up my legs, and the rough lips at my neck. I try to block out the sounds of my own muffled screams. I try hard, but the memories are stuck, I get stuck on them.

    By Helen Elucido URL on 06.23.2012

  25. dont dwell on the pass, its gone and over with. live in the present thats all you can ever do. dont do the future either. that shits scary!!!!!!!!!! yep. true story. qwertyuiop dont DWELLLLLL

    By justice on 06.23.2012

  26. dwell or dwelling could describe the place that you live. Or in your heart might dwell some person or their love. Or in your mind may dwell some deep darkk thoughts or secrets. You never know. Ultimately this body is an empty shell we live in.

    By Ravi E on 06.23.2012

  27. Meistens kommen sie zu zweit. Sie sind unsichtbar, die Dwell. Sie haben zwei Arme, zwei Beine, zwei Augen, wie wir auch, und zwei Nasenlöcher. Zweimal zwei sind vier. So sähen die Dwells aus, wenn man sie sehen könnte. Bisher konnte ihre Existenz nur theoretisch nachgewiesen werden.

    By Eli URL on 06.23.2012

  28. I wish I didn’t well on the past as much as I do constantly every night.
    They only bring back those terrible memories of nostalgia and heartbreak. Everyone makes fun of me when I get sentimental over the smallest things, like a quote that brings back so much.

    By Holly URL on 06.23.2012

  29. I wish I didn’t dwell on the past, I really with I didn’t.

    But he had once told me how much he cared, how he would hold me in his arms when I was afraid.

    He would care for me like no one else.

    How everything’s changed, now I have changed.

    I wish I didn’t dwell.

    By HollyOwl URL on 06.23.2012

  30. people like to dwell on old thoughts a lot. old thoughts, old memories. i don’t understand it. if you continue to dwell on the past you won’t get anywhere in the future. i know that remembering good memories is a good thing, but i don’t know if it’s something people should always keep with them.

    By Rudina on 06.23.2012

  31. i remember when i was little, i used to always think that growing up was going to be so much fun. but now i honestly wish that i was little again. i always find myself dwelling on thoughts of how badly i want to go back to that time. when everything was so simple.

    By rudina URL on 06.23.2012

  32. It is always best to dwell in the realm of possibility. Make a home where the sun is fireworks and magic instead of gas and the moon is perpetually made of cheese, where the facts flounder in imagining.

    By Sami Mae on 06.23.2012

  33. to dwell on something.. to dwell is surely a bad thing. Dwelling on things makes us worry, about something that has already happened or may never happen. It’s like living in the past. Dwelling can never be a good thing, it just leaves us stuck.

    By Adam on 06.23.2012

  34. I dwell so much that it actually can annoy me. I dwell on my past, on my present and on my future. I spend most of my time looking back into my past, that I forget that I need to spend time on my future. I look forward to being able to just live in the present and not to dwell on past misdeeds or future struggles.

    By Matt on 06.23.2012

  35. I dwell upon the future constantly. What if I don’t make it? what if I waste time?
    What if, what if, what if??? I dwell on how I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough. I need to be successful.I need to be a star. I ache to be famous and wealthy. I never want to be forgotten. I want to spend the rest of my life acting. I dwell on the fact that I might have to give up and pick up a 9 to 5 at the local walmart. I don’t want to be a loser I must be successful.

    By Tianna Crawford on 06.23.2012

  36. Do not dwell on the matter is the common expression at hand, yet I can’t shake the scene of a fox entering the den of man, a home, a respite, a place to sleep at night but a place to where he thinks and fuels his rage full of spite. Despite these images and this story I put you through, I think I must clear this clutter or else my thoughts will dwell on far too many and less and less of my focus will be put on few.

    By Eric Harrell on 06.23.2012

  37. And the cat would dwell on whether or not he should eat the mouse, or save it for later.
    He decided he could always get another one, and he was pretty hungry.
    He ate it.
    And its sweet, succulent flesh made him flick his tail in delight.

    By Freakette URL on 06.23.2012

  38. I dwell upon the thoughts of others that affect not only me but the world around me. Is it true? Is is viable? Is life really left to the devices of what your mind believes to be true? We spend so much time waiting for something to happen. Stuck in the futility of our thoughts

    By Angela on 06.23.2012

  39. I like to dwell on the shore of a sandy beach and think about what life would be like in the future, how much time have we got left and how can we change things and get out of this mess. Does anybody care anyway or is everyone thinking only about themselves

    By Jessica URL on 06.23.2012


    By HOLLY on 06.23.2012