March 14th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “duration”

  1. Duration is finite or undefined. The duration of my lunch is about half an hour. My schooling, eighteen years. When the time comes, my ultimate love, forever. I have this duration because of my dedication to love. It is my end

    By Matt URL on 03.14.2012

  2. Can I go the duration? Or will I give up? These are the questions I often ask myself, while pondering about the day I finally get my G.E.D and prove to my family I have the determination to go the duration. I want my parent’s be proud of their son.

    By Samuel T. Jackson URL on 03.14.2012

  3. duration reminds being able to keep going on, you never stop. being able to go on when everyone thinks that you’ll fail. being able to win when the odds are against you. being able to endure when others can’t. enduring pain. suffering. living. being able to live.

    By Nicole on 03.14.2012

  4. For the duration of the time, I just felt the nothingness of the situation, like there wasn’t anything to do or say but sit and stare at each other and so we did and after a while, my foot started to fall asleep. And I wondered what he was thinking as we sat there, across from each other waiting for something to happen. Both with slumbering feet.

    By Shenee URL on 03.14.2012

  5. I do not know how long I stood there. You had long since left. I watched your retreating form until you were less than a mere speck in the distance. Then I watched the distance. Waiting. I don’t know what for.

    By Wendy URL on 03.14.2012

  6. The duration of the car ride consisted of either me pretending to sleep while Radiohead blasted through my earphones, or Monty nervously tapping on the steering wheel while we were at a stop light. Every once and awhile the Oldsmobile would cough or sputter when he stepped on the gas too hard, but it was relatively quiet. Uncomfortable.
    I couldn’t see his face under his shaggy brown hair, but by the way he grasped the clutch so tightly, I knew he was nervous.
    “Where are we going, Monty?” I asked quietly. It began to rain. He turned on the windshield wipers.
    “Are we there yet?” The rain was coming down harder, the windshield getting blurrier and murkier. He rolled down the windows and stuck his head out the side, to see the road. The rain was warm, spring showers. I wait until I was completely drenched, until I was completely clean, before I said,
    “Monty? I’m sorry.” He didn’t turn to look at me. Simply grasped my left hand, and stroked it, gently.
    “No,” he whispered softly, “no you’re not. But you will be,”

    By Taylor K URL on 03.14.2012

  7. we grow tired. we give up. passion dies within us as we feel drained from energy which once encompassed every inch of our body. We feel depleted. We are meant to expire.

    By k8 on 03.14.2012

  8. It seemed like the whole area had imploded around me …. I couldn’t breathe it was hot. So hot that it felt that if I felt this way for the duration of my life then I must have done something terrible to end up in a purgatory like this. But as I calmed myself I noticed that it didn’t burn anymore … Or it never did…. The fire was coming from me….

    By Indi URL on 03.14.2012

  9. I thought that said disturbtion. Which I don’t think is even a word. But duration. Like time. I have a short duration to finish my thoughts.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.14.2012

  10. A time that it lasted…A duration of about 2 years. We saw the 2 winters snow come and go.. 2 sets of leaves fade and come back. 2 years of stormy summer night… 2 years of memories good and bad… And that’s all there was… There was no more.

    By AmyMae URL on 03.14.2012

  11. duration is about how long you can last. It is about how much you want to dig down inside of you when you are dog tired and the game is on the line. duration is all about commitment and perseverance. duration is what keeps us going no matter what the cost, duration is a mindset; a goal.

    By James on 03.14.2012

  12. all i need to do is keep going and maybe i will have the duration it takes to make it through to endure mean to keep going. Sometimes it is hard because you see the attempts as futile. But if you pursue your purpose you are sure to make it and endure… as long as you have enough strength.

    By David D. Haynes II URL on 03.14.2012

  13. The duration of my time here has been a series of ups and downs. Sometimes I feel like the abnormally warm winter in Brooklyn has been Pancha Mamas way of placating me, telling me that soon enough it will be over and enough time will have passed. The time moves so quickly here, I don’t know who could possibly last forever.

    By Molly on 03.14.2012

  14. I was alone for the duration.
    He wasn’t there.
    It was just me and the telephone.
    I was all alone.

    By Olivia on 03.14.2012

  15. for the remainder of this job, I will simply do my job. why? because you used the term “duration” while talking to me about my future in this company. I’m sending out resumes starting tomorrow. thank you. please don’t come again.

    By gloria URL on 03.14.2012

  16. not capable in making mistakes

    By puni URL on 03.14.2012

  17. nothing lasts very long, and that is the trouble with creativity or creation. The time we have on this earth isn’t long enough to create a lasting impression, therefore millions of lives are forgotten and washed away. Also, this site doesn’t provide enough time to create that impression.

    By Nick Wise URL on 03.14.2012

  18. time period. the period in which people can fall in love and lose themselves. the most precious period. it can be long or short. but when its gone. its awful. or ecstatic. it leaves you touches you. it can be the best duration of your life or not. its can be a journey.

    By aayushi URL on 03.14.2012

  19. duration is the time taken for somehthign to happen. Duration can be measured in seconds minutes or hours. For instance the duration of a bath depends on the person but even then you can measure how long they take by using a timer or a stopwatch thats all now i cant think of anything else

    By aayushi URL on 03.14.2012

  20. it doesn’t matter how long it takes. All that we looked for was each other. It hadn’t been long, anyway- but really, what mattered was the time spent holding hands- or just each other’s gaze. Life will pass- we will be only chapters in each other’s. But never mind for how long.

    By Radhika URL on 03.14.2012

  21. ive seen time fly having fun spending my mind easy as i wanted to run time slips quick i know it always has, its fine but im missing on what i had during the moments past at the end of the line it was duration that stood the testament.

    By page styleman on 03.14.2012

  22. a given length of time that unfortunately has an expiration. i’ve learned that time is valuable, and that it shouldn’t be wasted on things that don’t make YOU happy.

    By Kailey URL on 03.14.2012

  23. Oh the duration of the pulsation; when does it change? Times will tell that seeds sprout, and buds blossom. I’ll enjoy the unfolding.

    By Adesola URL on 03.14.2012

  24. The duration of my life I have been a good person, I’m caring and sweet – I want the best for others, I want to help people and I want to be loyal, true and there in any way I can for my friends and lover. I put others before myself but also know my limits.

    Yet… at these other times, some switch hits – some change happens, I don’t know what it is – partly it is the addict in me and partly it is me just losing my inhibitions and doing what I want – for once not caring how it will make others feel.

    Even though the next morning I will be crying, beating myself up and having anxiety attacks over my inability to think of my impulsive actions. Battling with these two polar opposite personalities hurts, tears me apart and makes me question everything about who I am.

    I would be happy to be either one of these personalities, even if it was the “bad” side of me… At least then I would know what to expect.

    By Delilah URL on 03.14.2012

  25. The duration of moments can be anything, from seconds like grains of sand that are, to life times spent in wonder of things that could be. But that is just what they are, moment in time all fleeting and slipping through our fingers lost forever to us in the moment…

    By Lord Jim URL on 03.14.2012

  26. I don’t like this word. It sounds like an ugly word. It implies that whatever is going on will end or has ended… What if I like what I am enduring? Well, then I guess I wouldn’t be haveing to “endure” it, hm. Nevermind. Next word, please.

    By Anne URL on 03.14.2012

  27. I am in it for the duration. Each day it gets harder and harder to remember just exactly why I am taking this course. It is literally hinged on life and death. The benefits are obvious, but my will is not always focused on the right things. I continue to struggle every day, but I know that I if I continue on this path, good things will indeed come to fruition.

    By Fender2010 URL on 03.14.2012

  28. i don’t even know what duration is…i….i don’t know. it reminds me of the word pause. I’m confused. duration. duration. duration

    By haley on 03.14.2012

  29. For the duration of the 60 seconds I will talk about how I have no clue what to say about duration. I thoroughly enjoy this word but don’t use it as often as I should. It makes you sound intelligent when using it though. Will definitely remember to use it tomorrow. Thanks random website for the word for tomorrow.

    By cindy on 03.14.2012

  30. a time sentencing of all.
    there is no good
    there is no evil
    it’s just a time sentence
    broken pieces mesh together
    but it’s a time
    a time of good
    a time of evil
    a time of nothing
    and it’s going to end
    one day
    one day everything will end

    By Leah Rose on 03.14.2012

  31. Haikus are easy,
    But sometimes they don’t make sense,

    By YatharthROCK on 03.14.2012

  32. for the duration of the next few months, i will be putting everything i have into my lifestyle change. eating better, being more active and doing everything i can to achieve health and balance within myself. this i truly believe is the KEY to my happiness. it will unlock the real me, the me that is in this prison i call my body.

    By Jennifer on 03.14.2012

  33. Times duration can make people do things under pressure, you don’t know the risk, or the consequences….but you do them anyway just to make sure that you didn’t just let that moment go. It may have changed evreything.

    By Patrick URL on 03.14.2012

  34. duration when im running, duration when im trying to get through something that is giving me struggles…..duration when life is getting me down, i am always looking at the duration of everything i am doing, in that way, it is no longer duration, but simply doing, and doing it well

    By grace on 03.14.2012

  35. The duration of the something is always relative. The duration of a touch, a kiss, a moment, a dream – it can feel like forever. Seconds, minutes, hours, days. You can’t always tell the difference. Time is a man-made concept – it’s unimportant.

    By Jasmine on 03.15.2012

  36. a certain amount of time, of this such as a movie, speech, meeting.. anything

    By Emma on 03.15.2012

  37. There was a small spot underneath the sun and she sat there during her stay. She never moved once. Only did her eyelashes sometimes tremble with the breeze, much like how a butterfly would alight upon a flower, only to flutter away in heartbeats. The shade was too cold and the grass was too soft. The small spot in the sun was all that was left, so that was where she stayed.

    By Maryannerose URL on 03.15.2012

  38. I really don’t know how to categorize how long something takes, but when I want to talk about it in a way that makes me sound like I know what I’m talking about I use the word duration. The duration of the meeting, the duration of the game, the duration of my relationship. Give it a go, you’ll feel good.

    By Trace on 03.15.2012

  39. I held out for as long as I could. The pressure was on and I couldn’t stop for a single second. The entire time, all I could think of was how I should have picked the other door.

    By Lily on 03.15.2012

  40. the stamina of some. being able to last and make an impression. To show that you are there and always will be. A necessary attribute in a friend or loved one. When someone lasts through all the times you need them and all the times you don’t.

    By Rachel on 03.15.2012