March 14th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “duration”

  1. Duration is how long a thing goes on for. Like the duration of your life, can be 100 years, or 1. The duration of a video game, can be seconds, minuets, hours and even days.

    By Cassie on 03.14.2012

  2. Through the duration of this class period, I kept staring at the back of her head. What was it about that apple shaped round head full of luscious brown hair that attracted me? Was is the pretty hair or the pretty heart? I realized the answer was the pretty heart as soon as I looked at Mary’s hair across the classroom, pretty hair, pretty fucked up heart.

    By Brian Joseph on 03.14.2012

  3. the length of time you are expected to go. long. drawn out. nothing you can do about it. just go. and keep going.

    By Jenn on 03.14.2012

  4. “The duration of this flight is 2 hours and 12 minutes. But due to some winds from the north, we should arrive in 2 hours and 22 minutes. Sorry for the delay.”

    “UGH!” I screamed in frustration. I hate plane rides. And this one is so stupid.

    Just because MTV called me for their awards, doesn’t mean I should have to go. Let alone ride on a -elgh- commercial flight…

    By claire on 03.14.2012

  5. Duration is ongoing forever. Hence the word endure, they’re kind of similar I guess. But anyways, I hope most stuff endures. Like a great piece of art. Thats what kind of love I want. I want something like a great piece of art.

    By Shannon on 03.14.2012

  6. Everyday we have a certain amount of time to get everything done. Have you ever thought those plans do not include thinking. A time to just sit, have a cup of tea and think. About anything. Our life is surrounded by homework and studying, jobs, and friends. Never time for ourselves. Put aside 10 minutes a day to yourself at least, you never know what you might find out.

    By Christie Griffin on 03.14.2012

  7. Everything lasts a certain amount of time. Then it’s over; it’s gone. The duration- the time in between the beginning and the end, is all you have and is the all that matters. It’s a journey of transformation from the starting line to the finishing line.

    By Pronoma on 03.14.2012

  8. There exists a beginning, and there exists an end. But is there a duration? Does there really exist some span of “time” between? Or is everything one, a singularity? If we pull ourselves back out of the dimensions will we find that time, the beginning and the end, are all but an instant?

    By Shawn URL on 03.14.2012

  9. A period of time. Used to describe an amount of time from one point to another. Used in a sentence: For the DURATION of our trip, I was in the back of the car, playing pokemon silver on my gameboy.

    By Shane on 03.14.2012

  10. sometimes you have to live life the hard way and sometimes you get to sit back and relax but don’t take it for granted because life will turn around and slap you right in the face.-lili

    By lyouk:) URL on 03.14.2012

  11. fpr the duyration of your lifetime, you will have no one otyher than me to love. you will have no other friend, no other lover, no other father or king. we are alright,. we will make it through. I love you, and that isa enough as there ever was or ever could be. I love you, and that is the beginning tthe end, ansd everything in between. We will get nmarried, ans we will make love, and we will become one, ansd the world will sing of us for ages to come.

    By Daniel Freepons on 03.14.2012

  12. In the duration of time it takes to write this sentence I could be working on my homework. I have been procrastinating all day and have hardly read any of my chapter. I shouldn’t be wasting my time now but I am. I want to write about things that are important. I want to cry because I don’t want to live anymore.

    By Sam on 03.14.2012

  13. For the duration of the time, I was thinking of ways to get myself the hell out of there, when really, I should of thought of enduring the task at hand. I got myself into this one, and now I need to get myself out. Nothing else mattered. Not even that baby girl at home crying for me, or even Jack.

    By Brielle on 03.14.2012

  14. The duration I have to write this is 60 seconds. What’s going to come out of me? Not much, apparently as I’m already halfway through this. Duration, time, meaning, expanse. It’s all relative.

    By Mallory on 03.14.2012

  15. of your face stumbles lipidly into and out of time continuation of run on sentences for what which we have known is not ripely splattered across your universe.

    By bitch on 03.14.2012

  16. time. the is just a number , how do we measure time, hours minutes, days, moments? moments, i measure in moments, time is just a word and time means nothing if the moments down count.

    By lillie kerman on 03.14.2012

  17. the longest time I’ve ever spent at the airport was over night. It was dark and dim because at night they turn the lights down. and it was awful quiet except for when babies realized they weren’t at home and began to cry loudly. and then they’d fall asleep again and I would too and soon enough it was over and the plane was ready and we were gone again.

    By caroline URL on 03.14.2012

  18. The duration of that moment where i felt great talking to her was very short. I wanted another opportunity like that but I still cannot find it as of today. I hope I find it soon…. and it will be longer this time…..
    The End… not quite

    By Nik.... URL on 03.14.2012

  19. Crashing, the plane was crashing. The flight time had been estimated as three hours and forty five minutes, but that had been cut short by about half when the second engine failed and the plain started to plummet out of the sky.

    By Kim on 03.14.2012

  20. In the duration of the time ive had a hello poetry account, I feel like the last few months some of my poems have been read alot more.. 76 reads one fabrication. Im hoping the new ones i wrote do even better, I hope they are all ready more actually

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 03.14.2012

  21. School. It lasts so long. But there is only that much time to make memories. The good- the bad- and everywhere in between. For the duration of high school you make friends and cry and it’s still the best time of your life.

    By Nikki Kupferman on 03.14.2012

  22. the sad fact is that over time the duration i can last in bed has increased, but the duration that i am aware, or acutely intrigued or interested int eh act itself has decreased. its a tad unfortunate. one would hope that at 30 i would last 45 minutes and be in the moment and zen the whole time. but, ces’t la vie.

    By jack on 03.14.2012

  23. for the duration of my time before i leave for Japan i willl do my best to learn the language but even more than that i will learn the gospel. i am so excited to go to this country and cannot wait to teach people

    By cameron on 03.14.2012

  24. this is odd. i already wrote about duration and here i am, writing it again, and again, in a terrible terrible vicious cycle. lasting forever, spreading out into the great sea of eternity. time washing over me, never eroding, just sitting here, typing about duration duration duration!!! although really, if i could last forever, doing nothing but this, is its value decreased or increased? if duration is a moot point, is the value of anything still a valid claim or is value a temporal concept?

    By and I sat and it was cold on 03.14.2012

  25. in the duration fo this whole thing from “hey! what’d you make?” to “hold it down” and everything in between i’ve loved you. and i know i always will. there’s just something about you that i can’t not love that i can’t stay away from i can’t remove from my heart. you’ll be with me for the long haul the chase until the race is over on any path either of us take you’ll be with me. it’s better this way i promise but no matter what you’ll be with me through the duration of our lives, always and forever.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 03.14.2012

  26. A long time. It can be sometimes. Once in a while it’s a short time. I always think of long times though. Long times waiting. Waiting for something right. Maybe something wrong. Ultimatly waiting though.

    By Justine on 03.14.2012

  27. a period of time that you do something. for example a worked out for a duration of an hour and a half. ita

    By ray on 03.14.2012

  28. how long it lasts.
    the time of pain.
    duration never sounds like a good thing,
    how long can you endure?
    what is the duration of this process?
    it sounds like it is a heavy
    the heaviest burden of time.
    a punishment,
    a seminar in chains.

    By alexc. URL on 03.14.2012

  29. The duration of my time spent in school is overwhelming. I’m tired of school. It really needs to be over with. I know I’m only a sophomore, but I find myself despising school much more than the average senior. It makes me sad/mad to think that I don’t enjoy school and I’m not exactly using my time wisely. I just want to hold my boyfriend and spend time wih

    By Bri on 03.14.2012

  30. The duration of our lives is short.

    (so make the most)

    By Dulcie URL on 03.14.2012

  31. The duration of the play was barely enough to stand. The terrible plot collided with the sucky actors inability to pull off more than a half-assed performance. (Sorry, very pessimistic right now and due to my inability to cheer up, this is all for now)

    By Mewl on 03.14.2012

  32. The duration of this feeling will be SHORT. I’m going to make this terrible pain go away, no matter what I have to do. It’s too intended, too painful, and I don’t deserve it. It’s gonna go away. Now.

    By Amanda on 03.14.2012

  33. the duration of my life needs to be filled with happiness.
    i want to look back on it all with no regrets.
    i want smile lines in my old age.
    i want to find my purpose.

    By sarah marie URL on 03.14.2012

  34. the duration of my babysitting job this evening is, like most other nights, only giving me more time to think about all the things i am not accomplishing that i really want to accomplish. i know what can solve my procrastination, i just don’t know how and the duration of that process is making me slightly depressed and somewhat angered.

    By Shane on 03.14.2012

  35. for the duration of the time i have to write i suppose i will write about the word duration. It is a word that has to do directly to do with the amount of time one will take at a given task or period. I

    By racklefrackle on 03.14.2012

  36. this 60 second duration doesn’t seem long enough to explain everything that is going wrong with this world. The duration of time between one generation to the next brings about so many changes for the worse. Cancer, disease, death at a young age, crime, poverty, drug use and abuse, broken families, the list goes on and on…

    By chelsea on 03.14.2012

  37. the duration of me writing about the one word, duration, is taking longer than expected. i’ve clicked go three times and gotten duration every time. the duration of this experience is making me question how much longer i will be using this website.

    By Shane URL on 03.14.2012

  38. We settled down and rested for the duration of the night, too exhausted, too fatigued to care about what dangers possibly awaited us, concealed within the shadows of the night.

    By Elizabeth Grau on 03.14.2012

  39. 38 days left. I graduate in 38 days! Can I make it? Will I last the entire duration of 38 whole entire days without killing anyone? I do no wish to hurt a single human being. They may just bring it on themselves though. Watch out! :)

    By Sarah Lee URL on 03.14.2012

  40. I feel like I’m being hunted by the future, For the entire duration of all I remember, I’ve been battling the shadows and crying against the dry cloth covered in the blood of suicide.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 03.14.2012