March 14th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “duration”

  1. Duration… Duration of this entry form is 60 seconds. A journey from my home to school takes 40 minutes. The duration of the relationship between her and me was 4 days. The duration of the window of resurrecting someone from a stopped heart is 4 minutes. The duration of my mother bearing me was 9 months. Duration of the life of me: 22 years. Good bye. 60 seconds up.

    By unkitjc URL on 03.14.2012

  2. The duration of time in that moment seemed to span endlessly for me. A million things occurred between the time it started and began, even though the moment should of only contained one. In that duration of time in that moment, my life completely changed completely. The moment would seem insignificant to an observing outside moment.

    By Amanda URL on 03.14.2012

  3. The duration of the illness will be determined by the patients willingness to take all doses of medication administered. The duration will be shortened by the use of more doses for longer than shorter.

    By J on 03.14.2012

  4. The time here is shortening, but it feels like forever. The duration is decreasing but my emotions are increasing. I need to get out of here. I need to escape. I need something new. I need something fresh. I need to be noticed, do my own things, love myself and my surroundings.

    By Hayley URL on 03.14.2012

  5. how long something goes
    how long i can last
    how much is left
    can i keep going ?
    can i endure this
    do i have enough power to go through this
    i can do this
    I’m strong enough to endure this
    period of time

    By Diana on 03.14.2012

  6. the duration is a amount of time somthing takes up and you have to wait in that room , the duration of this text is 60 seconds ETC

    By luke URL on 03.14.2012

  7. duration. ich weiß leider nicht genau was das heißt, mein englisch ist manchmal nicht so gut im detail. ich vermute mal wild, dass es dauer bedeutet. dazu fallen mir einige dinge ein. es gibt dinge die dauern viel zu lange. manche dauern nicht lang genug. aber bei mir dauern sie meistens nur zu lange. ich bin sehr nervös. ich kann es meistens gar nciht erwarten dass dinge vorbei sind, selbst wenn ich sie gut finde.

    By mue URL on 03.14.2012

  8. The time it takes to do anything. anything worthwhile!

    By Barb URL on 03.14.2012

  9. The duration of the train journey left him in a state of anxiety, all of his precious belongings were slipping from his grasp quickly. Without hesitation he bolted from the station and headed towards the nearest house, begging to be let in.

    By andrea URL on 03.14.2012

  10. in the duration of seven weeks she found nothing wring with herself. though others seemed to think so. why was she in this place? why had they put her there? she didnt know. she didnt really wanna know.

    By bryn on 03.14.2012

  11. He was in it for the long haul, wasn’t he? Yet somehow, Grace wasn’t. She had fallen out, cried off. She couldn’t stay for the duration, and Hank was more disappointed than angry.

    By lil_nail URL on 03.14.2012

  12. why wear a watch if time is lying to you. the duration of us is a blur. cloudy and can be unkind. but i need to hear the string of vowels that remind me why i am still me and we are still we.

    By neala on 03.14.2012

  13. Duration is a period of time. It can be long or short or some=where in between, The duation I am writing this is sixty seconds I could really use some extra time to get the old brain cells thinking. The duration of a hundred years is called a century.

    By Jane URL on 03.14.2012

  14. long lasting like my history lesson today that dragged on for 2 hours straight. Or like my math class that even though its only for 55minutes it seems to be endless and never ends. or the awkward moment when no one is talking. or how long it takes for me to see the love of my life. or like how long this is taking duration is also how long something is lasting like my favorite pen that would never run out, but then i lost it and that really sucks or also how long grays anatomys season is going on yea

    By Meredith on 03.14.2012

  15. The duration of the day was heartfelt. I think some things take way too long. Sometimes the seconds hand on a clock seems to last a minute, the movement of one second. I don’t want to write about duration for the duration of this minute.

    By Juice on 03.14.2012

  16. The duration of his explanation impedes clarification.

    By Marianne URL on 03.14.2012

  17. Oh dear I’ve written about this already: I obviously didn’t realise that the duration of each word in the game lasts for a whole day. You can see from my statement what the meaning of the word duration is – or not if it sounds complete gibberish!

    By extraordinaire URL on 03.14.2012

  18. The duration of time seemed endless, nothing could make it go faster. I tried listening to my favorite songs, and eating pieces of chocolate at once, but nothing sped it up. I still waited for my name to be called.

    By Ariana on 03.14.2012

  19. I have one minute to write something interesting and to the point. One minute is how long it takes me to open my eyes in the morning, you can fit 20 good sneezes into a minute and ‘just a minute’ is how long it takes me to respond to my Mum calling me from downstairs.

    By Julia on 03.14.2012

  20. For the duration of the day, Maya didn’t do anything. She couldn’t. She didn’t know what to do or what to say to anyone. No one asked her how she was anymore, they knew she wouldn’t be able to give them an answer and, let’s face it, no one really wanted to know. Who wants to know how depressed a girl was after her fiancee died. Even if she said she was okay, no one would believe her anyway.

    By CNou91 URL on 03.14.2012

  21. Duration. Well. Nothing really lasts, right? Duration isn’t permanent, cause everything has to end for something new to begin. Infinity is an amazing feeling, but it’s nothing but fake. Because after all, if everything was the same, life would be completely boring and uneventful.

    By Joelle on 03.14.2012

  22. The duration is how long it lasts. You never lasted. Not just…you know…THAT way. But relationship wise. I knew we wouldn’t last. I knew it was just a matter of time before I realized that I never loved you. I was using you. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else right? Sorry I used you to get over the feelings I had for your best friend. Sorry I lied to you. Sorry that you loved me and I just wanted to forget about the asshole who smelled like whiskey. Sorry that you were into it and I just faked it. Sorry that you were just the easiest way to lose my virginity. Sorry that for that duration of our lives we lived a lie.

    By Kate on 03.14.2012

  23. for the duration of my spring break, i found myself waking up upon unreasonable hours, sewing, drawing, painting, falling back asleep for the night. rather than using this time the way i reckoned i would – reading, cleaning, being productive – i have two weeks spent and nothing but useless colors to show for it.

    By t URL on 03.14.2012

  24. i cannot feel the duration of my days, it is with quietness that i lay

    By claireg URL on 03.14.2012

  25. for the duration of this 60 seconds i shall type duration duration duration duration duration duration duration duration duration duration your argument is irrelevent duration duration duration duration duration duration

    By nicholas arnold on 03.14.2012

  26. There was so much that could be achieved within this small duration of time. And yet she was going forth on the course that would certainly lead to a downward spiral. She had a decision to make. It was simple enough, wasn’t it? So she chose.

    By Alex URL on 03.14.2012

  27. This doesn’t last.
    The past is the past and it’s pasts so fast.
    You were my darling, you’re still my baby.
    Yet you’ve had your fill and I’m away. Your gone.
    Nothing lasts , no duration.

    By Caleb URL on 03.14.2012

  28. Duration. Makes me think of waiting the entire duration of a science experiment or for a drug to take effect. Always seems to have a negative connotation. no one wants to wait for the entire duration of a test or whatever, but they may wait for a while or something. I guess waiting never has a positive connotation. Hence: time flies when you’re having fun. If not, it’s a duration to endure

    By L W on 03.14.2012

  29. It didn’t matter how much she did. It only mattered how much she did for the short time she lived. And in that short time before she died, she lived an entire lifetime.

    By Annie URL on 03.14.2012

  30. oh that thing. i was thinking, maybe great minds think a hike, but then someone else had already thought of it, so i was like, lindsay lets go to eegees because apparently minds are so DURATION these days. it’s true, in a way

    By Fiona on 03.14.2012

  31. Die Duration ist etwas Hartes, etwas unerbittliches, was lange dauert. Was lange währt, wird ewig. Nein, die Redewendung ging anders. Was lange währt wird endlich gut und du, mach dich auf die Socken, die roten, damit es endlich wieder Sonntag werden kann, wenn ich schon solchen Stuss schreibe.

    By Eli URL on 03.14.2012

  32. Duration. How much time is left. Does anyone know the duration of this small box of words? I’ve got 30 seconds to finish this up. Time is an abstract concept. If you were alone, imprisoned, in a room devoid of the sun, time would no longer exist. No clocks, no electronics. Sounds like Heaven.

    By Jane URL on 03.14.2012

  33. for the duration of the night i sat beneath a wooden table trying not to breath as the rest of my family swarmed around me. I had been completely forgotten… out of sight out of mind…

    By kc on 03.14.2012

  34. see things through
    don’t hesitate
    lifes for living.

    By emma on 03.14.2012

  35. There is a beginning and an end to everything but we often don’t recognize the duration of the task or journey. If we all knew, before we started something, how long it would last, how would this influence the way we proceed?

    By Paula on 03.14.2012

  36. hhb;oilufift

    By Savannah on 03.14.2012

  37. For the duration of the speech, all he could think about was geting the hell out of here. As the principal went on and on about how wonderful his grade was, he just wanted to go home to sleep. Just sleep, and never awaken.

    By Rayne URL on 03.14.2012

  38. the longer you wait, the harder it is to come to a decision

    By savannahwelton URL on 03.14.2012

  39. This makes me think of long distance running, of which I’ve never done. I’m not a runner, but have mad respect for people who have wonder endurance – the ability to stickit out for a long duration.

    By Stephanie on 03.14.2012

  40. it’s a long ass time. just waiting and waiting for something that might never come or an event that might never happen. You know, it could be a good thing too. Maybe a little in-between period is all we really need. Just time to think. I think that might be a good thing to do.

    By Erin Fowler on 03.14.2012